US And Canadian Fossil Sites

Version 070101 current as of January, 2007


[?]-ABCretaceousEdmonton GroupDinosaurs - Leptoceratops, Pachyrhinosaurus,
[?]-ABCretaceousEdmonton GroupDinosaurs - Leptoceratops, Pachyrhinosaurus,
[?]-ABNE1/4 10-34-22w4Cretaceous UpperEdmonton Groupplants-Vitis,
[?]-AB54deg 16km N 1.6 km E of BC borderCretaceous LowerGethingSphenopteris,
[?]-ABCretaceous UpperJudith RiverNodosaur --Edmontonia, Panoplosaurus, Ankylosaur -- Euoplocephalus,
[?]-ABAlberta inCretaceous UpperOldmanAlbertosaurus, Corythosaurus, Edmontosaurus, Saurolophus, Monoclonius,
[?]-ABSW1/4 1-13-28w4TertiaryWillow Creekplants-Androvettia,
[?]-ABHillspring Oyster QuarryOysters,
Athabasca River-ABfrom Muskeg Creek S1T66R23W4Cretaceous UpperLa Bichefish remainsThe Athabasca River flows through Athabasca, Wood Buffalo, and Banff Counties,
Athabasca River-ABse1/4 s19t80r17w4 in sand and shale nodulesCretaceousPelicanfish remainsThe Athabasca River flows through Athabasca, Wood Buffalo, and Banff Counties,
Athabasca River-ABOpposite Tar Is at km 35.6Devonian Middle-UpperWaterwaysbrachiopods - AthyrisThe Athabasca River flows through Athabasca, Wood Buffalo, and Banff Counties,
Athabasca River-ABat km 101.6Devonian Middle-UpperWaterwaysbrachiopods - CyrtinaThe Athabasca River flows through Athabasca, Wood Buffalo, and Banff Counties,
Athabasca River-ABin West Bank at km 57.5Devonian Middle-UpperWaterwaysbrachiopods - Eleutherokomma,
Athabasca River-ABat km 91.5Devonian Middle-UpperWaterwaysbrachiopods - PugnoidesThe Athabasca River flows through Athabasca, Wood Buffalo, and Banff Counties,
Athabasca River-ABin East Bank at km 43Devonian Middle-UpperWaterwaysbrachiopods - StropheodontaThe Athabasca River flows through Athabasca, Wood Buffalo, and Banff Counties,
Baker's Creek[?]-ABCretaceous LowerCrowsnestplants-CelastrophyllumCouldn't identify Baker('s) Creek--May be associated with Baker Lake which seems to be on Wood Buffalo-Vermillion River Counties boundary 9-47-2-w4, 5-86-1-w4,
Berry Creek-ABin various locations 90-150 meters above base of Bearpaw Formation 30-5-w4, 11-27-12w4, 20-29-11w4, sw1/4, 20-21-11w4CretaceousBearpaw Shaleammonites,
Berry Creek-AB3.2 km SW of mouth of CreekCretaceousBelly River GroupVertebrates-Macrophalangia,
Berry Creek-ABNear Red Deer RiverCretaceousBelly River Groupvertebrates-Stegoceras,
Berry Creek-ABRed Deer River at and below mouth of Berry CreekCretaceousOldmanChampsosaurus;Dinosaurs teeth and small bones,Stenonychosaurus;Turtles-Plesiobaena,
Bosche Range-AB1.6 km S of Moosehorn Lakes 150 meters below top of rangeDevonian UpperSoutheskcoral - Ptycophyllum(?),
Boule Range-AB3.2 km NW of Mt KephalaDevonian UpperSoutheskcoral - Syringopora.,
Brazeau Range-ABin N Saskatchewan River GapDevonian UpperPerdrixFish -Bothriolepis,
Brule Coalfield-ABCretaceous LowerBlairmoreplants - Sphenopteris,
Brule Coalfield-ABCretaceousLuscarplants -Sphenopteris,
Brule Lake-ABN side of Athabasca River on E slope of Bullrush MtnDevonian Upperfish - Helodus,
Bullmoose Mtn-ABCretaceous LowerCommotionFossil plants,
Burn's Coal Mine-AB800 meters EJurassicFerniePelecypods -- Oxytoma,
Burnt Timber Creek-ABon South BranchCretaceousBlackstoneTypical locality Coleman, AB, at Ma Butte --Cretaceous -- Blackstone? -- Typical Locality,
Burnt Timber Creek-AB4.8 km west of juncture of North and South branches on North BranchCretaceous UpperBrazeauplants - Dombeyopsis,
Burnt Timber Creek-ABon South ForkCretaceousCardiumType Locality. Wapiabi Formation -- Cretaceous shales and siltstones with some concretions. It overlies the Cardium formations and underlies the Brazeau Formation. Fossils consist of Pelecypods, and cephalopods -- Baculites, ammonites,
Burnt Timber Creek-AB5-8-31-8w5PaleocenePaskapooplants - Cladophlebis, Onoclea, Cyrtomerites[?), Elatocladus, Platanus, Celastrinites, HicoriaNo citations for 'Cyrtomerites',
Burnt Timber Creek-ABon South ForkCretaceousWapiabiType Locality.,
Cairn Pass-ABJurassicFernieWarrenoceras, Torricellites, Gobbanites,
Canyon Creek (Moose Mtn area)-ABJurassicFernieAmmonites - HarpocerasThere are several Canyon Creeks in Alberta,
Cardinal Mtn-ABon NE spurDevonian UpperMt Hawkcorals - Phillipsastraea,
Cardston-ABW from Hwy 5 at Hillspring turnoff 1.6 km N of town. Cross Belly River turn right and go 400 meters to trail to RiverCretaceous UpperBearpaw Shale|St Mary RiverOysters,
Cascade Mtn-ABWest SlopeJurassicFernieLower Sinemurian ammonites - Arnioceras,
Cascade River-ABType Locality at E side of bridge at Banff-Lake Minnewanka RoadJurassicFernie?This is NOT the type locality of the Fernie Group--The type locality is in the Fernie area in SE British Columbia-HA,
Cirrus Mtn-ABwithin Banff ParkOrdovicianBeaverfoot|BriscoBrachiopods - Dinorthis, Thaerodonta, Petroria, Palaeophyllum,
Claw Canyon-ABIn area badlandsCretaceousOldmantypical exposures Bearpaw Formation -- Cretaceous shales and sandstones varying from 30 to 360 meters in Thickness. It overlies the Oldman Formation and is overlain by the Horseshoe Canyon Formation. Fossils include Arctica, Baculites, Placenticeras,
Clearwater River-AB21.5 km below mouth of High Hill RiverDevonian UpperCalumetfish remainsThe Clearwater River flows through Wood Buffalo and Clearwater Counties,
Clearwater River-ABAt S End of Idlewilde Mtn (Clearwater River is near Devonian UpperMt HawkAtrypaThe Clearwater River flows through Wood Buffalo and Clearwater Counties,
Clearwater River-ABin N bank 11.8 km (air distance) -above Christina RiverDevonian Middle-UpperWaterwaysbrachiopods - SpinocyrtiaThe Clearwater River flows through Wood Buffalo and Clearwater Counties,
Cline River-ABDevonian UpperFlumebrachiopods, Amphipora, gastropods, tentaculites, Lingula, Buchiola, Stromatoporoids.,
Cline River-ABat junction of North Saskatchewan RiverDevonian UpperPerdrixBrachiopods,
Cripple Creek-ABnear BC borderCretaceous UpperDunveganPlants-Liriodendron (Tulip-Tree)There are Cripple Creek listings for both Cypress and Willow Creek counties,
Crowsnest Lake-ABLimestone quarry near campground at N endMississippianRundlecorals, forams, sponges, brachiopods,
Crowsnest River-ABE bank Hwy 3 to Cowley N 1.6 km 1.6 km E. 2.4 km N and W to riverPaleoceneWillow CreekFossil Plants,
David Thompson Hwy-ABDevonian UpperFlumebrachiopods, Amphipora, gastropods, tentaculites, Lingula, Buchiola, Stromatoporoids.,
De Smet Range-ABat N EndJurassicFernieImlayoceras, Cardioceras,
Deadhorse Coulee-ABon SE side S32t1r11w4 15 meters above Milk River Sandstone BedCretaceousMilk Riverfish Lepisosteus,
Deadhorse Coulee-ABon SE in tributary gully S12S33T1R11w4 12 meters above Milk River Sandstone BedCretaceousMilk Riverfish Lepisosteus (gar),
Deadhorse Coulee-ABSE at S32T1R11W4 (7km SE of Lucky Strike PO)CretaceousMilk RiverMyledaphus,
Deadhorse Coulee--Lucky Strike-ABBadlands (7km SE of Luck Strike PO)Cretaceous UpperForemostdinosaurs,
Deception Creek-ABDevonian UpperPerdrixBrachiopods,
Dutch Creek-AB13.5 km SW of Alexo, Saunders in creek banksJurassicFernieTrigonia, Pleuromya, Homomya, Cyprina, Cardioceras, belemnites.,
End Mountain-ABon NE Spur in upper breccia S5T26R9WDevonian MiddleGhost RiverFish-Bothriolepis, Coccosteus,
Erickson's Landing-AB30 meters above Red Deer River associated with shells and coalCretaceous Upperfish vertebra - Kindleia,
Fairholme Range-ABAt South EndDevonian UpperFairholmestromatoporoids, corals, bryozoa, Amphipora, and brachiopods,
Fernie-AB3 km NNE? of mouth of McEvoy CreekCretaceous LowerCrowsnestplants - Sphenopteris,
Folding Mtn Creek-AB30 meters below conglomerate outcropCretaceous LowerBlairmoreplants - Elatocladus, Stenorachis, Sapindopsis,
Fortyfoot Falls Creek-ABCretaceous LowerBlairmorePlants-Stenorachis,
George Creek Valley-ABopposite the valley mouthJurassicFernieAmmonites - Peronoceras,
Glenwood River-ABCretaceous UpperSt Mary riverPlants-Artocarpus (breadfruit),
Grave Flats-ABat Thistle CreekCretaceousWapiabifish remains,
Grey River-ABat Junction with Cabin CreekCretaceous LowerBlairmoreplants - Elatocladus,
Halfbreed Creek-ABIn sandstone beds and thin conglomerate band along creekCretaceous UpperPakowkisharks, turtles,
Hummingbird Creek-ABon S branch of North ForkDevonian UpperMount HawkBrachiopods - Tenticospirifer,
Job Creek-ABEast Fault BlockDevonian UpperMt HawkBrachiopods - Productella, Devonoproductus, corals - Phillipsastraea,
Job Creek-ABat headwatersDevonian UpperSoutheskbrachiopods - Atrypa,
Jura Creek-AB1.6 km up fan and Canyon from Lime Plant roadDevonian Upper-MississippianPalliserbrachiopods, nautiloids, corals - Chaetetes, bryozoa,
Lake Minnewanka-AB4.8 km N of Devils PointJurassicFernieAmmonites - Sonninia,
Lee's Lake-ABin cliffs near bridge over Castle RiverCretaceousAlbertaInoceramus, ammonites - Prionotropis,
Livingston Range-ABin Oldman River GapJurassicFerniePelecypods -- Inoceramus,
Ma Butte-ABE face of Ma Butte, N of Coleman in the Crowsnest Pass. Type section of Ma Butte Fm.Cretaceous LowerBlairmore|Ma ButteFossil plants,
Marble Mtn-ABon top of next Mountain SouthJurassicFerniePelecypod - Oxytoma,
Massive-AB19.2 km W of Banff. Outcrop is just W of RR SidingTriassic LowerSpray Riverfish - Saurichthys, Albertonia, Bobasatrania, Coelacanthus,
Miette-ABon Rocky River in large concretionsJurassicFernieImlayoceras, Cardioceras, Goliathiceras,
Milford Siding-AB1.6 km E in CPR RR cutCretaceous UpperBow RiverKindleia,
Milk River-ABin Devil's Coulee, near Warner (exact locality kept secret)Cretaceous UpperForemostHadrosaur eggs,
Milk River-ABCretaceousJudith Riverturtles-Basilemys,
Milk River-ABon Halfbreed (Breed) Creek in thin conglomerate layer in red sandstoneCretaceousPakowkishark teeth, turtle shell fragments,
Morro Peak-ABin shales near base of FormationDevonian UpperAlexofossils,
Mount Rundle-ABat North End near BanffMississippianRundle GroupType locality.,
Mount Stelfox-ABDevonian UpperFlumebrachiopods, Amphipora, gastropods, tentaculites, Lingula, Buchiola, Stromatoporoids.,
Mount Wilson-ABin cirque on peakOrdovician?trilobites, other marine fossils,
Mt Allan (Nakiska)-ABat Grassy MountainJurassicBlairmore (Calcareous Mbr)Type Locality Cretaceous sandstones with a persistent Limestone bed in Middle of Formation. Fossils are mostly gastropods and pelecypods forming coquinas in some places. Ostracods.,
Mt Coleman-ABwithin Banff ParkOrdovicianBeaverfoot|BriscoBrachiopods - Rhynchotrema,
Mt Dawson Creek-ABCretaceous LowerCommotionFossil plants,
Mt Whyte-ABCambrian Lower-MiddleMt Whytetrilobites,
Mystery Lake-AB4 km above on Folding Mt CreekCretaceous LowerBlairmorePlants-Elatides, Nilssonia, Elatides, Podozamites,
Nihahi Ridge-ABAt several locations on Nihahi Ridge Trail in Little Elbow Creek Campground on Hwy 66.MississippianBanff|Rundlesmall shark teeth, Crinoids, bryozoa, corals.,
North Branch of Upper Berland River-ABCretaceous LowerBlairmorePlants-Stenorachis,
Old Crow River-ABFossils are found by screening in river gravels. Numerous sites. Site 44 is cited as major site for Rancho LaBrean fauna. Site 11A is said to be exceptionally diversePleistoceneMammal Bones,
Panther River-ABat first coal mineCretaceous LowerKootenayplants-Nilssonia,
Peace River-AB118N16W near creek entering from left bankCretaceous UpperDunveganPlants-Araliaephyllum,
Peace River-ABVermillion Falls, Vermillion Chutes areaDevonianMikkwafish remains,
Peace River-ABalong river in nw1/4 s26t87r20w5 and ne1/4 s27t87r20w5Cretaceous LowerPeace River (Cadotte)fish remains,
Peace River-AB4 km above town on W side in sw1/4 s19t83r21w5Cretaceous LowerShaftsburyFish Remains,
Peace River-ABalong river 1.6 km above mouth of Cadotte RiverCretaceous LowerShaftsburyFish Remains,
Peace River-ABat gypsum cliffs on N bank in green shale 1.8 km ENE of E end of island below Boyer RapidsDevonian Middle-UpperWaterwaysBrachiopods - Ladogioides, Leiorhynchus, Eleutherokomma,
Peace River District-AB312 meters above base of Nikanassin Formation on the Sulphur and Sheep RiversJurassic UpperNikanassinfish-Chimaerotheca,
Pedley Creek-ABnear highway bridgePaleocenePaskapooplants-Aralia,
Poboktan Pass-ABNW of Brazeau Lake, 80 km SE of JasperTriassic LowerSpray Riverfish - Bobasatrania,
Popes Creek-ABCambrian MiddleCathedralTrilobites Albertella,
Ram River-AB1 km above mouth of Fall CreekJurassicFernieFish fossils,
Ram River-ABOn North Side of North Fork Gap in the Front RangeDevonian UpperMount HawkBrachiopods - Cyrtina, Douvillinaria, coral - Acinophyllum, Coenites,
Ram River-ABin nodules weathering out of black shale above the fallsCretaceous UpperWapiabiammonites, brachiopods, pelecypods.,
Ram River Falls-ABCretaceous UpperWapiabiammonites,
Red Deer River-ABbelow mouth of Berry CreekCretaceous UpperBelly River Groupfish-Lepisosteus,
Red Deer River-ABat various levels in Cretaceous exposuresCretaceousBelly River Group|Edmonton Group|Oldmanfish-Acipenser,
Red Deer River-ABIn area exposures opposite the mouth of Big ValleyCretaceousEdmontonvertebrates-Albertosaurus,Centrosaurus,Champsosaurus,Dromiceiomimus,Hadrosaurus,Hypacrosaurus;turtles,
Red Deer River-ABbelow Berry CreekCretaceousOldmanMyledaphus,
Red Deer River-ABCretaceous UpperOldmanFish -Belonostomus,
Red Deer River-AB8.1 km below Matzhiwin CreekCretaceous UpperOldmanPlants-Dombeyopsis,
Red Deer River-ABN Side in sw1/4 14-31-9w5PaleocenePaskapooplants - Platanus, Celastrinites,
Red Deer River-ABN side 2.4 km upstream of mouth of Blindman RiverPaleocenePaskapooplants - Populus,
Red Deer River-ABalong river and especially around 16-33-22w4, 24-34-22w4, 30-34-21w4 (Sternberg)Cretaceous UpperScollarddinosaur bones - especially Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus.,
Ribbon Creek-ABJurassicFernieAmmonites, Belemnites,
Ribbon Creek-ABOn Hwy 42, 400 meters from of old slate quarry. No Collecting (I may have merged two different sites here)JurassicFernieammonites, bivalves, belemnites,
Roche a Perdrix-ABDevonian UpperPerdrixBrachiopods,
Roche Miette-ABDevonian UpperPerdrixBrachiopods,
Roche Miette-ABnear Jasper Lake 48 km NE of Yellowhead PassDevonian Upperfish-Helodus,
Rocky Mtns-ABin Cretaceous bedsCretaceousVimySturrock--Muskiki--Dowling--Haven members -- fish remains,
Rocky Mtns-ABin Cretaceous bedsCretaceousWapiabi||Vimy|Sturrock|Muskiki|Dowling|Havenfish remains,
Rocky River-ABon Upper Rocky River in lower part of Limestone above Banff shaleMississippianUpper Banff Limestonefish teeth Scoliorhiza,
Rosebud Creek Valley-AB10 km S of Tyrrell MuseumCretaceous UpperHorseshoe Canyonbone fragments, dinosaur teeth, shark teeth, mollusks,
Sand Creek-ABArea exposures along Sand Creek and in Red River banks 19.2 km below Steveville near mouth of Sand CreekCretaceousOldmanChampsosaurus;Dinosaurs-Albertosaurus,Corythosaurus,Centrosaurus,Dromaeosaurus,Euoplocephalus,Hypacrosaurus,Kritosaurus,Lambeosaurus,Monoclonius,Procheneosaurus,Stegoceras,Struthiomimus,Styracosaurus,Trachodon,unidentified taxa,skin impressions;crocodilesThe Oldman (or Old Man) formation is the Canadian equivalent of the Judith River Formation in the US. The fauna of these formations is very broad. The genera listed here are a sampling,
Saskatchewan River-ABOn North Side of North Fork Gap in the Brazeau RangeDevonian UpperMount HawkBrachiopods -- Thomasaria.,
Saskatchewan River-ABOn North Side of North Fork Gap in the Brazeau RangeDevonian UpperPerdrixBrachiopods -- Eleutherokomma,
Saskatchewan River Gap-ABIn Brazeau RangeDevonian UpperAlexotype exposure,
Smoky River-ABat headwaters on Sulphur RiverJurassicFernieAmmonites - Oppelia,
Smoky River-ABin S bank of River 4 km SW of Hwy 49 bridge over the RiverCretaceous UpperKaskapauAmmonites - Watinoceras, Scaphites.,
Solomon Creek-ABat Grigsby coal claimCretaceous LowerBlairmoreplants - Acrostichopteris,
Sphinx Creek-AB4.3 km above Gregg RiverCretaceous LowerBlairmoreplants - Sphenopteris, Elatides, Sagenopteris, others,
Stapleton-AB48 km below StevevilleCretaceousOldmandinosaurs-MonocloniusCan't locate Stapleton, but Steveville Ferry is in the present Dinosaur Provincial Park,
Steveville-ABRed Deer River banks 1.6-5.6 km below StevevilleCretaceousOldmanamphibians-Scapherpeton,crocodiles-Leidyosuchus;dinosaurs-Dromiceiomimus,Euoplocephalus,Ornatotholus,StruthiomimusSteveville Ferry is in modern Dinosaur Provincial Park,
Stinking Springs Creek-AB34-60-13w5Cretaceous LowerBlairmorePlants-Pityophyllum,
Sulphur Mountain-ABDevonian UpperPallisertypical exposure,
Sulphur River-ABon Pearl Creek 66 meters above base of Ft St John Group shalesCretaceous LowerFt St Johnfish remains,
SW Alberta-ABin area exposures about 175 meters above base of FormationPennsylvanian-PermianRocky Mountainfish remains,
Tolman Bridge-AB4.8 km N 107 Meters above water level on E side of Red Deer RiverCretaceousEdmonton|ScollardPaleospinax,
Tolman Ferry-AB3.1km below in quarries on both banksCretaceousEdmontonvertebrates-abundant dinosaur bones-Albertosaurus,Euoplocephalus,Saurolophus,
Tolman Ferry-ABnearCretaceousEdmontonvertebrates-Anatosaurus?,Anatotitan,Saurolophus,
Tolman Ferry-AB11.2km belowCretaceousEdmontonvertebrates-Anchiceratops,Edmontosaurus,Saurolophus,Struthiomimus,
Tolman Ferry-AB5.6km below in quarries on both banksCretaceousEdmontonvertebrates-Ankylosaurus,Euoplocephalus,Leptoceratops?,Saurolophus,
Tolman Ferry-AB2.4km above in quarries on both banksCretaceousEdmontonvertebrates-Ankylosaurus,Euoplocephalus,Saurolophus,
Tolman Ferry-AB18.4km belowCretaceousEdmontonvertebrates-dinosaur bones,
Tolman Ferry-AB8km aboveCretaceousEdmontonvertebrates-dinosaur bones,
Tolman Ferry-AB16km below in quarries on both banksCretaceousEdmontonvertebrates-Euoplocephalus,Monoclonius,Saurolophus?,
Tolman Ferry-AB25.6-27.2km belowCretaceousEdmontonvertebrates-Hadrosaurus?,Hypacrosaurus?,
Tolman Ferry-AB6.2km aboveCretaceousEdmontonvertebrates-Hypacrosaurus,
Tolman Ferry-AB3.1km aboveCretaceousEdmontonvertebrates-Hypacrosaurus,dinosaur bones,
Tolman Ferry-AB8km belowCretaceousEdmontonvertebrates-Hypacrosaurus?,Saurolophus,
Tolman Ferry-AB4.8km above in quarries on both banksCretaceousEdmontonvertebrates-Leptoceratops,
Tolman Ferry-AB12.8km belowCretaceousEdmontonvertebrates-Leurospondylus,Monoclonius,
Tolman Ferry-AB4.8km belowCretaceousEdmontonvertebrates-Saurolophus,
Torrens Creek-AB2.8 km above Hat Creek JunctionCretaceous UpperDunveganPlants-Cephalotaxopsis,
Unspecified-AB33-1/22w4CretaceousFox Hillsammonites,
Upper Red Deer River-ABJurassicFernieAmmonites - Peronoceras,
Whitehorse River-AB6.5 km N of Rocky Mountain ParkJurassicFerniePelecypods - Gryphaea,
Willow Creek-ABPaleoceneWillow CreekFish -Lepisosteus, Kindleia,
Willow Creek-ABsw1/4 1-13-28 w4PaleoceneWillow Creekplants-Androvettia,
Winnifred Pass-ABDevonian UpperMt HawkBrachiopods -Gypidula, coral - PhillipsastraeaWinnifred Pass appears to be in Rocky Mountains near Kvass Creek possibly near 53d38mN.; long 119d12mW,
Winnifred Pass-ABDevonian UpperPalliserBrachiopods -Cyrtiopsis, Athyris, Schuchertella,
Winnifred Pass-ABDevonian UpperPerdrixBrachiopods -Leiorhynchus, Calvinaria, Warrenella, Hypothyridina,
Peace RiverAthabasca?ABon Peace River 32 km above mouth of Battle RiverCretaceousPtychodusThis locality is questionable: no Battle River enters the Peace River.-HA,
Assiniboine PeakBanffABnearby near Magog Campgroundpelecypods, ostracods, trace fossils22-12-w5 General
BanffBanffABAt Sundance Canyon in phosphate bedPennsylvanian-PermianRocky Mountain quartzitefish - Lissoprion,
BanffBanffABW on Hwy1A 4.8 km S of Lake Louise Station at small lake with monument in bluff.Cambrianmarine fossils, trilobitesNo Collecting,
Banff ParkBanffABat Cirrus MtnOrdovicianBeaverfoot|Briscocorals - Catenipora, Streptelasma,
Banff ParkBanffABat Cuthead CreekJurassicFernieCardioceras,
Banff ParkBanffABAt Mt ColemanDevonian UpperPalliserbrachiopods - Paurorhyncha,
Banff ParkBanffABnear Ross LakeCambrian MiddleRoss Lake ShaleVanuxemella,
Banff ParkBanffABin Glacier ValleyCambrian UpperSullivanAraphoia('Arapahoia'?), Coosia,
BankheadBanffABon Cascade River in Banff ParkJurassicFernieGastropods - Turbo26-11-w5 General
Bullpound CreekBanffAB (Bullpound Creek is at 25-24-15-w5)CretaceousBearpaw ShalebrachiopodsThis locality was also visited by H. Allen (see Pollockville), also a small, grassy valley with no exposed Formation. Very questionable.,
Bullpound CreekBanffAB3.2 km W of Hwy36 32 km N of Red Deer River Bridge. (Bullpound Creek is at 25-24-15-w5)Cretaceous UpperBearpaw ShaleBrachiopods,
Bullpound CreekBanffABBullpound Creek is at 25-24-15-w5Cretaceousbrachiopods,
Castle MountainBanffAB3.2 km E of RR station on Johnson Creek trail 3.2 km N of forest ranger cabin )Castle Mtn is at 26-14-w5)TriassicSpray RiverCoelacanthus,
Castle Mountain RR StationBanffAB3.2 km E on Johnson Creek TrailTriassic LowerSpray RiverFish Pteronisculus, BobasatraniaThis must be an old reference: there is no RR station at Castle Mountain-HA,
Lake LouiseBanffABin the Lake Louise-Kicking Horse Pass RegionCambrian LowerGog QuartziteA variety of ichnofossils e.g. Skolithus, Cruziana, etc,
Lake LouiseBanffABto SWCambrian Lower-MiddleMt Whytetrilobites,
Lake LouiseBanffABin the Lake Louise-Kicking Horse Pass RegionCambrian LowerGog(Peyto)Olenellus,
Sunwapta PassBanff?ABat Mount AthabascaDevonianFish-Coelacanthus,
Sunwapta PassBanff?ABat Mount AthabascaDevonianFish-Coelacanthus,
VegaBarrheadAB11.2 km N along bank of Athabasca RiverCretaceous UpperWapiticoal, concretions, fossilized wood.,
VegaBarrheadABN on Athabasca RiverCretaceous UpperWapitiPetrified Wood,
WildhorseBarrheadABin valley of Sage Creek 17.6 km NCretaceous UpperDinosaur Park|Oldmandinosaur bones,
WildhorseBarrheadABN at Sage CreekCretaceous UpperOldman|Dinosaur Parkdinosaurs,
CanmoreBighornABat Grassi LakeDevonian UpperCairnstromatoporoids, corals, ichnofossils, brachiopods, gastropods, crinoid fragments.,
CanmoreBighornABat the top of the no 4 Coal SeamCretaceous LowerKootenayPlants - Coniopteris,
ExshawBighornAB1.6 km E of cement plant (Roughly 22-24-9-w5)MississippianExshawtype exposure,
ExshawBighornAB1.6 km E of cement plant (Roughly 22-24-9-w5)Devonian UpperMinnewanka Limestonefish-Dinicthys,
WanhamBirch HillsAB1.6 km S of Hwy733, Peoria Road junction along Kakut Creek and 4.8 km downstreamCretaceous UpperPuskwaskauAbundant well preserved fossils, ammonites, Baculites, Desmoscaphites. Large, complete, Inoceramus, shark teeth,
WanhamBirch HillsAB1.6 km S of Hwy733, Peoria Road junction along Kakut CreekCretaceous UpperPuskwaskauAbundant well preserved fossils. Ammonites, Baculites, Desmoscaphites, large, complete, Inoceramus.,
WanhamBirch HillsABSouth on Kakut CreekCretaceous UpperPuskwaskauammonites, shark teeth,
Bad Heart Creek[?]Birch Hills?ABCretaceous UpperWapiabiFish-PortheusOriginal says Badheart Creek-assumed to be same as Bad Heart River--2-76-2-w6 General,
Sand CreekBrazeauABat head of South BranchCretaceous UpperOldmanPlants-Platanus,
BrickburnCalgaryABNE 1/4 23-24-2w5PaleocenePaskapooplants - Platanus, Viburnum,
CalgaryCalgaryAB1.6km WCretaceousOldmanChampsosaurus,
CalgaryCalgaryAB5 km N at Beddington CreekPaleocenePaskapoo?,
CalgaryCalgaryABalong Bow River on S Shore of Bearpaw reservoirPaleocenePaskapoo?,
CalgaryCalgaryABEdworthy ParkPaleocenePaskapoo?,
CalgaryCalgaryABGlenmore ReservoirPaleocenePaskapoo?,
Glenmore Dam, CalgaryCalgaryABon Elbow River below Glenmore dam,PaleocenePaskapoomammals,
Belly RiverCardstonAB3-4-27w4 (Belly River is at 27-9-23-w4)Cretaceous UpperSt Mary RiverPlants-Metasequoia,
CarwayCardstonABEast on St. Mary River (Carway is at 2-1-26-w4)Cretaceous UpperBearpaw Shale|St Mary RiverOysters,
GlenwoodCardstonABCretaceous UpperSt Mary Riverplants-Nymphaeites (a water lily), Ginko, Araucarites, Metasequoia,
Mountain ViewCardstonABTough Creek in Milk River equivalentsCretaceous UpperBelly River Groupplants- Ilex (Chinese holly), Brachyphyllum,
St Marys RiverCardstonABalong River from Magrath for 40 km to LethbridgeCretaceous UpperBearpaw Shalefossils,
St Marys RiverCardstonABWest of MagrathCretaceousBlood River Reserve Sandstonetype locality Blood Reserve Formation --Cretaceous Grey Cretaceous sandstones, laterally (beach, lower shoreface) equivalent to the Horseshoe Canyon Formation. It overlies the Bearpaw Formation and is overlain by the St Mary's River Formation. Fossils Inc,
St Marys RiverCardstonABCretaceousBlood River Reserve Sandstonetypical exposure,
Carway Border CrossingCardston?AB3.2 km N and 4.8 km E in banks of St Mary's RiverCretaceous UpperBearpaw Shale|St Mary RiverOyster shells,
NordeggClearwaterABE on Shunda CreekJurassicFerniefossils,
NordeggClearwaterAB4.8 km E on Hwy 11 in creek adjacent to HwyJurassicFerniefossils.,
NordeggClearwaterABon N side of the road at Shunda Creek GapDevonian UpperMount Hawkbrachiopods - Atrypa,
ElkwaterCypressABin area exposures from 30 to 50 km S along Hwy48 as well as side roadsCretaceous UpperBearpaw Shaleammonites,
ElkwaterCypressABin coulees to SCretaceous UpperBearpaw Shaleammonites,
IrvineCypressABto SouthCretaceous UpperDinosaur Parkdinosaurs,
IrvineCypressABE of Medicine Hat on Hwy 1 in area badlandsCretaceous UpperDinosaur Park|Oldmandinosaur bones, gar scales, Champsosaurs,
IrvineCypressABat Ross CouleeCretaceous UpperOldmanfish Lepisosteus,
Lost RiverCypressAB1-4-w4Cretaceous UpperOldman|Foremostdinosaur and reptile bones, brackish water mollusks.,
Medicine HatCypressAB24 km NCretaceousForemostbirds-Hesperornis,
Medicine HatCypressABCretaceous UpperForemostDuckbill Dinosaurs,
Medicine HatCypressABarea exposuresCretaceous UpperForemost|Oldmandinosaur bones,
Medicine HatCypressABnearbyCretaceous UpperJudith RiverComplete, well preserved, crocodiles,
Medicine HatCypressABBadlands of S Saskatchewan River ValleyCretaceous UpperOldman|Foremostdinosaur bone,
Medicine HatCypressABalong Saskatchewan River 10 to 20 km downstream in multiple bone beds in 30 to 100 meters thick 750, 000 year old depositsQuaternarydiverse large mammals - horses, camels, zebras, elephants, lions, sloths etc - 55 species,
Medicine Lodge CouleeCypressABSE1/4 7-8-3W4CretaceousBearpaw Shaleammonites,
OnefourCypressABin area badlandsCretaceous UpperForemost|Oldmandinosaur bones,
OnefourCypressABBadlands of Milk River and tributariesCretaceous UpperOldman|Dinosaur ParkDinosaurs,
RedcliffCypressABalong river to SCretaceous UpperForemost|Oldmandinosaur bones,
RedcliffCypressABBadlands of S Saskatchewan River ValleyCretaceous UpperOldman|ForemostDinosaur Bone,
Sage CreekCypressABOn S side of creek in SE1/4 s31t3nr3w4 in shale bank 5 meters below top of Pale bedsCretaceousOldmanParatarpon,
EdmontonEdmontonABalong North Saskatchewan RiverCretaceous UpperHorseshoe Canyonpetrified wood, dinosaur bones,
EdmontonEdmontonABin fill used in alleys in EdmontonQuaternaryagatized wood,
EdmontonEdmontonABin gravel pits along River North and East (government pits open to public)Quaternaryagatized wood.,
EdmontonEdmontonABon N side of North Saskatchewan River near Storyland Valley ZooQuaternaryagatized wood.,
Mill CreekEdmontonABCretaceous LowerBlairmoreplants - Cladophlebis, Cinnamomoides, Araliaephyllum,
Mill CreekEdmontonAB7-1-6w5Cretaceous LowerCrowsnestplants -Sphenopteris, Ficus, Desmiophyllum,
DunveganFairviewABon West bank between Dunvegan and Montagneuse RiverCretaceous UpperDunveganPlants-Paleonuphar,
Dunvegan BridgeFairviewABN bank of Peace River. Dunvegan Fm. becomes marine east of the bridge, non-marine to the west.Cretaceous UpperDunvegan or KaskapauMarine Mollusks,
Dunvegan BridgeFairviewABin cliffs beside Hwy to NECretaceous UpperDunvegan|Kaskapauabundant oysters, some brachiopods (brachiopods are unlikely in these beds),
Dunvegan BridgeFairviewABin cliffs along Hwy NE of bridgeCretaceous UpperDunvegan|KaskapauOysters, Brachiopods,
AlexoFlagstaffABin tributary of Shunga Creek 40-13w5PaleoceneBrazeau, postplants-Thuja(Cedar)40-13-w5 Specific
Alexo--SaundersFlagstaffABW on Dutch CreekJurassicFerniemollusks27-40-13-w5 General
LongviewFoothillsABon Highwood forestry roadMississippianRundle Groupbrachiopods,
LongviewFoothillsAB32 km W on forestry road at narrow gap near ranger station in Limestone cliffMississippianRundle Groupbrachiopods - Spirifer,
Priddis CreekFoothillsABs15t22r4w5 in sandstones, 8 km. W of Priddis, off Hwy. 22XCretaceous UpperBelly River GroupPlants-Cephalotaxopsis,
Priddis CreekFoothillsAB16-22-4w5Cretaceous UpperBelly River Groupplants-Elatocladus,
Bow IslandForty MileABOldman River, north of town; brackish water fossils (Bow Island is at 22-11-13-w4)Cretaceous UpperForemostmollusks, petrified wood,
Bow IslandForty MileAB9.6 km N in coulees (Bow Island is at 22-11-13-w4)Cretaceous UpperForemostpelecypods, low grade petrified wood,
ForemostForty MileABS at Etzikom Coulee (S17T6R11w4)Cretaceous UpperForemostdinosaur bone fragments. Agatized wood.,
ForemostForty MileAB38.4 km S at Deadhorse Coulee, 7.5 km SE of Lucky Strike POCretaceous UpperForemostDinosaur bones and teeth,
GrotonForty MileABOn North Side of Milk River 3-10w4CretaceousPakowkiammonites,
ManyberriesForty MileABto E and SE in area badland exposures extending into SaskatchewanCretaceous UpperBearpaw ShaleAmmonites, Pelecypods, Scaphopods, Shark Teeth, rare Shrimp and Crayfish, dinosaur bones.,
ManyberriesForty MileABSW1/4 s25t4r5w4 in Sandstone near base on W side of Coulee on S Manyberries CreekCretaceousOldmanMyledaphus,
Abbott CreekGreenviewABnear Smoky River about 30 meters above coal seamCretaceous LowerBlairmorePlants - Cladophlebis8-57-7-w6 General
Grande CacheGreenviewABIn steeply sloping beds at Smoky River Coals mineCretaceous Lowerabundant dinosaur tracks,
Kakwa RiverGreenviewAB20 km above Lynx CreekCretaceous LowerBlairmoreplants-Ginko,
Kakwa RiverGreenviewAB19.4 km above Lynx CreekCretaceous LowerBlairmoreplants-Nilssonia, Elatides,
Kakwa RiverGreenviewAB4.8 km above Lynx Creek in tributary to SCretaceous LowerBlairmoreplants-Zamites,
Kakwa RiverGreenviewAB20-59-13w5Jurassic-CretaceousKootenayConiopteris,
Kakwa RiverGreenviewAB20-59-13w4Jurassic-CretaceousNikanassinGinkgo,
Kakwa River BasinGreenviewAB3.2 km up creek entering Mouse Cache Creek below Dead Horse MeadowsCretaceous LowerBlairmoreplants-Pterophyllum (spelling? Pterophyllum is a genus of Angelfish), Stenorachis,
Kakwa River BasinGreenviewAB4.8 km up creek entering Mouse Cache Creek below Dead Horse MeadowsCretaceous LowerBlairmoreplants-Pterophyllum, Stenorachis,
Kakwa River BasinGreenviewAB3.2 km up creek entering Mouse Cache Creek below Dead Horse MeadowsCretaceous LowerBlairmoreplants-Ptilophyllum,
Kakwa Creek BasinGreenview?ABBelow Dead Horse Meadows 4.8 km up tributary of Mouse Catch Creek and on Ridge aboveCretaceous LowerBlairmoreConiopteris, Sphenopteris,
JasperJasper ParkABProterozoic UpperMiette GroupEdiacaran faunas in limestones .,
JasperJasper ParkABFossils may be from different localitiesSpray Riverfish-Platysomus,Saurichthys,
Jasper ParkJasper ParkABon Ridge between Medicine Lake and Beaver LakeDevonian UpperAlexobrachiopods - Productella, Cyrtiopsis,
Jasper ParkJasper ParkABat Proposal Mountain at the South End of Medicine LakeDevonian UpperAlexobrachiopods - Sinotectiractrum, Leiorhynchus,
Jasper ParkJasper ParkABat SE end of Ancient WallDevonian UpperCairnsbrachiopods - Ladogioides, Athyris,
Jasper ParkJasper ParkABRidge between Beaver and Medicine lakesDevonian UpperFlumeAllanaria, Emanuella,
Jasper ParkJasper ParkABnear Snake Indian RiverCambrian UpperLynxTrilobites - Tricrepicephalus,
Jasper ParkJasper ParkABE of Esplanade MtnDevonian UpperMalignebrachiopods - Allanaria,
Jasper ParkJasper ParkABnear Hwy at Morro PeakDevonian UpperMaligneBrachiopods - Calvinaria, Atrypa,
Jasper ParkJasper ParkABat Job CreekDevonian UpperMount HawkBrachiopods - Cyrtospirifer, Indospirifer,
Jasper ParkJasper ParkABE shoulder of Roche MietteDevonian UpperMount Hawkbrachiopods - Gruenwaldtia, Calvinaria,
Jasper ParkJasper ParkABat Lower Maligne CanyonDevonian UpperPalliserCamarotoechia,
Jasper ParkJasper ParkABat S end of Ancient WallDevonian UpperSoutheskcorals - Amphipora, Phillipsastraea,
Jasper ParkJasper ParkABbetween forks of S branch of Snake Indian RiverCambrian UpperSullivanGlossopleura,
Jasper ParkJasper ParkABWindsor MtnCambrian LowerHyolithes,
Jasper ParkJasper ParkAB3.2 km SW of Mt SimlaCambrian Lowertrilobites, Zacanthoides(Zacanthoides is a common Middle Cambrian trilobite. It is very rare in the Lower Cambrian. Most likely either the age is wrong, or trilobite is wrong.,
Nigel CreekJasper ParkABIn Jasper National Park (maybe 'typical' but not 'type'; type is at Mt. Rundle, Banff.Devonian UpperPalliserunspecified fossilstype exposure,
Nigel PeakJasper ParkABIn Jasper National ParkDevonian UpperMt Hawktype exposure,
Nigel PeakJasper ParkAB250 meters below MT Wilson Quartzite on W slope in DolomiteOrdovicianSkoki or Outramgastropods - PalliseriaSome Nigel Peak sites will probably be in Banff National Park rather than Jasper,
Nigel PeakJasper ParkABIn Jasper National ParkDevonian UpperSouthesktype exposure,
Nigel Peak (Jasper National Park)Jasper ParkABDevonian UpperPerdrixBrachiopods,
Kananaskis ParkKananaskisABOn Highway 40 at Ribbon CreekJurassicFernieAmmonites -- Chondroceras, Kepplerites,
Kananaskis RiverKananaskisABJurassicFernieAmmonites -Teloceras,
Rock LakeKananaskisABNear Cairn Pass, Ram PassJurassicFernieWarrenoceras, Gryphaea,
SeebeKananaskisABin old open pit mineCretaceous UpperWapiabiScaphites molds in black shale.,
Dry Island Buffalo JumpKneehillABOn Red Deer River 65 km upstream from Tyrrell. (24,29-34-21-22-WCretaceous UpperScollardVertebrates,
Kneehills CreekKneehillABfirst stream on S bank when following Dinosaur trail out of DrumhellerCretaceous UpperHorseshoe CanyonOysters, dinosaur bones.,
Kneehills CreekKneehillABopposite mouth of CreekCretaceous UpperHorseshoe CanyonPlants-Sequoia,
TrochuKneehillABCretaceous UpperHorseshoe Canyon|ScollardA partial skeleton of an ornithomimid, found near,
TrochuKneehillABin area badlands near campground and Red Deer RiverCretaceous UpperHorseshoe Canyon|Scollarddinosaur bones,
TrochuKneehillABTributary of Red Deer River, NE1/4 10-34-22w4Cretaceous UpperScollard|Horseshoe Canyonplants-Vitis(grape),
BlackfaldsLacombeABin vicinity of junction of Blindman and Red Deer River in river banks in light gray 3-30cm shale layer above 10cm coal seam (Blackfalds is at 26-39-27-w4)PaleocenePaskapoofossil leaves of 20+ taxa. Plants seeds in overlying sandstones -Cercidiphyllum(Katsura), Ginko, etc.Permit required for collecting,
BlackfaldsLacombeABAt Mouth of Blindman River 3-2 km E and S to River (Blackfalds is at 26-39-27-w4)PaleocenePaskapooFossil Plants,
BlackfaldsLacombeABE off Hwy 2A 1.6 km E to Blindman River upstream just below a very thin coal seam (Blackfalds is at 26-39-27-w4)PaleocenePaskapoogastropods,
BlackfaldsLacombeABOn Blindman River 1.6 km E and S to River (Blackfalds is at 26-39-27-w4)PaleocenePaskapooGastropods,
BlackfaldsLacombeABon Blindman River (Blackfalds is at 26-39-27-w4)PaleocenePaskapooGastropods, plants,
BlackfaldsLacombeABE off Hwy 2A 3.2 km E to Red Deer River just downstream of mouth of Blindman River (Blackfalds is at 26-39-27-w4)PaleocenePaskapooleaf fossils.,
Gull LakeLacombeABin beach gravelPaleocenePaskapooPetrified Wood,
Gull LakeLacombeABalong lake shorePaleocenePaskapooPetrified Wood.,
Joffre BridgeLacombeABRoad cut, excavated by University of Alberta. No collecting. Now overgrown.PaleocenePaskapoofish remains, plants,
Joffre BridgeLacombeABRed Deer River, in Paleocene sediments.15 meters up river cliff and in area road cuts.PaleocenePaskapoofish: Amia, Mooneye, Kindleia, Phareodus, and reptile and mammal fragments, mollusks,
Joffre BridgeLacombeAB14 km E of Red Deer. Many quarries. No collecting. (Site is overgrown)PaleocenePaskapoovertebrate, plant, amphibian, mammal, fish dinosaurs,
Joffre BridgeLacombeABfish remains, plants,
DevonLeducABin gravel bars in North Saskatchewan River from Devon to Fort SaskatchewanCretaceous UpperHorseshoe Canyonpetrified wood, pal, agatized wood, carbonized wood. (small amounts of gold as well).,
DevonLeducABDinosaurs in (roughly 34-50-26-w4Cretaceous UpperHorseshoe CanyonHadrosaurs, Tyrannosaur teeth, Ceratopsids,
FalunLeducAB11 km SW at Mount Red Park in rocks in gravel pilesPaleocenePaskapooCampeloma,
GeneseeLeducABOn S. Saskatchewan River, E bank.PaleocenePaskapooplant fossils,
GeneseeLeducAB72 km from Edmonton on Saskatchewan River in fine grained shale interbedded with coal and clayPaleocenePaskapooPlant fossils.,
Hillspring Oyster QuarryLethbridgeABOyster shell quarry operated by A-Claim Industries Ltd., Granum Alberta. North bank of Belly River, SE of Hillspring in basal member of formation.Cretaceous UpperSt Mary RiverOysters,
LethbridgeLethbridgeABCretaceous UpperBearpaw ShaleA partial mosasaur skeleton,,
NoblefordLethbridgeABNorth and E along base of Scabby ButteCretaceous UpperSt Mary Riverdinosaur bones, Pachyrhinosaurus, fish - Myledaphus, Parabula, gar scales, crocodile teeth - Leidyosuchus,
Pothole CreekLethbridgeABSw1/4 34-2-22w4CretaceousBlood River Reserve Sandstoneammonites,
Scabby ButteLethbridgeABSmall area of badlands south of Keho Lake, NE of NoblefordCretaceous UpperSt Mary Riverdinosaurs,
Dizzy CreekMackenzieABalong the creekCretaceousBlackstoneFish remains,
BassanoNewellABon Bow River 12 km SW of townCretaceous UpperBearpaw ShaleBelemnites, pelecypods, occasional large Placenticeras17-21-18-w4 General
Dinosaur Provincial ParkNewellABNo collecting, access only by guided tours.Cretaceous UpperDinosaur Park|OldmanAlbertosaurus, Dromaeosaurus,
Dinosaur Provincial ParkNewellABin regional exposures outside the park in clay pebble bedsCretaceous UpperJudith River|OldmanMicrofaunas - Teeth and bones of fish and reptiles. Some small dinosaur bones. Gar scales (Lepisosteus), Rays Myledaphus, Surgeon plates (Acipenser), Belenostomus, Parabula, a few shark teeth, crocodile teeth, etc,
Dinosaur Provincial ParkNewellABAlberta (Cretaceous Upper:Campanian). A mostly complete, meter-long skeleton of a sturgeon (fish) from estuary deposits. A new bonebed, dated as being 250, 000 years older than any previously known from Dinosaur Park, Alberta.Cretaceous UpperOldman|Dinosaur Parkfish in bone bed,
Little Sandhill CreekNewellAB3.2km NE of mouth of creekCretaceousBelly River GroupVertebrates-Chirostenotes,
Little Sandhill CreekNewellABin area badlandsCretaceousOldmanMyledaphus,
CoronationPaintearthABin area exposures (13-36-11-w4)Cretaceous UpperBearpaw Shaleabundant ammonites,
CoronationPaintearthABarea exposures (13-36-11-w4)Cretaceous UpperBearpaw Shaleammonites,
Beaver MinesPincher CreekABNorth at Castle River -- Beaver Mines may be at 6-2-w5Cretaceous UpperBearpaw Shaleclams, ammonites,
Castle RiverPincher CreekABin Cliffs upstream from bridge at Lees Lake turnoff from Hwy 3 (Castle River is in vicinity of 27-7-30-w4)Cretaceous UpperBlackstonePrionotropis, Inoceramus,
Castle RiverPincher CreekABNorth bank between Hell Gate Canyon and cable foot bridgeCretaceous LowerBlairmoreplants - Klukia,
ColemanPincher CreekABat Ma Butte (rough 8-4-w5)CretaceousCardiumTypical Locality Cardium Formation -- Cretaceous Sandstones and shales overlying the Blackstone Formation. It lies below the Wapiabi Formation. Fossils consist of the pelecypod Cardium and the ammonite Scaphites.,
CowleyPincher CreekABon Crowsnest River (roughly 7-1-w5)Jurassic-CretaceousKootenay or Blairmorefossil plants,
LundbreckPincher CreekABLongview turnoff from Hwy 3 and E to Crowsnest River valley. In concretions above coal layer.Cretaceous UpperBearpaw ShalePelecypods - Arctica,
LundbreckPincher CreekABWestCretaceous UpperBearpaw Shale?clams,
LundbreckPincher CreekABEast on Crowsnest RiverCretaceous UpperBearpaw Shale?Oysters,
LundbreckPincher CreekABN from Hwy 3 1.6 km E of Lundbreck in Crowsnest river banks.Cretaceous UpperBearpaw Shale|St Mary Riveroyster beds,
LundbreckPincher CreekABN at the Gap in the Livingston RangeMississippian?Livingstone?fish - Deltodus,
Pincher CreekPincher CreekABCretaceous UpperSt Mary RiverFilicites,
PonokaPonokaAB9.6 km E at crossroad in extensive reefPaleocenePaskapooagatized Turritella,
PonokaPonokaAB2.4 km E on Hwy53. 30 meters N of road near grove of treesPaleocenePaskapooCampeloma,
PonokaPonokaABto ECretaceous-PaleoceneScollard|Paskapoogastropods,
LilleRanchlandABat Crowsnest PassCretaceousBlairmoreBerycoid'Dakota' Fm. in original reference is an obsolete term not used in Canada,
Porcupine HillsRanchlandABCretaceous-PaleoceneWillow CreekType exposure,
Blindman RiverRed DeerABseveral locations (general area 13-39-27-w4)PaleocenePaskapooamphibian, reptile, mammal bones of many taxa including primates.,
Blindman RiverRed DeerABabove Red Deer River Junction (general area 13-39-27-w4)PaleocenePaskapooplants-Osmunda, Cryptomerites, Rhamnites,
Blindman RiverRed DeerABat Junction of Blindman and Red Deer Rivers, leaves above coal layer about 10 meters above river level (general area 13-39-27-w4)PaleocenePaskapooZingiberopsis, Ginkgo, Platanus(Sycamore), Metasequoia, Viburnum, Eucommia, Osmunda, Dennstaedtia, Cercidiphyllum, Chaitoptelea(Spelling?), Amia scales, Unio, mammal bones, insects: Pseudolimnophila, Coleoptera, dragonfly larvae,
ElnoraRed DeerAB20.8km NECretaceousEdmontonvertebrates-Leptoceratops,
Moose MountainRed DeerABtype exposure Rundle Formation -- Mississippian Interbedded dark and light grey limestones with some chert. It is capped by Pennsylvanian rocks of the Rocky Mountain Formation. Crinoid fragments, brachiopod fragmentsMississippianBanff?This locality info is confused. Banff Fm. is well exposed and fossiliferous at Moose Mountain, but is older, than the Rundle. The 'type exposure' of the Rundle Group is on Mt. Rundle at Banff Park, NOT Moose Mountain. There is no Pennsylvanian Rocky Mtn,
Moose MountainRed DeerABOn hill about 2 km past closure gate on Canyon Creek Road N from Hwy 66MississippianBanff|Rundlegood blastoids, crinoids, brachiopods, corals.,
Moose MountainRed DeerABCretaceousBlackstone?Type Locality (This is NOT the type locality of the Blackstone Formation: type locality is Blackstone Creek, north of Nordegg. There is no Blackstone exposed on Moose Mountain per se, but there is in the valleys to the east and west.),
Moose MountainRed DeerABDevonian UpperPallisertype exposureThis locality is bogus: the Palliser is NOT exposed at Moose Mountain; the type exposure of the Palliser Fm. is at Mount Rundle in Banff Park.,
Red DeerRed DeerAB14 km E at Joffre Bridge. Permits required to collect. Rare, unusual specimens must be deposited with the University of Alberta. In calcareous claystone and coals in both banks and in a road cut upstream of the bridgePaleocenePaskapoodisarticulated amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds, fish (10 species), mollusks, insects(8 genera), plants (20 + species).,
Red DeerRed DeerAB1.6 km W on right bank of riverPaleocenePaskapooFish - Kindleia,
Red DeerRed DeerABnear junction of Red River and Blindman RiverPaleocenePaskapooFossil Plants,
Red DeerRed DeerABon Red deer River in SE1/4 18-38-27w4PaleocenePaskapooplants - Viburnum,
CochraneRocky ViewABSW on left bank of Bow River S4T26r4w5PaleocenePaskapooFish - Kindleia,
CochraneRocky ViewAB1.5 km E in large RR cutPaleocenePaskapooFish - Kindleia, vertebra and fresh water shells,
CochraneRocky ViewABon Bow RiverPaleocenePaskapooGastropods,
Ghost RiverRocky ViewABAt Creek on W side of North Branch of Ghost RiverDevonian MiddleYahatindaDevonian Plants,
WatinoSmoky RiverABSouth on Smoky RiverCretaceous UpperKaskapauammonites,
Berry CreekSpecial Area 2ABat Carolside Dam during low water periods 40 km E of Hanna on Hwy 36 (maybe at 16-26-12-w4)Cretaceous UpperBearpaw Shaleammonites, Baculites, clams,
PollockvilleSpecial Area 2ABNWCretaceousBearpaw ShalebrachiopodsNote: this location is bogus. Visited by H. Allen in late 1970s, locality is a shallow, grassy valley with no visible exposure. May refer to cobbles or pebbles in creek bed. 'Cretaceous brachiopods', though possible, is very unlikely in this area.,
PollockvilleSpecial Area 2AB8 km N then 4 km W in Creek bed creekCretaceous UpperBearpaw Shalebrachiopods,
StevevilleSpecial Area 2ABNear Mouth of Sand Creek 16-20km N of StevevilleCretaceousBelly River GroupVertebrates-Belonostomus,Myledaphus,
StevevilleSpecial Area 2ABIn Dinosaur Provincial Park--no collectingCretaceous UpperDinosaur Parkfish-Chimaerotheca,
StevevilleSpecial Area 2ABOn Red Deer RiverCretaceous UpperDinosaur Park|OldmanPlants-Menispermites,
StevevilleSpecial Area 2ABOn Red Deer River 3.2 km S of Sand CreekCretaceous UpperDunveganPlants-Sequoia, Artocarpus,
StevevilleSpecial Area 2ABRR GradeCretaceousJudith Riverturtles,
DrumhellerStarlandABat Horseshoe CanyonCretaceousBattletype locality Battle Formation -- Cretaceous sandstones, clays, lignite and coal. It overlies the Whitemud Formation and is overlain by the Willow Creek Formation. It is a member of the Edmonton Group. Fossils include Pelecypods, gastropods, etc,
DrumhellerStarlandABAt Horseshoe Canyon. Type locality Blood Reserve Formation --Cretaceous Grey Cretaceous sandstones, laterally equivalent to the Horseshoe Canyon Formation. It overlies the Bearpaw Formation and is overlain by the St Mary's River FormationCretaceousBlood River Reserve SandstoneA few Pelecypods,
DrumhellerStarlandABat Horseshoe CanyonCretaceousEdmonton Group?,
DrumhellerStarlandABat East Coulee CreekCretaceousHorseshoe Canyontype locality,
DrumhellerStarlandABat Willow CreekCretaceousHorseshoe Canyontype locality,
DrumhellerStarlandABat Horseshoe CanyonCretaceousHorseshoe Canyontype locality Whitebud Formation -- Cretaceous sandstones, clays, lignite and coal. It overlies the Horseshoe Canyon Formation and is overlain by the Battle Formation. It is a member of the Edmonton Group. Fossils include Pelecypods, gastropods,
DrumhellerStarlandABCretaceousHorseshoe Canyontype locality. Horseshoe Canyon Formation -- Cretaceous sandstones, clays, lignite and coal. It overlies the Bearpaw Formation and is overlain by the Whitemud Formation. It is a member of the Edmonton Group. Fossils include dinosaurs, pelecypods,
DrumhellerStarlandABin area badlandsCretaceous UpperHorseshoe Canyonbone and petrified wood fragments,
DrumhellerStarlandABNear Ghost Pine Creek four creek crossings upstream from third bridge on dinosaur trail from Drumheller in recess in hillsCretaceous UpperHorseshoe Canyondinosaur bones, petrified wood,
DrumhellerStarlandABpast airport in couleeCretaceous UpperHorseshoe Canyondinosaur bones. Teeth, oysters, clams, pine cones, gastropods,
DrumhellerStarlandABon forks of Michichi CreekCretaceous UpperHorseshoe Canyonfossil plants,
DrumhellerStarlandABE side of Red Deer River 20 km below Drumheller in East CouleeCretaceous UpperHorseshoe Canyonpetrified wood, Oyster beds, sequoia cones,
DrumhellerStarlandABarea exposuresCretaceous UpperHorseshoe CanyonPetrified wood.,
East CouleeStarlandABin area hoodoos and at Willow Creek (East Coulee is a defunct coal mining town about 16km E of Drumheller)Cretaceous UpperHorseshoe Canyon|Drumheller Marine TongueOysters,
MunsonStarlandABat ferry-bridge crossing of Red Deer River at base of cliffsCretaceous UpperHorseshoe Canyondinosaur bones, petrified Wood,
MunsonStarlandABat base of cliffs near ferry crossingCretaceous UpperHorseshoe Canyondinosaur bones-Edmontosaurus, petrified wood.,
MunsonStarlandABto N on W bank of Red Deer RiverCretaceous UpperHorseshoe Canyondinosaurs,
Munson-Bleriot FerryStarlandABbadlands of Red Deer RiverCretaceous UpperHorseshoe Canyondinosaurs,
RumseyStarlandABNW in SE1/4 s31t34r21w4 6 meters above upper coal seamCretaceousEdmontonFish - Kindleia, Belonostomus,
RumseyStarlandABSE1/4 S31T34R21W4 at Jordan's Local 6 meters above coal bedCretaceousEdmontonMyledaphus,
RumseyStarlandABin badlands extending 13 km W and eastward to the Chain lakesCretaceous UpperScollard|Horseshoe Canyondinosaur bones, petrified wood, plant seeds, ginkgo, oysters, clams, snails.,
Rumsey FerryStarlandAB1km from Red River, E of RoadCretaceousEdmontonVertebrates-Thescelosaurus,
Horseshoe CanyonStarland?ABin coulee in N part of canyon visible from parking lot. About 1 hr walk up creek near oyster bed in creekCretaceous UpperHorseshoe Canyon|Drumheller Marine Tonguedinosaur bonesThere are two Horseshoe Canyons in Alberta -- one in Kneehill Cy one in Badlands/Starland,
Adanac MineSturgeonABin area of Carbondale River in several formations (Near Carbondale which is at 8-55-24-w4)Jurassic-CretaceousFernie|Blackstonebivalves, ammonites, belemnites, fossilized wood.,
CarbondaleSturgeonABnear Adanac Strip Mine (Carbondale is at 8-55-24-w4)JurassicFernieGryphaea,
CarbondaleSturgeonABOn Adanac strip mine road (Carbondale is at 8-44-24-w4)JurassicFernieKepplerites,
Carbondale RiverSturgeon?ABJurassicFernieBuchia,
Battle RiverVermilion RiverABin banks of River 16 km N of Edgerton turnoff from Hwy14Cretaceous UpperBearpaw Shalebrachiopods1-45-1-w4 General
Battle RiverVermilion RiverABS of Ma-Me-O BeachPaleocenePaskapooGastropods--shells1-45-1-w4 General
North Saskatchewan RiverVermilion RiverABS from Hwy 16 at Valley View Turnoff across River and SW to Genesee store (Directions available there). 6.4 km N to private farm (permission Required) and 800 meters to River bankPaleocenePaskapooFossil ferns.,
North Saskatchewan RiverVermilion RiverAB45.4 km W of Rocky Mtn HousePaleocenePaskapooMetasequoia,
North Saskatchewan River GapVermilion RiverABE of Dutch CreekMississippianBanfffish remains,
VulcanVulcanABat Travers reservoir across lake from Little Bow ParkCretaceousBearpaw Shaleammonites,
EdgertonWainwrightABN on Battle River. Note: this locality is questionable Rocks exposed in this area belong to Belly River Group, which is almost entirely non-marine. Brachiopods are unlikely. May be brackish-water clams, etc. misidentified as brachiopods. (1-44-4-w4)Cretaceous UpperBelly River Groupbrachiopods,
BlairmoreWarnerABOn lower part of York Creek W of Blairmore (Blairmore is at 5-17-w4)Cretaceous LowerBlairmoreplants,
BlairmoreWarnerABN at Grassy Mountain (Blairmore is at 5-17-w4)JurassicFernieAmmonites - Paracephalites, Warrenoceras, Bivalves - Corbula, Kepplerites,
BlairmoreWarnerABN at Grassy Mountain (Blairmore is at 5-17-w4)JurassicFernieCorbula, Lima, Anomia, Oxytoma, Ostrea, Inoceramus, Pleuromya, Cucullaea,
BlairmoreWarnerABin shale quarry in Green beds (Blairmore is at 5-17-w4)JurassicFernieGastropods,
BlairmoreWarnerAB3.2 km S at Lyon Creek (Blairmore is at 5-17-w4)Cretaceous LowerKootenayCretaceous Plants,
BlairmoreWarnerABat Grassy Mountain (Blairmore is at 5-17-w4)JurassicKootenayKootenay Formation -- Jurassic sandstones, shales and, In some areas, coals capped by a cherty conglomerate. Fossils are primarily ferns, cycads and conifers. Plants --dicotyledonous--, Sapindopsis, Agenopteris(Sagenopteris?), Nilssonia(?), Torreya,
Etzikom CouleeWarnerABCretaceousForemostIsurus teeth,
Etzikom CouleeWarnerABarea exposures (roughly 14-6-9-w4)Cretaceous UpperForemost|Oldmandinosaurs, petrified wood,
Verdigris CouleeWarnerABAquila Formation - 29 km E of Milk River. Verdigris Coulee.Cretaceous UpperMilk RiverCretaceous Mammal Reference LocationThis site is Milk River Formation; there is no 'Aquila Formation' in Alberta. May be a confused reference to 'Eagle Formation' of Montana, which is equivalent to Milk River. 'Aquila'=~'Eagle'.,
Verdigris CouleeWarnerABNE1/4, 2-3-15w4Cretaceous UpperMilk RiverPlants-Geinitzia(a conifer),
Pigeon LakeWetaskiwinABW of WetaskiwinPaleocenePaskapoogastropods,
Waterton RiverWillow CreekABCretaceous UpperSt Mary Riverplants-Nymphaeites,
Athabasca RiverWood BuffaloABin North Bank at Moberly Rapids 17-89-9-w4 is location of Moberly RapidsDevonian Middle-UpperWaterwaysbrachiopods - Stropheodonta17-90-9-w4
La ButteWood BuffaloABon West bank of Slave River close to the mouth of Murdock Creek in Limestone.Devonian MiddleElk Point(La Butte)brachiopods - Tentaculites'La Butte Member' must be an informal term, as it does not appear in latest edition of Lexicon of Western Canadian Stratigraphy. There is a La Butte Creek that enters Slav...,
Red RiverWood BuffaloABCretaceous UpperOldmanfish -Belonostomus (Red Deer River?),
Carson CreekWoodlandsAB36-60-13-w5 roughlyJurassic-CretaceousNikanassinConiopteris,
Fort AssiniboineWoodlandsAB6.4 km W off Hwy13 7.2 km W then 2.4 km S in ironstone band in river banks to E (S1T62R6W4)Cretaceous UpperWapitidinosaur bones.,
Fort AssiniboineWoodlandsABW on Athabasca RiverCretaceous UpperWapitivertebrate bones,
WhitecourtWoodlandsABE on Athabasca RiverCretaceous UpperWapitiDinosaur Bone,
WhitecourtWoodlandsABon N side of Athabasca River and to ECretaceous UpperWapitivertebrate (presumably dinosaur) bones,
Coal ValleyYellowheadABin roof of Mynheer coal seam (rough loc 48-20-24)PaleoceneBrazeau, postplants-Metasequoia,
EdsonYellowheadAB12.8 km N at bridge over Edson River downstream to McLeod RiverPaleocenePaskapooCarbonized wood.,
EdsonYellowheadAB4.8 km E at bridge over the McLeod RiverPaleocenePaskapooCarbonized wood. Petrified Wood.,
EdsonYellowheadABEast on McLeod RiverPaleocenePaskapoopetrified wood,
Edson RiverYellowheadABNE of EdsonPaleocenePaskapoopetrified wood,
HintonYellowheadAB8 km E on Hwy 16A (river road) 300 meters up Pedley CreekPaleocenePaskapoofossil plants, ferns,
HintonYellowheadABEast on Pedley CreekTertiary or Cretaceous UpperPaskapoo or BrazeauPlants,
McLeod RiverYellowheadABnear mouth of Embarras RiverCretaceous UpperUpper EdmontonFish- Protamia,
Mountain ParkYellowheadABin shales near base of FormationDevonian UpperAlexofossils,
Mountain ParkYellowheadABon Upper Whitehorse RiverJurassicFernieAmmonites - Stemmatoceras,
PeersYellowheadABNorth on McLeod RiverPaleocenePaskapoopetrified wood,
PeersYellowheadABOn McLeod River 1.6 km W in gravel bars in RiverPaleocenePaskapootree stumps, carbonized wood, agatized wood.,
Wildhay RiverYellowheadABCretaceous LowerBlairmoreSphenopteris,
Wood Mountain-AB[?]to SouthCretaceousJudith Riverturtles-Asperidites,PlastomenusCan't identify Wood Mountain, AB, but there is a Wood Mountain, SK,
Arctic[?]AKIn late Triassic limestones and cherts of Shublik FormationTriassicShublik?,
Arctic[?]AKOther exposuresTriassicShublikPosidonia,
Arctic[?]AKat 69d22.5m N and 152d56m W in 3 km bluff on N side of creekPermian-TriassicShublik?Entomonotis, Halobia, Arcestes, Trachyceras, Posidonia, Leiophyllites, Pseudaplococeras, Hungarites,
Arctic[?]AKat 69d22.5m N and 152d56m W in 3 km bluff on N side of creekTriassicShublik?Permian,
Cape Mountain[?]AKOn E flankMississippian-Pennsylvanianfossils,
Cape Prince of Wales[?]AKIn limestonesDevonianDevonian faunas,
Chandler River[?]AKin cutbanks from Torok Creek to Kiruktagiak RiverCretaceous LowerTorok?,
Copper River Basin[?]AKin LimestonePennsylvanianbrachiopods and mollusks,
Eagle-Circle district[?]AKMississippian-PennsylvanianLower Middle Calico BluffGoniatites, Neoglyphioceras, Girtyoceras,
Endicott Mtns[?]AKin Limestone and ChertTriassicOtukMonotis, other bivalves, radiolaria, conodonts,
Fairbanks[?]AKNE in tailings between Ester Creek and Cripple CreekPleistoceneGastropods -- Helisoma, Stagnicola, Gyralus, Valvata; mastodon, camel, antelope, moose, deer. sheep, muskox, yak, sloth, beaver, rodents, rabbit.,
Fairbanks[?]AKEngineer Creek in Pleistocene peat muckPleistocenemollusks,
Fairbanks[?]AKAt filled in beaver pond on S Fairbanks CreekPleistocenePelecypods - Spisula, Schizothaerus,
Fairbanks[?]AKRegional gravel pits in muck bedsPleistoceneplants, Bison, birds, Insectivores, Chiroptera (bats), bear, dire wolves, wolf, coyote, fox, badger, skunk, weasel, otter, wolverine, Smilodon, lion. lynx, elephant,
Fortress Mtn[?]AK68d35m N 152d58m W in Fortress Mtn Formation along 560 km front between Sagavanirktok River and Kukpowruk River. Late Jurassic to Cretaceous UpperCretaceousFortress Mtn?,
Fortress Mtn[?]AKKiruktagiak RiverCretaceousFortress MtnAucellina,
Fortress Mtn[?]AKE of Castle Mtn of Torok CreekCretaceousFortress MtnFish,
Glacier Bay[?]AKshells, corals in thick Carboniferous LimestoneCarboniferous?,
Glacier Bay[?]AKFossiliferousPaleozoic LowerLeperditia, Acervularia, Megalomus,
Hamilton Bay[?]AKNorth Shore in Triassic Limestone Conglomerate Brachiopods and pelecypodsTriassicPseudomonotis, Speriferina (Spiriferina?), Pecten, Pleuromya, ammonites, Rhynchonella,
Homer[?]AKin noduleOligoceneKenaiFish fossil,
Kaguyak[?]AKIn cutbanks along coast at 58d37mN 153d55mW roughly 100m above Naknek Formation USGS Mesozoic 25280Cretaceous UpperMollusks-Inoceramus,Pleuromya;Ammonites Loc 358d37mN 153d55mW
Kanaga Is[?]AKmollusksChlamys,
Klawock[?]AKW coastDevonian Upperbrachiopods, Spirifer, Corals Zaphrentis, Productella,
Klawock[?]AKW coast Devonian Upper brachiopodsDevonian UpperSpirifer, Corals Zaphrentis, Productella,
Kletsan Creek[?]AK(in White River basin, in St Elias range) well preserved Paleozoic Upper fossils?,
Kujulik Bay[?]AK56d30m N 158d Wpetrified wood,
Kupreanof Island[?]AKregional Carboniferous limestonesCarboniferousbrachiopods, mollusks,
Long Is-Kassan Bay[?]AKEuropean-Asian Devonian faunas in Limestones.DevonianGastropods - Hercynella, corals, brachiopods, mollusks,
Melozi River[?]AKfrom mouth back into Koyokuk River basin Impure Cretaceous Limestones.CretaceousAucella,
Nation River[?]AKat mouth of Yukon Riverbrachiopods, mollusks.,
Nome[?]AKIn Silurian Nome seriesSilurianPort Clarence Limestonefossils,
Nunvainuk Lake[?]AK59d N 255d40m Wpetrified wood,
Palmer[?]AKFossils reported at fee collecting site At Atlanta House at Milepost 166 on Glenn Hwy?,
Porcupine River[?]AKDevonian fossils in LimestoneDevonian?,
Prince of Wales Is[?]AK?,
Talkeetna Dome[?]AK13 km from Glenn Hwy, marine shalespoorly preserved Pecten,
Torok Creek[?]AKbetween 68d40 meters and 68d44 meters NCretaceous LowerTorok?,
Trocadero Bay[?]AKOn small island inPennsylvanian LowerLimestoneammonites -- Gastrioceras, Glaphyrites,
Tuktu Bluffs[?]AKArctic Alaska at Tuktu Bluffs on Chandler River in 300 meter thick Tuktu formation above Torok FormationCretaceous LowerTuktuabundant fossils: Gastroplites, Cleoniceras, Dicranodonta, Inoceramus, Solecurtus, Panopea, Yoldia, Ditrupa.68.73278N, 152.30528W
Tununak-Nelson[?]AK65d45m N 165d Wleaf imprints. Amber in float on beach.,
White River Basin[?]AKCarboniferousbrachiopods and Mollusks,
Yukon River[?]AKnear Canadian borderTriassicGlenn ShaleMonotis,
Yukon River[?]AKIn East Central Alaska in Eagle, Tatonduk River, Nation, Woodchopper areaProterozoic-CambrianTindirAlgae, Fungi, Protists, trilobites (lower to Cambrian Upper), archeocyathids, stromatolites, acritarchs, Oldhamia.,
Cape LisburneAleutians West CA?AKCoal seams with Mesozoic plantsMesozoic?,
Cape LisburneAleutians West CA?AKin thin bedded Pennsylvanian mixed sedimentsPennsylvanianbrachiopods, trilobites, cephalopods, mollusks,
Cape LisburneAleutians West CA?AKIn massive Limestone-chert above mixed sedimentsPennsylvaniancorals and bryozoa,
Alaska RangeBethel CA?AKOrdovician fossils on West Side.Ordovician?,
Pybus BayKetchikan Gateway BoroughAKAt Admiralty Is in Cretaceous Lower LimestoneCretaceous LowerAucella,
KodiakKodiak IslandAKTriassic Fossils in contorted shales and Limestones on Woody IsTriassic?,
Swikshak BayKodiak IslandAKNW of Swikshak Bay, Afognak QuadEocene?Plants-Alnus Loc 1,2 RPO-158, RAW-101,
Ketic RiverNorth Slope BoroughAKArctic AlaskaCretaceousChandler|Prince CreekCretaceous. Amber with insects, plant fossils, Ostrea in Coal seams.,
Killik RiverNorth Slope BoroughAKArctic Alaska along E trending belt 10-20 km wide, narrowing to East from Killik River nearly to Itkillik RiverCretaceous LowerTorokMollusks - Inoceramus, Beudanticeras, Colvillia, Subarcthoplites, Gastroplites.,
Kuk RiverNorth Slope BoroughAKArctic AlaskaCretaceousChandler|Prince CreekCretaceous. Amber with insects, plant fossils, Ostrea in Coal seams.,
ArcticNorth Slope Borough?AKTiglukpuk Creek in Triassic Lower shale vertebratesTriassiccoelacanth fish, reptile bones, paleoniscoid fish -BoreosomusTiglukpuk Creek appears to be on the Alaskan North Slope probably East of Chandler Lake,
North SlopeNorth Slope Borough?AKIn block sooty shaleTriassicShublik|Karen CreekMonotis,
Okpikruak RiverNorth Slope Borough?AKArctic Alaska on Okpikruak RiverColvillia,
Freshwater BaySitka City and BoroughAKOn Chicagof Island in long narrow peninsula extending out 7 km in LimestonesCarboniferouscorals, brachiopods, crinoid fragments.,
Freshwater BaySitka City and BoroughAKS side of Chicagof Island in 300 meters of Silurian limestones.. Bottom 200 meters Leperditia, fragmentary crustacea. Top 100 meters MegalomusSilurianCeratiocaris, Ostracods - Isochilina,
SitkaSitka City and BoroughAKSilurian limestonesSilurianCatenipora,
Kuiu IslandWrangell-Petersburg BoroughAKIn Mead Point area -- NE in 700 meters of Silurian LimestoneSilurianDiphyphyllum, Conchidium, Whitfieldia, Holopea, Murchisonia,
Brooks rangeYukon-Koyukuk?AKIn W part in dark grayMississippianLisburne ShaleCephalopods - Beyrichoceras, Goniatites, Sudeticeras, Girtyoceras, Entogonites, Eochalassoceras[?], DimorphocerasEothalassoceras is 'Eochalassoceras' in original Ransom 'Fossils in America',
Elton P.O.[?]ALon Flat Creek toward Martha at Early's Bridge in Limestonemollusks - Scutella, PectenCan't find an Elton, Martha, or Early's Bridge in Alabama. There are more than a dozen Flat Creeks,
Arrow BendAutaugaALOn Alabama River inCretaceousEutawBrachiopods, mollusks,
House BluffAutaugaALIn fields along back of town along Alabama RiverInoceramus, Leidon bones sharks teeth, fine shells,
Alexanders LandingBarbourAL4 km below in 8 meters of echinoid bearing rocksechinoderms, mollusks - Ostrea, Cardium,
Alexanders LandingBarbourAL13 km below Eufaulamollusks, crab claws, fish teeth,
ClaytonBarbourALarea limestonesOstrea,
EufaulaBarbourALin roadcuts on AL97 8.5-9km NW of US431CretaceousRipelyOysters, Ray teeth, Sawfish teeth,
EufaulaBarbourALIn right bank of Chattahoochee River opposite mouth of Burstahatchee[?] CreekEchinoderms, Hemiaster, Coptosoma; mollusks - Inoceramus, Ostrea, Gryphaea, Exogyra, Pecten, Veniella, Cardium, Turritella; Crab fragmentsUnable to identify 'Burstahatchee' Creek. Site may be in Georgia as the original citation is for Eufaula, Barbour County, Georgia. Eufaula and Barbour County are on the Alabama side of the River, but the river/lake are only about a kilometer wide.,
EufaulaBarbourALIn river bluff below bridgemany taxa; corals, echinoderms, vermes, molluskssite may well be on Georgia side of the Chattahoochee River.,
Pataula CreekBarbourALIn Cretaceous Upper Providence sand 16km N of Fort Gains on GA39. In Chattahoochee River bank accessible by dirt road from store on N bank of Pataula Creek.Cretaceous UpperProvidenceClassic locality for mollusks, ammonites, echinoids, coral,
Pataula CreekBarbourAL7 km belowmollusks, crocodiles,
Roods Upper BendBarbourALat Roanoke BluffCrassalites(Crassatella?),
Soapstone CreekBarbourALJust above mouth (on creek itself?)Mollusks - Nucula, Leda, Trigonarca, Glycymeris, Ostrea, Trigonia, Pecten, Anomia, Crassatellites, Cardium; vertebrates - Lamna, Corax, Otodus,
Soapstone CreekBarbourALjust above mouth on Chattahoochee River between Upper and Lower Roods Bendturtle-fragments,Taphrosphys; saurian bones, Mosasaurus, Crocodile teeth, coprolites, mollusks,
Wolfridge Landing(?)BarbourALon Chattahoochee RiverOstrea,
Wooldridge LandingBarbourALon Chattahoochee River 75 km below Columbus and 22 km above EufaulaWorms - Serpula, Hamulus; mollusks; vertebrates - Lamna, Corax, Otodus, Ischyrhiza, Thecachampsa, Polydectes,
AldrichBibbALIn S31T24NR11E and S6T23NR11ECambrian UpperBrierfield dolomiteCryptozoon.,
AldrichBibbAL1 km W of MontevalloCambrian LowerDorypyge, Zacanthoides, Amecephalus, Dolichometopus,
AldrichBibbALNE1/4S20T24R11E In area Limestone quarriesfossils,
AldrichBibbALSE1/4SE1/4S31T24R10E In area Limestone quarriesfossils,
BrierfieldBibbALalong Mahan CreekCambrian UpperBrierfield dolomiteCryptozoon.,
CentrevilleBibbAL8 km NE at N end of high knob by Cahaba River Ordovician graptolitesOrdovicianClimacograptus,
MontevalloBibbALalong Spring CreekCambrian UpperBrierfield dolomite?,
MontevalloBibbALin shales in road cut on West side of AL25 between Montevallo and I65graptolites,
Pratts FerryBibbALOrdovicianAthens Shalegraptolites Dicellograptus, Glossograptus, Nemagraptus, Diplograptus,
SixmileBibbAL3 km NE along Sixmile CreekCambrian LowerDorypyge, Zacanthoides, Amecephalus, Dolichometopus(4),
Blount SpringsBlountALIn area quarriesBlastoids,
Blount SpringsBlountALIn Bangor Quarries in lower argillaceous Limestone beds 300 meters S of BangorBlastoids,
Blount SpringsBlountAL400 meters W of RR station in St Louis LimestoneCoral - Lithostrotion,
Murphrees ValleyBlountALCambrianConasauga Limestonebrachiopods - Dicellomus,
Swansea-InlandBlountAL4 km W in Chickamauga LimestoneBrachiopods - Hebertella, Rafinesquina,
Village SpringBlountAL5 km SE atop Hayes Mtn inSilurianRed Mountaincrinoid fragments,
HurtsboroBullockAL3.5 km SW in Central of Georgia RR cutOstrea,
Union SpringsBullockALOn US82 from city limits to US7CretaceousCussetaExogyra, oysters, mollusk casts, shark teeth,
MontereyButlerALalong Road to Snow Hill - Lower Tertiary outcrops on hilltops.Tertiary Lower?,
Cedar CreekButler,WilcoxALIn White LimestoneNautilus, Enclimatoceras.,
Pine Barren CreekButler,WilcoxALIn White LimestoneNautilus, Enclimatoceras.,
AllsupCalhounAL4 km NWCambrian Uppertrilobites-Cedaria,
Cold Spring GapCalhounAL3 km W on Colvin Mt inSilurianClintonAnoplotheca,
DukeCalhounALon high knob halfway to Readsbrachiopod - Rhynchotrema.,
Frog MountainCalhounALand NE into Cherokee County, ALDevonian UpperCorals and brachiopods,
Frog MountainCalhounALon high knob halfway to Readsbrachiopod - Rhynchotrema.,
JacksonvilleCalhounALfossil molds filled with exotic minerals, e.g. strengite, cacoxeniteSilurianFort Payne Chert?,
PiedmontCalhounAL6.4 km WDevoniancorals,
Spring GapCalhounALIn Colvin Mtn in red shalesbrachiopods -- Rhynchotrema,
Sulphur SpringsCalhounALIn massive quartzitecrinoid stems,
Sulphur SpringsCalhounALNE, in mountainscrinoid stems,
[?]CherokeeALS32T6R11E Near state border and 1 km SWfossiliferous iron ore,
Cedar BluffCherokeeALat bridge over Coosa river in a small exposure of Conasauga shale Trilobites Agnostus(4)It is reported that Weiss lake, formed by damming the Coosa River, covers this sitCambrianConasauga?,
Cedar BluffCherokeeALalong riverCambrianConasaugaabundant trilobites - Tricrepicephalus, Agnostus,
Cedar BluffCherokeeALIn area exposures of Cambrian Conasauga Limestone in Coosa ValleyCambrianConasaugawell preserved brachiopods -- Dicellomus, Trilobites Crepicephalus, Norwoodia, Olenoides, Pseudagnostus, Tricrepicephalus(4),
Cedar BluffCherokeeALCambrianConasauga?Tricrepicephalus,
Cedar BluffCherokeeALin outcrops along riverCambrian UpperAgnostids, Tricrepicephalus,
CenterCherokeeALIn flint nodules in tilled fieldsCambrianConasaugasponges and trilobites - Asaphiscus(4),
CenterCherokeeALin fieldssponges and trilobites,
PineyCherokeeALCambrianConasaugaTrilobites -Olenoides(18),
Weiss LakeCherokee?ALIn roadcuts along I-59Ordovician-DevonianIchnofossils, Invertebrates,
JemisonChiltonALIn Devonian Jemison chert abundant poorly preserved fossilsDevonianJemisoncorals -Meristella, Favosites, Brachiopods - Spirifer, Delthyris; Strophomenoids. Orthoceras,
ShelbyChiltonALCambrian UpperUpper Cambrian gastropods and trilobites,
[?]ChoctawALS7T11NR4W Ostrea in gray calcareous sand outcropping B of creek.?,
BarrytownChoctawAL10 km NNE at Barryton[?] Mill 4 km N on Okatuppa CreekEoceneClaiborneClaiborne fossils.May be Barrytown Mill,
BarrytownChoctawAL6 km NE at Barryton[?] Mill in all banks of Okatuppa Creek upstream of the mill - in white Limestone or yellow sand.?May be Barrytown Mill,
BarrytownChoctawAL11 km NE On Lomack's Hill[?]. Ostrea in White Limestone?Might be Womack Hill about 4km ENE of Barrytown,
BarrytownChoctawAL6 km NE at Barrytown[?] Mill on Okatuppa Creek Ostrea in Greensand.OstreaMay be Barryton Mill,
BirminghamChoctawAL11 km N in Copper Ridge DolomiteCambrian UpperCopper RidgeCryptozoon, Gastropods -Melanopsis,
Bladon SpringsChoctawALAlong Millry road in Buhrstone and Claiborne Formation outcropsEoceneClaiborne?Bladon Springs is in Choctaw County, but the site could well be in Washington County,
Bladon SpringsChoctawALAlong St Stephens Rd in S29t8r2?,
Bladon SpringsChoctawAL25 km W in greenish sands below white LimestoneCrepidula, Corbula,
Bladon SpringsChoctawALto N on hill above Souwilpa Creek in yellow sandsOstrea.,
Eureka Landing [?]ChoctawALon the Tombigbee River 8-9 meters of fossiliferous, glauconitic sandy marlGryphaea, Turritella, FlabellumThere are several Eureka landings in Alabama,
GilbertownChoctawAL32km E of Shubuta, MS -- Ref is to Shubuta, Gilbertown looks to be the nearest town to the purported localityMioceneJacksonvertebrates-Carcharhinus,Carcharodon,Cylindracanthus,Isurus,Myliobatis,Odontapsis,
Grove HillChoctawALAmber in white Limestone.,
HatchetigbeeChoctawALfossils like those at Butler(???),
Hatchetigbee BluffChoctawALon Tombigbee RiverOligocene-Eocenegastropods - Trophon, Expleritoma[?], pelecypods - Cytherea, Cardium.'Expleritoma' is probably misspelled, but I can't identify the proper spelling,
RescuevilleChoctawALAmber in white Limestone.,
SuggsvilleChoctawALAmber in white Limestone.,
Allen's CreekClarkeALGastropods, pelecypods,
Bashi CreekClarkeALmollusks similar to those at Wood's Bluff,
Clarkesville[?]ClarkeALS23T9NR2E in Greensand in creek bottomEoceneClaiborneClaiborne fossilsOriginal says 'Old Clarkeville', Most likely this is the modern Clarkesville,
Clarkesville[?]ClarkeALS23T9NR2E in White Limestone on hillsidesEoceneClaiborneClaiborne fossils, Zeuglodon bonesOriginal says 'Old Clarkeville', Most likely this is the modern Clarkesville,
Coffeeville LandingClarkeAL2 km E in Limey Clay on hills above Satilpa Creek Zeuglodon bones.Eocene?ClaiborneOstrea, Venericardia, Corbula, Pecten, Arca, Nucula,
Gosport LandingClarkeALat Rattlesnake bluff downstream on Alabama RiverEocene?Claiborne?,
Gosport LandingClarkeALClaiborne beds a few km upstreamEocene?Claiborne?,
JacksonClarkeALalong Little Stave Creek. Large exposureEoceneClaiborne?Eocene invertebrates,
JacksonClarkeALon outskirts of town along Little Stave CreekEoceneabundant fossils,
JacksonClarkeALon Little Stave Creek at outskirts of townEoceneinvertebrates,
JacksonClarkeALat lower salt works t5nr2e good Lisbon fossils on hillside mollusksNeaera. Pholadomya, Astarte, Solen,
Satilpa CreekClarkeALgastropods and pelecypods,
Stave CreekClarkeALIn sands at creek level in S8t7nr2e-s9t7nr2eEocene?ClaiborneClaiborne fossils,
Stave CreekClarkeALS18t7r2emollusks,
Sunny SouthClarkeAL11 km S on Rock House CreekHatchetigbeewell preserved mollusks similar to those at Wood's Bluff,
Woods BluffClarkeALIn 2 beds in Hatchetigbee Formationpelecypods - Neaera, Ranella, Fusus, Pisiana, Corbula, Venericardia. Gastropods-Trophon,Turritella.,
Central Salt WorksClarke?ALProbably the Confederate era Central Salt Works on County Rd 15 near Grove Hill?massive coral reef,
ErinClayALE of town at base of main range of Talladega MountainDevonianplants -Lepidodendron in slates and lenses.,
Foster BendCleburne,CherokeeALon Coosa RiverConasaugaBaltagnostus, Peronopsis, AlokistocareGoogle indicates that Foster Bend might be in Cleburne or Cherokee County,
AllsboroColbertAL6 km SBrachiopods,
Fox TrapColbertALRoadcut on side of a small hill, NW1/4SE1/4Sec31T5SR10W. Erosional outlier of Bangor LimestoneMississippian UpperBangor LimestoneGastropods;Bivalves;Echinoderms-Crinoids,Blastoids-Pentremites;Bryozoa-Archimedes;Brachiopods34d34m26sN, 87d37m23sW,
SheffieldColbertAL6 km W at Keller Quarryblastoids, Mesoblatus,
SheffieldColbertALBlastoidsPentremites, Batocrinus,
Coosa RiverCoosa?,Chilton?ALCambrianConasaugaStarfish(?)Jellyfish - Brooksella(4, 16),
AndalusiaCovingtonALjust below Point-A dam on Conecuh RiverEoceneshark teeth, fish teeth, snake vertebra,
CarlowvilleDallasALAt bridge over Snake Creek on Carlowville-Snow Hill RoadCretaceousRipleyOstrea,
HarrellDallasAL1.6km ECretaceousSelmaTurtle-BothremysHarrell is at 32.44 -87.22,
SelmaDallasALCretaceous Upper (marine) fossils in Mooreville chalk beds beneath the Jefferson Davis Avenue Creek over Valley CreekCretaceousMooreville?,
SelmaDallasALAlong W bank of Valley Creek beneath Jefferson Ave bridgeCretaceous Uppertypical faunas.,
BirminghamDeKalbALAt Red MountainOrdovicianRed MountainTrilobites-Cryptolithus,
CollinsvilleDeKalbAL2 km N in Ordovician beds above ferruginous SandstoneOrdovicianSolenopora, Platystrophia,Rhynchotrema, Dinorthis,
Wills ValleyDeKalbALNE1/4 SE1/4 s4t5r10e crinoid stems in clay at Montague Mines?,
Wills ValleyDeKalbALNW1/4 S9T6R9E - fossiliferous chert in black shale.?,
Wills ValleyDeKalbALon NW side?,
Wills ValleyDeKalbALSE1/4NE1/4S17T7R8E, SE1/4sw1/4s9T7R8Ecrinoidal Limestone,
WetumpkaElmoreAL2 km SECretaceousEutawOphiomorpha (Ophiomorpha?) burrows(12),
WetumpkaElmoreAL2 km to 4 km SECretaceousMoorevilleFossil casts and molds in scattered outcrops and blocks of marl (11),
AttallaEtowahALOn W bank of Wills Creek in SW1/4NE1/4S4T12R5E (WSW of first sharp bend in Mountain NW of Attalla, fossils in thick flaggy Sandstone?,
AttallaEtowahAL1.5 km NW at Moragne Mines in Sandstone in mine tunnel PentamerusPentamerusProbably at or near 34.0297N, 86.1102W34.0297N, 86.1102W estimated
Colvin MtnEtowahALover 23-40sq km area in SE corner of countycrinoids, brachiopods in shale,
CrudupEtowahAL1 km N in talusBrachiopods Rhipidomella,
Walnut GroveEtowahAL10 km SW in Manganese orecoral Lithostrotion,
Wills ValleyEtowahALNW side for 20 to 30 km and around head of Greasy Cove. 100m of Upper Silurian stratabrachiopods and graptolites.,
FrankfortFranklinALAlong Bell Green Rd crossing of Cedar Creek, many Lafayette Group fossils in road cuts.?,
RussellvilleFranklinALalong Allen Factory Road Fossiliferous limestoneswell preserved crinoid stems, blastoids, (Pentremites), corals (Zaphrentis), brachiopods,
RussellvilleFranklinALalong SW1/4 SW1/4 S35t6r12w Fossiliferous limestoneswell preserved crinoid stems, blastoids, (Pentremites), corals (Zaphrentis), brachiopods,
RussellvilleFranklinALSW1/4 SW1/4 S35t6r12w Fossiliferous limestoneswell preserved crinoid stems, blastoids, (Pentremites), corals (Zaphrentis), brachiopods,
RussellvilleFranklinALSW1/4 sw1/4 s16t6r11w Fossiliferous limestoneswell preserved crinoid stems, blastoids, (Pentremites), corals (Zaphrentis), brachiopods, Coral - Zaphrentis,
Pea RiverGenevaAL6 km downstream of Dead River in a yellow sandy bluffPecten, Scutella, Ostrea, Nummulites, Scalpellum,
Choctaw BluffGreeneALIn rotten LimestoneCretaceousInoceramus, Cretaceous marine vertebrates turtles, Mosasaurs, other reptiles,
Choctaw BluffGreeneALpelecypods Teredo,
ClintonGreeneAL2.5km se of Route 14 (N32 54' / W87 59') at Trussels CreekCretaceousEutawvertebrates - birds, Archaeolamna,Scapanorhynchus,
Warrior RiverHaleALat Erie BluffCretaceousEutawOstrea,
Yantayabba Creek(?)HenryALIn 3 meter thick shell bed just below the mouth of the creekOstrea,
Big Coon CreekJacksonALAlong the road running through NW1/4 S16T2r7e through ne1/4 S18T2r7e?,
Big Coon CreekJacksonALN1/2S11t2r6e?,
Big Coon CreekJacksonALAlong the foot of the MountainCorals - Zaphrentis,
Big Coon CreekJacksonALAt Cedar Bluff on W bank in se1/4sw1/4 s15t2r8wGraptolites,
Caperton FerryJacksonAL?,
Caperton FerryJacksonALAlong road leading outward in S28t2r8e toward Stevenson in blue-gray Limestonegraptolites,
Caperton FerryJacksonAL11 km E(?) on E side of river near center of S18t3r8e in a bluff of cherty gray Limestonegraptolites.,
StevensonJacksonAL1 km SE along Benges Creek on NW side of red-loam hillcrinoids, brachiopods, corals, PentremitesThere is a Benges Creek in Scott County Virginia, none in Stevenson,
StevensonJacksonALAlong line of faulting from Stevenson to state line.crinoids, brachiopods, corals, Pentremites,
StevensonJacksonALIn area RR cutscrinoids, brachiopods, corals, Pentremites,
ArgoJeffersonAL4 km SW on Cedar Mountain, in Chickamauga LimestoneIsochilina.,
BessemerJeffersonALIn area coal pits inPottsville ShaleShale slabs with plants -- Lepidodendron, Calamites, Stigmaria,
BessemerJeffersonALin area coal minesCarboniferousgood plants,
BessemerJeffersonALS In strip mine along AL31PennsylvanianCalamites, Sigillaria, Lepidodendron,
BessemerJeffersonALS in strip mine along AL31Pennsylvanianferns, Calamites, Sigillaria, Lepidodendron,
BessemerJeffersonALS in abandoned strip mine adjacent to Hwy 31.?,
BessemerJeffersonAL6 km SW silicifiedQuebecoceras.,
BirminghamJeffersonAL14th St and 14th Ave SoLingula to 2.5cm,
BirminghamJeffersonAL30 km NE at base of Foster MtnLingula to 2.5cm,
BirminghamJeffersonALIn ravine between Foster and Black Oak MtnsLingula to 2.5cm,
BirminghamJeffersonAL19 km SE silicifiedScenella,
Blount MountainJeffersonALIn a knoll of Limestone and chert SW of extreme SW point in nw1/4sw1/4s12/ne1/4se1/4s11t15r1?,
ChalkvilleJeffersonAL1 km W in Cambrian Upper Copper Ridge Dolomite.Cambrian UpperCopper RidgeTrilobites, gastropods, Scenella,
ChepultepecJeffersonAL700 meters Wgastropod casts Helicotoma.,
ClayJeffersonAL2 km NW in shale at base of Ordovician Chickamauga Limestone at W base of Foster MtnOrdovicianChickamaugaLingula,
Gate CityJeffersonAL1 km N in quarrybryozoa, corals (Tetradium),
Old JonesboroJeffersonAL4 km SE in Cambrian Upper Copper Ridge dolomiteCambrian UpperCopper RidgeQuebecoceras.,
WarriorJeffersonALIn Black Creek Coal beds.Cretaceous UpperBlack CreekGood plant fossils - Neuropteris,
Blue Water CreekLauderdaleALAt crossing of Florence and Athens Road Fossiliferous cherty Limestone?,
Blue Water CreekLauderdaleALBelow Phillips Mill in sw1/4ne1/4s19t2r8w Fossiliferous cherty Limestone?,
Gravelly SpringsLauderdaleALbrachiopodsSpirifer,
LexingtonLauderdaleALCarboniferousFort Paynecrinoid stems - Cleiothyridina,
PruittonLauderdaleAL5 km SW at Mount Tabor School - in mid-Devonian LimestoneDevonian MiddleAbundant Brachiopods - Spirifer. Some trilobitesPruitton appears to be extinct. USGS topo maps show it to be on a more or less empty stretch of dirt road at 34.9904N, 87.6095W34.9904N, 87.6095W approximate
Big Nancy CreekLawrenceALS23t5r8w in shaley flagstoneArchemedes, Brachiopods, crinoids,
CourtlandLawrenceAL6 km SE on Moulton Road Chester agecorals - Zaphrentis,
Elam CreekLawrenceALNW1/4S12t7r7w abituminous mass of crinoids in a gray Limestone,
HoultonLawrenceAL1 km NW at Goodlight Pool QuarryMississippianGasperbroad faunas, Pentremites,
MoultonLawrenceAL0.8 km NW at Goodlight Pool Quarry.MississippianGasper LimestoneLarge blastoids-Pentremites, brachiopods, corals,
MoultonLawrenceAL1 km N at Goodlight Pool QuarryMississippianPentremites, brachiopods, corals,
Mt HopeLawrenceALIn area exposures of black waxy soilPentremites.,
Town CreekLawrenceALS in creek bed in SW1/4 S9t5r9w in chertbrachiopods,
Town CreekLawrenceALW in nw1/4 t5r9w on sides of knolls in Limestonebrachiopods, crinoids,
AthensLimestoneALIn carboniferous rockscrinoid stems,
Franklin SpringsLimestoneAL5 km NW at Ligon's Springs (Ligon Springs?) in a low knollPentremites and Archimedes,
LagrangeLimestoneALIn area road cutsplants - Lepidodendron, Calamites, Stigmaria.,
Mountain Mills FactoryLimestoneALIn SE1/4 s15T4r13w in Limestone outcropArchimedes,
Prides's StationLimestoneALin outcrops to S s1/2s9t6r11wcyathophylloid corals, Pentremites,
Prides's StationLimestoneALin outcrops to S sw1/4 s35t5r12wcyathophylloid corals, Pentremites,
Prides's StationLimestoneALin outcrops to S on little MountainCyathophylloid corals; Pentremites,
TuscumbiaLimestoneALalong Frankfort Rd in S33t4r12w in fossiliferous Limestone?,
[?]LowndesALin roadcuts on AL263 for 5km S from junction with AL21CretaceousRipelyExogyra, Flemingostrea, mollusk casts, oysters, a few echinoids, ammonites,
Tombigbee RiverLowndesALPlymouth BluffMollusks Hamulus,
DemopolisMadisonALIn road cuts near Webb+Sons Warehouseforams, brachiopods - Terebratulina,
Half AcreMadisonAL3 km SE on County17 in Nanafalia Formation in roadcutmollusks - Ostrea.,
HuntsvilleMadisonALMississippianChesterfish teeth-Polyrhizodus,Sandalodus,
HuntsvilleMadisonALAt Mt Sano in road cut along US431 on W side of Mtn inMississippianGaspercorals -Campophyllum, Chonetes; Blastoids - Pentremites; Crinoids -Agassizocrinus, Talarocrinus,
HuntsvilleMadisonALMississippianMaxvilleshark teeth-Sandalodus,
HuntsvilleMadisonALE in road cuts inMississippianSt Genevieve Limestonecrinoids - Platycrinus, Cystelasma, Pustula. Blastoids - Pentremites,
HuntsvilleMadisonALIn roadcuts near top of Monte Sano Mountain on AL431Mississippianabundant crinoid fragments, blastoids, brachiopods,
HuntsvilleMadisonAL15 km W on lower slopes of Rainbow Mtn - fossiliferous St Genevieve Limestone?,
HuntsvilleMadisonAL18 km S Platycrinus?,
HuntsvilleMadisonALAlong Monte Sano State Park Rd 1 km from WHBS-FM Radio Tower. In massive Limestonecrinoid fragments, echinoid fragments, Pentremites,
HuntsvilleMadisonAL6 km NPlatycrinus,
MadisonMadisonALIn Chattanooga shale 1.6 km E of Fisk on E side of Flint River in road cutcrinoids fragments, Spirifer, conodonts, Lingula,
Madison CountyMadisonALIn fossiliferous Tuscumbia Limestone In a 6 by 20 km region between Brier Fork Creek and Flint River, in Red residual soils.MississippianTuscumbiacrinoid and bryozoa fragments -- Fenestella, brachiopods -- Spirifer, Reticularia, corals -- Lithostrotion,
Madison CountyMadisonALIn fossiliferous Tuscumbia Limestone On W side of county W of Tennessee River and South of Brier Fork Creek, in Red residual soils.MississippianTuscumbiacrinoid and bryozoa fragments -- Fenestella, brachiopods -- Spirifer, Reticularia, corals -- Lithostrotion,
Madison CountyMadisonALIn fossiliferous Tuscumbia Limestone In Valley on E side of County between Tennessee state line and Owens Crossroads, in Red residual soils.MississippianTuscumbiacrinoid and bryozoa fragments -- Fenestella, brachiopods --Spirifer, Reticularia, corals -- Lithostrotion,
Madison CountyMadisonALIn Chattanooga shale 4 km W of Plevnacrinoids fragments, Spirifer, conodonts, Lingula,
MagnoliaMadisonAL1.5 km S of County 30 between Shiloh and Magnolia (sw1/4 s9t13nr4eOstrea,
MagnoliaMadisonALon County 30 near crest of hill W of Goose CreekWell Preserved Mollusks and Plants,
Nanafalia LandingMadisonALon Tombigbee RiverEoceneClaiborne?Forams (39 species), Mollusks (16 species), Ostracods (27 species), Cardium,
New HopeMadisonAL2 km NE on SE Flank of Hill Mt in road cut inBangor Limestoneabundant Bryozoa - Fenestella, Archimedes, Prismopora, Brachiopods - Spirifer, Composita, Pentremites,
New MarketMadisonAL8 km W along Flint River inDevonian MiddleChattanooga ShaleConodonts,
New MarketMadisonAL8 km W in Red Mountain Formation at Sulphur Springs (Quicks Mills[?])corals; Favosites, Halysites and ConodontsProbably near 34.9176N, 86.5038W on Flint River. Can't identify a 'Quick's Mills'34.9176, 86.5038 estimated
New MarketMadisonAL1 km W at base of hill on W side of Mountain Fork Creekcrinoid stems, Spirifer,
OctagonMadisonAL14 km NW in road cuts on County30Eocene?Porters CreekMollusks: Calyptraphorus, Volutocorbis, Venericardia; Sharks teeth, otoliths, corals, forams,
Old Spring HillMadisonALIn road cut on US43. Mollusks inCretaceousDemopolis chalkExogyra, Diploschiza,
Ready CrossroadsMadisonALalong Flint River and tributaries in grey,while, greenish limestoneSilurianFort Payne Chertcrinoid stems, Spirifer,
ThomastonMadisonALNE, in glauconitic sand at base of Clayton FormationEocene?Claytonphosphatic nodules, reworked Cretaceous fossils - Exogyra, other mollusks,
[?]MarengoALCretaceous Ripely Formation in 8-15 km wide belt. N boundary 6 km N of McKinley, 2 km N of Dayton, 13 km SW of Demopolis at Tombigbee River. S boundary 4 km S of McKinley, Thomaston, Linden, 1.6 km N of JeffersonCretaceousRipely?,
Marengo CountyMarengoALAcross County from outcrops in Wilcox County to Moscow on the Tombigbee RiverCretaceous-Tertiary[?]White Limestone[?]with Nautilus, Enclimatoceras underlain by hard crystalline Limestone with poorly preserved shells - Turritella, Venericardia, Ostrea, Cerithium. RostellariaWhite Limestone appears to be a 19th Century(?) term. Uncertain what the modern equivalent is,
Paint Rock RiverMarshallAL3 km SPentremites (several species),
[?]MonroeALS25T7NR8E,S34T7NR8E,S19T7NR9E,S39T7NR9E,S12T7NR7E in yellow sandsEoceneClaiborne?,
[?]MonroeALYellow sands with Ostrea - Across the county and S and West through MS, LA, TX?,
[?]MonroeALYellow sands with Ostrea - s12t7nr7e?,
[?]MonroeALYellow sands with Ostrea - s19t7nr9e through s30t7nr9e?,
[?]MonroeALYellow sands with Ostrea - s25t7nr8e,s34t7nr8e?,
Bell's LandingMonroeALAlong Alabama RiverLarge Gastropods Pseudoliva, Bulbifusus. pelecypods - Pholas, Martesia,
Bells LandingMonroeALIn bluffEoceneClaiborneTurritella and other fossils,
BethelMonroeAL1 km S of ButlerEoceneClaiborne?,
Cave BranchMonroeALEoceneClaiborne?,
ClaiborneMonroeALEocene Claiborne Formation 43 meters thick. Complete section exposed in Claiborne Bluff plus Lisbon Bluff. Black clay at base.EoceneClaiborneCytherea, Pectunculus, Crassatella in top 2 meters. Next meter Turritella, Rostellaria, Crepidula, Turbinella, Voluta, Melongena, Ancillaria. Ostrea lower down. Total 150 species,
ClaiborneMonroeALEoceneClaiborneEchinoderms -Echinocyamus, mollusks - Lucina, Hindsiella, Erycina, Dentalium,
ClaiborneMonroeALEoceneClaiborneMollusks:Crepidula (well preserved), Gastropods Emarginula, Fasciolaria, Calyptraphorus, Volutomorpha, Cerithium, Bulla, Dentalium Coral Trochocyathus,
ClaiborneMonroeAL8 km N on top of a high Limestone hillEoceneClaibornepelecypod casts,
ClaiborneMonroeALpelecypod Codakia, gastropods Sinum, Coral Endopachys,
ClaiborneMonroeALpelecypod Lirodiscus,
Claiborne BluffMonroeALon beds at baseEoceneClaibornepelecypods - Pholadomya, Astarte, Mollusks - Arca, Trigonocoelia.,
Hendrick's Marl BedMonroeALEoceneClaiborne?,
Knight's BranchMonroeALEoceneClaiborne?,
TurnbullMonroeALIn Woods Bluff Group 1 km S of ButlerEoceneWoods Bluff[=Bashi]Turritella in bed 3-4 meters thick,
TurnbullMonroeALIn Woods Bluff Group BethelEoceneWoods Bluff=BashiTurritella in bed 3-4 meters thick,
TurnbullMonroeALIn Woods Bluff Group Cave BranchEoceneWoods Bluff=BashiTurritella in bed 3-4 meters thick,
TurnbullMonroeALIn Woods Bluff Group Choctaw CornerEoceneWoods Bluff=BashiTurritella in bed 3-4 meters thick,
TurnbullMonroeALIn Woods Bluff Group Hendrick's Marl BedEoceneWoods Bluff=BashiTurritella in bed 3-4 meters thick,
TurnbullMonroeALIn Woods Bluff Group Knight's BranchEoceneWoods Bluff=BashiTurritella in bed 3-4 meters thick,
TurnbullMonroeALIn Woods Bluff Group W to MS lineEoceneWoods Bluff=BashiTurritella in bed 3-4 meters thick,
TurnbullMonroeALIn Woods Bluff Group Wood's BluffEoceneWoods Bluff=BashiTurritella in bed 3-4 meters thick,
Wood's BluffMonroeALEoceneClaiborne?,
Morgan CountyMorganALS15t6r2w S10t6r2w in a NE trending LimestoneFish skeletons,
Morgan CountyMorganALSE1/4 se1/4 s10t8r3w In a gray Limestone near Stenson asphaltum mine in gullyPentremites,
Valemosa Springs(?)MorganALse1/4 se1/4 s19t6r1w Fossiliferous Limestone?,
FairfieldPickensALS in long bluff on Tombigbee River. Many fossilsInoceramus,
[?]RussellALIn road cut at US431-AL165CretaceousEutawa few shark teeth(13).,
[?]RussellALOn AL52 20km N of HurtsboroCretaceousEutawAbundant Ostrea,
[?]RussellALAt junction of US431 and AL651CretaceousEutawOccasional shark teeth,
[?]RussellALon AL51CretaceousEutawOstrea,
Chattahoochee RiverRussellALat Broken Arrow BendCretaceousEutawExogyra,
Holy TrinityRussellAL4 km S in road cuts on AL165CretaceousBlufftownMollusks,
Holy TrinityRussellAL4 km S in road cuts on I65CretaceousBlufftownmollusks,
HurtsboroRussellALon AL51 18 km NCretaceousEutawabundant Ostrea (13),
HurtsboroRussellAL20 km N NE side of US431/AL165 IntersectionCretaceousEutawshark teeth,
PittsviewRussellALOn AL13 4km SE of AL29 junction.CretaceousBlufftownMollusks,
PittsviewRussellALOn AL13 below Coolspring Baptist ChurchCretaceousBlufftownMollusks,
Pittsview?RussellALOn AL39 500m S of junction with AL165CretaceousBlufftownMollusks,
Pittsview?RussellALOn AL4 200m E of junction with US4CretaceousBlufftownMollusks,
Cahaba ValleyShelbyAL1 km S of Bowles Spring Church (13 km SW of Leeds)Lecanospira casts,
CaleraShelbyAL6 km N of Pelham on Montgomery RoadOrdovicianNewala Limestonegastropods: Turritella, Hormotoma, Coelocaulus, Orospira, Tarphyceras,
CaleraShelbyALAn regional exposures into St Clair, Bibb, Etowah countiesOrdovicianNewala Limestonegastropods: Turritella, Hormotoma, Coelocaulus, Orospira, Tarphyceras,
CaleraShelbyALBetween Leeds and Moody's CrossroadsOrdovicianNewala Limestonegastropods: Turritella, Hormotoma, Coelocaulus, Orospira, Tarphyceras,
CaleraShelbyALIn Quarries between Calera and PelhamOrdovicianNewala Limestonegastropods: Turritella, Hormotoma, Coelocaulus, Orospira, Tarphyceras,
CaleraShelbyALLittle Cahaba River s17t24nr11eOrdovicianNewala Limestonegastropods: Turritella, Hormotoma, Coelocaulus, Orospira, Tarphyceras,
CaleraShelbyALW of Pelham on Buck CreekOrdovicianNewala Limestonegastropods: Turritella, Hormotoma, Coelocaulus, Orospira, Tarphyceras,
CaleraShelbyALOrdovicianNewala Limestonegastropods: Turritella, Hormotoma, Coelocaulus, Orospira, Tarphyceras,
CaleraShelbyAL1 km WHelicotoma uniangulata casts,
HelenaShelbyAL8 km SWimanella,
HelenaShelbyAL500 meters NEWimanella, Obolus,
MontevalloShelbyALin area shale exposuresOrdovicianAthens Shalegraptolites - Climacograptus, Diplograptus, Retiograptus, Isograptus. etc ,
MontevalloShelbyAL4 km W along Columbiana roadOrdovicianLecanospira.,
MontevalloShelbyALOn AL25 between I-65 and Montevallo in shale outcrops in red clay road cutAbundant, well preserved graptolites,
PelhamShelbyAL700 meters NOrdovicianNew Hope Limestone50 species of brachiopods and gastropods,
PelhamShelbyAL17 km NE at road junction 4 km NE Newhope Church inOrdovicianNew Hope Limestone50 species of brachiopods and gastropods.,
ShelbyShelbyAL6 km SWCambrian UpperCryptozoon,
ShelbyShelbyAL7 km SECambrian UpperUpper Cambrian Gastropods - Casts Lecanospira,
SiluriaShelbyAL4 km SWCambrian UpperUpper Cambrian Gastropods - Casts Lecanospira,
MontevalloShelby?ALin reddish shaleCambrian, Lower[?]Trilobites-Bristolia,Olenellus,
[?]St ClairALSE of Blount and Chandler Mtns along Dry Creek in ne1/4s18t13r4e inMississippianTuscumbia Limestone/Lauderdale chertCorals - Lithostrotion,
Beaver Creek MtnSt ClairALon top of Mtn.Gastropods Rhipidomella,
EasonvilleSt ClairAL4 km E alongDevonianTalladega chertgastropods.,
Greenport FerrySt ClairAL1500 meters S gastropodsChonetes,
OdenvilleSt ClairAL1300 meters E in RR cut inOrdovicianLenoir Limestonelarge gastropod casts - Maclurea,
OdenvilleSt ClairAL600 meters S in Cut. pit on N side of Seaboard Air Line tracks inOrdovicianOdenville|Mosheim LimestonesAmphineurids-Chiton,Priscochiton;Maclurea,Deltatreta;trilobites;Orthoceras, brachiopods, sponges. Abundant gastropod - Lophospira in Mosheim Limestone,
SpringvilleSt ClairALIn hills to WCambrian UpperCambrian Upper gastropods and Trilobites,
TalladegaSt ClairAL6 km S on Taylor Mill Rdgastropods,
Griffin's LandingSumterALFossiliferous black clay outcrops N for 15 km on Tombigbee River to Black Bluff in S12T16R1wGastropods, pelecypods, a few corals, cephalopod fragments, decapod fragments,
LivingstonSumterAL12 km N on Epes Road inCretaceous UpperSelma chalkmollusks - Anomia,
LivingstonSumterAL4 km NBelemnites,
[?]TalladegaALfossiliferous chert on ridges in SW part of county?,
AlexandriaTalladegaAL4 km N along Gadsen Rd just below Tallasseehatchie Creek bridge. Trilobites?,
AlexandriaTalladegaAL4.8 km N trilobites?,
Talladega Sulphur SpringTalladegaALE - Fossil Chert.?,
Kimbrel[?]TuscaloosaALIn Conasauga Formation -CambrianConasaugaLinguella(Lingula?)(4),
TuscaloosaTuscaloosaALIn Government QuarryCalamites,
Vances(?)TuscaloosaALIn RR cuts to E Trenton ageOrdovician Upperfossils in Limestone,
WoodstockTuscaloosaAL5 km S inSilurianRed Mountainbrachiopods - Pentamerus,
Baker's BluffWashingtonAL2 km upstream from St Stephensmollusks,
Baker's BluffWashingtonALin ferruginous sand bedpelecypods Panopaea,
Dry CreekWashingtonALS6t8r2Turritella, Ostrea, Voluta,
IsneyWashingtonALW to MS line area outcrops of fossiliferous white Limestone?,
IsneyWashingtonALAt Singley and Peels Store s11t10nr5w. 5 km E in banks of PushPush CreekOstrea,
Jordans MillWashingtonALS13t9r4w poorly preserved Claiborne fossils in greensand ledgeEoceneClaiborne?,
PushPush CreekWashingtonALaround W end of Hatchetigbee uplift, S17t10r4w, S17t10r4w, S21t10r4wEoceneClaiborneClaiborne fossils,
Shoemaker's MillWashingtonALNW in S2t9nr4w in Greensand bedsCrassatella,
SilasWashingtonAL4 km NE from Powers Store to Turkey Creek bridge along Isney-Bladon Springs Road in Buhrstone bedsOstrea,
St StephensWashingtonAL1 km N on Tombigbee RiverEocene?Claiborne?,
Alabama RiverWilcoxALCretaceous UpperPrairie BluffGastropods Anchura,
Allenton StationWilcoxAL2 km E in Porter's Creek Black Clays Forams, corals, mollusks - TurritellaEocene?Clayton?,
CaledoniaWilcoxALin creek bed in Coal Bluff member of Naheola fm.NaheolaForams (75 species), Ostracods (38 species),
CamdenWilcoxAL11.3 km E on Allentown Rd in Matthew's landing Marl BedEocene?Claytonmolds, casts. Reworked Cretaceous fossils (Exogyra), Eocene mollusks, forams, sharks teeth, bryozoa - Conopeum,
CamdenWilcoxAL15.5 km E (1 km W of Darlington Road)Eocene?Claytonmolds, casts. Reworked Cretaceous fossils (Exogyra), Eocene mollusks, forams, sharks teeth, bryozoa - Conopeum,
CamdenWilcoxAL18.9 km E in Clayton Fm in road cut on Al 28Eocene?Claytonmolds, casts. Reworked Cretaceous fossils (Exogyra), Eocene mollusks, forams, sharks teeth, bryozoa -Conopeum,
CamdenWilcoxAL8.2 km NEPaleoceneClaytonmolds, casts. Reworked Cretaceous fossils (Exogyra), Eocene mollusks, forams, sharks teeth, bryozoa - Conopeum,
CamdenWilcoxAL8.2 km NECretaceousmolds, casts. Reworked Cretaceous fossils (Exogyra), Eocene mollusks, forams, sharks teeth, bryozoa - Conopeum,
CamdenWilcoxALs12t12r6egastropods, Turritella, pelecypods,
CliftonWilcoxAL2 km upstream on Left Bank. Low Bluff of highly fossiliferous black clay?,
Dale's BranchWilcoxALMollusks,
Gravel CreekWilcoxALNear AL41Many mollusks.,
Gregg's LandingWilcoxALnear County Line3 corals, 24 mollusks -- Fusus, Fasciolaria, Pholas,
J. Lee Bridge on AL10-26WilcoxAL1.3 km W in road cutEocene?Claytonechinoids, pelecypods, nautiloids, bryozoa,
Lower Peach TreeWilcoxAL9 km N along Alabama River at Yellow Bluffmollusks -- Ostrea, Venericardia, Turritella, Martesia,
Lower Peach TreeWilcoxALIn bank of Bear Creek E of bridge on County 1 to Sunny Southmollusks, coral-Haimesiastraea,
Matthew's LandingWilcoxALgastropodsPseudoliva, Murex, Fusus,
Midway LandingWilcoxAL4 km NW in bed of Rock Creek below AL10 bridge 2 km W of Al28 junctionabundant nautiloids.,
OakhillWilcoxAL7.1 km W in road cut on AL10.Forams,
OakhillWilcoxAL2 km Wmany mollusks,
Old Cannon LandingWilcoxALAlabama Riverbrachiopods Terebratulina,
Pine Barren CreekWilcoxALIn Creek Banks and road cuts on AL28 near intersection of AL21 and AL28.Abundant mollusks, plants, nautiloids, Turritella,
Prairie BluffWilcoxALon Alabama Rivermany Well preserved gastropods,
Caddo River[?]ARCretaceousNacatoshShark Teeth-Cretolamna,Ischyrhiza,Odontapsis,Pycnodus,Scapanorhynchus,Squalicorax,
nw1/4 s24t5nr19w[?]ARplant fossils inPennsylvanianAtoka SandstoneLepidodendron, Sigillaria,
S20t1nr8e[?]ARPennsylvanianfish teeth, gastropods -- Schizodus, Allerisma, Pharkidonotus(Bellerophon),
Mountain HomeBaxterARMississippianFossils,
Little Clifty CreekBentonARon E fork in MiddleDevonianClifty LimestoneSpirifer, Tropidoleptus, Homalonotus,
[?]BooneARand areas to E in Cambrian Upper dolomiteCambrian UpperCryptozoon, gastropods, cephalopods.33.83417, 83.80972
WarrenBradleyAR5 km E in RR cutMactra, Corbula, Venericardia, abundant Leda.,
Eureka Springs quadrangleCarrollARse1/4nw1/4 s25t16nr26w South of bridge over War Eagle Creek. In narrow band of Pitkin Limestone on both banksPennsylvanianPitkinChester age cup corals.,
ArkadelphiaClarkAR12.8km WCretaceousMarlbrookIschyodus,Ischyrhiza,
ArkadelphiaClarkAR3.2km E on Gaither Bros FarmCretaceousMarlbrookshark teeth-Enchodus,Squalicorax,
ArkadelphiaClarkAR800m E on Gaither Bros FarmCretaceousNacatoshShark Teeth-Ischyrhiza,
ArkadelphiaClarkAR2.4km W of Caddo River Bridge on AR67CretaceousNacatoshShark Teeth-Stephanodus,
ArkadelphiaClarkAR9 km SW in bank of Big Decipher CreekExogyra, large Hemiaster, Inoceramus, Trigonia, Anatimya,
ArkadelphiaClarkAR12 km SW near the Okolona RdGryphaea,
ArkadelphiaClarkAR3 km N from High Bluff on Ouachita RiverInoceramus.,
ArkadelphiaClarkAR1.9 km N in Bluffs along Ouachita River at low tidemollusks, cephalopods, shark teeth,
ArkadelphiaClarkAR1.6km N of Oklahoma-Hollywood Rd Junction on Widow Cox FarmCretaceousTaylorfish teeth-Cretolamna,
OkolonaClarkARIn a field W of Nacatoch Bluff inCretaceous UpperSaratoga ChalkParanomia,
Caney PtClevelandARIn area exposures of fossiliferous clay.?,
Cow FordClevelandAR6 km downstream form Caney PtFossils in cylindrical concretions,
HerbineClevelandAR10 km NW in drainage ditch on AR35 in Rison Clay member of White Bluff FormationEoceneWhite BluffAbundant molds. Also in a second ditch about 200 meters East.,
HerbineClevelandAR9 km NWscattered mollusk molds,
KingslandClevelandAR5.5 km N at Cross Roads Church in drainage ditches and road cuts inEoceneWhite BluffFossils in ironstone nodules.,
Marks MillClevelandARJust S of the battleground monument at Junction of AR8 and 97 in drainage ditch exposing White Bluff Formation - fossiliferous ironstone nodules. Also about 350 meters East in left bank of small stream, fossiliferous calcareous greensand.EoceneWhite Bluff?,
New EdinburgClevelandAR1.3 km NE in road cut in SE corner of S27Caney Pt Marlmany species of fossils.,
PansyClevelandAR6 km S 1 km E of AR15 in water well mollusk molds and shells.?,
RisonClevelandAR10 km SW on E side of Saline River 50 meters upstream from US79 bridge inEoceneWhite Bluffmollusk molds.,
RisonClevelandAR400 meters W in road cuts and barrow pit.EoceneWhite BluffMollusks.,
RyeClevelandAR4 km NW in ditch beside road from Rye to AR35.Abundant mollusk molds in clay,
Saline RiverClevelandAR6 km downstream from mouth of Big CreekFossils in concretions,
Saline RiverClevelandAR1.2 km upstream from Vince Bluff accessible at low watermany mollusks Avicula, Leda, Venericardia, Tellina, Cytherea, Corbula and 14 other species.,
Van BurenCrawfordARPennsylvanianfossils -Crinoid fragments, Lophophyllum, Composita, Pleurophorus, Soleniscus, Pleurotomaria.,
White RiverDeshaARIsotelus like trilobite in (single specimen 15cm long) in Lower Ordovician Cotter of Jefferson City Formation. In cove about 1 km from town.OrdovicianJefferson City?,
MonticelloDrewAR12.5 km NW along AR35 in road cuts and ditchesMollusk Molds,
MonticelloDrewAR5.5 km SW along local road to Green HillMollusk molds,
MontongoDrewAR6 km SW in RR cutspoorly preserved fossils Corbula, Yoldia, Turritella,
GrapevineGrantARIn escarpment above flood plane inEoceneWhite Bluffmollusk molds,
RedfieldGrantAR5.5 km W in drainage ditch SE of the Orion Crossroadsferruginous concretions with fossilsRedfield is in Jefferson County,
RedfieldGrantAR1 km N in road cut on US65.mollusk molds and fossils in ferruginous concretionsRedfield is in Jefferson County,
SheridanGrantAR700 meters W of town square in road cuts on US270concretions with fossil molds.,
SheridanGrantAR6.5 km S in road cutsfossil molds,
White BluffGrantARarea exposures14 species of pelecypods, 24 species of gastropods, Scaphopods,
[?]HempsteadARin 75 meters of Cretaceous brownstone marl along line from Nashville, Howard County to Columbus, Hempstead County.CretaceousAbundant fossils. Exogyra common,
HollywoodHempsteadAR2 km S on Dobyville Road in thin lenses of greenish sand in clayabundant small calcareous fossils.,
HollywoodHempsteadAR3 km E on Arkadelphia Road in thin lenses of greenish sand in clayabundant small calcareous fossils.,
HollywoodHempsteadAR4 km S in road cuts where road crosses small creek near edge of Terre Noire bottom in sw1/4 s34t7sr21w.Very fossiliferous lenses.,
McNab StationHempsteadARIn RR cut just W of station.Ostrea,
NashvilleHempsteadAR6 km S on road to Clowpoorly preserved fossils,
OzanHempsteadAR5 km S of Nashville in roadside ditch, white clayCretaceous UpperTokio claypoorly preserved plant fossils above white Inoceramus bearing Limestone.,
OzanHempsteadAR7 km N along Bingen Road in brown sandstone.Exogyra,
OzanHempsteadAR7 km S along Bingen Rd in Brownstone marlOstrea,
WashingtonHempsteadAR5.3 km N from Ozan roadCapulus,
WashingtonHempsteadAR4 km NE along old military RoadCapulus, Belemnitella, Nostoceras,
WashingtonHempsteadAR5.5 km N in shell bed along Saratoga RoadExogyra,
WashingtonHempsteadAR200 meters N or RR stationGryphaea,
WashingtonHempsteadAR5 km NEInoceramus,
WashingtonHempsteadAR4.5 km NWOstrea,
YancyHempsteadAR2.9km SCretaceousAnnona Chalkfish teeth-Enchodus,Squalicorax,
YancyHempsteadAR1.5 km SW from Columbus RdActaeon, Baculites33.83417, 83.80972
YancyHempsteadAR3 km S from Columbus RdVeniella,
MalvernHot SpringARin beds of lignite/lignitic clayEocene Middleplant fossils, insects in amber,
Malvern (near)Hot SpringARin the Acme Brick Co and Malvern Brick Company quarries in Claiborne age ligniteEocene?Claiborneamber with small insect inclusions. Plant fossils are also found in the lignite.,
Rockport (Malvern)Hot SpringARmarine fossils in crystalline LimestoneCucullaea, Turritella, Venericardia,
BuckrangeHowardAR2 km SE on dead end road in nw1/4ne1/4 s35t10sr27win marly fine grained mudphosphatic shell casts,
SaratogaHowardARin RR cut to WestCretaceous UpperSaratogawell preserved sponges, echinoids,
SaratogaHowardAR1.4 km W of town in RR cut in Cretaceous Upper ChalkCretaceous Uppersponges, echinoids, Mollusks.,
SaratogaHowardAR1 km E on Columbus road in Yellow Creek ValleyGryphaea and other fossils,
SaratogaHowardAR2 km EGryphaea, Exogyra, sponges,
SaratogaHowardAR500 meters E in gulliesGryphaea, Exogyra, sponges,
SaratogaHowardARN along Mineral Springs Road in sandsGryphaea, Inoceramus, gastropods,
TolletteHowardAR2 km W in Ozan Brownstown near the edge of he bottomlandgastropods, Exogyra, Ostrea,
TolletteHowardAR1 km W in 6 meters of sandShells, phosphatic shell casts, shark teeth,
[?]IndependenceARis exposures orOrdovician UpperKimmswick LimestoneTrilobites - Illaneus, Goldius, Brachiopods - McEwanella, Algae - Receptaculites.Illaneus is a Russian trilobite,
BatesvilleIndependenceARIn gray to Black ShaleMississippian UpperMoorefield ShaleLeiorhynchus, Moorefieldella, 87 other species,
CushmanIndependenceAR9 km NE at Montgomery Mine in clays derived from Manganese Oxide castsSilurianBrassfield LimestoneCyclonema, Triplecia, Girvanella, Cycloceras, Orthoceras,
Locust GroveIndependenceAR12 km S on AR21MississippianBoonefossils,
Locust GroveIndependenceAR3 km W on AR14MississippianBoonefossils,
Locust GroveIndependenceAR9 km W on AR14 in road cutMississippianBooneinvertebrates,
Locust GroveIndependenceARin 2.4km S on Hwy 21MississippianBooneinvertebrates,
Locust GroveIndependenceARin Quarry 3.4km W on Hwy 14MississippianBooneinvertebrates,
MarshallIndependenceARNW in gullymany invertebrate species,
MoorefieldIndependenceARIn gray to Black ShaleMississippian UpperMoorefield ShaleLeiorhynchus, Moorefieldia, 87 other species,
BradfordJacksonARAcross White County line 4 km N on Iron Mtn RR in light-gray LimestoneTurritella, corals Ostrea, Cytherea,
BradfordJacksonARAcross White County line 5.5 km N on Iron Mtn RR in light-gray LimestoneTurritella, corals Ostrea, Cytherea,
Grand GlaiseJackson?ARin RR cutsPaleoceneMidwaycorals, echinoids,
Grand GlaiseJackson?ARE in RR cuts along the M.O.P. RRPaleoceneMidwaycorals, echinoids, mollusks,
RedfieldJeffersonAR3.5 km N at South Red Bluffmollusk molds - Nuculana,
SheridanJeffersonARin regional exposures.mollusks,
White BluffJeffersonAR7 km E of Redfield on Arkansas River exposures for 4 km downstream beyond Tar Creek Camp in E1/2S19/30T3SR10W exposures classic localityEoceneRedfieldMany mollusks.,
SmithvilleLawrenceARGastropods - Helicotoma,
CornervilleLincolnAR7 km SE in drainage ditch on E side of local road.Plant fossils,
Star CityLincolnAR2.5 km At AR81 road junctionfossil plants.,
Star CityLincolnAR3.5 km NW in drainage ditchfossil plants.,
ForemanLittle RiverAR27 km SW at Rocky Comfort in Annona chalk along Laynesport Rd.CretaceousAnimasEchinoids - Echinocorys, mollusks - Inoceramus, Gryphaea, Pecten,
ForemanLittle RiverAR9 km N in stream bank near Arkinda road inCretaceous UpperLower OzanAmmonites -Mortoniceras, Baculites up to 30cm.,
White CliffsLittle RiverAR2 km NWCretaceous UpperUpper OzanGryphaea, SauvagesiaThe generic name Sauvagesia is also used for a plant known commonly as 'Creole Tea',
White CliffsLittle RiverARin quarryInoceramus,
Blaylock MtnsMontgomeryARin SW corner of County inSilurianBlaylock Sandstonegraptolites,
Crystal SpringsMontgomeryARto E of Post office on US270 in black, carbonaceousOrdovicianWomble ShaleGraptolites - Nemagraptus,
Crystal SpringsMontgomeryARin roadside shale exposureOrdoviciangraptolites -- Didymograptus, Nemagraptus, Dicellograptus, Climacograptus, Diplograptus, Glyptograptus, Glossograptus, Orthograptus, Cryptograptus, Retiograptus, Lasiograptus, Thamnograptus,
JasperNewtonARRed Rock Rd 3 km E of AR7 S of town in road cut and gully se1/4 nw1/4 s36t15nr21wPennsylvaniancrinoids fragments,
CamdenOuachitaARin ligniteInsects in amber,
Antoine CreekPikeARto EGryphaea,
DelightPikeAR1 km SE in a brownstone marlCyprimeria,
OkolonaPikeARne1/4 s3t8sr21walong Okolona-Arkadelphia rd in dark, sandy marlExogyra, Gryphaea,
OkolonaPikeAR4 km N in gullies W of roadfossil casts.,
OkolonaPikeAR1.5 km N in road cuts and other area exposures in dark gray sandy marlGryphaea,
TokioPikeARIn Cretaceous Limestone at Plaster Bluff-Gypsum Bluff on Little Missouri RiverCretaceousGlauconia,
Wolf CreekPikeAR4 km NWCretaceousTrinity(Dierks Limestone)Ostrea,
Poinsett CountyPoinsettARin lignites,
[?]PolkAROutcrops of late shale. Black, Fissile, contorted, graphitic shales or slates. Area outcrops in Polk, Montgomery Garland, Saline, Pulaski Counties.OrdovicianPolk Creekabundant graptolites,
Fourche CreekPulaskiARnear mouth of Crooked Creek in s8t15r13wOstrea, Turritella, Enclimatoceras, Cucullaea, Cytherea, Crassatella, Protocardia, Venericardia, Shark teeth, echinoderm spines,
Little RockPulaskiAR800 meters N of County hospital near old lime kiln on Iron Mtn RR in sandy LimestoneTurritella mortoni.,
Ravenden SpringsRandolphARGastropod - Ceratopea,
BentonSalineARIn Clay pit in Nw1/4 ne1/4 s11t2sr15wfossil leaves -- Magnolia, Quercus (Oak),
BentonSalineARsw1/4 se1/4 s9t1sr14w in ferruginous SandstoneVenericardia, Turritella mortoni,
BatesScottAROn mine dumps 1.5 km W on mine dumps along Poteau Mt Tower RoadPennsylvanianAtoka Sandstoneferns, Calamites, Asterophyllites,
BatesScottARIn mine dumps on the Poteau Mtn Tower Road in thePennsylvanianAtoka SandstonePlants - Calamites, Annularia, Asterophyllites,
GilbertSearcyAR1 km WSilurianSt Clairlarge Brachiopods,
GilbertSearcyAR0.8 km W on Right side of Dry Creek inSilurianSt Clair LimestoneArticulate brachiopods,
AshdownSevierAR3.5 km N of Little River Bridge on Ashdown-Ben Lomand road inCretaceous UpperMarlbrook marlExogyra,
Ben LomandSevierAR2 km NW on Lockesburg RdCretaceous UpperUpper TokioInoceramus, Thracia, Cybophora[Cymbophora?], Leptosolen,
Ben LomandSevierAR9 km N at intersection of Ben Lomand-Mineral Springs road and Brownstown Road.Corbula.,
Ben LomandSevierAR2 km E along Mineral Springs RoadScaphites, Hippocrepsis,
BrownstoneSevierAR3.5 km NW between Little River and Ozan Creek inCretaceous UpperBuckrange Sandabundant fossils - shell banks,
BrownstownSevierAR2km NWCretaceousBrownstownShark Teeth-Pycnodus,Scapanorhynchus,
HollywoodSevierAR2-3km SCretaceousBrownstownShark Teeth-Ischyrhiza,Scapanorhynchus,
White CliffsSevierAR5 km NWCretaceous UpperUpper OzanExogyra,
MadisonSt FrancisARin clays in bed of Crow Creek 1 km W of Madison at AR70 bridgeEoceneJacksonoysters, clams, snails, shark teeth, ray plates,
FayettevilleStoneARSandstone in Fayetteville, Eureka Springs, Harrison and Yellville quadranglesMississippianSylamorefish teeth and bones - Ptychodus, Dinicthys,
El DoradoUnionAR6 km N in cut on E side of RR cut on Camden and Alexandria RRabundant fresh water shells, Unio, Vivipara,
El DoradoUnionAR6 km SW on Three Creeks Roadfossil dicotyledonous leaves.'dicotyledonous' is a adjective for plants with two seed lobes, not a genus.,
LeslieVan BurenARSouthMississippianFayetteville Shalebrachiopods,
LeslieVan BurenARSouthMississippianImobrachiopods, crinoids, corals, cephalopods, mollusks, trilobites,
LeslieVan BurenAR8 km SE in Roadcut on AR65 S of Peyton CreekMississippianImoCrinoids,
LeslieVan BurenARSouthMississippianPitkinbryozoa -Archimedes; brachiopods, crinoids, corals, cephalopods, blastoids,
Peyton CreekVan BurenARIn road cutMississippianImobroad invertebrate fauna conodonts, Ammonites,
Peyton CreekVan BurenARin road cut at Peyton CreekMississippianPitkin|Imoconodonts, echinoids,
FayettevilleWashingtonARNE inPennsylvanianBrentwood Limestonepelecypods - Pseudomonotis,
FayettevilleWashingtonARat East MountainCretaceousHalepelecypods - Aviculopecten,
FayettevilleWashingtonARnear city waterworks on East Mountain inPennsylvanianKessler Limestonepelecypods -Pseudomonotis,
Pitkin QuarryWashingtonARMississippianPitkinand Pennsylvanian Hale Fm. Girvanella, bryozoa, conodonts,
WestforkWashingtonAR16 km S of Fayetteville in abandoned quarry on US71MississippianPitkinbryozoa - Archimedes;brachiopods, crinoids, corals, cephalopods, blastoids,
WestforkWashingtonARCarboniferousBryozoa;Brachiopods;Crinoid fragments,Corals,Cephalopods,
WoolseyWashingtonARRoadcut 300m N inPennsylvanian LowerBloydCrinoids35.88528, 94.16833
WoolseyWashingtonAR400 meters N in roadcutPennsylvanian LowerBrentwoodconodonts, bryozoaBrentwood Limestone mbr of Bloyd Shale35.88528, 94.16833
BradfordWhiteAR4 km N in old Limestone quarry next to Iron Mountain RR. Turritella mortoni in crystalline Limestone..also 300 meters SW of quarry in boulders of LimestoneOstrea, Venericardia,
Sonora Desert-AZEdiacaran fossilsNeoproterozoic?Newspaper reports of Ediacaran fossils in the Sonora desert are apparently incorrect. The actual exposures are near the town of El Cerrito in the Mexican State of Sonora in equivalents of the Great Basin Sequence,
[?][?]AZTriassicChinlePetrified wood -Auricaria,
Jones Crossing[?]AZ80km SE of Flagstaff and 5.6km SE of Long Valley Store at Jones Crossing of East Clear CreekPermianKaibabBivalves-Scaphellina,
[?]ApacheAZarea exposuresTriassicChinlePetrified wood, phytosaurs, plants other vertebrates, invertebrates,
AdamanaApacheAZ9.6km SETriassicChinlevertebrates-Ceratodus,Machaeroprosopus,
Blue Forest RdApacheAZ1.6km ETriassicChinlevertebrates-Machaeroprosopus,
Blue HillsApacheAZTriassicChinlereptile bones,
Buell ParkApacheAZin alluviummollusk shells,
CameronApacheAZ20.6km NEJurassicMoenaveCrocodiles-Protosuchus,
CameronApacheAZIn Triassic SandstoneTriassicreptile footprints - Chirotherium,
CameronApacheAZ300 dinosaur footprints on Indian land.dinosaur footprints,
Flat TopsApacheAZN SideTriassicChinlevertebrates-reptile bones,
GanadoApacheAZRegional exposuresTriassicChinlePetrified wood -- Araucarioxylon, Woodworthia, Vertebrates -- Heterodontosuchus, Metoposaurus, Placerias, Palaeoctonus, Unio,
GanadoApacheAZ30 km W in dark shalesCretaceousMancosvertebrates and invertebrates,
GanadoApacheAZ19 km WCretaceousMancos (Tunuck Shale)Vertebrates - Ichthyodectes,
Hogay RuinApacheAZIn area exposuresCretaceousDakotamollusks from Dakota Formation - GryphaeaThere are many ruins in Apache County. Couldn't find 'Hogay' or similar name,
Hogay RuinApacheAZIn area exposurescorals - RadiataThere are many ruins in Apache County. Couldn't find 'Hogay' or similar name. 'Radiata' may be an order rather than a Genus.,
Meteor CraterApacheAZIn Triassic SandstoneTriassicreptile footprints - Chirotherium,
Salina SpringsApacheAZ2 km W in Mancos shalesCretaceousMancosGryphaea,
Salina SpringsApacheAZ2 km WCretaceousMancos ShaleGryphaea,
St JohnsApacheAZAt Davis Ranch on Salt Lake RdTriassicChinlevertebrates-reptile bones-Eupelor,
St JohnsApacheAZ9.6km SW of St Johns QuarryTriassicChinlevertebrates-reptile bones-Placerias,
St JohnsApacheAZPermianSan AndreasBivalves-Schizodus,
StantonApacheAZ2 km W at base of dark shale layerCretaceousDakotaGryphaea and a variety of other invertebrates,
SteamboatApacheAZ6 km E in Dakota shales - Gryphaea. In higher Dakota sandstones numerous coralsCretaceousDakotabrachiopods, mollusks -- Ostrea, Exogyra, Vertebrates -Ichthyodectes, plants,
SteamboatApacheAZIn area outcrops of black Mancos shales above the DakotaCretaceousMancosGryphaea, Exogyra,
Sumner's Valley[?]ApacheAZ200 meters E of New Mexico Line s3t10Nr3eCretaceousMesa Verdeammonites - Metoicoceras, Calycoceras, Dunveganoceras; ExogyraThere is no USGS or Google listing for Sumner's Valley, AZ or NM. E of the New Mexico Line would be in NM where the PLSS coordinates seem to differ dramatically from AZ.,
Tuba CityApacheAZnearTriassicChinlereptiles-Dilophosaurus,
BensonCochiseAZ5.6km SPleistoceneSt Davidbird bones; turtles-Geochelone,
BisbeeCochiseAZNW 100 meters above floor of Tombstone Gulch inCambrian MiddleAbrigo LimestoneObolus, Billingsella,
BisbeeCochiseAZ7 km WSW on SW side of Escabrosa GulchCambrian MiddleLimestoneBrachiopods - Linguella, Schizambon, Eoorthis,
BisbeeCochiseAZon small hill 300 meters E of US80 in nw1/4sw1/4ne1/4s36t23sr25eCretaceousMuralbrachiopods -Terebratella, Rhynchonella, corals, gastropods - Lunatia,
BisbeeCochiseAZ8 km WSW on SW side of Escabrosa RidgeCambrian MiddleLinguella, Schizambon,
BisbeeCochiseAZ8 km WSW in area exposuresPennsylvanianAbundant protozoa, echinoid spines, corals, brachiopods, bryozoa,
Bisbee JunctionCochiseAZS in ninety one hills areaCretaceous LowerLowellabundant well preserved fossils,
Chiricahua MountainsCochiseAZMississippian UpperParadise Limestoneabundant DielasmoidiPresumably 'Dielasmoidi' are articulate brachiopods similar to 'Dielasma',
Chiricahua MountainsCochiseAZPennsylvanianFusulinella, Fusulina, Triticites,
Curtis RanchCochiseAZPleistoceneSt DavidMammals-Capromeryx,Cuvieronius,Simonycteris,Stegomastodon,
Gunnison HillsCochiseAZin cherty Concha LimestoneConchaDictyoclostus, Bryozoa, Neospirifer, abundant horn corals,
Gunnison HillsCochiseAZPermian LowerScherrerlarge echinoid spines,
HerefordCochiseAZAt Lehner Ranch, Clovis culture siteHolocenelarge mammals,
Mustang MountainsCochiseAZ70 km SE of Tucson near top of Concha Limestone - mollusks, brachiopods. And in thin bedded Permian dolomites and limestones above the ConchaPermianConchabrachiopods (spiriferids), gastropods, scaphopods, echinoid spines, bryozoa, horn corals,
Mustang MtnsCochiseAZ72 km SE of Tucson in thin bedded Limestone above Concha FormationPermianscaphopods, echinoderm fragments, bryozoa, pelecypods, gastropods, crinoids,
Sierra VistaCochiseAZN in French Joe Canyon in Whetstone MtnsCambrian UpperAbrigo LimestoneBrachiopods - Billingsella,
TombstoneCochiseAZin Tombstone Gulch in LimestoneCambrianAbrigo LimestoneObolus, Billingsella,
TombstoneCochiseAZCambrian UpperAbrigo LimestoneTrilobites,
TombstoneCochiseAZIn 200 meters of dark gray-black Colina Limestone in Chiricahua MountainsPermianColinaabundant Omphalotrochus and echinoid spines,
Wolf RanchCochiseAZs6t22sr22e in Arroyo Oro Verde parallel to AZ90 in light siltstonesPliocenevertebrates -Pliohippus, triphodont[?], mastodon, turtles, camels'triphodont' doesn't seem to be a legitimate term. Possibly a typo?,
[?]CoconinoAZ10 km N of Hieroglyphic Point un US77 in siliceous shalesDevonianplants,
Bass CanyonCoconinoAZOn S side of Powell Plateau in sandstones:Cambrian Middlebrachiopods: Micromitra, Linguella,
Bottomless PitsCoconinoAZ1 km S in RR cutsmall pelecypods, Dozierella, Myalina,
Bright Angel Creek-Grand CanyonCoconinoAZJust W of mouth in Precambrian rocks. (Probably the same as the Previous Entry)Algal reefs, Jellyfish-Brooksella,
Bright Angel TrailCoconinoAZPennsylvanianSupaiVertebrate trackways-Ammobatrachus,
CameronCoconinoAZ10-11km E at Tanner's Crossing on Little Colorado RiverTriassicChinlereptiles-Buettneria,Eupelor,Hesperosuchus,Machaeroprosopus,
CameronCoconinoAZ40km E 22.4km SW of Dinosaur CanyonTriassicChinlevertebrates-Desmatosuchus,
CameronCoconinoAZ4km NETriassicChinlevertebrates-Desmatosuchus,
CameronCoconinoAZabout 2-3km WTriassicMoenkopitracks-Chirotherium,Rhynchosauroides,
E WalnutCoconinoAZ1 km E of Park boundary;Astartella, gastropods, pectens, pelecypods, --Dictyoclostus, Pugnoides, juvenile mollusks, Schizodus, Nuculopsis, Scaphopods, Bellerophon,
FlagstaffCoconinoAZ13 km SE in Walnut Canyon in Permian Kaibab limestone in three horizons in cuts and gulliesPermianKaibababundant fossils.,
FlagstaffCoconinoAZ56 km E at Rimmy Jim Tank in nw1/4s17t17nr9s in LimestonePermianKaibabganoid teeth, invertebrates,
FlagstaffCoconinoAZnear Bottomless Pit 2 km E of Flagstaff Country Club in porous buff colored LimestonePermianKaibabganoid teeth, Shark teeth,
FlagstaffCoconinoAZS 8 km at Lake Mary on NW side of lakePermianKaibabinvertebrates, ganoid teeth, ganoid spines.,
FlagstaffCoconinoAZE on main highway in Padre Canyon inPermianKaibab Limestonepelecypods (Aviculopecten), mollusk molds,
FlagstaffCoconinoAZ2 km NE at Mt Elden about midway up the mountain in grey thin bedded Limestone 10 meters above baseDevoniannumerous fish plates, teeth, invertebrates,
FlagstaffCoconinoAZ1 km S of Bottomless Pits in RR cutsabundant fossils,
FredoniaCoconinoAZIn lower Kanab Canyon pelecypods inPermianKaibab Limestonepelecypods,
Grand CanyonCoconinoAZon a bluff in the heart of the CanyonPrecambrianChuar Groupcarbonized Chuaria (a large discoid bacteria),
Grand CanyonCoconinoAZIn white SandstonePermianCoconino SandstoneTracks of 27 species of animals,
Grand CanyonCoconinoAZRed Permian Hermit Shale below Coconino SandstonePermianHermitPlants and animal tracks.,
Grand CanyonCoconinoAZPermianHermit ShalePlant Fossils,
Grand CanyonCoconinoAZPermianHermit ShalePlants - Pecopteris,
Grand CanyonCoconinoAZPermianHermit Shale35 species of plants, worm trails reptile tracks, amphibian traps, insect wings, raindrop impressions.,
Grand CanyonCoconinoAZPermianKaibabbivalves-Kaibabella,
Grand CanyonCoconinoAZon S rim in campground areaPermianKaibabfish,
Grand CanyonCoconinoAZNear Pt SublimePermianKaibabfish? teeth-Megactenopetalus,
Grand CanyonCoconinoAZIn sediments unconformably underlying Cambrian Lower bedsPrecambrianNankoweapmedusoid -Brooksella,
Grand CanyonCoconinoAZ200 meters.MississippianRedwall LimestoneBrachiopods, Gastropods, pelecypods,
Grand CanyonCoconinoAZMississippianRedwall LimestoneWell preserved plants and seashells,
Grand CanyonCoconinoAZPermianSupai LimestoneNumerous Tracks of small Permian Lower reptiles,
Grand CanyonCoconinoAZabove Redwall Limestone.PermianSupai Limestonevertebrate tracks,
Grand CanyonCoconinoAZalong Chuar Creek Valley, Sapphire Canyon, Yak TrailDevonianTemple ButteArthrodire fragments - Bothriolepis, Holoptychius,
Grand CanyonCoconinoAZAbout 15 isolated thin deposits of Devonian Temple Butte Formation contain fish fossils at the base of the Redwall LimestoneDevonianTemple Buttefish,
Grand CanyonCoconinoAZIn a Limestone in a sequence of mudstones, conglomerates, sandstonesProterozoicVishnuplant remains,
Grand CanyonCoconinoAZTonto PlatformCambriantrilobites,
Grand CanyonCoconinoAZIn Devonian Limestone at 15 locations along base of Redwall LimestoneDevonianfish,
Grand CanyonCoconinoAZfossiliferous buff and gray Limestone above Coconino Sandstone.Corals, Mollusks, Echinoids, Sharks Teeth,
Grand CanyonCoconinoAZAlong Tonto Trail a few hundred meters E of Indian Gardenstrilobites and brachiopods,
Grand Canyon-Colorado plateauCoconinoAZPermianToroweap|Kaibabbrachiopods, crinoids, horn corals, shark teeth, sponges,
Grand Canyon/Mogollon rimCoconinoAZ150-250 meters.MississippianRedwall LimestoneAbundant brachiopods, corals, bryozoa, mollusks, crinoids, blastoids, trilobites, foraminifers,
Grand View Trail, Grand CanyonCoconinoAZS side, N of Last Chance Copper Mine in sandy limestone 80 meters above Tonto SandstoneCambrian Middlefossils: Westonia, Linguella,
Hermit GorgeCoconinoAZPennsylvanianSupaiVertebrate trackways-Tridentichnus,
Hermit TrailCoconinoAZPermianCoconinotrackway-Laoporus,
Hermit TrailCoconinoAZAt head of Hermit Gorge 400m S of sign-post at top of trail.PermianHermitTracks-Hylopus,Parabaropus,
Hualpai ReservationCoconinoAZin Peach Springs Wash S8T26NR10WMississippianRedwallcoral - Syringopora, bryozoa, fenestellids, brachiopods - Spirifer; cephalopods -Triboloceras blastoids, Pentremites.,
Indian Gardens Grand CanyonCoconinoAZseveral hundred meters E along Tonto Trailtrilobites, gastropods.,
Jacob LakeCoconinoAZPermianKaibab LimestoneBellerophon, pelecypods - Myalina,
JeromeCoconinoAZin quarry in s16t16nr23cephalopods - Poterioceras, Triboloceras, Meunsteroceras; blastoids - Cryptoblastus, Globoblastus, Lophoblastus, Orophocrinus; crinoids (61 species) Acrocrinus, Macrocrinus, Platycrinites, Pleurocrinus,
Kanab CanyonCoconinoAZIn thin bedded limestones near mouth near water's edgeLinguella,
Lake MaryCoconinoAZescarpment at N end of lakelarge pelecypods -- Plagioglypta[?], Nuculopsis, Pecten, Doctyoclstus, Marginifera, Nucula, Bellerophon, bryozoa, AllerismaOriginal is 'Plagioglypts' which probably a typo. 'Plagioglypta' is my best guess. But it's a scaphopod, not a pelecypod. 'Plagioglyptus', also a scaphopod, is another possibility. No citations for 'doctyoclstus' was 'Dotyoclstus',
Lake MaryCoconinoAZat N endpelecypods-Nuculopsis;brachiopods, corals, bryozoa,
Lava CanyonCoconinoAZnear head of Canyon inCambrianTonto SandstoneWestonia.,
Meteor Crater QuarryCoconinoAZTriassicMoenkopivertebrate bones-Parotosuchus,
Nankoweap ValleyCoconinoAZ300 meters above base of Tonto Group in SandstoneCambrian MiddleWestonia,
Padre CanyonCoconinoAZE of Flagstaff along the highway in Padre CanyonPermianKaibabPelecypods -Aviculopecten, Gastropods - Bellerophon,
Rock CrossingCoconinoAZTriassicChinlereptile scutes,
SedonaCoconinoAZin isolated porous reddish boulders of Limestone. 1 km E of AZ179 2 km SPermianKaibabVery good fish fossils, invertebrates,
SedonaCoconinoAZS on AZ179 1.75 km E one km in scattered bouldersPermianKaibabvery good fish fossils.,
ShinarumpCoconinoAZTriassicChinlereptile bones-Hesperosuchus?,
Sycamore PassCoconinoAZPermianCoconinotrackway-Laoporus,
TucsyanCoconinoAZin road cuts on road to Grand CanyonPermianKaibabgastropods, Brachiopods, echinoids, trilobites,
TucsyanCoconinoAZin road cuts on Grand Canyon Road (some outside park)Pennsylvanianechinoids, trilobites, brachiopods, gastropods,
Walnut CanyonCoconinoAZ13 km SE of Flagstaff in roadcuts and natural exposuresabundant fossils,
Walnut CanyonCoconinoAZarea exposures 1/2 km E of Walnut Canyon NMabundant fossils. Dictyoclostus, Dentalium, Marginifera, Bellerophon,
Walnut CanyonCoconinoAZ6 km Nmollusks, pelecypods -- Plagioglypta[?], Nuculopsis, Pecten, bryozoa, cephalopods, trilobite pygidiaOriginal is 'Plagioglypts' which probably a typo. 'Plagioglypta' is my best guess. But it's a scaphopod, not a pelecypod. 'Plagioglyptus', also a scaphopod, is another possibility.,
Walnut Ranger CabinCoconinoAZbelow old Ranger Cabin.Dictyoclostus, Dentalium, Chonetes, Pecten, Aviculopecten, sponges,
Walnut Ranger CabinCoconinoAZ6 km S of old Ranger Cabin at Walnut Bend in Walnut CanyonDictyoclostus, Plagioglypts, mollusks,
Whitehorse HillsCoconinoAZs12t23nr6eMississippianRedwallcorals, brachiopods, crinoids,
WinonaCoconinoAZFossil fresh water shells in area breaksmollusks,
Colorado PlateauCoconino,NavajoAZKayenta-Wingate group sandstonesJurassicKayenta|WingateDinosaur tracks,
Colorado PlateauCoconino,NavajoAZCretaceousMesaverde GroupCoal, mollusks, fossils wood and leaves,
Northern ArizonaCoconino,NavajoAZIn outcrops of theJurassicGlen Canyon GroupDinosaurs - Dilophosaurus, Dinosaur trackways {7},
[?]GilaAZ2 km N of AZ177, US77 junction at S end of Dripping Springs Mtn then 28 km NDevonian-MississippianMartin/Escabrosafossils.,
[?]GilaAZ2 km N of AZ177, US77 junction at S end of Dripping Springs Mtn then 27 k7 km N in roadcutsPaleozoicabundant fossils.,
East Verde RiverGilaAZs6t11n410e,7t11nr10e along AZ 87Carboniferousabundant fossils -- coral - Polypora, brachiopods, crinoids, echinoid spines,
Gila RiverGilaAZ2 km N of AZ177, US77 junction at S end of Dripping Springs MtnPennsylvanianNacoabundant fossils.,
GlobeGilaAZat S side of Pinal Creek 5 km NWDevonianMartininvertebrates, fish teeth,
GlobeGilaAZ5 km NW on S side of Pinal CreekDevonianinvertebrates, fish teeth,
Kohl RanchGilaAZ24 km ENE of Payson in an abandoned road cut 1.7km W of AZ260 bridge over Tonto Creek inPennsylvanian MiddleNacoconularids, gastropods, crinoids,
PaysonGilaAZ16 km E in roadcuts and in washPennsylvanianNacoBrachiopods, Composita, Productus.,
PaysonGilaAZ27 km N, 1.5 km W of AZ260 bridge over Tonto Creek at Kohl's Ranch in ridge near abandoned road cutPennsylvanianNacoconularia, gastropods, crinoids,
PaysonGilaAZin roadcut 2 km N of East Verde River Bridge on AZ87 between Payson and PineDevonianarthrodire plates, abundant invertebrates,
PaysonGilaAZ35.4 km N in floor of Tonto Creek on the Heber-Young RdDevonianinvertebrates, arthrodire plates,
PaysonGilaAZAZ87 2 km N of East Verde bridge between Payson and PineDevonianinvertebrates, arthrodire plates,
PaysonGilaAZarea exposuresPaleozoicGood fossils,
PaysonGilaAZ30 km N on Heber-Young Rd in floor of Tonto Creek as well as area roadcuts, etcArthrodire plates, good invertebrates,
WinkelmanGilaAZAlong AZ77 in shale in direction toward GlobePennsylvanianNacocrinoids, brachiopods, trilobites,
WinkelmanGilaAZIn road cuts on AZ77 in Limestone and shale -- Park in turnouts, not on roadPennsylvanian-PermianNacocrinoid stems, brachiopods, trilobites,
WinkelmanGilaAZin road cuts on AZ77Permian Lowertrilobites, brachiopods, crinoids,
WinklemanGilaAZPaleozoic UpperBrachiopods;Crinoids;Trilobites,
Galiuro MtnsGrahamAZon N flank of Little Table Mtn, se1/4s15t7sr18eMississippianEscabrosa LimestonefossilsLittle Table Mtn is at 32.7987N, 110.4909W in Pinal County. Original citation is for 'Gailord Mtns' (which I can't locate) in Graham County32.7987N, 110.4909W approximate, conjecture
Galiuro MtnsGrahamAZon N flank of Little Table Mtn, se1/4s15t7sr18eDevonianMartinfossilsLittle Table Mtn is at 32.7987N, 110.4909W in Pinal County. Original citation is for 'Gailord Mtns' (which I can't locate) in Graham County32.7987N, 110.4909W approximate, conjecture
Milk RanchGrahamAZIn siliceous Limestone 5 meters above Coronado quartzite on first spur N of main roadCambrian Middle?Coronado quartziteLinguella,
MorenciGrahamAZ2 km ENE in Chase Creek CanyonCambrianLinguella,
MorenciGrahamAZ3 km ENE on W side of Chase Creek Canyon in shale 15 meters above Coronado quartziteCambrian Middlebrachiopods Linguella,
SaffordGrahamAZ23 km E in T8-9SR28-29E in Pleistocene floodplainsPleistocenegastropods: Lymnaea, Pupilla;Vertebrates-Capybara, Rodents, Rabbits,
SaffordGrahamAZ25 km E in t8, 9sr28 in area exposuresPleistocenevertebrates, - horses, mastodon, rodents, Capybara,
SaffordGrahamAZ27 km SEPliocene UpperHorses, Mastodon, sloth, Glyptodon, Dipodomys, Geomys, Sigmodon, Neotoma, Lepus,
CliftonGreenleeAZ18.4 km S at Clifton Country ClubMioceneGilavertebrates-reptiles-SquamataGila Conglomerate is Pliocene-Pleistocene (Blancan stage?),
Salt RiverMaricopaAZin road cut on US60 s20t5nr18eMississippianRedwallbrachiopods - Spirifer, blastoids -Orophocrinus, crinoids,
Iceberg CanyonMohaveAZMojave County, AZ, in T32r16wabundant corals - Zaphrentites, other fossilsThere may actually be two coral genera Zaphrentis and Zaphrentites. More likely, the former is a misspelling,
Lamberts WashMohaveAZMiocene-Upper (Hemphill)Big SandyVertebrates-BassariscusCan't identify a Lambert(s) Wash in Mohave County,
MeadviewMohaveAZin Grand Wash cliffsCambrian LowerBright Angel ShaleOlenellusOriginal says Meadville. No such town,
MeadviewMohaveAZin Grand Wash cliffsCambrian MiddleBright Angel ShaleAlbertella Original says Meadville. No such town,
WikieupMohaveAZAt clay bank quarry 11km SE (not same locality as Bird Bone QuarryMiocene-Upper (Hemphill)Big SandyVertebrates-Agriotherium,Agriotherium,Alforjas,Bassariscus,Dinohippus,Hemiauchenia,Megatylopus,Plesiogulo,Procamelus,Prochenia,Prototaxidea,Pseudaelurus,Sphenophalos,etc,
WikieupMohaveAZAt bird bone quarry 11km SEMiocene-Upper (Hemphill)Big SandyVertebrates-Anabernicula,Anas,Agriotherium,Alforjas,Anser,Aquila,Branta,Ciconia,Cygnus,Grus,Hemiauchenia,Himantopus,Megatylopus,Neophrontops,Plesiogulo,Prochenia,Prototaxidea,Pseudaelurus,Rallus,Recurvirostra,Sphenophalos,etc,
WikieupMohaveAZ16km NMiocene-Upper (Hemphill)Big SandyVertebrates-Bassariscus,
WikieupMohaveAZAt Grey's Ranch Quarry 11km SE (not same locality as Bird Bone QuarryMiocene-Upper (Hemphill)Big SandyVertebrates-similar to Bird Bone and Clay Bank Quarries,
[?]NavajoAZarea outcropsTriassicMoenkopitracks, amphibians, fish,
Black MesaNavajoAZIn black-Brown Mancos shales along Mesa frontCretaceousMancosLingula, Ostrea, Prionotropis, Shark Teeth,
CarrizoNavajoAZ6 km N in red beds to EPermianSupaifossils,
ChilchinbitoNavajoAZCretaceousDakota sandstoneInoceramus,
Comb RidgeNavajoAZ4.8km NE of KayentaJurassic LowerKayentadinosaur bones,
Danforth HillsNavajoAZnear White River Agency inCretaceousMesaverdeVolsella casts,
Four CornersNavajoAZRegional exposuresTriassicChinleplant fossils,
Four CornersNavajoAZCretaceousMesaverdeFossil Plants,
HolbrookNavajoAZregional exposures to Adamana and N to UtahTriassicChinle(Shinarump)Petrified logs in Chinle and Shinarump formations. 6 species but Auricaria predominate. A few ferns and invertebratesThe Shinarump formation is a conglomerate at the base of the Chinle formation.,
HolbrookNavajoAZ20.6 km N of US77 junction with US60/70 N of US77TriassicMoenkopi/CoconinoVertebrate tracks,
HolbrookNavajoAZ14.9 km N at Hopi Buttes Pliocene vertebrates in gulch in Mesozoic (K-J) rocksPliocenevertebrates,
HolbrookNavajoAZ20.6 km N of US77 junction with US60/70 in round hills to E of US77PlioceneVertebrates, plants,
HolbrookNavajoAZGreer-Milky Ranch Petrified Wood.Triassic?'Greer' appears to be a town name. Once a for fee collecting area. Now said to be closed.,
KayentaNavajoAZN to N of Comb RidgeTriassicChinlepetrified wood - abundant,
KayentaNavajoAZ4.8km NE on Comb Ridge in Monument ValleyJurassicKayentaDinosaur bones-Kayentatherium,
KayentaNavajoAZS in Three Mile Washcoal,
KayentaNavajoAZOn top of Black Mesa 30 km SEOstrea,
Mogollon RimNavajoAZ2 km S in yellow sandstoneCretaceousabundant fossils,
Mogollon RimNavajoAZon US77 3.3 km S in roadcutsabundant marine fossils,
Navaho ReservationNavajoAZAt White Cone 35 km N of Bita Hochen Trading PostPlioceneBidahochidiverse vertebratesThere is a village called White Cone at 35.605dN 110.068dW in Navajo County35.605N 110.068W Conjecture
Navajo AgencyNavajoAZIn western part in Spring in sandstonePleistocenePleistocene vertebrates, elephants, camels, mammoths, bison,
Navajo PtNavajoAZ27 km SE at Red Butte, InTriassicMoenkopiMarine invertebrates, invertebrate tracks and trails.,
Navajo PtNavajoAZE at Cedar Mtn, InTriassicMoenkopiMarine invertebrates, invertebrate tracks and trails.,
Navajo PtNavajoAZE at Grand Canyon Village, InTriassicMoenkopiMarine invertebrates, invertebrate tracks and trails.,
President Wilson SpringsNavajoAZPlioceneBidahochivertebrates-Aelurodon,Texoceros,
Salina Springs-Steamboat CanyonNavajoAZIn Mancos-Dakota age Tunuck FormationCretaceous UpperTunuckPlanorbis, Lymnaea,
TohachiNavajoAZ17 km inland in shaley Fruitland Limestone with large black brown concretionsCretaceousFruitlandabundant Ostrea, Modiola,
TohachiNavajoAZ9 km S about 70 meters above Cretaceous plant beds in cliffSphaerium, Planorbis, Vivaparus,
TohachiNavajoAZin area exposuresTurtle --Baena,
Tuba CityNavajoAZS in Mesozoic sequence dinosaur tracks (Coelophysis), crocodilians. 8 km W of Tuba City along Hwy 160. No collecting{7}TriassicChinle|Wingate|Kayenta?,
Tuba CityNavajoAZat Round Top Butte inCretaceousDakotacorals, Ostrea, Gryphaea, Exogyra, Ichthyodectes, plants,
Tuba CityNavajoAZin a spring, in a sandstone crevice.Pleistocenevertebrates,
White Cone ButteNavajoAZPleistocenevertebrates,
Bingham Cliff QuarryPimaAZMiocene (Hemphill)Quibirisvertebrates:Agriotherium,
Bingham Cliff QuarryPimaAZMiocene (Hemphill)Quibirisvertebrates:Agriotherium,
Colossal CavePimaAZS of the County ParkPaleozoicfish teeth, other fossils,
Colossal CavePimaAZto S of park in Paleozoic bedsShark teeth, other fossils,
Empire MountainPimaAZ64 km SE of Tucson.Cretaceousdinosaur bones{7},
Empire MountainsPimaAZ65 km SE of Tucsondinosaur bones in area shale exposures.,
Empire MountainsPimaAZ65 km SE of Tucson, S26T18Sr16e in mudstones and limestonespelecypods, brachiopods, ostracods,
Empire MtnsPimaAZS in s26t18sr16e in shaledinosaur bones, invertebrates,
Helmet PeakPimaAZS of San Xavier MissionPermianConchafish teeth,
Helmet PeakPimaAZOff Twin Buttes Rd S of San Xavier Mission in LimestonePermianConchaganoid fish teeth, invertebrates,
Old Cabin QuarryPimaAZMiocene (Hemphill)Quibirisvertebrates:Agriotherium,Alforjas,Antrozous,Archaeolagus,Eucyon,Hemiauchenia,Machairodus,Megacamelus,Megatylopus,Osteoborus,Paronchomys[?],Parvilagus,Prochenia,Prodipodomys,Pseudaelurus,RonquillomysNo citations for 'Paronchomys' 061210,
OraclePimaAZ14 km S on Oracle-Mt Lemmon Rd in Peppersauce Canyon in brown/ red sandy lensesDevonianMartinfish,
OraclePimaAZ14 km S on Oracle-Mt Lemmon Rd in Peppersauce CanyonCambrianfossils,
OraclePimaAZ14 km S on Oracle-Mt Lemmon Rd in Peppersauce CanyonMississippianfossils,
OraclePimaAZ14 km S on Oracle-Mt Lemmon Rd in Peppersauce CanyonPennsylvanianfossils,
Peppersauce CanyonPimaAZ14.5 km S of Oracle on Mt Lemon-Oracle RdPaleozoicvariousfossils,
Picacho de Calera HillsPimaAZ29 km NW of Tucson in quarry of Arizona Portland Cement Company and in regional exposuresfucoids, brachiopods, trilobites(Asaphiscus), fish teeth, Goniatites, stromatoporoids, corals, fusulinids,
Reddington QuarryPimaAZMiocene (Hemphill)Quibirisvertebrates:Agriotherium,Alforjas,Eucyon,Hemiauchenia,Megacamelus,Prochenia,Pseudaelurus,Rhynchotherium,
SahuritaPimaAZon Beelzebub ButtePermianConchaabundant fossils,
SahuritaPimaAZS of Tucson on Beelzebub Butte toward Helmet peakPermianConchafossils,
San Pedro Valley QuarryPimaAZMiocene (Hemphill)Quibirisvertebrates:Hemiauchenia,Megatylopus,Prochenia,
Santa Rita MountainsPimaAZS of TucsonCretaceousGorgosaurus teeth, Unio, Vivaparus, Physa, Fish remains, turtles,
Santa Rita MtnsPimaAZin se1/4s21t20sr15 in black shales sandstone, conglomerateCretaceous UpperCrittenden?,
Santa Rita MtnsPimaAZin Adobe CanyonCretaceous UpperFt Crittendenfish, turtles, dinosaur fragments,
SellsPimaAZStegosaurus on Papago Indian ReservationCretaceous?,
Side Cliff QuarryPimaAZMiocene (Hemphill)Quibirisvertebrates:Hemiauchenia,Megatylopus,
Silver BellPimaAZ9 km S in Waterman Mountains - In Central part of range inPermianColina Limestoneabundant brachiopods, gastropods, euomphalids, Bellerophon, gastropods, cephalopods, pelecypods, tabulate corals, crinoid stems, bryozoa,
Silver BellPimaAZ9 km S in Waterman Mountains - In SE part of range inPermianConcha Limestoneabundant brachiopods, gastropods, pelecypods, corals, bryozoa, fusulinids,
Silver BellPimaAZ9 km S in Waterman MountainsMississippianEscabrosa LimestoneHorn corals, brachiopods, gastropods in,
Silver BellPimaAZ9 km S in Waterman MountainsPennsylvanianHorquilla Limestonebrachiopods (Chaetetes), pelecypods, crinoid stems in,
Silver BellPimaAZ9 km S in Waterman MountainsDevonianMartinbrachiopods in Martin formation,
Snyder HillsPimaAZ18 km W of TucsonPermianabundant fossils,
Stratton CanyonPimaAZfossils,
TucsonPimaAZto SouthCambrian LowerAbrigo LimestoneDiverse Cambrian Lower trace fossils in greenish shales resembling the Tapeats Formation,
TucsonPimaAZSouth in greenish shalesCambrian MiddleAbrigo LimestoneDiverse ichnofossils,
TucsonPimaAZW at Picacho de Calera 9.6km W or Arva Valley exit for I10 S on Sanarjo Rd. S 2 km to Twin Peaks Rd to site. in brown Sandstone on W side of E hillDevonianPicacho de Calerafish teeth, trilobites, Invertebrates,
TucsonPimaAZW at Picacho de Calera 9.6 km W or Arva Valley exit for I10 S on Sanarjo Rd. S 2 km to Twin Peaks Rd to site. in brown Sandstone on W side of E hillCambrianfossils'Sanarjo' is probably a misspelling,
Ash CreekPinalAZIn Cambrian Upper siliceous limestonesCambrian Upperbrachiopods - Linguella, Dicellomus,
First Day DigPinalAZPleistoceneSt DavidMammals-Hemiauchenia,Prochenia,
Galiuro MtnsPinalAZIn Paleozoic limestones and dolostones on N flank of Little Table Mtn SE1/4 S15T7R18E 3 km N of crest along W side of Virgus CanyonMississippianabundant corals and crinoid fragments. Psephodus teeth, brachiopods, gastropods, A few blastoids,
Least QuarryPinalAZAssume this is the same site as 'Least Camel Quarry' and Least Camel Canyon'PleistoceneSt DavidMammals-Hemiauchenia,Megatylopus,Osteoborus,Prochenia,
OraclePinalAZIn Peppercorn Canyon in anOrdovician-Tertiarysequence USNM 147. Invertebrates,
OraclePinalAZIn Stratton Canyon in anOrdovician-Tertiarysequence(?) USNM 152. Invertebrates,
OraclePinalAZnear Peppersauce Canyon CampgroundPaleozoicinvertebrates,
OraclePinalAZnear Peppersauce Canyon Campground in lakebed depositsTertiaryinvertebrates,
Rodgers QuarryPinalAZPleistoceneSt DavidMammals-Hemiauchenia,Megatylopus,Prochenia,
SuperiorPinalAZE on first Ridge in bone bed breccia in sandstoneDevonianMartinarthrodire plates, fish teeth, conodonts,
SuperiorPinalAZIn bone breccia in base of Sandstone on first Ridge E of townDevonianMartinArthrodire plates, teeth, conodonts,
Santa RitaSanta Cruz,Pima?AZCretaceousturtles, invertebrates, fish, Hadrosaur and carnivorous dinosaur fragments {7},
Ash ForkYavapaiAZ30.5 km S in quarry on US89DevonianArthrodire plates,
Black MesaYavapaiAZN of Chino Valley S9t18nr2w on mesa topMississippianRedwallcorals, trilobites, crinoids,
BodkinYavapaiAZin narrow gauge cut 2 km NW RussellMississippianRedwallabundant marine fossils,
Cliff ProspectYavapaiAZMiocene (Clarendon)Milk Creekmammals-Protolabis,
Deep Springs QuarryYavapaiAZMiocene (Clarendon)Milk Creekmammals-Hemiauchenia,Michenia,Protolabis,
Fossil CreekYavapaiAZOn S side Fossil Springs DamMississippianRedwallabundant, diverse fossils,
JeromeYavapaiAZin quarried roadcut 15.4 km W on US89AltDevonianlarge Arthrodire plates to 40cm in length,
JeromeYavapaiAZon US89 17 km W in large quarried roadcut both red and grey limestonesDevonianLarge Arthrodire plates to nearly 40cm,
JeromeYavapaiAZIn area outcrops of limestoneMississippian Lowercephalopods, brachiopods, corals.,
JeromeYavapaiAZon US89 in exposures on both sides of Mingus MtnFossils,
Manzanita QuarryYavapaiAZMiocene (Clarendon)Milk Creekmammals-Michenia,Protolabis,
Milk Creek QuarryYavapaiAZMiocene (Clarendon)Milk Creekmammals-Aelurodon,Hemiauchenia,Michenia,Protolabis,
Shield's Ranch QuarryYavapaiAZMiocene (Clarendon)Milk Creekmammals-Aelurodon,Michenia,Protolabis,
Muggins MtnsYumaAZ10 km NE of Wellton on S flank of mountainsMioceneBarstowcamels - Stenomylus, rodent teethWellton is at 32.6728N, 114.1469W32.6728N, 114.1469W
Joulters Cays-Bahamas-BAbryozoa CelleporariaThis may well be a reference to a species at the unusual modern bryozoan reef at Joulters Cay,
[?]-BCCambrian MiddleStephen ShaleTrilobites, Zacanthoides,
[?]-BCnortheastern British Columbia.*Triassic UpperFragments of a marine rauisuchian (or near relative, an early crocodile-like carnivore),
SW British Columbia-BC125 Pleistocene sites, mostly built over or overgrown, up to 300 meters above current Sea LevelPleistoceneWorm tubes (Serpula), Brachiopods, mollusks, Sea urchin fragments,
Bulkley ValleyBulkley-Nechako RDBCTelkwa Coal DepositsCretaceousfossils,
Bulkley ValleyBulkley-Nechako RDBCon Bulkley River near Trout CreekJurassicmollusks, ammonites,
SmithersBulkley-Nechako RDBC13.5 km N at Driftwood CanyonEoceneSmithers?Plants - Glyptostrobus, Metasequoia or Cercopidae, Insects, animalsProvincial Park Collecting permitted (sort of) but all specimens examined and only common fossils can be kept at the discretion of the rangers.,
SmithersBulkley-Nechako RDBCat Driftwood CanyonEoceneplants,
SmithersBulkley-Nechako RDBC40 km W on Ashman RidgeJurassicmarine fossils,
TopleyBulkley-Nechako RDBCAt Findley Falls on Richfield CreekOligocenefossils,
Muir CreekCapital RD?BCTertiaryPelecypods, gastropods{1},
Cariboo MtnsCariboo RDBCEdiacaran faunas,
HorseflyCariboo RDBCEocenefish-Amyzon,insects?,plants?,
Horsefly CreekCariboo RDBCEoceneFish fossils, Leaf impressions{1},
QuesnelliaCariboo RD?BCFish, leaves{1}'Quesnellia' appears to be the name of a terrane. Terranes are generally named after a town or other map feature, but in this case, it's not clear what town/feature.,
Black MtnCentral Okanagan RDBCin Pennsylvanian Lower LimestonesPennsylvanianCoelenterates, bryozoa, brachiopods -GigantoproductusOriginal says Whatcom County. There is no Whatcom County in BC, but there is one across the border in WA,
Sumas MtnCentral Okanagan RDBCEoceneHuntingtonflora,
FieldColumbia-Shuswap RDBCMounts Stephen, Wapta, Field, Odaray. No collectingCambrianWide range of trilobites and other fossils.,
Kicking Horse PassColumbia-Shuswap RDBCalong main line of Canadian Pacific RRCambrian LowerOlenellus gilberti ,
Mt StephenColumbia-Shuswap RDBCabove Field, BCCambrian MiddleTrilobites Elrathia, Ogygopsis, Zacanthoides,
Collishaw Pt - Hornby IsComox-Strathcona RDBCCretaceousSpraymollusks - Inoceramus, Nemodon, Gaudryceras, Hypophylloceras, Nostoceras, Pachydiscus, Phyllopachyceras, Pseudophylites'Pseudophylites' may be a misspelling,
ComoxComox-Strathcona RDBCCretaceousNanaimofossil plants,
CourtenayComox-Strathcona RDBCCretaceousHaslam|PenderMarine Reptiles - Plesiosaurs, turtles, mosasaurs,
CourtenayComox-Strathcona RDBCE at Piggot Creek in abandoned quarryCretaceousComoxSeed cones49d46m30'sN 125d22m30s'W
Denman Is-Hornby IsComox-Strathcona RDBCCretaceous UpperAmmonites, Pelecypods{1},
Hornby IsComox-Strathcona RDBCAt Collishaw PointCretaceousLambertSeed cones49d33m04s'N 124d41m03sW
Cowichan LakeCowichan Valley RDBCAt 48.04.80 N 123.19.55 W?,
Rift CreekCowichan Valley RD[?]BCVancouver IsPennsylvanianMt Mark55 taxa including 22 brachiopods and three trilobites.There is probably more than one Rift Creek in BC,
CranbrookEast Kootenay RDBCCambrian LowerEagerfossils,
CranbrookEast Kootenay RDBCCambrian LowerEagerOlenellus, Wanneria{1},
CranbrookEast Kootenay RDBCCambrian UpperTrilobite-Labiostria,
Fairmont Hot SpringsEast Kootenay RDBCBrachiopods, ammonites, corals, forams{1},
Lake WapitiFort Nelson-Liard RDBCCanadaTriassicSulphur MtnShark - Listracanthus,
Lake WapitiFort Nelson-Liard RDBCmuseum quality fish on Ridge tops in NE BCTriassic Lowerlarge coelacanths, Bobasatrania, Albertonia, Ichthyosaurs in two distinctly different beds.,
Wapiti LakeFort Nelson-Liard RDBCIn scree on Lower Slopes S of Wapiti LakeTriassicSulphur Mtnvertebrates-Palaeobates,Shastasaurus,
Wapiti LakeFort Nelson-Liard RDBC4.8km S at Fossil Fish Lake. Several localities in area?TriassicSulphur Mtnfish-Albertonia,Bobasatrania,Boreosomus,Listracanthus,Perleidus,Pteronisculus,Saurichthys,Whitea,
Dunedin RiverFort Nelson-Liard RD?BC.8km S about 6km N of Milepost 383 on Alaskan HighwayTriassic-LowerGraylingvertebrates-Bobasatrania?,
Tetsa RiverFort Nelson-Liard RD?BCS side near Alaska Hwy MP 382Triassic LowerToad-Graylingfish bones,
Harrison LakeFraser Valley RDBCW side of LakeCretaceousAmmonites,
Harrison LakeFraser Valley RDBC9.3 km N of Wallin[?] Creek in Lower Cretaceous road cuts.Cretaceous LowerBuchia, Belemnites.Couldn't identify a 'Wallin Creek' in British Columbia nor could HA, Neither could he find a plausible misspelling,
Harrison LakeFraser Valley RDBCin road cuts to E inJurassic Lower CretaceousBuchia, belemnites, Pelecypods,
McAbeeFraser Valley RDBCEoceneKamloops GroupGinkgo leaves, Seed pods, insects, fish {1},
Slesse CreekFraser Valley RDBCPaleozoic UpperChilliwack GroupCrinoid columnals,
Ft SteeleFraser-Fort George RDBCat Cranbrook Rifle Club on leased Crown landsCambrian LowerEagerOlenellus, Wanneria,
Kanaka CreekGreater Vancouver RDBCMay be worked outEoceneHuntingtonflora,
Little ForteGreater Vancouver RDBCLeaves and Ferns{1},
Mt BosworthGreater Vancouver RDBCCambrianbrachiopods - Acrothele,
Point RobertsGreater Vancouver RDBCPleistoceneshells,
VancouverGreater Vancouver RDBCAt junction of Capilano River and Brothers Creek inCretaceousBurrardleaves, poorly preserved wood, fruit, etc.,
VancouverGreater Vancouver RDBCBurrard Inlet and English BayEoceneBurrard|Kitsilanoleaves,
VancouverGreater Vancouver RDBCWest of Kitsilano BeachEocene-OligoceneKitsilanocoal and fossil leaves,
Ram CreekKitimat-Stikine RDBC24km E of junction of Racing River and MacDonald CreekTriassic-LowerGraylingvertebrates-fish-Coelacanth,
NanaimoNanaimo RDBC3km W in abandoned shale pits at Brannen LakeCretaceousHaslamSeed cones49d12m16sN 124d06m01sW
NanaimoNanaimo RDBCCretaceousNanaimofossil plants,
ParksvilleNanaimo RDBCEnglishman's RiverCretaceousHaslamCephalopods-Pachydiscus?There may be a valid genus Chydiscus, but it's more likely a misspelling of Pachydiscus,
Manning ParkOkanagan-Similkameen RDBCIn marine outcrops along Valley View Lookout road and in other areasbroad marine fauna -- no collecting,
Manning ParkOkanagan-Similkameen RDBCPlant fossils near Mule Deer Campgroundfern, cycads, gingko, conifer, Ficus, magnolia, sycamore -- no collecting,
Okanagan FallsOkanagan-Similkameen RDBCLeaves and pine needle fossils{1},
PrincetonOkanagan-Similkameen RDBCin area 30 km long, 10 wide exposing Allenby Formation.EoceneAllenbyCoal and plant remains,
PrincetonOkanagan-Similkameen RDBCIn chert on E bank of Similkameen River 13.5 km SSW.EoceneAllenbyPaleorosa, flowers size only 2 mm,
PrincetonOkanagan-Similkameen RDBCEocene MiddleAllenby?well preserved plants. A few insects. gastropods, mammal teeth,
PrincetonOkanagan-Similkameen RDBCWhipsaw CreekEoceneLeaves, insects{1},
PrincetonOkanagan-Similkameen RDBCMerritt Hwy areaEoceneLeaves, pine needles, pine cones,
PrincetonOkanagan-Similkameen RDBCEoceneLeaves, pine needles, pine seeds, root casts{1},
PrincetonOkanagan-Similkameen RDBCarea exposuresEoceneplants,
PrincetonOkanagan-Similkameen RDBCarea exposuresPaleoceneplants,
ChetwyndPeace River RDBCQuaternaryLeaf impressions,
Fort St JohnPeace River RDBCTriassicvery large ichthyosaur,
Hudson Bay MtnPeace River RDBCon E side of MtnCretaceousPetrified wood, ammonites,
Hudsons HopePeace River RDBCAt Williston LakeMesozoic and Tertiaryfossils,
TaylorPeace River RDBCCretaceousAmmonites, marine fossils,
Cumshewa InletSkeena-Queen Charlotte RDBCQueen Charlotte IsCretaceousHaidaCephalopods, Desmoceras,
Queen Charlotte IslandsSkeena-Queen Charlotte RDBClakebed deposits in sea cliffsPleistocenePlant fossils,
Skidegate InletSkeena-Queen Charlotte RDBCQueen Charlotte IsJurassicYakounCephalopods - Teloceras,
Red MtnSquamish-Lillooet RD?BCin Pennsylvanian Lower LimestonesPennsylvanianCoelenterates, bryozoa, brachiopods -GigantoproductusOriginal says Whatcom County. There is no Whatcom County in BC, but there is one across the border in WA,
Howe SoundSunshine Coast RDBCa few ammonites in roof pendant shales?,
Howe SoundSunshine Coast RDBCin roof pendant shalesa few ammonites,
AshcroftThompson-Nicola RDBCAmmonites, Belemnites. pelecypods, conodonts, microflora, ferns, pollen, brachiopods{1},
Hat CreekThompson-Nicola RDBCamber{1},
Paul LakeThompson-Nicola RDBCCrinoids,
Shelter PtThompson-Nicola RDBCNear Campbell River in ConcretionsCretaceousSprayCrustacea - Longusorbis,
[?][?]CAMammal Reference LocationMioceneRicardo?,
extreme Northern[?]CATriassicHosselkusEchinoid spines,
Fruto--Lodoga quadrangles[?]CAN to Rumsey HillsCretaceousammonites.,
Lobetus[?][?]CAPliocenePurisimaDiverse invertebrate fossilsCan't identify a Lobetus, CA -- Lobetus might be a family of wasps,
near Sutter Buttes[?]CACretaceousammonites.,
FremontAlamedaCAalong creek bed in Bell QuarryPleistocene?Santa Claraplants, fresh water invertebrates, vertebrates,
IrvingtonAlamedaCAin gravel beds?PleistoceneMammal Fossils-Antelope, Mammoths,
LivermoreAlamedaCA13 km SE on Arroyo del Valle SE1/4 t4sr2e.CretaceousHorsetownLytoceras,
LivermoreAlamedaCAnear Altamont PassMioceneSan Pablofossil plants,
LivermoreAlamedaCAIn creek cut in SE1/4 S25T3sr3e near junction of Livermore Rd and Western Pacific RR.Eocene UpperTejonPanopea,
PleasantonAlamedaCAIn RR cut on Pleasanton-Sunol RoadMioceneBrionesBroad Marine fauna.,
Sunol ParkAlamedaCAOff I680 SE of Fremont, CA, In sandstone boulders along visitor trail.Cretaceous?Franciscanabundant fossils.,
Bear ValleyAlpineCAMount Reba Fauna 38-31N 120-01WPliocene Lower6+ species of plants ,
KirkwoodAlpineCACarson Pass Fauna 38-41n 120.34WMiocene Middleplant fossils,
MarkleevilleAlpineCAEbetts Pass Fauna 38-32n 119.48WMiocene Middleplant fossils,
MarkleevilleAlpineCANiagara Fauna 38-40n 119.48WMiocene Middleplant fossils,
[?]ButteCAat Butte County Hospital 2 km N N1/2s36t20nr3eEoceneTejonNyctilochus,
Chico CreekButteCACretaceousammonites,
Feather RiverButteCA1 km S of old Banner Mine on River bank in se1/4 s32t20nr4e inJurassicOrovilleAbundant fossil plants,
Feather RiverButteCA1.5 km S of old Banner Mine in ravine.fossil plants,
Feather RiverButteCAon dumps of old Banner Mine.fossil plants,
OrovilleButteCACretaceousChicofish teeth-Enchodus,
OrovilleButteCA4 km N n1/2s31t20nr4eEoceneTejonAcmea(Limpet), Cerithiopsis, Drillia,
Reynolds FerryButteCAAt Botwick's bar in the Stanislaus River inJurassicMariposaOecotraustes, Perisphinctes,
MokelumneCalaverasCAValley Spring Fauna 38-19N 120-46WMiocene Middle17 Plant Species ,
Wilbur SpringsColusaCAIn white Cretaceous Limestone on Sulphur CreekCretaceousTurbo,
WilliamsColusaCAS of road between Williams and the springs in first range of foothills.CretaceousChicoAtresius[?], Ringinella, Liocium, Cordiera, Palaetractus[?]No citations for 'Atresius (lirata)'/'Palaetractus (crassus)' or anything similar 050522,
WilliamsColusaCAW on US20 at Hot Sulphur Springs in NW 1/4 t1nr4wCretaceousKnoxvilleModiola,
BerkeleyContra CostaCAAt mouth of Strawberry Canyon inJurassicKnoxvillePecten,
BerkeleyContra CostaCAS of I8(?) and E of I5 In hills E of city. In ash beds above pebbly conglomeratePliocenemammal bones and teeth,
ClaytonContra CostaCAN of Mt DiabloMioceneSan Pablofossil plants,
ClaytonContra CostaCA5 km NEEoceneTejonFlabellum, Trochocyathus.,
ClaytonContra CostaCA7 meters E abundant fossilsCuspidaria,
HerculesContra CostaCAat Pecten Pt in San Pablo Baylarge number of Pecten at tidal level.,
Kirker PassContra CostaCAMioceneSan PabloLittorina, Cerithiopsis,
Las Trampas RidgeContra CostaCACerithiopsis,
MartinezContra CostaCAIn sw1/4 s23t2nr3wCretaceousChicoInoceramus, Cucullaea,
MartinezContra CostaCAAt bulls head Point in n1/2s82nr2w in gray-green LimestoneEoceneMartinezAporrhais,Solen,Cinula,Morio,Neptunea,
MartinezContra CostaCAIn area cutbacks and ravines in gray-green LimestoneEoceneMartinezAporrhais,Solen,Cinula,Morio,Neptunea,
MartinezContra CostaCANE, in ne1/4 s8t2nr2wCretaceousShastaOlivella, Dentalium,
MartinezContra CostaCA2 km W in massive LimestoneTrochosmilia,
Mount DiabloContra CostaCAon S side in se1/4 sw1/4 s9t1sr1eCretaceousChicoTrochocyathus,
Mount DiabloContra CostaCAIn Bagley Creek 2 km from summit inJurassicKnoxvilleAucella,
Mount DiabloContra CostaCAIn southernmost foothills it Black Hawk QuarryPliocenewide variety of Pliocene mammals - Mastodon, beaver, dog, Aelurodon, Bassariscus, Pseudaelurus, Merycodus, rabbit, ground squirrel, fox, weasel, raccoon, Smilodon, horse, peccary, camel, Oreodonts,
Muir StationContra CostaCA4 km due SEoceneMartinezHercoglossa. Nerita. Nautilus, Anchura, Surcula, Fissurella,
PachecoContra CostaCANW in sw1/4 s21t2nr1wEocene UpperTejonSpatangus(an urchin),
PachecoContra CostaCA2 km N in ne1/4 s27t2nr2wTellina,
PittsburgContra CostaCA5 km S 2 km W of Kirker CreekOligoceneSan LorenzoActaeon, Clavella, Modiolus,
RodeoContra CostaCA400 meters EMiocene UpperSan PabloCerithium,
San Pablo BayContra CostaCAs1/2s11t2nr4wMiocene UpperSan PabloMacoma,
Sobrante RidgeContra CostaCAN in valley on W fork of Bear Creek.OligoceneTurris, Fusinus,
StewartsvilleContra CostaCA2 km S in nw1/4 s15t1nr1eEoceneMartinezTurritella, Amauropsis,
Walnut CreekContra CostaCA1 km S of town center in road cuts in FormationOligoceneSan LorenzoCancellaria, Turris, Dentalium, Serpula, Pandora, Antigonia[?],
AuburnEl DoradoCA10 km E at Hawver Cave in w1/2s7t12nr9e in cave depositsPleistoceneNototherium, Felis(Cougar)'Nototherium' is a giant marsupial form from the Pliocene of Australia.,
CoalingaFresnoCAon Anticline Ridge, in NE corner S3T20Sr15ePlioceneEtchegoinpelecypods, gastropods,
CoalingaFresnoCAIn Kettleman Hills 12.8 km SE of NW end of hillsPlioceneEtchegoinSismondia,
CoalingaFresnoCAat Coalinga Oil Filed NW corner s22t19sr15e on hillsideMioceneSanta MargaritaLyropecten, Ostrea, Barnacles,
CoalingaFresnoCA23.5 km NEoceneTejonSpiroglyphus,
CoalingaFresnoCAWarthan CreekCretaceousammonites.Original says 'Walthan' Creek. There is no such place?,
CoalingaFresnoCAJoaquin RidgeCretaceousammonites.,
CoalingaFresnoCALos Gatos CreekCretaceousammonites.,
CoalingaFresnoCARagged ValleyCretaceousammonites.,
CoalingaFresnoCAIn small canyons South of TownFossils,
CoalingaFresnoCA7 km WTellina, Tritonidea,
CoalingaFresnoCA25.6 km W on branch of Salt Creek s15t18sr13eTurbinolia, Trochocyathus, Flabellum,
FresnoFresnoCAFresno Hadrosaur presumably from Coast ranges W of Fresno.,
Jacalitos CreekFresnoCAin S26t21sr15eMiocene UpperEtchegoinbarnacle reefThere is a Jacalitos Creek in Fresno County near Coalinga,
Kettleman HillsFresnoCAIn Central part of hillsLittorina,
New IdriaFresnoCA19 km N on San Carlos Creek in nw1/4 s29t15sr13eCretaceousChicoBaculites,
Panoche HillsFresnoCACretaceous UpperMorenoOphiuroids (brittlestars),
Panoche HillsFresnoCACretaceousammonites.,
Parson's PeakFresnoCAnw1/4 s24t18sr14eEoceneTejonGlycymeris, Phacoides, Turris,
Salt CreekFresnoCAnw1/4 s15t18sr15eEoceneTejonCrassatellites, Metula,
Wagonwheel MtnFresnoCAS36T25SR18E on west slope of mountainMioceneTemblorfossils in several beds -- mollusks, vertebrate bones,
WillowsGlennCA3 km N of Stonyford in large road cutJurassicKnoxvilleBuchia, ammonites,
Anza-Borrego DesertImperialCAIn Sandstone Canyon and adjacent badlands in Anza Borrego State ParkPliocene LowerHypolagus, Pewelagus, horses, camel tracks.,
Coyote MtnsImperialCAon SE side in nw1/4 s26t15sr10ePlioceneCarrizoClypeaster, Hipponoe,
Coyote WellsImperialCAN inCretaceousclams, Oysters,
Plaster CityImperialCA2 km S of Dunaway Rd offramp from I8 in steep bank of washPleistoceneWell preserved fresh water mollusks - Physa, Helisoma, Hydrobia, Amnicola, Anodonta,
Salton SeaImperialCAin sand and mud around the shores of the Salton Sea up to Sea Level about 70 meters above current water levels.Recentmollusk shells,
[?]InyoCAAnother good exposure is found on the Ridge South of the Saline Valley-Death Valley Road as it drops down toward the Eureka Valley 24-32 km East of Big Pine. Those roads are paved and maintained. Many other localities are accessible via dirt roads.CambrianCampito?,
Andrews MtnInyoCAPrecambrianReed DolomiteAlgal structures near Middle of Formation{2},
Badger FlatInyoCAIn limestones overlying graptolitic shales South of Badger FlatOrdovicianBadger Flat LimestoneBrachiopods, Receptaculites, pelmatazoa, trilobites, gastropods.,
Big PineInyoCARoughly 35 km SE E of summit on Saline Valley road on E slope in se1/4 s35t10sr38e Mickwitzia, Holmia (Could be Harkless Formation)CambrianPoleta?,
Coso MtnsInyoCAPliocene LowerCosoHorse teeth,
Cowhorn RidgeInyoCAE of the crest on both sides of the Death Valley road about 35 km East of Big Pine, CACambrianCampito?,
DarwinInyoCAPermianLone Pineabundant Brachiopods, Fusulinids, Corals,
Darwin CanyonInyoCAPermian LowerOwens ValleyFusulinids,
Daylight PassInyoCABetween Grapevine and Funeral MtnsCambrian LowerWood CanyonNevadia, Nevadella{2},
Funeral MtnsInyoCACambrian LowerCarreratrilobites-Olenellus fremonti ,
Grapevine SpringsInyoCAIn s21t10sr42eOrdovicianPogonipOrthoceras, Clionychia,
HarklessInyoCAon divide between flats and Squaw in nw1/4 s14t10sr35eCambrianCornfield Springsbrachiopods - Ehmania, Obolus, Pteropoda, Sponges?, Trilobites?,
Hastings SpringsInyoCAE in sw1/4 s36t21nr8e inCambrian LowerSilver Creek GroupBillingsella,
IndependenceInyoCAAt elbow of Mazourka Canyon in Inyo Mtns in SE1/4 s31t11sr36e type locality ofOrdovician MiddleMazourkaOrthis, Encrinus, Cybeloides, Ceraurus, Pliomerops,
IndependenceInyoCAAt head of Mazourka Canyon in Inyo Mtns in s34t11sr36eCambrianSilver Peak GroupTrematobolus,
Inyo MtnsInyoCAOn Andrews Mtn above Harkless Flats about 20 km East of Big Pine, CACambrianCampito?,
Last Chance RangeInyoCANear Cucomungo Springs in the Last Chance Range in CACambrianCampito?,
Lost Burro GapInyoCAAt NW end of gap in quartzite and LimestoneDevonian-MississippianLost Burro|Tin Mountainbrachiopods, corals,
Nopah RangeInyoCAAt Emigrant Pass on Old Spanish TrailCambrian LowerCarreraOlenellus, Bristolia, Peachella,
Nopah RangeInyoCAAt the base of the Cambrian Nopah FormationCambrianNopahtrilobites and brachiopods,
Owens ValleyInyoCAIn Union Wash 4 km NE of ruins of Owenyo Station IN, Inyo Mtns N of road to Cerro Gordo. Much of the exposure is within a wilderness area and is closed to collectingTriassicUnion WashDiverse ammonite fauna - Owenites, Xenodiscus, Anasibirites, Sturia, Lanceolites, Clypeoceras, Lecanites, many others.,
Owenyo StationInyoCAIn area of Union Wash-Reward Mine in se1/4 s10t14sr36e inPermianOwenyo LimestoneEuphemus,
Resting SpringsInyoCA11.5 km Eon E side of Pass inCambrian MiddleCornfield SpringsObolus,
Resting SpringsInyoCAOn Armagosa River in sw1/4 s10t21nr8eCambrianSilver Peak SandstonesOlenellus,
Saline ValleyInyoCASE of Waucoba Springs in the Saline ValleyCambrianCampito?,
ShoshoneInyoCAIn broad valley to the South of the Valley that the paved road follows over Emigrant PassCambrianCarreratrilobite cephalons,
ShoshoneInyoCAE on road to Pahrump, NV, (Old Spanish Trail) 500 meters W of summit in road cuts on S side of road in green and maroon shales (N side of road is a wilderness areaCambrianCarrera|Pyramid ShaleOlenellus cephalons, rarely complete specimens.,
Slate RangeInyoCA400 meters N or Limestone quarry at N end of rangeMississippianPerdido or Tin Mountainabundant crinoid stems,
Slate RangeInyoCAin 2 to 8 meter thick lacustrian limestonesMiocene-Pliocenetwigs, mollusks-Corteus[?]No citations for 'Corteus' a mollusk 050522,
Southern White MtnsInyoCAPrecambrianDeep SpringWyattia -- a small conical fossil -- near bottom of Formation{2},
Southern White MtnsInyoCAPrecambrianReed DolomiteWyattia near top of Formation{2},
Tecopa LakeInyoCAFrom lacustrian deposits at ancient terminus of the Armagosa RiverPlioceneCamels, other vertebrates,
Union Springs-Inyo MtnsInyoCA3 km E in sw1/4 s24t14sr36eTriassicUnion WashProphingites, Danubites, Aspenites, Meekoceras, Lecanites, Inyoites, Xenaspis,
Union Springs-Inyo MtnsInyoCA2 km E on S side of McAboy[?] trail over Union Wash in se1/4 s23t14sr36e in Triassic rocksTriassicUnion WashXenodiscus, Hungarites, Tirolites, PopanocerasCouldn't identify a Union Spring or McAboy Trail in the Union Wash area. Only 'trail' in the area is a footpath(?) a few km South crossing Inyo range via Forgotten Pass.,
Union WashInyoCA250 meters N from town Lone Pine on CA14, Rt on Lone Pine-Narrow Gauge Rd. Rt 5 km E to Lone Pine-Owenyo Rd. Left. N 8.3 km to jeep trail. Rt, 2.7 km. Park. Hike down into Union Wash. Parapopanoceras beds are 1 meter black Limestone high on very steep sTriassicUnion Wash?,
Union Wash-Inyo MtnsInyoCATriassicUnion WashMany Triassic Cephalopods -- Inyoites, Lanceolites, Pseudosageceras, Nannites, Xenaspis,
White MtnsInyoCAGood exposures of the rocks can be found along the Westgard Pass Road and Bristlecone pine forest access road as they climb 2000m from the desert at the Owens Valley floor to the treeline high up in the White Mountains.CambrianCampito?,
White MtnsInyoCAPrecambrianDeep SpringPteridinium in Middle member{2},
White--Inyo MtnsInyoCACambrian LowerHarkless|Campito|PoletaTrilobites - Fallotaspis, Traces fossils - Scolicia ) Harkless fm), Rusophycus (Campito Fm), Skolithos (Poleta fm), Planolites (Harkless Fm), Arthrophycus (Campito Fm).,
White-Inyo MtnsInyoCACambrian LowerPoletaHelicoplacus (an Echinoderm){2},
BakersfieldKernCAIn road cuts in unconsolidated sand on Granite Station Road several km N of China Grade Loop JunctionMiocene LowerPyramid SandMarine Vertebrate Teeth -Myliobatis, Isurus, sawfish,
BakersfieldKernCAN and somewhat E on Road to Granite Station in pockets in Road CutsMioceneTemblormarine vertebrate teeth, Myliobatis, Isurus, etc.,
BakersfieldKernCAN of Poso Creek in road cut in chalky bed of poorly preserved mollusksMioceneTemblorsmall marine vertebrate teeth and a few bones,
BakersfieldKernCANE, on China Grade Loop as it climbs out of Kern River Canyon. On First small hill on left of road and East along Ridge to Right of road. Vertebrate teeth weathering out of shale. (Note: Well preserved mollusks are exposed 20 meters lower in sandstone bedMioceneTemblorVertebrate teeth, mollusks.,
Barker's RanchKernCAs1/2s33t28sr19eMioceneMonterey?marine vertebrates - Paleorhinus, Heptranchias, Agasoma, Rhinoptera'Paleorhinus' is a Mesozoic phytosaur. 'Agasoma' is a gastropod.,
El Paso MtnsKernCAthick sequencePaleozoicSchwagerina,
Fort TejonKernCAalong Alizos Creek in ne1/4 s16t9nr19w inCretaceous UpperChicoSeptifer, Conus, Meretrix, ArchitectonicaCan't find an Alizos Creek or anything similar near Fort Tejon, but many of the drainages seem to be unnamed on USGS maps,
Fort TejonKernCAalong Alizos CreekCretaceousTritonium, Olivella, FasciolariaCan't find an Alizos Creek or anything similar near Fort Tejon, but many of the drainages seem to be unnamed on USGS maps,
Kern RiverKernCAlow in cliffs on S side of River opposite Hart Memorial Park E of BakersfieldMioceneTemblorAbundant vertebrate teeth in bone bed.,
Kettleman HillsKernCAIn Pliocene San Joaquin FormationPlioceneSan JoaquinEchinoderms,
Kettleman HillsKernCAPlioceneSan JoaquinEchinoderms,
Kettleman HillsKernCAIn Pliocene San Joaquin Formation.PlioceneSan JoaquinMollusks - Turritella,
Kettleman HillsKernCAPlioceneSan JoaquinMollusks - Turritella,
McKittrickKernCAtar pit deposits similar to Rancho La BreaPleistocenemammals, insects, plants,
Oil CityKernCAn1/2s10t29sr28e in shaleMioceneMontereyMyliobatis, Squatina,
Paso CreekKernCAMioceneRound Mountainshark-Cetorhinus,
Phillips RanchKernCAMiocene (Hemingford)Kinnickvertebrates-Merychippus,Moropus,
RicardoKernCAMioceneDove SpringMammal Fossils,
San Emigdio CanyonKernCAon E side in lower bluffs in nw1/4 s16t10nr21EOligoceneSan EmigdioSiphonalia,
Sharktooth HillKernCAIn S25t28sr28e in bedsMioceneTemblorbirds-Puffinis,Moris(Gannet),Presbychen;Allodesmus,
TehachapiKernCATehachapi Fauna 35-14N 118-14WMiocene Middle70 Species of Plants ,
Tejon HillsKernCAon W side of Comanche Creek in nw1/4 s13t32sr29wMiocene UpperSanta MargaritaPecten,
Tejon HillsKernCAat S end of San Joaquin ValleyProtohippus,
AvenalKingsCAIn Big Tar Canyon in S7T23SR17EPlioceneEtchegoinabundant sand dollars, bryozoa, Balanus (barnacle),
AvenalKingsCAOn first high hill in Big Tar Canyon in S8T23SR17EPlioceneEtchegoinmollusks,
AvenalKingsCAOn first high hill on left in Big Tar Canyon in S8T23SR17EPlioceneEtchegoinmollusks,
AvenalKingsCAat Double Hill in NE1/4s2t22sr17E in hill top exposurePlioceneEtchegoinmollusks, echinoderms,
AvenalKingsCA8 km E and 2 km S in Arroyo Bifido area SE of s35t21sr17ePlioceneSan Joaquinmollusks, bryozoa36.068N 120.080W
AvenalKingsCA8 km E and 2 km S in La Ceja area SW of s35t21sr17ePlioceneSan Joaquinmollusks, microfossils,
Kettleman HillsKingsCAPliocene MiddleSan JoaquinPelecypods, echinoids,
Kettleman HillsKingsCA'Navy Pipeline Locality'. In extensive exposures of 3-6m thick fossil bed Permission required from Chevron Oil Company in BakersfieldPlioceneTulare|San Joaquin|Etchegoinabundant, well preserved mollusks,sand dollars-Dendraster;fish tumors;mammals-beaver,
Kettleman HillsKings,KernCAEchinoderm, Dendraster,
Grizzly Canyon RdLakeCANear divide between Burns Valley and Cache Creek N forkPlioceneAnodonta, Valvata,
Herndon CreekLakeCATurritella,
Lower LakeLakeCA400 meters Ene1/4 s11t12Nr7wEoceneMartinezMacrocallista, Tellina, Fusus, Meretrix, Yoldia, Phacoides, Ostrea, Macrocallista, Paphia,
Lower LakeLakeCAEoceneMartinezModiolus,
Puta CreekLakeCAtype localityJurassicKnoxvilleAucella, Arca,
SusanvilleLassenCA12 km SW on slope above Gold Creek in Eocene gold bearing gravelsEocenefossil plants Oreodaphne(Sassafras),
SusanvilleLassenCA40-30n 120-40WEocene Middle22 species of plants,
Benedict CanyonLos AngelesCAS27,S34T1NR10WMioceneModeloForams,fish scales,
CalabasasLos AngelesCA5 km S along Topanga-Dry Canyon RdMioceneVaqueros?,
CalabasasLos AngelesCAOld Topanga Canyon Rd. From Summit down hill in many exposures [This exposure is almost certainly Topanga Formation, not Vaqueros]MioceneVaqueros (Topanga?)?,
El SerenoLos AngelesCAarea exposuresMiocenePuenteplants -- Willow, Oak, Magnolia. Fish Scales, Invertebrates in diatomite and mudstone.,
Elsmere CanyonLos AngelesCAPlioceneTurris, Astrodapsis, Cancellaria, Chione,
Exposition ParkLos AngelesCALA County Museum, Good displays of Rancho La Brea fossilsPleistocene?,
Hancock ParkLos AngelesCAat corner of La Brea Blvd and Wilshire Blvd - La Brea Tar Pits. Pleistocene mammals. Displayed in Museum. No collectingPleistoceneTeratornis, Breameryx, Megalonyx, Nothrotherium, Tremarctotherium, Mammuthus, Mammut, Camelops, Equus, Smilodon, Canis, Felis, Many modern forms.,
La Brea Tar PitsLos AngelesCATar bedsPleistoceneInsects - Coleoptera,
LomitaLos AngelesCALomita quarry near intersection of Hawthorne Blvd and Wilmington Blvd.PleistoceneCassidulina,
Long BeachLos AngelesCAat Signal HillPleistocenemollusks,
Los AngelesLos AngelesCA3rd Street TunnelPlioceneMancalla,
Los AngelesLos AngelesCACorner of 4th and BroadwayAstrangia(a coral), Borsonia, Pecten, Siphonalia(a whelk), Turris, Cancellaria,
Malibu CanyonLos AngelesCAnw1/4 s19tt1sr17WMioceneVaquerosPurpura, Tegula,
Mint CanyonLos AngelesCAse1/4 s30t5nr14wTertiaryMint CanyonMiolabis(A camel),
NewhallLos AngelesCAElsmere CanyonPliocene?,
Newhall RanchLos AngelesCAarea exposuresMioceneModelofish,birds,mollusks,plants,
Newhall RanchLos AngelesCAarea exposuresMiocene-PlioceneTowsleyvertebrates,invertebrates,
Pacific PalisadesLos AngelesCAIn Temescal (Long Wharf)Canyon.PleistoceneIschnochiton, Leptochiton,
Pacific PalisadesLos AngelesCAin Temescal CanyonPliocene?,
Palos Verde HillsLos AngelesCAarea exposuresmarine Vertebrates,
Palos VerdesLos AngelesCAIn George F Canyon in Sandstone lensMioceneMonterey55 species of mollusks,
Pierce CollegeLos AngelesCAShark teeth, marine vertebrates,
Playa del ReyLos AngelesCAVertebrate Fossils,
Playa del ReyLos AngelesCANo modern references to this site. Presumably lost to development in the 1960s or soPleistoceneShark Teeth,
Point FerminLos AngelesCACallistochiton,
Point FerminLos AngelesCAIn shale exposures above beachwhale bones, petrified wood,
Rancho La BreaLos AngelesCAWilshire Blvd, In Pleistocene tar pitsPleistocenemany genera of mammals and birds. Smilodon, Canis, Teratornis,
San PedroLos AngelesCAat Berth 73 near the intersection of 22nd St and Signal St in San Pedro (Timms Point Silt Member)PleistoceneSan Pedrofossils?,
San PedroLos AngelesCACrayfish Georges's in road cut at intersection of 22nd St and Marina DrivePleistoceneSan Pedrovery diverse mollusks in 30cm bed.,
San PedroLos AngelesCAIn bank below Harbor freeway near Gibson BlvdPleistoceneSan Pedro sand |Palos Verdes sand abundant mollusks.,
San PedroLos AngelesCAin E San Pedro at Timms PointPleistoceneTimms Pointmollusks,
San PedroLos AngelesCAdowntown on 2nd StreetPleistoceneTimms Pointmollusks, 68 species of fish,
San PedroLos AngelesCAin area marine outcropsPleistocene?,
San PedroLos AngelesCAIn lower part of city in Pleistocene exposures in road cutsPleistoceneoysters, clams, scallops, mussels, sand dollars,
San PedroLos AngelesCAnear Bay endCerithiopsis,
San PedroLos AngelesCAvertebrate fossils,
Santa MonicaLos AngelesCAVertebrate fossils,
Santa Monica MtnsLos AngelesCAAlong Dixie Canyon Avenue S34T1NR15W??,CA in very extensive exposuresMioceneModelodiatoms,
Santa Monica MtnsLos AngelesCASepulveda Canyon N of Mullholland DriveMioceneModelofish-Lampanyctus,
Santa Monica MtnsLos AngelesCAOn North slopes in shalesMioceneModelooccasional well preserved small fish,
Santa Monica MtnsLos AngelesCAAlong Mullholland Drive near Las Virgines Drive in shales and sandstonesMioceneTopangafossils,
Santa Monica MtnsLos AngelesCACretaceousammonites.,
Santa Monica MtnsLos AngelesCAOn Mullholland Drive E of San Diego Freeway near Fire StationMiocenefossil fish,
Soledad PassLos AngelesCAne1/4 s31t5nr12w.Vertebrates, Etringus, Rogenio[?]No citations for 'Rogenio (bowersi)' 050522,
Spanish Bight San PedroLos AngelesCA14.4 km NE of intersection of Gaffey and Channel.Pleistocene UpperPalos Verdes Sand 150 taxa of marine invertebrates.Surely Spanish Bight was in San Diego Bay and was filled in 1941,
Timms Point - LA harborLos AngelesCACassidulina,
Topanga CanyonLos AngelesCAin roadcuts on Old Topanga Canyon road E of Mulholland driveMioceneTopangagastropods and pelecypods,
Topanga Canyon VillageLos AngelesCAW on Saddle Peak many fossiliferous exposuresMioceneTopanga?,
West CovinaLos AngelesCASan Jose HillsMioceneModelofish-Bathylagus,Ganolytes?,Lampanyctus?,Plectrites?,
White's PointLos AngelesCAPleistoceneCerithiopsis,
Woodland HillsLos AngelesCAarea road cutsCretaceous?,
BolinasMarinCAIn Sea Cliff on beachPlioceneNassa,
Bolinas BayMarinCAse1/4 s24t1nr8wMioceneMonterey ShaleCarcharodon,
Marin HighlandsMarinCANear Golden Gate Bridge termination -- generally unfossiliferous - but ammonites in at least two localitiesMesozoicFranciscanAmmonites,
Millerton PtMarinCAAlong NE shore of Tomales Bay between Millerton Pt and Tom's Pt in sea cliffsPleistoceneMillertonmollusks - 47 species,
SebastopolMarin,SonomaCAbetween Santa Rosa Valley and Pacific CoastPliocene UpperMercedmollusks,
Merced RiverMariposaCALeft Bank 400 meters below Old Benton Mill Site sw1/2s6t4sr17e - Gold Bearing Jurassic slatesJurassicAucella, Pholadomya, Belemnites, Amusium,
Round ValleyMendocinoCAs6t21nr12wEoceneCapayTurritella,
Wallala[?]MendocinoCAsw1/4 s27t11nr15wCretaceousWallala|GualaSolarium,Coralliochamaprobably 'Valhalla/Gualala' a stream in that area,
GustineMercedCAalong hills on W side of San Joaquin Valley in gulliesCretaceousMorenopelecypods, gastropods, Plotosaurus (a mosasaur), Elasmosaurus (plesiosaurs), Pternadon, Prosaurolophus,
Pacheco PassMercedCAAt E end in se1/4 s21t10sr7eCretaceousChicoLunatia,
Pacheco Pass AreaMercedCACretaceousammonites.,
AlturasModocCAAlturas Fauna 41-30n 120-35WMiocene Upper7 species of plants,
CanbyModocCAUpper Cedarville-Pit River Fauna 41-22n 121-4WMiocene Upper21 species of plants,
MontereyMontereyCA300 meters from trail at Jack's PeakLeaves and shells,
MontereyMontereyCAIn shales down trail from West parking lot at Jack's PeakShells and leaves,
MontereyMontereyCAE, At Jacks Peak in Jacks Peak Park on Jacks Peak Rd off CA68. Take Skyline Trail 500m to Coffeyberry Trail. Best exposures on Coffeyberry Trail. No CollectingMioceneAguajitoFossil leaves, fish(rare), Decapods-Pinnixa,
Stone Canyon Coal MineMontereyCA8 km NW in nw1/4 s6t22sr13eMioceneVaquerosScutella?,
Vaqueros CanyonMontereyCAAlong Ridge between Vaqueros and Reliz Canyons in nw1/4 s26t20sr6eMiocene LowerVaquerosSolenosteira, Mytilus,
Vaqueros CanyonMontereyCAN end of road along W side of divideAntigoniaAntigonia is Antigona in the original,
KnoxvilleNapaCAOn road from Reed to Royal Quicksilver mine in n1/2s34t11nr5wCretaceousKnoxvilleAptychus,
Rag CanyonNapaCACretaceous UpperChicoArca,
Buckeye Flat DiggingsNevadaCAAuriferous gravelsEocene MiddlePetrified Wood,
Nevada CityNevadaCARemington Hill Fauna 39-17n 120-45WMiocene Upper32 species of plants,
Scotts Bluff ReservoirNevadaCAIn a layer of chocolate clay shales at the top of the mother load beds of auriferous gravels at Sailor Flat. The fossils are of real scientific interest and should not be casually collected. Several sites on private land and in Tahoe Natl ForestEoceneChalk BluffChalk Bluff flora. unmineralized leaves - Many Species -- Cinnamon, Laurel, Sycamore, petrified wood.,
[?]OrangeCAexposed discontinuously along coast from Newport to San Clemente as far inland as El ToroPlioceneSan Juan Capistranoforams, ostracods, brachiopods, echinoids, mollusks,
[?]OrangeCAin road cuts along the Eastern toll RoadCretaceousfossils from various formations,
[?]OrangeCAin road cuts along the Eastern toll RoadTertiaryfossils from various formations,
Abalone PtOrangeCA4 km N 21deg E in n1/2s14t7sr9wMioceneVaquerosModiolus,
CarbondaleOrangeCAAt the now defunct town of Carbondale at the Mouth of Silverado Canyon in coal bedsPaleoceneSilveradoplant fossils (9),
El ToroOrangeCAMiocene-PlioceneCapistranoforams, ostracods, echinoderms, mollusks,
El ToroOrangeCAIn Miocene marine vertebrates at Leisure World development. Now built overmarine vertebrates.,
Ladd CanyonOrangeCAin Limestone on East ForkJurassicBedford Canyona few ammonites,
Ladd CanyonOrangeCAin gray LimestoneCarboniferous?pelecypods, corals, gastropods,
Lake ForestOrangeCAIn dry washMioceneTopangaPecten reef,
McBride CanyonOrangeCAin Limestone near head of canyonJurassicBedford Canyona few ammonites,
Mission ViejoOrangeCAPlioceneNiguelabundant sea shells,
NewportOrangeCAMiocene-PlioceneCapistranoforams, ostracods, echinoderms, mollusks,
NewportOrangeCAshell beds in ravinesPleistocene?,
Newport BayOrangeCAProbable Newport FormationPlioceneNewport?Vertebrate fossils,
Newport BeachOrangeCAon private land not currently accessiblePlioceneNewportseashells, vertebrate and sea bird fossils.,
Newport BeachOrangeCAIn cliffs along CA1PleistocenePalos Verdes Sand fossils?,
Plano TrabucoOrangeCAW end e1/2s28t6sr7wMiocene LowerVaquerosTurritella,
San ClementeOrangeCAN along coastMiocene-PlioceneCapistranoforams, ostracods, echinoderms, mollusks,
Santa Ana MountainsOrangeCACretaceousammonites.,
Santiago CanyonOrangeCAsw1/4 s8t5sr7wPectunculus, Pholadomya,
Silverado CanyonOrangeCAns1/4 s17t5sr7wSchloenbachia,
Silverado CanyonOrangeCAleft side in basal conglomerate 300m above Sea Level sw1/4 s8t5sr7wTrigonarca,
ColfaxPlacerCAAt Chalk Bluffs 39-15n 120-52WEocene Lower71 species of plants,
[?]PlumasCAMohawk Fauna 39-46n 120-38WMiocene Middle13 species of plants,
LaPortePlumasCA39-42n 120WOligocene Lower41 species of plants,
Mt JuraPlumasCASW slope in ravine in SW1/4 s36t26nr10eJurassicMormonPapilliceras, Ornithella,
Mt JuraPlumasCAmany area exposures?,
Mt JuraPlumasCANW of Mount Jura near Deadfall LaneGervillia,
Mt JuraPlumasCASW SlopeGlyphaea'Glyphaea' is a rare Jurassic Shrimp. The name is suspiciously close to a common fossil mollusk 'Gryphaea',
Mt JuraPlumasCAN SlopeLima,
Mt JuraPlumasCASW of Mt Jura on slopes of Indian CreekPinna,
Mt JuraPlumasCAIn Hinchman Ravine N toward Mt JuraTrigonia'Papilliceras'='Sonninia',
TaylorsvillePlumasCA5 km NE in S fork of Foreman's Ravine ne1/4 s30t26nr11eJurassicForemanTrigonia,
TaylorsvillePlumasCAon Mt Jura above County ParkJurassicHardgrave[?] SandstoneMollusks and leavesThere is a county park on the lower slope of Mt Jura about 500m East of Taylorsville. Haven't found a description of the rock sequence there,
TaylorsvillePlumasCA4 km SSE along banks of Montgomery Creek Sw1/4 s11t26nr10eSilurianMontgomery LimestoneStromatopora, Zaphrentis, Heliotis, Syringopora, Halysites, Orthis, Ormoceras,
ElsinoreRiversideCAat NW end of San Jacinto MtnsPlioceneMt EdenFossil Plants,
Elsinore QuadrangleRiversideCAsw1/4 s24t3sr2wPliocene LowerMt EdenPliohippus, Procamelus, Pliauchenia, Prosthennops, Hypolagus, Hyaenarctos, Trilophodon(a mastodon),
RiversideRiversideCAMt Edenvertebrates-Texoceros,
San Gorgonio PassRiversideCA2 km W of Thousand Palms CanyonPlioceneImperialfossils,
San JacintoRiversideCAsw1/4 sw1/4 s25t5sr1ePleistoceneBautistaEquus,
San JacintoRiversideCABautista Creek areavertebrates, Tapirus,
Whitewater CanyonRiversideCAIn E wall of Canyon near mouthPlioceneImperialfossils?,
Willis PalmsRiversideCA2 km W of Thousand Palms CanyonPlioceneImperialfossils,
WinchesterRiversideCASE in magnesite quarry in marbleCarboniferousa single fossil,
BakerSan BernardinoCASmall hills next to the I15 access roadPermianBird SpringBrachiopods,
BakerSan BernardinoCAPetrified Palm Wood somewhere in region.,
Baldwin LakeSan BernardinoCANE in LimestoneMississippianFurnaceDictyoclostus, Spirifer, Caninia,
BarstowSan BernardinoCAMioceneBarstowMammal Reference Location,
BarstowSan BernardinoCA15 km NW in e1/2s32t11nr2wMioceneBarstowMerychippus,
BarstowSan BernardinoCAn1/2s33t11nr2wMioceneBarstowMerychippus,
BarstowSan BernardinoCAMiocene UpperBarstowMammal Fossils,
BarstowSan BernardinoCAMiocene?Barstowmammal Fossils,
BarstowSan BernardinoCAsw1/4 s31t11nr1wMioceneMojaveAlticamelus,
BarstowSan BernardinoCAnw1/4 s6t11nr1eMioceneMojaveMerycodus,
BarstowSan BernardinoCASW1/4 s31t11nr1eMioceneMojaveParahippus and other vertebrates.,
BarstowSan BernardinoCA18 km N of Black MtnCretaceoustypical fossilsUnlikely that this is Cretaceous. If marine, is probably Paleozoic or Triassic. If terrestrial, probably Miocene or quaternary.,
Bassett PointSan BernardinoCAIn extensive badlands exposed below point. I15 to Harvard off Ramp, East 5.3 km, Right across tracks, Straight 500 meters, Left 3.2 km, Left 650 meters to Parking area. Collecting is by BLM permit only.Pleistocene UpperManixFossils include 21 species of mammals including camels, horses, sloths, several carnivores and mammoth. There are 5 species of ostracods, 11 mollusks, 2 fish, a turtle, and 25 species of birds.Collecting is by BLM permit only.,
CadizSan BernardinoCAA small hill North of the Ship Mountains SE of Cadiz CAPermianBird SpringBrachiopods,
CadizSan BernardinoCA3 km ENE in SE extremity of Marble MtnsCambrianCadiz ShaleCorynexochus, Bathyuriscus, Anomocarella, Acrocephalites,
CadizSan BernardinoCA2 km N 28 degrees E on N side of Canyon in green-gray shaleCambrianLathamPaedeumias,
Cady MtnsSan BernardinoCASW side of range 24 km E of NewberryMioceneOreodonts, Camels, Mustelids, Carnivores,
Cajon PassSan BernardinoCAin marine bedsCretaceous UpperPlesiosaur bones ,
ChamblessSan BernardinoCA5 km NE in Limestone Ridge W side ne1/4 s20t6nr14eCambrianLathamMesonacis'Mesonacis' is apparently a synonym for 'Olenellus',
ChamblessSan BernardinoCA5 km NE S Slope in buff LimestoneCambrianDolichometopus,
HectorSan BernardinoCA6.5 km N on SW side of Cady Mtnsvertebrates - camels, carnivores, Oreodonts,
HinkleySan BernardinoCA18 km NE in nw1/4 s4t10nr1wMiocene UpperBarstowEutamias(chipmunk), Peromyscus(deer mouse),
KelsoSan BernardinoCANorthwestCambrianLatham?,
KelsoSan BernardinoCA6 km E on trail from Tough Nut Mine to mine WorkingsCambrian LowerMesonacis,
Kingston Range?San BernardinoCAIn a chert layerProterozoicBeck Springs DolomiteBacteria,
Marble MtnsSan BernardinoCA16 km East of Amboy. East side of Range at the Southern tipCambrian MiddleCadiz Shaletrilobites, other fossils,
Marble MtnsSan BernardinoCA16 km East of Amboy. East side of Range at the Southern tipCambrian LowerChamblesstrilobites, other fossils,
Marble MtnsSan BernardinoCAEast of Amboy, West side of Range about 1 km N of South end of rangeCambrianLatham?,
Marble MtnsSan BernardinoCA16 km East of Amboy. East side of Range at the Southern tipCambrian LowerLathamtrilobites, other fossils,
Marble MtnsSan BernardinoCAEast of Amboy, North of old US 66 below highest peak in rangeCambrian?,
Mojave DesertSan BernardinoCAA various locations-Barstow-North End,Black Hill,Camp Quarry,Chert Ridge,Deep Quarry,Hidden Hollow,Leader Quarry,May Day Quarry,Ness Quarry,New Hope Quarry,New Years Quarry,Old Mill Quarry ...Miocene (Barstow)Barstowvertebrates--bird bones, many mammal taxaSee Barstow sites at for more details.,
Mojave DesertSan BernardinoCAin nodules deposited in 125 sites along 480 km of ancient lakes.MioceneBriones|Cierboplants and silicified insects,
Mountain PassSan BernardinoCAJurassicAztecDinosaur tracks,
NewberrySan BernardinoCA22.4 km E in Hector Fm on SW side of Cady Mtns, 6.4 km N of Hector siding on AT+SF RROreodonts, Camelids, Mustelids, carnivores.,
Providence MtnsSan BernardinoCAEast of Kelso, In strip along W side of rangeCambrian?,
Providence MtnsSan BernardinoCAAt Providence Mine in se1/2s17t11nr14wCambrian LowerPaedeumias,
Rainbow BasinSan BernardinoCAMioceneBarstowHorse bones, camel tracks,
Salt Spring HillsSan BernardinoCANorth of Baker, CACambrianLatham?,
Salt Spring HillsSan BernardinoCACambrian LowerWood CanyonVolborthella,
San Gorgonio PassSan BernardinoCAto EastPleistoceneMammuthus bones and teeth,
VictorvilleSan BernardinoCAE in Limestone ConglomeratePennsylvanian-Permianbrachiopod-Meekela;mollusk-Heritschia;gastropod-Omphalotrochus?,
YermoSan BernardinoCA8km EMiocene (Barstow)Barstowbird bones,Aepycamelinae,Merriamoceros,Merychenia,Merychippus,Pliolabis,Pseudaelurus,RakomeryxSee Barstow sites at for more details.,
YermoSan BernardinoCA8 km N in SE part of Calico Mtns 500 meters E of Mule Canyon Road. Disk shaped concretions (button beds) in petroliferous LimestoneMiocenesmall silicified insects, spiders, fairy shrimp, etc.,
[?]San DiegoCACretaceous Uppermollusks, brachiopods, forams. ammonites: W and S ends of Pt Loma,
Chula VistaSan DiegoCA5 km E in fossil canyonPlioceneSan Diego?,
Cockatoo GroveSan DiegoCAjust WPlioceneSan DiegoPecten, Dendraster,
CoronadoSan DiegoCAat Spanish BightPleistocenePecten, Arca, shark teeth,
Coyote MtnSan DiegoCAnear Dos Cabezos SpringsPlioceneCarrizoCoral-Madrepora[?]'Madrippora' in the original,
Del MarSan DiegoCAin isolated outcrops NE and SE of townJurassicBedford CanyonBuchia piochii,
False PtSan DiegoCAat S end of La Jolla business districtCretaceous?,
GrantvilleSan DiegoCAnearby in bank of San Diego RiverEoceneexcellent vertebrate fossils,
La JollaSan DiegoCA1 km N of Scripps Institute near top of Sea CliffEoceneArdath|ScrippsFossils,
La JollaSan DiegoCAN side of Mt SoledadCretaceous?,
La JollaSan DiegoCAat beachPleistocenePecten, Arca, shark teeth,
La JollaSan DiegoCApelecypod Pitar,
La MesaSan DiegoCAto North in area excavationsEocenePoway Conglomeratevertebrate fossils,
Mt SoledadSan DiegoCANorth sideCretaceousmollusks, brachiopods, forams, ammonites,
Murray CanyonSan DiegoCAOld Fenton Materials Company QuarryEoceneexcellent foraminifers,
OceansideSan DiegoCAIn Road Cuts on S side of San Luis Rey River just E of I5 at Hill Street Off Ramp. One shark tooth Isurus found in float. Possibly eroded from overlying San Mateo Creek Formation when area was actively quarried.MioceneOnofreshark toothThe Hill Street ramp was removed in the 1980s. CA78 was subsequently run through this general area,
OceansideSan DiegoCAAt Ocean Ranch industrial park in marine and non-marine bedsEoceneSantiagoCrustacea-shrimp,crabs;sand dollars,mollusks,fossil fish,shark and ray teeth,gastropods,mammal bones-MetarhinusMaterial is probably inaccessible, but future development may expose similar beds in area,
Pacific BeachSan DiegoCAin Canyon 500 meters W of mouth of Rose CanyonPlioceneSan DiegoPecten,
Pacific BeachSan DiegoCAin concretions in exposures N of Tourmaline St Surfing ParkEocenefossils,
Poway Pipeline TwoSan DiegoCAEoceneFriarsMammal Fossils,
Pt LomaSan DiegoCAat NE end of peninsulaEoceneRose Canyona few fossils,
Pt LomaSan DiegoCAin gray shale at base of cliffs at extreme South end of the pointCretaceousBaculites, plants, forams, pelecypods, gastropods, cephalopods, brachiopods,
PT LomaSan DiegoCAat a locality on S end of point other than the southern tipCretaceouscephalopods,
Pt LomaSan DiegoCASouthern and Western shoreCretaceousmollusks, brachiopods, forams, ammonites,
Pt LomaSan DiegoCAIn crevices and holes along the West side of the Pt Loma Peninsula in San DiegoRecentmany genera of mollusks,
Rose CanyonSan DiegoCASE of Mt Soledad and N of Ladrillo RR Station nw1/4 s30t15sr3wEoceneRose Canyon ShaleLucina, MitraLadrillo RR Station no longer exists,
Rose CanyonSan DiegoCASE of Mt Soledad and N of Ladrillo RR Station sw1/2s30t15sr3wEoceneRose Canyon ShalePecten, Fusinus, Natica, CorbulaLadrillo RR Station no longer exists,
Rose CanyonSan DiegoCAEocenemollusks,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAIn S wall of Los Penasquitos Canyon just E of I5 near base and also near topEoceneArdathfossils,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin walls of Rose Canyon S of Ardath Road overpass over I5EoceneArdathfossils,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAIn W wall of Soledad Canyon 1 km S of Los Penasquitos Canyon just W of I5 near topEoceneArdath|Scrippsfossils,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin low RR cut E of Mission Bay between Moreno Blvd and I5PleistoceneBay Point?,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAAt Sunset Cliffs park along top of sea cliffPleistoceneBay Pointtide pool mollusks,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin low RR cuts adjacent to I5 in Pacific Beach area.Pleistocene UpperBay PointLarge and abundant invertebrates,
San DiegoSan DiegoCA100 meters N of Friars Road in lower part of cliffs about 1 km E of San Diego Union High SchoolEoceneFriarsfossils,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAat top of mesa at N end of Mt Carol StEoceneFriarsfossils,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAat top of mesa at N end of Mt Carol StEoceneFriarsFossils,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAUpper Section of Sea Cliffs from Imperial Beach to Pacific BeachPleistoceneLivermore?Mollusks,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin Cabrillo Heights Park near N end of Murray Canyon about 700 meters S of I15-Aero Drive junctionEoceneMission Valleyfossils,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAnear top of mesa 400 meters S of end of Murray Ridge RoadEoceneMission ValleyFossils,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAS of West end of Cabrillo Bridge in Balboa ParkPlioceneSan DiegoDosinia,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin roadcut 300 meters SW of junction of Alamo Dr and Center StPlioceneSan DiegoEchinoids-Dendraster;Gastropods-Acanthina,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin road cut below Mercy HospitalPlioceneSan Diegofossils,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin Cabrillo Canyon in Balboa ParkPlioceneSan DiegoMerrimaster,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin Pliocene San Diego FmPlioceneSan DiegoMollusks,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAPlioceneSan DiegoMollusks,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAAt intersection of 34th St and Tompkins StPlioceneSan DiegoOstrea,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin excavations at corner of India and Upas StreetsPlioceneSan DiegoPecten,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAOn Market Street 200 meters E of Euclid AvenuePlioceneSan DiegoPecten,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin cliff in S wall of wash 1 km NW of Linda Vista SchoolEoceneScrippsFossils,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAIn cliffs on Reagents-Claremont Mesa RoadEoceneScrippsfossils,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAIn lower part of cliffs about 300 meters S of San Diego Union High SchoolEoceneScrippsfossils,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAat Pt LomaCretaceousprimitive abalone,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAIn banks of San Diego River near Friars Road and Ulric StreetEoceneExcellent vertebrate fossils,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin terrace deposits at S ends of grounds of Pt Loma CollegePleistocene50 or so species of mollusks, Chiton,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAat government jetty PleistocenePleistoceneCerithiopsis,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin Ocean bluff partially buriedPleistocenediverse mollusks, crustacea,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAAt base of bluff at foot of 26th St (reportedly now buried by dredging operationsPleistocenemollusks,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAin upper part of cliffs along Pacific and Imperial BeachesPleistocenemollusks,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAAt Curtis St and also at Dumas StreetPleistoceneOstrea bed,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAat Balboa ParkPleistocenePecten, Arca, shark teeth,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAat Pt Loma on terrace about 13 meters above modern sea level in two bedsPleistocene Upperabalone, other mollusks,
San DiegoSan DiegoCAAt low elevations around Mission Bay and in the low lying area between Old Town and the Pt Loma Peninsula at San DiegoRecentmollusk shells,
San DiegoSan DiegoCA1 km E of I5 in S wall of Tecalote Creek NW of University of San Diegofossils,
San MarcosSan DiegoCAroadcut on CA78 5.5 km NW of San MarcosEocenemollusks, ostracods,
San YsidroSan DiegoCAin various localities close to the Mexican border starting at the beach and running EastPlioceneSan Diegofossils,
San YsidroSan DiegoCAW of exposure of conglomerate in wall of tributary to Tia Juana River Canyon just N of Mexican borderPlioceneSan Diegofossils,
Solana BeachSan DiegoCAin debris S of parking area on Southbound I5.EoceneTorrey SandstoneOysters,
South Las Choyas ValleySan DiegoCAPlioceneSan Diegofossils,
Tecolote CreekSan DiegoCAEocenefossils,
Tecolote CreekSan DiegoCAPlioceneShark Teeth;mammal bones;Glottidia,
Torrey PinesSan DiegoCA2 km S of Carmel Valley about 50 meters above baseEoceneArdathfossils,
Torrey PinesSan DiegoCA3.5 km S of Carmel Valley near top of sea cliffEoceneArdathfossils,
Torrey PinesSan DiegoCAAlong base of sea cliffs for about 2 km starting just S of Carmel ValleyEoceneDel Marfossils,
Torrey PinesSan DiegoCAat base of beach bluffEoceneRose Canyonlignitic coal,
Torrey PinesSan DiegoCA4.5 km S of Carmel Valley about 70 meters above baseEoceneScrippsfossils,
Torrey PinesSan DiegoCAOyster beds in sandstones in canyons to EastEoceneTorrey SandstoneOysters,
Torrey PinesSan DiegoCAin shaley bed along base of cliffsEoceneTorrey Sandstonepoorly preserved mollusks,
Torrey PinesSan DiegoCAPleistocenePecten, Arca, shark teeth,
Torrey Pines State ParkSan DiegoCANo collectingEoceneabundant mollusks,
Torrey Pines State ParkSan DiegoCAEocenemollusks,
VallecitoSan DiegoCA4 km below at Parrot's Ferry road nw1/4 s32t3nr14e in gold bearing tertiary gravelsStylemys'Stylemys' is a Oligocene tortoise,
Vallecito WashSan DiegoCAPleistocenePalm SpringsTurtles-Geochelone,
VistaSan DiegoCA5.2 km SE in roadcut on S side CA78Eoceneabundant invertebrates,
VistaSan DiegoCA5.2 km SE of Vista, 4.8 km NE of San Marcos on SW side of CA78Eocenecorals, bryozoa, mollusks, ostracods,
OcotilloSan Diego?CAExit off I8. up Painted Gorge RoadPlioceneImperialabundant fossils in bioherms'Ocatillo' is a fairly common alternative spelling,
Alcatraz IslandSan FranciscoCACretaceousFranciscanclams,
Alcatraz IslandSan FranciscoCAMesozoicFranciscanbivalve mollusks,
San FranciscoSan FranciscoCAAt Baker BeachMesozoicFranciscana few fossils,
San FranciscoSan FranciscoCACretaceousammonites.,
Alamos CreekSan Luis ObispoCAHeadwaters of Creek (a tributary of Cuyama River, w1/2s16t31sr17eJurassic UpperFranciscanCephalopod-Protothurmannia,
Anderson CreekSan Luis ObispoCALa Panza Mtns, at transition to Temblor FormationOligocene-MioceneVaquerosCardium,
Caliente MtnsSan Luis ObispoCAMioceneCalienteVertebrate teeth,
Carrizo CreekSan Luis ObispoCAat E end E-W Ridge S of road near bend in Creekcoral - Oculina,
La Panza MtnsSan Luis ObispoCAIn E part of County in s1/2s4t31sr18eMiocene LowerVaquerosThais,
Oceanic MineSan Luis ObispoCAs15t27nr9e-s21t27nr9eFossils replaced with cinnabar,
San Luis ObispoSan Luis ObispoCA8 km E in Canyon de PiedraDosinia,
Santa MargaritaSan Luis ObispoCAN in s1/2s17t29sr13eMiocene UpperTurritella,
[?]San MateoCA1.6 km above junction of Mindego Creek and Alpine Creek in ne1/4 s24t7sr42Oligocene-MioceneVaquerosCardium,
Balsa PtSan MateoCA4 km NTurritella,
Daly CitySan MateoCAAt Mussel Rock in cliffs in interbeds in mudstone and siltstone. CA1 to Skyline Blvd to Westmoor to Skyline Drive to unnamed road along seacliff to parking area. Collecting area near parking, 2nd 800m NPliocene UpperMerced LowerEchinoderms-Scutellaster,Gastropods-Neptunea,Bivalves,petrified wood,pine cones,
Moss BeachSan MateoCAIn brown-orange shale in sea cliffs at N end of exposure. In Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. Collecting prohibitedPliocene UpperPurisimabivalves-Pecten;gastropods,
Pigeon PtSan MateoCA2 km N NE1/4 s33t8sr5w in Blue-Gray SandstoneArchaeopus,
Pillar PointSan MateoCAPliocenePurisimaDiverse invertebrate fossils,
San Gregorio CreekSan MateoCAPliocenePurisimaDiverse invertebrate fossils,
San Lorenzo RiverSan MateoCAse1/4 s14t8sr3wEocene LowerMartinezFissurella, Patella, Hipponyx, Tritonium, Semele, Cidaris,
Tunitas CreekSan MateoCAPliocenePurisimaDiverse invertebrate fossils,
Purisima [Creek?]San Mateo,Santa ClaraCAPliocenePurisimaDiverse invertebrate fossilsThe original source does not indicate a County. 'Purisima Creek' is listed in both San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties,
BuelltonSanta BarbaraCA5 km SW along West Nojoqui CreekMioceneVaquerosTurritella, Tritonia, Olivella, Xenophora,
CarpinteriaSanta BarbaraCAIn road cuts between US101 and CA150PleistoceneGastropods,
CarpinteriaSanta BarbaraCAFossils,
Cuyama ValleySanta BarbaraCAIn extensive badlandsMioceneCalienteVertebrate teeth,
Cuyama ValleySanta BarbaraCAMioceneNerolyEchinoderms,
Gaviota Beach State ParkSanta BarbaraCAIn steeply tilted tar soaked shales S of Fishing pierwhales, fish,
GaviotitoSanta BarbaraCAat Santa Anita DivideEocene-OligoceneMatilija Sandstonepelecypods, Macrocallista, Gari, Nemocardium, Pitar, Schedocardia; Gastropods, Turritella, Ficopsis, Ficus, Galeodea, Olequahia, Seraphs, Ectinochilus, AmaurellinaThere doesn't seem to be a place called Gaviotito, but there is a Gaviotito Creek in Santa Barbara County,
GaviotitoSanta BarbaraCAat Santa Rosa HillsEocene-OligoceneMatilija Sandstonepelecypods, Macrocallista, Gari, Nemocardium, Pitar, Schedocardia; Gastropods, Turritella, Ficopsis, Ficus, Galeodea, Olequahia, Seraphs, Ectinochilus, Amaurellina,
GoletaSanta BarbaraCAAlong sea cliffs between Goleta pt and Coal Oil Pt in 70 cm thick bedPleistocenewell over 100 species of invertebrates,
GoletaSanta BarbaraCA4 km SW at Coal Oil Pt (W of Camino Majorca Rd)Pleistocene Upper116 species of invertebrates,
GoletaSanta BarbaraCAIn Sea Cliffs East of Coal Oil Point to (and past) Camino Majorca RoadPleistocene Upper116 species of marine invertebrates.,
GoletaSanta BarbaraCA5.5 km SW in sea cliffs100 species,
Isla VistaSanta BarbaraCAIn ocean bluffsPleistocenemollusks,
Isla VistaSanta BarbaraCAat Coal PointPleistocenemollusks in sea cliff,
Isla VistaSanta BarbaraCAwave terrace to westPleistocene Uppermollusks,
Jalama CanyonSanta BarbaraCACretaceous Upperabundant fossils -- abundant fossils; Calva, Glycymeris, Inoceramus, Trigonia, Volutoderma, Baculites,
Las CrucesSanta BarbaraCAnear San Julian Ranch houseEocene-OligoceneGaviotaPelecypods; Crassatella, Ostrea, Pecten. Tivela, Venericardia, Cardium; Gastropods Turritella, Ficus,
Las CrucesSanta BarbaraCAWestEocene-OligoceneGaviotaPelecypods; Crassatella, Ostrea, Pecten. Tivela, Venericardia, Cardium; Gastropods Turritella, Ficus,
LompocSanta BarbaraCAsw1/4 s31t7nr34wMioceneEvesthes(a flounder),
Los OlivosSanta BarbaraCAarea exposuresfossils and minerals - jade and silica minerals,
New CuyamaSanta BarbaraCAin Branch CanyonMioceneBranch Canyonpelecypods, gastropods, echinoderms, vertebrate teeth,
Rincon PointSanta BarbaraCAat CA150 off ramp from CA101Pliocene-PleistoceneSanta BarbaraMarine fossils.,
Rincon PtSanta BarbaraCAPleistocene LowerSanta BarbaraBryozoa, Gastropods, Pecten,
San Miguel IsSanta BarbaraCASouth partMiocene LowerVaquerosPecten Ostrea,
Santa Anita CanyonSanta BarbaraCACretaceous Upperabundant fossils; Calva, Glycymeris, Inoceramus, Trigonia, Volutoderma, Baculites,
Santa BarbaraSanta BarbaraCASW of top of Packard HillPleistocenePecten,
Santa BarbaraSanta BarbaraCAmarine fossils in mud flat sediments elevated 3 to 10 meters above modern beach levels. Widely exposed in region.PleistoceneTresus,Macoma,Penitella,Clinocardium,Platyodon, Saxidomus,Polynices,Prothaca,Chione,Ostrea,Acmaea,Calyptraea and many other mollusks.'Polynices' is likely a misspelling of Polinices, the modern 'moon snail',
Santa Rosa IslandSanta BarbaraCAFossils along coast,
Santa Rosa IslandSanta BarbaraCAPecten,
Santa YnezSanta BarbaraCA2 km N in RR cutPlioceneFernandoBittium,
Santa YnezSanta BarbaraCAIn small canyon below mission in Sandstone near shale boundaryMioceneOstrea, Pecten,
Santa Ynez MtnsSanta BarbaraCAEocene Upper[?]Coldwater Sandstone[?]OystersUSGS knows nothing of an Eocene Coldwater Sandstone.,
VentucopaSanta BarbaraCAIn Quatal QuarryMioceneCalienteVertebrate teeth,
VenturaSanta BarbaraCAat Rincon Point in road cut at CA150 northbound offramp from US101Pliocene-Pleistocenemarine fossils,
Del Puerte CanyonSanta ClaraCACretaceousMorenowood fragments, plants,
Diablo HillsSanta ClaraCAS of San FranciscoDinosaurs - as many as 5 specimens.,
MilpitasSanta ClaraCA4 km NE at base of foothillsPecten,
Palo AltoSanta ClaraCAin excavations for Stanford Linear AcceleratorMiocene Middlemammals - Paleoparadoxia, shark teeth,
San JoseSanta ClaraCAto E in Alum Rock Canyon 500 meters up canyon above fallsMioceneMontereyChione,
CapitolaSanta CruzCA9 km S of US1, CA17 intersection in sea cliff S of New Brighton State BeachPliocenePurisima55 species of mollusks,
CapitolaSanta CruzCAon beachPlioceneclams, snails, sand dollars,
CapitolaSanta CruzCAIn ocean bluffsPliocenemollusks, sand dollars,
OlympiaSanta CruzCAMioceneSanta MargaritaMarine mammal-Imagotaria,
Scotts ValleySanta CruzCAMt Harmon exit from CA17 proceed NW 2.1km. Rt at Lockhart Gulch. 300m and park. Fossil bed is a bit over 20m above road level. Site reported closedMioceneSanta MargaritaShark Teeth-Isurus,Carcharodon; Mammal bonesReported as developed and closed to collecting.,
Scotts ValleySanta CruzCACA 17 to Mt Hermon Rd. W 1/6km to Scotts Valley Dr. 1st left onto Bean Creek Rd. 3.6km to exposureMioceneSanta Margaritaabundant echinoderms-Astrodapsis;gastropods-Thais; occasional shark teeth,
[?]ShastaCAIn regional cavesPleistoceneTremarctotherium, Euceratherium, Oreamnos,
[?]ShastaCAregional Lower Triassic limestonesTriassicIcthyosaurus, Thalattosaurus, ammonites, gastropods, pelecypods.,
Brock MountainShastaCAarea exposuresTriassic UpperHosselkusAmmonites Trachyceras, Nautiloids-Cosmonautilus,
Brock MountainShastaCAN end between Squad Creek and Pit River se1/4 s32t35nr2wTriassic UpperHosselkusSpiriferina, Poisidonia, Nautiloids - Cosmonautilus,
Cottonwood CreekShastaCAalong the creekCretaceousHorsetownmany invertebrates,
Cow CreekShastaCAnws3t31nr2wCretaceous UpperChicoNeptunea, Ringicula{4},
Devil RockShastaCATriassic Uppercoral - Isatrea{4},
Devil RockShastaCATriassic Uppercoral - Isatrea{4},
HorsetownShastaCACottonwood Creek, se1/4 s36t31nr5wCretaceousChicoAmmonites,
HorsetownShastaCACottonwood Creek, at sw1/4 se1/4 s2t30nr7wCretaceousHorsetownLunatia(moon snail), Ammonites, Helicaulax, Arca, Meretrix, Pecten,
HorsetownShastaCAon Cottonwood Creek at old Horsetown along N fork of the creekCretaceousabundant cephalopods,
HorsetownShastaCAon Cottonwood Creek SE of old Horsetown along N fork of the creekCretaceousBelemnites,
Huling CreekShastaCAPecten{4},
KennettShastaCA10 km NW on road to Mammoth Mine s18t34nr5wDevonianKennettAulopora, Alveolites{4},
KennettShastaCA6.4 km W between Squaw and Backbone Creeks s6t33nr5wDevonianKennettvertebrates -Cyathophyllum{4},
Little Cow CreekShastaCA1 km E of Cedar Creek junction ne1/4 s8t34nr2wTriassic UpperHosselkusSpongiomorpha{4},
Madison's RanchShastaCA5 km E, 2 km N of road to Brock Ranch sw1/4 s9t34nr2wTriassicHosselkusOrthoceras, Cosmonautilus, Mojsvaroceras, Polycyclus, Sandlingites, Sirenites,
McCloud RiverShastaCAAt Bear Cave, s1/2s8t34nr5wPleistocenevertebrates - Procyon{4},
Mill CreekShastaCAFrom Red Bluff on CA36, 40km to Paynes Creek. Rt on Plum Creek Rd 11.2km. Rt on Ponderosa Way, 30.4km to Black Rock Campground. Follow trail 1600m downstream to beach on creek with large purple rock. Fossils in gray-green material eroded from cliff upCretaceousAmmonites,Mollusks,large clams in concretions,
OnoShastaCA40 km NW of Redding in creeks and roadcuts in Budden Canyon (aka Ono) Formation. 2000 to 7000 meters of Cretaceous sediments in Klamath Mtn foothills. 61 genera of ammonites in sediments and concretionsCretaceousOnoammonites -Aspinoceras, Cheloniceras, Puzosia, Brewericeras, Douvilleiceras, Desmoceras, Pseudohelicoceras, Cymatoceras; gastropods, belemnites, brachiopods-- See Fossils Quarterly SpSum 1983,
OnoShastaCAat Byron Gulch sw1/4 s2t30nr7wAcaciaephyllum, other plants,
Ono areaShastaCACretaceousammonites.,
Potter Creek CaveShastaCAse1/4 s23t34nr4w in LimestonePleistoceneCatharista'Catharista' is a vulture. Presumably, the fossils are found in the cave floor debris.,
ReddingShastaCAarea exposuresCretaceousammonites,
ReddingShastaCA3 km E of Shasta Lake City in gullies near abandoned road bridgeCretaceousMarine mollusks.,
Samwell CaveShastaCAse1/4 s29t36nr3wPleistoceneVertebrates - Scirus,Preptoceras,Gymnogyps,
Squaw CreekShastaCASe1/4 s31t36nr2wTriassicHosselkusVertebrate - Thalattosaurus,
[?]SierraCAForest Fauna 39-30n 125-52WMiocene Upper9 species of plants,
GazelleSiskiyouCALovers Leap SW of Gazelle Mt peakSilurianGazelleConchidium, Heliolites, Encrinurus, Illaenid trilobites, crinoid stems, favositid corals, stromatoporoids, Orthoceroids, brachiopods - Leptaena, Atrypa, Chonetes{4},
GazelleSiskiyouCAW from 3 to 11 km W on Callahan RdSilurianGazelleConchidium, Heliolites, Encrinurus, Illaenid trilobites, crinoid stems, favositid corals, stromatoporoids, Orthoceroids, brachiopods - Leptaena, Atrypa, Chonetes{4},
GazelleSiskiyouCADuzel RockSilurianGazelleConchidium, Heliolites, Encrinurus, Illaenid trilobites, crinoid stems, favositid corals, stromatoporoids, Orthoceroids, brachiopods -Leptaena, Atrypa, Chonetes{4},
HenleySiskiyouCAsw1/4 s20t47nr6wCretaceousMiddle ChicoFagesia, Mortoniceras, Hamites[?], MactraHamites was 'Hemites' in the original,
Hornbrook-YrekaSiskiyouCAarea exposuresCretaceousammonites,
MontagueSiskiyouCAon Richardson Ranch nw1/4 s22t45nr6wCretaceousChicoDesmoceras, Pachydesmoceras, Puzosia{4}Pachydesmoceras is 'Pachysiskiyouensis' in the original 'Pachydesmoceras' is a guess,
MontagueSiskiyouCAon N side of Black Butte in draws and gulliesMiocenecephalopods{4},
Scott ValleySiskiyouCALimestone gulches (especially McConaughy Gulch) in Mtns on E side of ValleySilurianstarfish, brachiopods{4}spelled 'McConnehue' in original notes,
Scott ValleySiskiyouCAEtna-Fort Jones near summit on Yreka road in SandstoneTurritella{4},
Shasta ValleySiskiyouCAscattered outcropsCretaceousChicoScaphites {4},
Shasta ValleySiskiyouCAN partScaphites {4},
Willow CreekSiskiyouCAIn w1/2s31t47nr5wCretaceousChicoInoceramus{4},
YrekaSiskiyouCAto N on Cottonwood Creek in ne1/4 s22t45nr7wCretaceousChicoOstrea{4},
YrekaSiskiyouCAto N on Cottonwood CreekCretaceousFusus{4},
YrekaSiskiyouCAto N in Shasta Canyon 6.5 km N of Highway Bridge in se1/4 s18t46nr6wPrinotropis,
BeniciaSolanoCA3 km W in ne1/4 s1t2nr2wCretaceousChicoVenus, Cardium, Margaritella,
BeniciaSolanoCA3 km N in ne1/4 s25t3nr3wCretaceousShastaActeonina{4},
EldridgeSonomaCAPetrified Palm Wood at Keekay No 1 Mine?,
Santa RosaSonomaCAE from US101 on Mark West Springs Rd for 12.8km. Left on Petrified Forest Rd several km to Petrified Forest. No collecting. Tours availablePleistocene?Petrified tree trunks to 30m in length,
OakdaleStanislausCAOakdale Fauna 27-47N 120-42WPliocene Lower16 species of plants ,
South ButteSutterCA4 km W ne1/4 s28t16nr1eEoceneTejonDrillia, Galeoda, Fusina[?], Monodonta, Architectonia, Cordiera, Surcula.No citations for 'Fusina (merriami)' 050522. HA thinks Fusina is probably a valid gastropod genus. That's good enough for me-DJK,
West ButteSutterCANE, in SE1/4 s28t16nr1eEoceneTrochosmilia, Cardita,
Marysville ButtesSutter?CAPaleocene-EoceneLlajasechinoderms'Marysville Buttes'='Sutter Buttes',
Cottonwood CreekTehamaCA1 km up small ravine in e1/2s25t7nr8wCretaceousKnoxvilleCorbula, Dentalium, Helcion, Fissurella, Opis, Astarte, Pectundulus, Myoconcha, Lima, Spondylus{4},
PaskentaTehamaCAOn bald hills between Paskenta and Lowrey's ne1/4 s8t24nr6wCretaceousKnoxvilleCrioceras{4},
PaskentaTehamaCA5 km NW is s20t24nr6wCretaceousKnoxvilleLucina, Turbo, Corbula, Nucula, Astarte{4},
PaskentaTehamaCA3 km W on Paskenta-Lowrey road at McCarthy Creek sw1/4s19t24nr6wAucella{4},
PaskentaTehamaCA8 km N on small hillOlcostephanus, Arca{4},
S Fork Elder CreekTehamaCAne1/4 s6t29nr6wCretaceousKnoxvilleBelemnites{4},
S Fork Elder CreekTehamaCA2 km NW of Cooper's S36t25nr7wCretaceousKnoxvilleHoplites{4},
Tuscan SpringsTehamaCANw1/4 s32t28nr2wCretaceous UpperChicoTurritella{4},
Tuscan SpringsTehamaCAarea exposuresCretaceousmany fossil species{4},
Tuscan SpringsTehamaCA16 km NE of Red Bluff on Little Salt Creek, nw1/4 s32t28nr2wFusus, Ficus, Turritella{4},
Watson CreekTehamaCACretaceousKnoxvilleBelemnites,
Big Bar-Trinity RiverTrinityCAat Pattison and Wilshire Mines in ne1/4 s5t33nr12wPecten, Mytilus, Aucella, Cyprina, plants.{4},
Rattlesnake CreekTrinityCA12 km SW of Peanut in sw1/4 s20t1sr8e in Sandstone-shale conglomerateJurassicshells, plants -- Unio, Cyclopitys, Taeniopteris{4},
WeavervilleTrinityCAalong Trinity River, CACretaceous UpperHorsetownCrioceras{4},
WeavervilleTrinityCAalong Trinity RiverOligoceneWeavervillefossil plants,
Owen's LakeTulareCA21 km N on E side of valleyTriassicammonites,
ColumbiaTuolumneCATable Mountain Fauna 39-02n 120-23WMiocene Upper28 species of plants,
Stanislaus RiverTuolumneCAnear canyon opposite mouth of Bear Creek ne1/4 s11t1nr13eJurassicForemanabundant fossil plants.{4},
[?]VenturaCAIn se1/4 s13t3nr21wEocene-MioceneSespeLeptauchenia? (an oreodont){4},
Apache CanyonVenturaCAIn nearby ravine in S2+11t8nr23wvertebrates - Hypolagus, Perognathus{4},
Gas Plant CanyonVenturaCAne1/4 s18t3nr20wEocene-MioceneSespePromerychoerus,
Grimes canyonVenturaCA2 km E on long spur NW of Oak RidgeMioceneAnomia{4},
Little Sespe CreekVenturaCA2 km above Sespe CreekMiocenePotamides(4),
Los Posas HillsVenturaCAKew QuarryEocene-MioceneSespeNimravus, Mesocyon, Hoplophoneus(a sabertooth cat), Subhyracodon{4},
McCray Wells[?]VenturaCAN side of Simi Valley, sw1/4 s33t3nr17wEoceneLlajasIsocardia, Cucullaea PinnaNo citation for McCray Wells on Google or USGS 050522. The PLSS location appears to be a steep hillside just North of White Oaks Park at roughly 34.2963N 118.6615W. USGS shows no wells or springs in the area34.2963N 118.6615W
Pearson Ranch QuarryVenturaCAEocene (Duchesnean)SespeMammals-Chumashius,Griphomys,Hyaenodon,Pareumys,Sespedectes,
Quatal CanyonVenturaCAIn s1/2s27t9nr23wMioceneMontereyVertebrate - Citellus{4}There does not seem to be a Quatel Canyon in California--perhaps Quatal,
Rincon HillVenturaCAin road cuts at the interchange of US101 and CA150 in 17 distinct bedsPleistocenePico|Santa Barbara|San Pedrodiverse fossils, mostly mollusks,
Santa PaulaVenturaCAdue S along base of cliffsMiocene LowerSolenosteira, Solen, Scutaster(4),
Santa SusanaVenturaCAIn Arroyo Simi on S side of town inEoceneLlajasmollusks,
Santa SusanaVenturaCA1 km E on RR in Se1/4 s7t2nr17wLeda.(4),
Sespe CreekVenturaCAN side on N-S RidgeMioceneTurritella(4),
Simi HillsVenturaCACretaceousammonites.,
Simi ValleyVenturaCAin W bank of Simi ArroyoPaleocene-EoceneLlajasmollusks, echinoderms,
Simi ValleyVenturaCAat the Simi Valley LandfillEocene-MioceneSespe?,
Simi Valley NorthVenturaCAEocene (Duchesnean)SespeMammals-Tapochoerus,
Tapo RanchVenturaCAEocene (Uintan)SespeMammals-Dyseolemur,Miacis,Procynodictis,Tapochoerus,Tapocyon,
Topatopa BluffVenturaCAIn Mt Pinos quad se1/4 s18t5nr22w in black shalesCretaceousChicoCyclammina{4},
Ventura RiverVenturaCAW along S side of Ridge N of Coyote CreekMiocene LowerVaquerosOstrea {4},
Wheeler SpringsVenturaCAEoceneCozydellStarfish-Asteropecten,
Wiley CanyonVenturaCAalong NE-SW Ridge W of mouthMiocene LowerVaquerosArca, Pinna {4},
Santa Ynez MtnsVentura,Santa BarbaraCACretaceousammonites.,
Capay ValleyYoloCAs1/2s28t11nr3wEoceneCapayGemmula, Lacinia, Turritella, Trochocyathus, Fusinus, Spiroglyphus{4},
Cambridge[?]CA?MioceneHemphill?Mammal Reference Location,
Coffee Ranch[?]CA?MioceneHemphill?Mammal Reference LocationThere is a Coffee Creek Ranch near Trinity Center, CA, but I think this particular locality is in Texas,
[?][?]COW-Park RangeJurassicPseudomonotis, Belemnites{4},
[?][?]COat Millie Gibson Mine - gastropods replaced with native Silver, Galena, Sphalerite?,
Deer Trail[?]COPaleoceneFt Unionvertebrates-crocodile-Brachychampsa,
Ute Trail Head[?]CO[?]EoceneGreen RiverBird feathers-DiatrymaThe Ute Trail appears to be near Colorado Springs -- too far SE for Green River?,
ArbolesArchuletaCO3km N on E side of Piedra RiverPaleoceneAnimasvertebrates-Periptychus,Phenacodus,
Piedra RiverArchuletaCO13 km N of US160 on road along E side of rivercrinoids, brachiopods,
PritchettBacaCOto NorthCretaceousGraneros Shalevertebrates-Plesiosaur-Thalassomedon,
BellvueBoulderCO4 km N sandstoneCretaceousDakotaAvicula, Inoceramus, Ostrea, Fish scales, fish vertebra,
BellvueBoulderCOAt mouth of Owl CanyonAvicula, Inoceramus, Ostrea,
BellvueBoulderCOAt exit of Boxelder Creek from FoothillsOstrea,
BerthoudBoulderCOW just outside first hogback in shalesCretaceousBentonAvicula, Inoceramus, Ostrea,
BerthoudBoulderCOW in fold within first hogback in sandy shalesCretaceousAvicula, Inoceramus, Ostrea,
BoulderBoulderCOon S side of Spring Canyon Dam in Horsetooth reservoir banksCretaceousDakotatrace fossils, invertebrates,
BoulderBoulderCOIn Front range foothills in the area of Horsetooth Reservoir, Spring Canyon Dam and North toward Wyoming inCretaceous LowerDakota|Skull Creeks ShaleInoceramus, Ostrea, etc,
BoulderBoulderCO6 km E at 40th parallelCretaceousFox Hillsinvertebrates,
BoulderBoulderCO5-10 km NCretaceousPierreshells, petrified wood, Dinosaur Bones, Mosasaurus, Cephalopods,
BoulderBoulderCO5-10 km N below Hygiene SandstoneCretaceousBaculites, Inoceramus, a few vertebrate bones,
BoulderBoulderCONE, on Haystack Butte and in fields to WCephalopods,
BoulderBoulderCOat University Hospital E in brickyardcephalopods, wood, fish bones, dinosaur bones, pelecypods{4},
BoulderBoulderCO6 km S just outside foothills at mouth of Bear CanyonInoceramus, Baculites,
BulgerBoulderCO1 km SAvicula, Pholadomya, Baculites, Scaphites{4},
BulgerBoulderCO2 km NE in grayish calcareous SandstoneHalymenites, Crenella, Dentalium {4},
Cottonwood SpringBoulderCOat top of Cottonwood Draw - 24 km NNE of OrchardHalymenites, Ostrea, Corbicula, Melania, reptile teeth, many invertebrate species{4},
Fort CollinsBoulderCON and NW at lower boundary of Hygiene SandstoneCretaceousHygieneAvicula, Inoceramus, Ostrea,
Fort CollinsBoulderCOat Fossil RidgeMany invertebrates in concretions{4},
Greasewood LakeBoulderCO3 km SE of Osgood S and SW of lakeCretaceousFox Hillscephalopods{4},
Greasewood LakeBoulderCO3 km SE of Osgood fresh water shells along shorelinePleistocene-Holocenemollusks{4}No Osgood in area of Greasewood lake,
GreeleyBoulderCO2 km E of Fosston on E side of Valley?,
GreeleyBoulderCO3 km N of Fosston at abandoned reservoir?,
GreeleyBoulderCOE of Cornish on E side of South Platte Valley?,
GreeleyBoulderCOIn area exposures:?,
GreeleyBoulderCOAt Cow CreekMany species of invertebrates,
Little Thompson CanyonBoulderCO7 km SSECretaceousFox HillsSphaeriola,
Little Thompson CanyonBoulderCOat mouthCretaceousNiobrara LimestoneInoceramus, Ostrea, Halymenites,
Little Thompson CanyonBoulderCOWSW in Tepee ButtesCretaceousPierreBaculites, Inoceramus, Membranipora, Avicula, Ostrea, Lucina, Pelecypods, Gastropods, Scaphites,
Little Thompson CanyonBoulderCOE of mouthCretaceousPierre ShaleInoceramus, Baculites,
LongmontBoulderCOSCretaceousDakotaInoceramus. Ostrea, fish vertebrae, Plesiosaur teeth.{4},
LongmontBoulderCO3 km SECretaceousPierreCrenella.{4},
LongmontBoulderCO400 meters E at Reservoir HillCretaceousPierreOstrea, Veniella, Lucina, Cardium, Callista, Mactra, Dentalium, Lunatia, Melania, Cylichna, gastropods, reptile teeth.{4},
LongmontBoulderCO8 km ECretaceousPierreOstrea, Veniella, Lucina, Cardium, Callista, Mactra, Dentalium, Lunatia, Melania, Cylichna, gastropods, reptile teeth.{4},
MarshallBoulderCOSW along coal CreekCretaceousInoceramus, Baculites, Scaphites, Heteroceras{4},
Osgood P.O.BoulderCO7 km Wabundant Corbicula{4},
Osgood P.O.BoulderCO10 km NECorbicula, Melania, Planorbis{4},
Osgood P.O.BoulderCO36 km ENE of GreeleyCorbula{4},
Osgood P.O.BoulderCO7 km EOstrea,
Osgood P.O.BoulderCO7 km NE in coal outcrop at old stone corral 400 meters down gullyOstrea, Anomia, Mytilus, Modiolus, Corbicula{4},
Osgood P.O.BoulderCONE, in area exposuresOstrea{4},
PlattevilleBoulderCO8 km NNW at Wildcat Mound in gulliesCretaceous UpperMillikengastropods, pelecypods, teredo wood, fish vertebrae, reptile teeth{4}Original said 'Millikan' formation,
ValmontBoulderCOIn White Rock Bluff and NE along a fault lineCretaceous UpperMillikenHalymenites, Nucula, Yoldia, Avicula, Ostrea, Dentalium, gastropods, shark teeth, reptile teeth.,
WellingtonBoulderCO22 km NNW at Round Butte in bluffs in areaCretaceousHygiene sandstonefossils in concretions,
WellingtonBoulderCO5 km N and to west in road cuts and stream bedsCretaceousPierre ShaleInoceramus and others,
WellingtonBoulderCO22 km NNW at Round Butte in bluffs in areaMississippianatop mesa Mississippian fossils in chert float,
WellingtonBoulderCO22 km NNW at Round Butte in bluffs in areaTertiaryatop mesa, Tertiary age petrified wood. -- Tertiary,
WellingtonBoulderCO8 to 10 km Eabundant invertebrates and vertebrate teeth,
WellingtonBoulderCO10 km NE in gulliesAvicula, Veniella, Dentalium, Mactra,
WellingtonBoulderCO22 km NNW at Round Butte in bluffs at top of talus slopemany invertebrates, fish scales, shark teeth, reptile teeth.,
WellingtonBoulderCO5 km E below Millikan SandstoneVeniella,
WellingtonBoulderCO1 km NE in canal banksYoldia, Baculites,
Monarch areaChaffeeCOIn two horizons one black Limestone and the other shale 1000 meters higherDevonianOurayAthyris, Camarotoechia, Orthoceras, Orthothetes, Productella, Spirifer, Syringopora, Fenestella, Productus, Spiriferina,,
Monarch HillChaffeeCOIn LimestoneOrdovicianHalysites, Diphyphyllum, Zaphrentis, Heliolites, Stromatopora, Orthoceras,
RussellChaffeeCO1.5 km NE W of old RR grade above Sangre de Christo Creek and along the axis of the synclineProductus, Aviculopecten, Spirifer, Wood, (Rhombopora), pelecypods,
Sawatch RangeChaffeeCOat Pitch Pinnacle plants ,
Stearns GulchChaffeeCOon black calcareous shaleProductus, Aviculopecten, Spirifer, Wood (Rhombopora), pelecypodsThere is a Stearns Gulch in Costilla County,
Trout Creek PassChaffeeCOOrdovicianHardingLingula, mollusks, crustacea, conodonts, fish - Dictyorhabdus, Astraspis, Eriptychius,
NE Crowley CountyCrowleyCOTepee Buttes Fossiliferous limestonesCretaceousNiobraraBaculites, Lucina, Scaphites,
CedaredgeDeltaCO4.8km NW near and in Green Valley MineCretaceousMesaverdedinosaur bones,
CedaredgeDeltaCOFrom roof of Red Mountain Coal MineCretaceousMesaverdedinosaur footprints,
CedaredgeDeltaCOFrom roof of Western Star Coal MineCretaceousMesaverdedinosaur footprints,
DeltaDeltaCOarea exposuresCretaceousfossils,
Delta BridgeDeltaCO5.4 km WNWCretaceousBenton|NiobraraScaphites, Prionocyclus, Inoceramus,
Delta BridgeDeltaCO10.5 km W near top of Dakota SandstoneCretaceousDakotaInoceramus, Cephalopods,
Delta BridgeDeltaCO6 km E on N side of Wells GulchCretaceousDakotaPlant Fragments,
Delta BridgeDeltaCO8 km WSW near top of Dakota SandstoneCretaceousDakotaPlant stem casts,
Delta BridgeDeltaCO21 km N and 3 km W s10t13sr96wEoceneWasatchmammal vertebrae, Unio{4},
DenverDenverCO16 km W and 1.2 km S on W slope of Green Mtn above practice fairway.Cretaceous UpperDenverFossil leaves,
DenverDenverCOAlong Alameda Parkway Rd W of Denverdinosaur trackways{7},
Dinosaur Ridge (Dakota Hogback)DenverCODinosaur tracks,
Red RocksDenverCOE of Morrison Hogback S of Alameda Road in LimestoneCretaceous UpperTimpasplentiful brachiopods,
Scotch CreekDoloresCO115 meters above base of Rico FormationRico[?]MyalinaUnable to identify a 'Rico' formation in CO,
Castle RockDouglasCON near I25Paleocene LowerFossil plants-trees. 104 species,
BondEagleCORoad cut on U side of CO131-NW1/4SE1/4S16T2SR83WPennsylvanianMinturnfish-Ctenacanthus,
Colorado RiverEagleCOin massive gray LimestoneDevonianChaffeeabundant brachiopods - Spirifer, Camarotoechia, Schizophoria, Productella, Athyris,
Eagle Bird GulchEagleCOat Red CliffDevonian-MississippianLeadvilleSpirifer, Schuchertella, Crania, Fenestella, pelecypods, crinoid stems, corals (Zaphrentis), brachiopods (Chonetes),
Eagle Bird GulchEagleCOat Red CliffCambrianBrachiopods - Obolidae, WestoniaThe original says 'Westoniaella', but there are no citations for that and there is a species 'ella' listed for genus 'Westonia'. I'm guessing that the space between genus and species was inadvertently dropped.,
Eagle Bird GulchEagleCOat Red CliffOrdovicianZaphrentis,
Ten Mile DistrictEagleCOPennsylvanianWeberbrachiopods, crinoid stems, corals, brachiopods,
Stone Reservoir-Camp RiceEl PasoCO1.6km N at Gardner RanchPleistocene (Irvington)Camp RiceTurtle-Geochelone,
Williams CanyonEl PasoCOnear Manitou SpringsCambrian UpperSawatchtrilobite tracks,
Canon CityFremontCOHarding's QuarryOrdovicianFremontabundant fossils -- crinoid stems, corals, porifera, brachiopods, mollusks, crustacea, fish plates{4},
Canon CityFremontCOGarden Park area on W side of Oil CreekOrdovicianFremontabundant fossils -- crinoid stems, corals, porifera, brachiopods, mollusks, crustacea{4},
Canon CityFremontCOIn Priest CanyonOrdovician MiddleHardingLingula, mollusks, crustacea, conodonts, fish - Dictyorhabdus, Astraspis, Eriptychius{4},
Canon CityFremontCOarea exposuresJurassicMorrisondinosaur fossils{4},
Canon CityFremontCOJurassicMorrisondinosaurs-Allosaurus,Amphicoelias,Brachyrophus,Camarasaurus,Caulodon,Dryosaurus,Dryptosaurus,Epantherias,Hypsirophus,Stegosaurus,Symphyrophus,Tichosteus,;crocodiles-Amphicotylus,Goniopholis;turtles-Glyptops,
Canon CityFremontCOarea exposuresOrdovician UpperOstracoderms{4},
Canyon CityFremontCOIn sandstonesOrdovicianHardingfish plates-Astraspis,
Canyon City?FremontCOOn N side of Arkansas River in shales on road above McCormick Brick YardOrdovicianHardingfish plates-Astraspis,Eriptychius,
Colorado State PenitentiaryFremontCOUS50 9 km W of penitentiary on US50. Roadcut exposing red to pink Ordovician Harding Limestone at West End.OrdovicianHardingAgnathan Fish bones -- Astraspis, Eriptychius,
Garden ParkFremontCOJurassicMorrisonDinosaur bones-Tichosteus,
Garden ParkFremontCO9.8km N on Shelf Road, park at turnouts. Protected site-presumably collecting is prohibitedCretaceous?Dinosaur bones,eggs,tracks,
[?]GarfieldCOEoceneGreen RiverBird Feathers, Bird Tracks,
Colorado RiverGarfieldCOIn massive gray LimestoneDevonianChaffeeabundant brachiopods - Spirifer, Camarotoechia, Schizophoria, Productella, Athyris,
Douglas PassGarfieldCOAt FAA radar site parking lot and nearby locations in 'Mahogany Ledge' of Parachute Creek memberEoceneGreen Riverabundant Fossil leaves, insectsThis site is probably at 39.6383N, 108.7616W about 4km N and W of Douglas Pass on the graded road that turns off from Douglas Pass behind the Public Works Garage.39.6383N, 108.7616W probable
Douglass PassGarfieldCOin oil shaleTertiaryabundant plant and insect fossils,
Douglass Pass-Rio BlancoGarfieldCOParachute Creek memberEoceneGreen Riverscarce but varied vertebrates. Many insects.,
Glenwood CanyonGarfieldCOThe at either end of the canyon as the layers bow down to the river level. These layers form cliffs and sloping hills. They are the remnants of shallow seasDevonianChaffeerich in mussel, snail and squid fossils.,
Glenwood CanyonGarfieldCOThe at either end of the canyon as the layers bow down to the river level. These layers form cliffs and sloping hills. They are the remnants of shallow seasCambrian UpperDotserorich in mussel, snail and squid fossils.,
Glenwood CanyonGarfieldCOThe at either end of the canyon as the layers bow down to the river level. These layers form cliffs and sloping hills. They are the remnants of shallow seasOrdovician LowerManitourich in mussel, snail and squid fossils.,
ParachuteGarfieldCObeds are exposed high up in cliffsEoceneGreen RiverPlant material,
Haystack MtnGilpinCO3 km NNW in fork of Arapaho CreekCorbula fragments, fish scales, Goniatites{4},
KremmlingGrandCOIn cliff in back of townCretaceousPierreBaculites, Inoceramus, cephalopods{4},
KremmlingGrandCOarea Limestone exposuresInoceramus {4},
KremmlingGrandCO2 km E of Muddy Creek at base of Muddy ButteInoceramus, Ostrea{4},
Middle ParkGrandCOJurassicMorrisondinosaurs-Poekilopleuron,
Whiteley PeakGrandCOalong valley of Muddy Creek in concretions in black shaleCretaceousPierreBaculites, Avicula, Chaetetes, Serpula, Nucula, Inoceramus, Avicula, Ostrea, Crenella, Baculites, Scaphites, Heteroceras,
Whiteley PeakGrandCOS and Se in concretions in black shaleCretaceousPierreBaculites, Avicula, Chaetetes, Serpula, Nucula, Inoceramus, Avicula, Ostrea, Crenella, Baculites, Scaphites, Heteroceras,
Whiteley PeakGrandCON in bluff in white SandstoneCenozoicmarine algae - Halymenites, Leaves - Platanus,
Front RangeGrand,Jackson,RouttCOto E of range in Limestone and shale outcropsCretaceousBentonInoceramus, Scaphites, Baculites, Ostrea{4},
Deadman's CreekGunnisonCOS14tsr84w in exposures along creekOrdovicianFremont Limestonecrinoid stems, chain corals: Receptaculites, shells,
Ohio CityGunnisonCOat Fossil Ridgebrachiopods and cephalopods,
Apodaca GulchHuerfanoCOMay be multiple localities --Apodock Gulch/Apocacha Gulch - Huerfano VIIEoceneHuerfanovertebrates-mammals-Loveina,Hapalodectes,Paramys,Viverravus,Eotitanops,
Apodacha GulchHuerfanoCOMay be multiple localities --Apodock Gulch/Apodaca Gulch - Huerfano VIEoceneHuerfanovertebrates-mammals-Alphadon,Bunophorus,Esthonyx,Hyopsodus,Hyracotherium,Lambdotherium,Microsyops,Oxyaena,
Archuleta DrawHuerfanoCONear Gardner-Huerfano IXEoceneHuerfanovertebrates-mammals-Coryphodon,Hyracotherium,Phenacodus;Squamata,
GardnerHuerfanoCO3.2 km EEoceneHuerfanoSquamata-Saniwa,
GardnerHuerfanoCO3.2km N at Fossil CreekEoceneHuerfanovertebrates-bird bones;turtles-Hadrianus;;reptiles-crocodiles;Squamata-Paraglyptosaurus,Odaxosaurus,Xestops,
GardnerHuerfanoCOAt Williams CreekEoceneHuerfanovertebrates-mammals-Bunophorus,Hyopsodus,Trogosus,Viverravus;Squamata-Xestops,
GardnerHuerfanoCO3.1-4.6km N and or W at Muddy Divide, Huerfano-IEoceneHuerfanovertebrates-mammals-Paramys,Viverravus;reptiles-crocodiles-Allognathosuchus;Squamata-Saniwa;turtles-Hadrianus?,
GardnerHuerfanoCO4.6km NEoceneHuerfanovertebrates-reptiles-crocodiles,
GardnerHuerfanoCO4.6km NEEoceneHuerfanovertebrates-reptiles-crocodiles,
GardnerHuerfanoCO3.2 km NE at Bohannan CanyonEoceneHuerfanovertebrates-Squamata,
GardnerHuerfanoCO3.2km NEoceneHuerfanovertebrates-Squamata-Cheilophis,Paraglyptosaurus;Turtles-Echmatemys?,
GardnerHuerfanoCOAt Garcia CanyonEoceneHuerfanovertebrates-Squamata-Paraglyptosaurus;mammals-Hyopsodus,Miacis,Microsyops,Phenacodus,Prolimnocyon;Crocodiles-Allognathosuchus,
GardnerHuerfanoCOAt C.C.C. DrawEoceneHuerfanovertebrates-Squamata;reptiles-crocodiles,
GardnerHuerfanoCOAt Costillo Pocket--Huerfano VIIIEoceneHuerfanovertebrates-turtles-Echmatemys;mammals-Ambloctonus,Diacodexis,Hyracotherium,Knightomys,Lambdotherium,Leptotomus,Microsyops,Paramys;Squamata-Proglyptosaurus,Saniwa,
Gardner ButteHuerfanoCO3.1km EEoceneHuerfanovertebrates-mammals-Hyopsodus,Hyracotherium;Lambdotherium;Reithroparamys,Squamata-Cheilophis,
Manuel DrawHuerfanoCOHuerfano VIIEoceneHuerfanovertebrates-mammals-Hyopsodus,Loveina,Viverravus,
Oak CreekHuerfanoCO4.6km NEoceneHuerfanovertebrates-reptiles-crocodiles,
Promontory BluffHuerfanoCO11-12km NW of Gardner=Black MountainEoceneHuerfanovertebrates-Squamata-Paraglyptosaurus;turtles-Hadrianus,
WalsenburgHuerfanoCOAlong CO160 between Walsenburg and Ft Garland in shalesDevonian?MaderaBrachiopods-Mucrospirifer,
Muddy PassJacksonCO2 km S of Kremmling-Steamboat roadCretaceousNiobraraOstrea,
Rabbit EarsJacksonCONE, in coal mineEoceneWasatch?fresh water snails - Vivipara.,
Steamboat SpringsJacksonCOCretaceousMancos Shalefish scales,
Rabbit EarsJackson,GrandCOE on N side of the West GrizzlyBaculites{4},
Bear MountainJeffersonCOIn Rabbit Ears region in shale overlying igneous sheetInoceramus {4},
GoldenJeffersonCOAt a local golf courseCretaceousMammal tracks,
MorrisonJeffersonCOat Soda Lakespelecypods in Limestone,
WatertownJeffersonCOAt underground clay mines of Robinson Brick and TileCretaceousLaramie/Bentonbrachiopods,
DurangoLa PlataCOIn area exposuresCretaceousMancosInoceramus, Exiteloceras, gastropods, Baculites.,
DurangoLa PlataCOto E along Florida Road in cutsCretaceousMancosInoceramus, Exiteloceras, gastropods, Baculites.,
IgnacioLa PlataCOAt Mason Pocket Quarry and nearby localitiesPaleoceneAnimasvertebrates-Apatemys,Carpodaptes,Chriacus,Compsemys,Dissacus,Ectypodus,Ignacius,Labidolemur,Leptacodon,Marsupicarnivora,Nannodectes,Navajovius,Ogygoptynx,Peradectes,Periptychus,Phenacodus,Phenacolemur,Platymastus,Thryptacodon,Xenacodon,Zanycteris,
IgnacioLa PlataCOAt base of Mesa Mtn on E slopePaleoceneAnimasvertebrates-Arctocyon,Crocodiles,Ignatiolambda, Nannodectes,
Mason PocketLa PlataCOPaleoceneAnimasMammal Fossils,
Spring Canyon DamLarimerCOat S end of Horsetooth ReservoirCretaceousInoceramus, Ostrea, etc.,
GardnerLas AnimasCO3.2km EEoceneHuerfanovertebrates-Crocodiles-Allognathosuchus,
Lewis CreekLoganCOOligoceneWhite Riverreptiles, mammals,
Lewis CreekLoganCOOligocene MiddleWhite Rivermammals, reptiles, turtles,
Orellan-Lewis CreekLoganCOOligocene MiddleWhite RiverReptile and Mammal specimens. Entelodonts - Archaeotherium, Camelids - Poebrotherium; Hypertragulids - Leptomeryx, Hypertragulus, Hypisodus; Oreodonts - Merycoidodon, Miniochoerusmight be 'Kewis' Creek,
Pawnee ButtesLoganCO4.8km NWMiocene (Barstow)Pawnee CreekTurtles-Geochelone,
SterlingLoganCON of Sterling near Nebraska State LineMiocene (Barstow)Pawnee CreekTurtles-Geochelone,Testudo,
[?]MesaCO2.4km W of Finley's RanchPaleoceneDeBequevertebrates-Phenacodus,
[?]MesaCOPaleoceneRiflemammals: Barylambda,
[?]MesaCO9 km SSE of DeBeque Mesa RdPaleocenemammals,
Black RidgeMesaCODinosaur bones and gastroliths,
DeBequeMesaCO10 km SE on DeBeque-Mesa RdPaleocene UpperDeBequemammals,
DeBequeMesaCO9.6 km S-SE on DeBeque-Mesa road in Atwell Gulch member, in 'Hell's Half Acre' and also in other sites in neighborhoodPaleocene UpperDeBequemammals: Condylarths.,
FruitaMesaCOIn Devil's Canyon. 2 km S on Colorado National Monument Road, cross River, Turn W 1 km to fork. Left at fork, 2 km to fork left at fork 1 km area exposures to WestJurassicMorrison?Dinosaur bone{4},
FruitaMesaCO3 km Sgastroliths, bone{4},
FruitaMesaCOIn Devil's Canyon. 2 km S on Colorado National Monument Road, cross River, Turn W 1 km to fork. Left at fork, 2 km to fork left at fork 1 km then 1 km NGastropods in Limestone replaced by red carnelian{4},
Grand JunctionMesaCO36 km SW 700 meters above Big Dominguez Canyon on Star Mesa. Dinosaur bones in Morrison Formation claysJurassicMorrison?,
Grand JunctionMesaCOarea exposures W along Colorado River to Utah BorderJurassicMorrisondinosaur bones,
Grand JunctionMesaCOJurassicMorrisonDinosaur bones;Squamata-Glyptosaurus,
Grand JunctionMesaCOJurassicMorrisonDinosaur bones;Squamata-Glyptosaurus,
Grand JunctionMesaCODinosaur tracks in Museum of Western Coloradodinosaur tracks{7},
CreedeMineralCOIn yellowish volcanic ash beds in road cuts along the Rio Grande RiverEocene UpperCreedeplants pine, willow, insects,
CreedeMineralCOin road cuts along Rio Grande RiverEocene-Oligoceneplant fossils, leaves, cones, etc,
CreedeMineralCOin San Juan Mtns in lakebed deposits in caldera Plants ,
[?]MoffatCOIn gravels on Green and Yampa riversdinosaur bone fragments {4},
Lily ParkMoffatCOS of Yampa River Just S of boundary of White Bear Ranch in Disappointment DrawJurassicMorrisonDinosaur fragments,
Dolores RiverMontroseCOTriassicChinlevertebrates-ChinleaChinlea appears to be a plant, not a vertebrate,
Dolores RiverMontroseCOParadox Valley in 120 meters of red bed depositsTriassicChinleVertebrates-Paleoniscoid fish; coelacanth fish;Labyrinthodonts-Rutiodon;Lungfish-Ceratodus;Phytosaurs; Plants-Phlebopteris,Osmundacaulis,Itopsdema[?],Neocalamites;Cycads-Zamites;Araucarioxylon,Woodworthia;Petrified wood; Pelecypods;WormsNo citations for 'Itopsdema' or anything similar 050525,
NaturitaMontroseCO160km S of Grand JunctionCretaceousMesaverdelarge dinosaur footprints,
Paradox ValleyMontroseCOJurassicMorrisondinosaur bones-Camarasaurus,
Upper Potters CreekMontroseCOJurassicMorrisondinosaur teeth,
La JuntaOteroCOIn area shale exposuresCretaceousCarlisleOstrea, small shark teeth, thin flatfish scales, ammonites (Prionocyclus), large Inoceramus, Ostrea{4},
La JuntaOteroCOin area shale exposuresCretaceousCarlisleOstrea, small shark teeth, thin flatfish scales, ammonites (Prionocyclus), large Inoceramus,Ostrea{4},
La JuntaOteroCOarea exposuresJurassicMorrisonagatized Dinosaur bone fragments{4},
AlmaParkCO5 km N in Gulch on W side of Platte RiverCarboniferousCrinoid stems{4},
Boreas PassParkCOIn continuous belt through regionCretaceousDakotapelecypods - Ostrea, Inoceramus, Trigonarca, Cephalopods - Scaphites, Prionocyclus{4},
Buckskin Gulch(Alma District)ParkCOIn talus at base of slopeCambrian UpperBrachiopods - Billingsella{4},
London MtnParkCOalong Ridge W of summitCarboniferousCrinoid stems{4},
Quandary PeakParkCOCambrian UpperDikelocephalus,
LamarProwersCO29 km S on CO 287Petrified Wood{4},
PuebloPuebloCOS in road cuts adjacent to rest area on I25 in limestonesCretaceousFort Hays|GreenhornAmmonites, Inoceramus,
PuebloPuebloCOS on I25CretaceousGreenhornammonites,
[?]Rio BlancoCOEoceneGreen RiverInsect fossils,
[?]Rio BlancoCOPaleocene?Rifle?Insects:Nematoceran, Pronemobius, Tipula, Eristalis, Coleopteran, Plecia,
Piceance Creek BasinRio BlancoCOAt oil shale mineEoceneGreen Riverfish-Knightia,
Elk riverRouttCOS4t7Nr85WCretaceousMancosInoceramus, Scaphites, fish scales - Portheus, Ichthyodectes, Baculites, Ostrea,
Trull Schoolhouse[?]RouttCOS28CretaceousMancosfossils{4}USGS search comes up with a Trull Creek (which is not labelled on the 1:25 map) near Lake Windemere at 40.5133N, 106.9589W. Other than that, nothing.40.5133N, 106.9589W. Questionable
OuraySan JuanCOE in cliffs adjacent to small waterfallPennsylvanianHermosaMyalina, other fossils,
OuraySan JuanCO2 km S in CliffsDevonianOurayabundant corals, worms, brachiopods, mollusks,
PlacervilleSan MiguelCO4.8km SE in San Miguel River ValleyPermianCutlervertebrates-Diadectes,
San MiguelSan MiguelCOTriassicChinle|DoloresFish-Cionichthys?,
AllisonSummitCO5 km N on W side of Piedra RiverPaleoceneAnimasvertebrates-Ectiocion,Phenacodus,
AllisonSummitCO3km N on E side of Piedra RiverPaleoceneAnimasvertebrates-Periptychus,Phenacodus,
FlorissantTellerCOArea exposures. The majority of the exposure is within the National Monument, but there are some beds exposed on Hwy1 N and S of the monument and on US 20 East and West of the town of FlorissantOligoceneFlorissantfossil plants, insects,
FlorissantTellerCOarea lakebed exposuresOligocenesnakefly, Dobson Flies, robber fly, butterflies, plants, Tsetse flies, horseflies{4},
FlorissantTellerCOClare Quarry (Fee)Tertiaryinsects,
FlorissantTellerCOfor fee collecting at Indian Crafts and Construction Co. Probably long since out of business.?,
[?]WeldCOSW1/4S1/2S24R59T10Miocene (Barstow)Pawnee CreekMammals-Aphelops,Calippus,Miolabis,Protolabis,
Big Spring QuarryWeldCOarea exposuresMiocene (Barstow)Pawnee Creekmammals-Aepycamelus,Aphelops,Desmatippus,Dromomeryx,Miolabis,Scaphohippus,Tomarctus,
Big SpringsWeldCOMiocene (Barstow)Pawnee Creekturtles-Geochelone,
East ValleyWeldCOMiocene (Barstow)Pawnee Creekmammals-Protolabis,Prosynthetoceras,
Fossil HillWeldCOSection 8Miocene (Barstow)Pawnee Creekmammals-Aphelops,
Fossil Ridge-GreeleyWeldCOpelecypod Pinna?,
GroverWeldCOArea exposureMiocene (Barstow)Pawnee CreekTurtles-Geochelone,
Horse and Mastodon QuarryWeldCOMiocene (Barstow)Pawnee CreekAelurodon,Aepycamelus,Aphelops,Cosoryx,Desmatippus,Dromomeryx,Homocamelus,Hypohippus,Megahippus,Merychippus,Metalabis,Miolabis,Protolabis,Ustatochoerus,Zygolophodon;Turtles-Geochelone,
KalouseWeldCOarea exposuresdinosaur bones, petrified wood{4},
Keota RdWeldCOarea exposures in Canyons W of Keota RdMiocene (Barstow)Pawnee Creekmammals-Aphelops,
Pawnee ButtesWeldCOEastOligoceneBrulemammals-Prosynthetoceras,
Pawnee ButtesWeldCOarea exposuresOligoceneDuchesne?mammal bones,
Pawnee ButtesWeldCOSE at Pawnee QuarryMiocene (Barstow)Pawnee Creekturtles-Geochelone,
Pawnee ButtesWeldCO4.8km WMiocene (Barstow)Pawnee CreekTurtles-Geochelone,
Pawnee ButtesWeldCOMiocene (Barstow)Pawnee Creekmammals-Agriochoerus,Amphicyon,Aphelops,Blastomeryx,Daphoenus ,Daphoenus,Eumys,Hesperocyon,Hypisodus,Hyracodon,Megalagus,Merychippus,Merychyus,Miniochoerus,Miomastodon,Moropus,Palaeogale,Palaeolagus,Paradjidaumo,Parahippus,Protohippus,Protolabis,...,
Quarry HillWeldCO3.2km SMiocene (Barstow)Pawnee CreekTurtles-Geochelone,
Quarry HillWeldCONEMiocene (Barstow)Pawnee CreekTurtles-Geochelone,
ArickareeYumaCOnear Beecher Island in Arickaree RiverMioceneMiocene mammals - Teleoceras,
BethelFairfieldCTin Pleistocene Bethel MarlPleistoceneBethelCampeloma, Galba, Gyraulus, Helisoma, Pisidium, Planorbella, Valvata, Musculium, Sphaerium,
Lake SaltonstallFairfieldCTTriassic-JurassicNewarkfish fossils upper bed,
BerlinHartfordCTarea exposuresTriassicNewarkfish fossils lower bed, tracks,
BerlinHartfordCTarea exposuresTriassicNewarkfish fossils lower bed, tracks,
BerlinHartfordCTRoad cuts along CT372TriassicNewarktracks, plants,
BerlinHartfordCTI91-CT9 InterchangeTriassicNewarktracks, plants, fish,
BristolHartfordCTTriassic-JurassicNewarkPlants, Tracks Plants - Conifers, Cycads, Ferns, Rushes,
Buckland StationHartfordCT1.6km N of Buckland Station, CT Dinosaur bones. Ammosaurus major. The head and fore parts of the specimen were incorporated into a bridge over Bigelow Brook in Manchester. Yaleosaurus and Anchisaurus solus were also found here.Triassic-JurassicNewark?,
East WindsorHartfordCTat Ketch's MillsTriassic-JurassicNewarkdinosaur bones,
HartfordHartfordCTState Park at Rocky Hill South of Hartford East of exit 23 from I-91) displays many footprints and tracks. There are provisions for making casts of footprints.Triassic-JurassicNewarkEubrontes, Grallator {7},
ManchesterHartfordCTin area exposures and 2 km N of Buckland Station in quarryTriassic-JurassicNewarkAnchisaurus, Ammosaurus, YaleosaurusThe nomenclature of the genera found at this quarry is very complicated with quite a few names having been assigned and discarded over many decades. I think the three names cited here are the survivors.,
ManchesterHartfordCTTriassic-JurassicNewarkDinosaur bones,
Newgate PrisonHartfordCTIn Granby?Triassic-JurassicNewarkPlants - Conifers, Cycads, Ferns, Rushes,
NewingtonHartfordCTTriassic-JurassicNewarkabout 400 tracks taken from small area in 1960s,
North BloomfieldHartfordCTTriassic-JurassicNewarkfish fossils,
NorthamptonHartfordCT(more likely Northampton, MA)Triassic-JurassicNewarkReptile Prints - Eubrontes,
Rocky HillHartfordCTTriassic-JurassicNewarkfish fossils, Reptile beds,
Rocky Hill State ParkHartfordCTE of Exit 23 from I91 off West Street near Veteran's HomeTriassic-JurassicNewarkDinosaur footprints, museum - Eubrontes,
Sawmill HollowHartfordCT7 km SW of Middletown in red SandstoneTriassic-JurassicNewarkfish Catopterus,
SimsburyHartfordCT800m S of RR Station in Simsbury, CTTriassicNewarkReptile Bones,
SimsburyHartfordCTin quarry S of RR stationTriassic-JurassicNewarkSaurian bones - Rutiodon, Clepsysaurus,
SouthingtonHartfordCTTriassic-JurassicNewarkfish fossils lower bed, Plants - Conifers, Cycads, Ferns, Rushes,
SouthingtonHartfordCTAt abandoned quarry near Shuttle Meadow Reservoir, 41d37.694mN, 072d50.013mW TriassicShuttle MeadowPlants, reptile footprints,fish41d37.694mN, 072d50.013mW
Southington?HartfordCTIn road cuts along I84 at Cooks Gap near 41d40.50mN, 72d49.25mWTriassicShuttle MeadowPlants41d40.50mN, 72d49.25mW
SuffieldHartfordCTTracks near Enfield BridgeTriassic-JurassicNewarkPlants - Conifers, Cycads, Ferns, Rushes,
TarrifvilleHartfordCTTriassic-JurassicNewarkPlants -Conifers, Cycads, Ferns, Rushes,
WethersfieldHartfordCTFound during construction of Church of the Incarnation on Prospect StreetTriassicNewarkDinosaur tracks,
WethersfieldHartfordCTIn Cove on Connecticut River and 3.2km to the South of the cove.TriassicNewarkNumerous reptile footprints,
WethersfieldHartfordCTTracks in Red Shale In Cove on Connecticut RiverTriassic-JurassicNewarktracks,
WethersfieldHartfordCTTracks in Red Shale In Cove on Connecticut River 3.5 km S of previous locationTriassic-JurassicNewarktracks,
WindsorHartfordCTMatianuck AvenueHolocene (13500 BP)Plant fossils,
WoodburyLitchfieldCTSequence of Triassic rocks in Cherry Valley Similar to those in the Connecticut ValleyTriassic-JurassicNewark?,
Pomperaug ValleyLitchfield?CTSame sequence of Rocks as Connecticut ValleyTriassic-JurassicNewark?,
DurhamMiddlesexCTalong Field Creek 500 meters W of Hwy (CT17) from Middlefield to Durham from just SW of Middlefield to Durham city limits just N of Waterfalls in a series of exposures area fish fossils lower and upper bed . Many generaTriassic-JurassicNewarkplants, Tracks Redfieldia,Plants - Conifers, Cycads,Ferns, Rushes Also Mormolucoides, Semionotus, Ptycholepis,,
DurhamMiddlesexCTAlong Field Creek 500 meters W of Hwy (CT17) from Middlefield to Durham from just SW of Middlefield to Durham city limits just N of Waterfalls in a series of exposures area fish fossils lower and upper bedTriassic-JurassicNewarkSemionotus, Ptycholepis, Many genera , Plants, Tracks, Redfieldia, Plants - Conifers, Cycads, Ferns, Rushes Also Mormolucoides,
DurhamMiddlesexCTlakebed depositsCarboniferousWell preserved fish fossilsOriginal says Durham, MA -- but there seems to be no such town,
MiddlefieldMiddlesexCTTriassicLockatongDinosaur tracks,
MiddlefieldMiddlesexCTTriassic-JurassicNewarkfish fossils upper bed, tracks. Plants - Conifers, Cycads, Ferns, Rushes, Insects,
MiddletonMiddlesexCTIn RR Cut near Middletown, CTTriassicNewarkTriassic arthropods (ostracods?)Both spellings 'Middleton' and 'Middletown' seem to be in use -- seems to be the same place.,
Old SaybrookMiddlesexCTJurassic dinosaur tracksAnomoepus,
PortlandMiddlesexCTIn Brownstone quarries at 41d34.50mN, 72d38.50m'WTriassicNewarkNumerous dinosaur tracks41d34.50mN, 72d38.50mW
PortlandMiddlesexCTFootprints in old building stone quarries on E bank of Connecticut RiverTriassic-JurassicNewark7 Genera Otozoum,
PortlandMiddlesexCTin shale close to trap rock RidgeTriassic-JurassicNewarkPlants - Conifers, Cycads, Ferns, Rushes,
HigbyMiddlesex?CTTriassic-JurassicNewarkfish fossils lower bed, tracks,
WestfieldMiddlesex?CTTriassic-JurassicNewarkfish fossils,
Bluff HeadNew HavenCTfish fossils lower bedTriassic-JurassicNewarkPlants, Tracks,
CheshireNew HavenCTAt I491-CT84 junctionTriassicNew Havendinosaur bones-Erpetosuchus,
Fair HavenNew HavenCTin quarry near the Perry St Bridge over the Quinnipiac RiverTriassic-JurassicNewarkbones (Stegomus plates),
Fair HavenNew HavenCTarea - In a quarry near the Ferry Street Bridge over the Quinnipiac RiverTriassic-JurassicNewarkReptile bones.,
New HavenNew HavenCTin sandstoneTriassicNewarkReptile bones - Hypsognathus,
New HavenNew HavenCTin area exposures of New Haven ArkoseTriassic-JurassicNewarkphytosaur, aetosaur, crocodile remains in area exposures of New Haven Arkose - Stegomus,
New HavenNew HavenCTarea exposuresTriassic-JurassicNewarkreptile bones in arkosic deposits,
North BranfordNew HavenCTOn Totoket Mtn near Bluff HeadTriassicShuttle Meadowfish-Redfieldius,
North GuilfordNew HavenCTBluff Head. There may be multiple sitesTriassicShuttle Meadowfish-Redfieldius,Semionotus,Whitea,
North GuilfordNew HavenCTOn slope of Totoket MtnTriassicShuttle Meadowfish-Ptycholepis,
Pistapaug MtNew HavenCTE of Pistapaug Mt in CTTriassic-JurassicNewarkfish fossils,
South BritainNew HavenCTin exposure on Pomperaug RiverTriassicfish,
SouthburyNew HavenCTTriassic-JurassicNewarkfish fossils lower bed, Plants - Conifers, Cycads, Ferns, Rushes,
Totoket MtnNew HavenCTW slope of Totoket Mt in CTTriassic-JurassicNewarkvertebrates. fish and reptile remains in black shales,
Totoket MtnNew HavenCTat 'Bluff Head', fossils in black lakebed shales interbedded with limestones. 19th Century locality rediscovered in 1969. Now a Connecticut State Park. MeadowAbundant fish Redfieldius, Ptycholepis, Semionotus, coprolites, leaf impressions,
North BranfieldNew Haven?CTTriassic-JurassicNewarktracks near Sugar Loaf Tunnel,
Laurel Brook ReservoirMiddlesexCT?Near Laurel Brook Reservoir in Black ShalesTriassic-JurassicNewark?,
MiddletownMiddlesexCT?Triassic-JurassicNewarkinsect fossils (Mormolucoides articulates) in Triassic deposits, Tracks, Plants - Conifers, Cycads, Ferns, Rushes,
Washington-DCIn area excavations and cutsCretaceousArundelCreosaurus vertebrae,
Washington-DCDinosaur vertebrae in the Washington, DC areaCretaceousPotomac?,
Washington-DCIn excavation at 1st and Channing Street NW in 1942CretaceousPotomacdinosaur bones,
Washington-DCIn excavation at 1st and F street in 1898CretaceousPotomacdinosaur bones,
Washington-DCalong Good Hope HillCretaceous-TertiarySharks teeth in greensand,
DoverKentDEat Dover AFB at KT BoundaryCretaceous-PaleoceneForams (Heterohelix, Globotruncana){4},
Pollack FarmKentDEEast of U.S. Route 13 on the divide between the Leipsic River and Alston BranchMioceneCheswold SandIchnofossils-Ophiomorpha,Skolithos, vertebrates,mollusks,radiolariansThe Miocene beds were partially or entirely below the water table and were exposed only while pumped dry while being excavated for road fill. Site was backfilled after excavation completed 75d34m36sW
C&D CanalNew CastleDEN side of canal 160m W of Reedy Point Bridge. In US Army Corps Engineers work area accessible by gravel road in late 2006CretaceousNavesink?Belemnites;Exogyra;Pycnodonte;brachiopods;bivalvesmisc fossils -- 39d33.593mN 075d34.784mW,
C&D CanalNew CastleDEImmediately W of St Georges Bridge -- old spoil pile removed by construction of new bridgeCretaceousNavesink?A very few fossilsAs of late 2006,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalNew CastleDE500 meters E of Summit Bridge on S bank in deep cutCretaceousEnglishtown?,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalNew CastleDE200 meters E of St Georges Bridge on S bankCretaceousMt Laurel?,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalNew CastleDE200 meters E of St Georges Bridge on S bankCretaceousMt Laurel?,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalNew CastleDE1 Km W of St Georges - Variant Mt Laurel faunas on spoil pile.CretaceousNavesink|Mt Laurel?,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalNew CastleDEPoorly preserved fossils in the Navesink-Mt Laurel Formation in the South Bank at the RR bridge.CretaceousNavesink|Mt Laurel?,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalNew CastleDES bank 1800 meters E of bridge at St Georges (Biggs Farm). This exposure is enclosed in a steel bulkhead which prevents erosion and, to a great extent, collecting as well.CretaceousNavesink|Mt Laurel?,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalNew CastleDEOn the South bank about 1.6km East of St George at 'Biggs Farm'.CretaceousNavesink|Mt Laurel200 species - mostly mollusks but corals sponges, trace fossils, crustacea and vertebrates -- have been collected here. The main outcrop is enclosed in a small overgrown iron frame.,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalNew CastleDE3-5 km E of the Pennsylvania RR bridge along the high canal banksCretaceous?,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalNew CastleDE300 meters W of Summit BridgeCretaceous?,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalNew CastleDE300 meters W of the Pennsylvania RR bridge in the S bank of the canalCretaceous?,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalNew CastleDE30m W of the Pennsylvania RR bridge in the S bank of the canalCretaceous?,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalNew CastleDE800 meters S of Lorwood Grove on the S bank of the canalCretaceous?,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalNew CastleDEN Bank 500 meters N of canal just E of and 500 meters East of RR bridgeCretaceous?,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalNew CastleDEon the North Bank Spoil piles near St GeorgesCretaceous?,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalNew CastleDEOn the North Bank Spoil piles near St GeorgesCretaceous?,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalNew CastleDES bank 300 meters E of bridge at St GeorgesCretaceous?,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalNew CastleDE2.4km W of St Georges on the S bank of the canalCretaceousFish fragments - Enchodus,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalNew CastleDE2 km E on S bank of canal at Biggs FarmCretaceousmammals(?), corals, vertebrates,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalNew CastleDECretaceouspelecypod Pycnodonte,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalNew CastleDE500 meters E of Reedy Point Bridge on Both Banks in spoil heapsCretaceousShark teeth, protozoans, porifera, bryozoa, coelenterata, crinoids, brachiopods, mollusks, annelids arthropods,
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal-E-Delaware CityNew CastleDEBetween the MD896 Bridge and Delaware CityCretaceous?,
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal-EastNew CastleDEMost collecting is done in spoil piles on both banks. Specific Areas:St George Bridge, Reedy Pt Bridge, Biggs Farm, Delaware CityCretaceousNavesinkSee listings for formationsSome Marshalltown fossils at West End. Marshalltown passes below water level about 400m E of St JohnAbundant, well preserved fossils -- Exogyra, belemnites, shark and mosasaur teeth. Many other fossils,
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal-U-Station3[?]New CastleDEA fossil reef at 'Station 3'CretaceousCan't locate Station 3,
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal-UnknownNew CastleDEThese are locations that I can't pin down and assign to either the East or West groups Outcrops=Chesapeake and Delaware Canal-U-Station3Cretaceous?,
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal-W-MD line1New CastleDEIn spoil bank on N side of Canal 1km E of MD-DE lineCretaceous?,
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal-W-MD line2New CastleDEIn spoil bank on N side of Canal 4.8km E of MD-DE lineCretaceous?,
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal-W-RR BridgeNew CastleDEAround base of RR bridge on N side of Canal -Digging strongly discouragedCretaceousFossils,
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal-W-RR Bridge3New CastleDE800 meters E of the Pennsylvania RR bridge in the N spoil bank of the canal in the Merchantville FormationCretaceousMerchantville?,
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal-W-St Georges1New CastleDEIn Merchantville fm at St Georges -mollusks - OstreaCretaceousMerchantville?,
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal-W-Summit BridgeNew CastleDEN Bank 2 km E of Summit Bridge in Mt Laurel FormationCretaceous?,
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal-W-Summit Bridge1New CastleDEN Bank, 1000 meters and 1200 meters E of Summit Bridge in Englishtown FormationCretaceousEnglishtown?,
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal-W-Summit Bridge2New CastleDEfrom 1.2 to 3 km E of Summit Bridge on N bank in spoils from deep cutCretaceousEnglishtown|Marshalltown?,
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal-W-Summit Bridge3New CastleDES Bank, 300 meters E of Summit Bridge in Merchantville FormationCretaceousMerchantville?,
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal-WestNew CastleDEThe 'Deep Cut' exposures. 3 Formations W to E Merchantville,Englishtown,Marshalltown-outcrops-RR Bridge,MD Line,Summit Bridge,St GeorgesCretaceousMatawan Group (Merchantville|Englishtown|Marshalltown)See listings for outcrops,
DelawareNew CastleDEin sandy canal spoil piles E of Rt 9CretaceousMt Laurelbryozoa, Cephalopods, Gastropods, Pelecypods,
Delaware CityNew CastleDEalong Chesapeake and Delaware canal on E side of Reedy Point Bridge on N bank in small cleared areaCretaceousExogyra, Belemnitella, Pycnodonte,
Lums Pond State ParkNew CastleDEIt has been reported that some sharks teeth can be found at the water's edge eroded from the Cretaceous-Marshalltown Formation on the North side of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal near Lums Pond State Park.CretaceousMarshalltownshark teethI attempted to check out this area once. No fossils. Lots of nasty ankle deep, sticky, clay-DJK,
MD+DENew CastleDEAlong the entire Chesapeake and Delaware canal in various formationsCretaceous Upperwell preserved bivalves, gastropods, ammonites.(Note -- don't believe this one. Excellent fossils can be found along the canal, but be prepared to spend a lot of time searching out localities-DJK),
MiddletownNew CastleDES on DE896 At state sand a gravel pitPleistocenePlant impressions,
OdessaNew CastleDEIn area exposures around Odessa and Galenapetrified wood,
Pennsylvania RR BridgeNew CastleDEOn S side of bridge in 1m thick by 300m long sandy LensCretaceousMerchantvilleGastropods-Turritella,Graciliala,Arrhoges,Xenophora;Ammonites-Scaphites;Bivalves-Arcoida,Nemodon,Lithophaga,Anomia,Exogyra,Ostrea,Etea,Tellina,Pholas?,
Reedy Point BridgeNew CastleDEIn overgrown spoil piles at base of bridge -- digging requiredCretaceousbelemnites, echinoids, small vertebrate teeth - fish,sharks,mosasaurs,
St GeorgesNew CastleDEW in spoil piles along Chesapeake and Delaware canal from 3-4m of green-gray Marshalltown sand below Navesink Fm and above Englishtown FmCretaceousMarshalltownBivalves-Cardium,Cucullaea,Cyprimeria,Exogyra,Agerostrea,Trigonia;Ammonites-Menuites,Didymoceras,Baculites,Pachydiscus,shark and fish teeth;,
Summit BridgeNew CastleDEnear Summit BridgeCretaceousMerchantvillereptile-Pternadon,
Cape HenlopenSussexDEalong beach from Cape Henlopen to Fenwick IslandPleistoceneinvertebrates and petrified wood,
DagsboroSussexDEin Omar Formation at MD113 crossing of Pepper CreekPleistocenemarine fossilsDagsboro is in Delaware, near the MD line. Site is in MD?,
DagsboroSussexDES On DE113 at Pepper Creek BridgePleistoceneMarine fossils,
Lewes and Rehobeth CanalSussexDEIn excavations along Lewes and Rehobeth CanalPleistocene-Holoceneshells{4},
Ocean ViewSussexDEalong Assawoman canalHolocene-Pleistoceneshells{4},
Sussex CountySussexDEIn well boringsTertiarymarine fossils{4},
FeltonKentDE?Along shores of Coursey and Killan PondsMioceneChesapeake Grouppoorly preserved faunasOriginal says Felton, Kent County, MD. There does not seem to be a Felton, MD, but Felton, DE seems to fit,
Marianna Limestone[?]FLin Northern part of stateProCarcharodon,
West Florida[?]FLCanal dredgings and highway fill along 'Alligator Alley'shark teeth,
West Florida[?]FLCanal dredgings and highway fill along US41shark teeth,
ArcherAlachuaFL16 km S 2 km E of RR StationPlioceneAlachua Clayvertebrates; rhinoceros, mastodons, Hippotherium(horse), Auchenia(llama),
ArcherAlachuaFLIn area ditches, cuts, quarries, pitsPlioceneAlachua Clayvertebrates; rhinoceros, mastodons, Hippotherium, Auchenia,
GainesvilleAlachuaFLNW at Devil's Mills Hopper in walls of sinkholeMioceneHawthorneechinoids (Cassidulus), mollusks,
GainesvilleAlachuaFL10 km SW near ArredondoEocene UpperOcala LimestoneNummulites,
GainesvilleAlachuaFLNW In area exposures in Hogtown Creek basinEoceneray teeth, shark teeth, fish teeth ,
Neals(?)AlachuaFLIn area phosphate minesvertebrate teeth Equus, Tapirus, Mastodon,
NewberryAlachuaFLIn area phosphate minesvertebrate teeth Equus, Tapirus, Mastodon,
Santa Fe SpringsAlachua?FLPleistoceneEquus, Tapirus, Peccaries,
Lake CityBakerFLIn area quarriesmany fossils.,
Econfina RiverBayFL2 km below Hwy bridge s4t1sr13wCancellaria,
Panama CityBayFLon Farley Creek and Ten Mile Creek, along banksMioceneChipolaWell preserved mollusks,
Red Oak ChurchCalhounFL300m N in bed Farley Creek under FL275 bridge in fossiliferous sandMiocene UpperChipola?,
Punta GordaCharlotteFLE on Hwy 17 at W end of Bridge over shell creek shark teeth, Shells ,
Peace RiverCharlotte?FLon bed of river accessible to surface divers using snorkels and masksvertebrates,
Peace River above Wachulla SpringsCharlotte?FLPleistoceneMammoth, Tapirus,
Citrus CountyCitrusFLIn area phosphate minesMastodon, Hipparion,
HernandoCitrusFLIn area phosphate pitsNummulites,
OwensboroCitrusFLIn Limestone quarryEocene UpperOcalaNummulites,
Black CreekClayFLIn area phosphate pits in phosphatic marlsinvertebrates,
White SpringsColumbiaFL1400 meters N on small island in Suwannee Rivermollusks - Scaphander, Orthaulax, Ampullina, Calliostoma, Dentalium, Glycymeris, Modiolus, Chione, etc{4},
[?]DeSotoFLArea pebble Phosphate depositsMioceneBone Valleyshark teeth , ray teeth, marine mammal bones, invertebrate casts, silicified corals - mastodon, rhinoceros, horse, turtles camels, alligator{4},
ArcadiaDeSotoFLPliocenePeace creekVertebrates -Elephas, Tapirus, Mammut, Odocoileus, Bison, Equus, Chlamytherium.,
ArcadiaDeSotoFLPliocenePeace creekvertebrates -Elephas, Tapirus, Mammut, Odocoileus, Bison, Equus, Chlamytherium.,
ArcadiaDeSotoFLat FL760 bridge over Peace River teeth ,
Peace CreekDeSotoFLall along length of creekPliocenePeace CreekElephas, Tapirus, Mammut, Odocoileus, Bison, Equus, Hippotherium, Cervus, Megalonyx, Glyptodon, Hoplophorus, Manatus, Alligator, Fish -- Carcharodon, Galeocerdo, Myliobatis.,
Shell CreekDeSotoFLpelecypod Tellina,
JacksonvilleDuvalFLspoil banks along St Johns River.?,
JacksonvilleDuvalFLat city waterworkscasts and molds of Pecten and Carditamera,
JacksonvilleDuvalFLon A1A at Ponte Verde Beachfish--shark bones and teeth,
JacksonvilleDuvalFLat Fernandina Beachshark teeth and land vertebrate bones,
QuincyGadsdenFLIn fuller's earth minesCypraea, Murex, Fulgur, Modulus, Crucibulum, Arca, Pecten, Cardita, Chione, Carolia,
Ichetucknee RiverGilchristFLPleistoceneMegalonyx (sloth) teeth,
Thomas FarmGilchristFLMioceneHawthorne (Hemingford)vertebrates-reptiles-Alligator;turtles-Geochelone,
Thomas FarmGilchristFLin sinkhole exposure ,
Ichetucknee RiverGilchrist,ColumbiaFLPleistocenemammals-Mammut,
Banana CreekGladesFLIn tributary of Caloosahatchee River in fresh water MarlChlamys, Helisoma, Cerithium, Anomalocardia, Laevicardium,
Harnby Canal(?)GladesFLLake OkeechobeeGastropods, Typhis, OlivellaProbably 'Harney Pond canal',
Moore HavenGladesFLPlioceneCaloosahatcheeMollusks - Turritella,
Ortona LocksGladesFL400 meters W of Atlantic Coast Line bridge near Coffee Mill HammockChione, Transennella, Bulla, Olivella,
Ortona LocksGladesFLnear locks in marine marlVermicularia, Arca, Bothrocorbula, Phacoides, Cerithium, Hanetia, Mitra,
EllavilleHamiltonFL6.5 km above on Suwannee River on Right bankRhyncholampas,
White SpringsHamiltonFLalong banks of Suwannee Rivercoral heads, Ostrea, shark teeth, bone fragments.,
White SpringsHamiltonFLat RR trestle to Wechinoids,
White SpringsHamiltonFLIn area quarriesechinoids,
Withlacoochee RiverHamilton?FLPleistocene?mammals:Pseudoceras,
Caloosahatchee RiverHendryFLGastropod Vasum, Ficus,
Caloosahatchee RiverHendryFLfor 24km along river in vicinity of Ft Denaudpelecypods-Ostrea,Pecten,Lima,Placunanomia,Thracia,Chlamys,Bulinus,
Ft DenaudHendryFL2 to 4 km NAbundant faunas,
Ft DenaudHendryFLW in banks of Caloosahatchee Riverpelecypods - Ostrea, Pecten, Lima, Placunanomia, Thracia, Chlamys, Balanus,
Ft Denaud near La BelleHendryFLIn Lower bank of Caloosahatchee River at Ft Denaud bridge 3.2km E of La BellePleistoceneFort Thompsonmollusks-Anadara Tertiary Gastropods Xenophora, Murex, Conus, Coral: Siderastrea, Meandrina,
Ft Denaud near La BelleHendryFLGastropods -Planorbis, Clathrodrillia,
Ft ThompsonHendryFL2.5 km N of La Belle along Caloosahatchee RiverMiocene-PlioceneChione, Turritella,
La BelleHendryFL3 km E near Ft Denaud Bridgemollusks, corals,
Tri-Britton RanchHendryFLTri-Britton site mammals, marine vertebrates,
Lake OkeechobeeHendry?FLin Alligator Alley and US41 canal fillsshark teeth,
BrookvilleHernandoFL11 km Nmany varieties of mollusks,
BrookvilleHernandoFL16 km NWmany varieties of mollusks,
BrookvilleHernandoFL2 km SWmany varieties of mollusks,
BrookvilleHernandoFL6 km Wmany varieties of mollusks,
BrookvilleHernandoFL8 km Wmany varieties of mollusks,
BrookvilleHernandoFLarea exposuresmany varieties of mollusks,
[?]HillsboroughFLArea pebble Phosphate depositsMioceneBone Valleyshark teeth , ray teeth, marine mammal bones, invertebrate casts, silicified corals - mastodon, rhinoceros, horse, turtles camels, alligator{4},
Apollo BeachHillsboroughFL9 km N of Ruskin on FL41Mioceneshark teeth vertebrates,
Apollo BeachHillsboroughFLS of Tampa W of FL41 teeth. mammal bones ,
Apollo BeachHillsboroughFLWell preserved shark teeth and land vertebrate bones,
Ballast Point-Tampa BayHillsboroughFLAltered Silicified CoralsMiocene?,
Ballast Point-Tampa BayHillsboroughFLSilicified coral and coral geodes,
Blackwater CreekHillsboroughFL4 km S of Pasco County Line in stream bed at Seaboard Air Line RR crossingMioceneTampa LimestoneMany Species of Mollusks,
Davis Is-Tampa BayHillsboroughFLSilicified coral and coral geodes,
Hillsborough River N of Tampa BayHillsboroughFLSilicified coral and coral geodes{4},
LeiseyHillsboroughFLin area excavationPleistoceneMammals, Petrified wood,
Leisey Shell Pit 1AHillsboroughFLLate Irvingtonian mammal bonesMammal Bones,
Orient ParkHillsboroughFLS between dam and FL60mollusks and corals,
Sixmile CreekHillsboroughFLbetween the RR tracks and the dam S of Orient ParkMioceneTampa LimestoneCorals and mollusks.,
Econfina CreekHolmesFLin exposures below water between FL20 and FL388 ,
VeroIndian RiverFLIn banks of canalPleistoceneplants, birds, mammals, fish, Indian artifacts,
Vero BeachIndian RiverFLFossils along beaches N to Georgia State Line?,
MarianaJacksonFLEoceneOcala Limestonemammal bones - sirenians,
Flint RockJeffersonFL2 km ESE in quarrymollusks{4},
Lamont[?]JeffersonFLIn small exposure of Jackson bedsEoceneJacksonVenericardia, TurritellaOriginal listing is for Arkansas. It is doubtful that there is a Lamont in Arkansas although a Topozone search on Lamont does end up on a barren hilltop at 34.1N 92.275W in Grant County34.1N 92.275W possible
Aucilla RiverJefferson?FL9 km inland from mouth, shark teeth ,
[?]LafayetteFL1 km W of Suwannee River and 1 km N of FL 250 in spoil piles from dredgingmollusks, ostracods, etc,
Suwannee RiverLafayetteFLin Quarry .8km N and .8km W of S-250 crossing of riverEoceneOcala Limestone?,
Suwannee RiverLafayetteFLVertebrates in old channel depositsMiocene (Arikareean)well preserved vertebrates,
Suwannee RiverLafayetteFLat mouth of river in mud teeth ,
EnterpriseLake,Monroe,VolusiaFLPleistocenemammal fossils - Dire Wolf, Camels, deer,
EnglewoodLeeFLat end of Manasota Beach Road shark teeth. ,
LabelleLeeFLPlioceneTurtle bones -Trachemys.{4},
BloxhamLeonFLs8t1sr3w 1 km above highway bridge at abandoned mill on Harvey's Creekpelecypods{4},
EllentonLeonFL2 km away at Rocky Bluff on Manatee RiverMiocenemollusks -- Pecten, Perna, Venus, Arca{4},
Holland P.O.LeonFL2 km N in hard light-grey Limestone on bank of Ochlockonee River sw1/4 s16t1sr4wMiocene UpperPelecypods,
TallahasseeLeonFLat Jackson Bluff near dam on the East side of the Ochlocknee River in claysMioceneJackson Bluffmollusks.,
West SopchoppyLeonFLmany species - Carolia, Scutella,
Gulf HammockLevyFL4.5 km S SW of FL55EoceneInglisechinoids, corals,
Gulf HammockLevyFLSW on FL 55EoceneInglismollusks and echinoids.,
InglisLevyFLIn exposures on cross Florida Barge Canal 1.6km SEoceneInglisMollusks and echinoids.,
Inglis[?]LevyFL2 km Slarge echinoid and mollusk faunaOriginal says Ingles. Can't locate Ingles, but Ingles seems to be an occasional misspelling of Inglis,
WillistonLevyFL2km NE at Mixon's Bone BedMioceneAlucha ClayAnhinga,Ciconia,Dendrocygna,Grus,Podilymbus,Rollandia,Penelope,Alligator,Chrysemys,Deirochelys,TrionyxHemphill Age,
WillistonLevyFL2.4km NE at Mixon's Bone BedMiocene (Hemphill)Palucha ClayTurtles-Geochelone,
Alum BluffLibertyFL3.5 km N in road cut on old road to Watson's Landingpelecypods - Ecphora,
BristolLibertyFLat Alum Bluff on Apalachicola River, on Nature Conservancy property. 2 km by trial NE of end of Garden of Eden Road off of FL12. largest exposed geologic section in Florida (nearly 40 meters)Miocene LowerAlum Blufffossils,
BristolLibertyFL6.5 km N in silty sand on high bluff on E bank of Apalachicola RiverMioceneJackson Bluffgood mollusks,
BristolLibertyFLin high bluff on E bank of Apalachicola River 6.4km NMioceneJackson BluffMollusks.,
BristolLibertyFL10 km downstream near WoodsCancellaria,
Bristol (area)LibertyFL3.5 km N of Alum Bluff in road cut on old road to Watson's LandingMiocene Lower?Alum Bluffpelecypods - Ecphora,
HosfordLibertyFL3.5 km N on Big Creek at the site of a millCancellaria,
ManateeLibertyFLAt North CreekAlum Bluffmany fossils,
DunnellonMarionFLIn Cullen River MinePleistocenedeer teeth, Odocoileus,
Marion CountyMarionFLIn area quarriesEocene UpperOcala Limestonemany fossil species,
Marion CountyMarionFLIn area phosphate minesmastodon, Hipparion,
OcalaMarionFLEoceneOcala Limestoneechinoderms,
OcalaMarionFLon mine dumpsbrachiopods,
OcalaMarionFLarea quarriesfossils,
OcalaMarionFL400 meters NNummulites,
OcalaMarionFLarea quarriesNummulites,
OcalaMarionFLSW part of city quarriesNummulites,
OcalaMarionFLFlorida Lime Co pitturtle bones,
ReddickMarionFLFissure and caves. Cited as major site for Rancho LaBrean faunaPleistoceneMammal BonesOriginal source says Reddick IA but that's possibly a site designator (I-A) not a state abbreviation,
[?]Miami-DadeFLPlioceneCaloosahatcheemollusks - Arca,
MiamiMiami-DadeFLBryozoa Schizoporella,
BrownsvilleMiami-Dade?FLalong Peace Rivershark teeth, mammal bones and teeth.,
Fernandina BeachNassauFLN of JacksonvilleMioceneshark teeth, vertebrates,
Belle GladePalm BeachFLalong US27 to and around Moore Haven in pits and road cutsPlioceneCaloosahatcheemollusks, corals,echinoids,
Belle GladePalm BeachFLW along US27 to La Belle-Moore Haven in road, canal and pit exposuresPlioceneCaloosahatcheeWell preserved mollusks, corals, echinoids.,
South BayPalm BeachFLPit of South Bay Water Plant and in overlying PleistocenePlioceneCaloosahatcheemollusks and corals.,
South BayPalm BeachFLat South Bay Water Plantmollusks, corals,
HudsonPascoFL2 km NLyria, Orthaulax, Cerithium, Turritella, Cypraea, Thracia, Cardium, Panopea, Teredo,
HudsonPascoFL3.5 km NLyria, Orthaulax, Cerithium, Turritella, Cypraea, Thracia, Cardium, Panopea, Teredo,
New Port RicheyPascoFLFossils along beaches N past Sarasota.?,
New Port RicheyPascoFLto S at Bailey's BluffSilicified coral,
ZepherhillsPascoFL4 km S in pits on Florida trap Rock Co propertyOligoceneSuwannee LimestoneCerithium, Turritella, Ampullina, Glycymeris, Lima, Modiolus, Chione, Teredo, etc.,
Tarpon SpringsPinellasFLarea exposureschalcedony and silicified corals and fossils,
Tarpon SpringsPinellasFL2 km away along Anclote River in LimestoneNummulites,
[?]PolkFLArea pebble Phosphate depositsMioceneBone Valleyshark teeth , ray teeth, marine mammal bones, invertebrate casts, silicified corals - mastodon, rhinoceros, horse, turtles camels, alligator{4},
[?]PolkFLMioceneBone ValleyVertebrates-Agriotherium,Calippus,Calippus,Carcharodon,Edaphocyon,Metaxytherium,Monachus,Nannippus,Platygonus,Plesiogulo,Pliohippus,Pseudhipparion,Tapirus,
Agrico MinePolkFLMioceneBone ValleyVertebrates-Gomphotherium,Hexameryx,Metaxytherium,Nannippus,Neohipparion,
BartowPolkFLMioceneBone Valley?Shark--ray denticles -- Trygon, Myliobatis.,
Bone ValleyPolkFLin Phosphate pitsMiocene-PleistoceneAlligator, Merychippus, Nannippus, Hipparion, Neohipparion (horses),
BrewsterPolkFLMioceneBone ValleyVertebrates-Gavialosuchus,Tomistoma,
BrewsterPolkFLMioceneBone Valley?Gar Fish scales, Whale bones, Porpoises,
BrewsterPolkFLMioceneBone Valley?Gar Fish scales, Whale bones, Porpoises,
Ft MeadePolkFLAt Cargill Fertilizer quarry on Peeples Roadvertebrates,
Ft Meade Phosphate areaPolkFLMioceneHawthorneEchinoderms,
LakelandPolkFL11 km NESilicified coral,
MulberryPolkFLIn area phosphate quarriesMioceneBone Valleyabundant Fossils,
MulberryPolkFLArea phosphate mines. Museum at intersection of FL37 and FL 60.MioceneBone Valleymarine vertebrate fossils,
Payne Creek MinePolkFLMioceneBone ValleyVertebrates-Alligator,
Peace CreekPolkFLIn regional phosphate moundsBison, Glyptodonts, Armadillo, Tapirus, Equus, Hipparion, Odocoileus, Elephas, Chlamytherium, Hoplophorus, Glyptodon,
Phosphoria MinePolkFLMioceneBone ValleyVertebrates-Ballistes,fish vertebrae,
WachulaPolkFLIn Peace River BedsPleistoceneMammals - Boreostracon, Megatherian (armadillos, Sloths),
WachulaPolkFLalong riverfossils,
Amalgamated Phosphate Co minePolk,HillsboroughFLMioceneBone ValleyVertebrates-Gavialosuchus(a crocodile),
American Agricultural Chemicals Co minePolk,HillsboroughFLMioceneBone ValleyVertebrates-Osteoborus,
NashuaPutnamFLIn 160cm of Marlabundant shells,
St Johns RiverPutnamFL200 meters upstream from Atlantic Coast Line RR bridgePlioceneNashuaabundant fossils,
Casey KeySarasotaFL9 km S from Sarasota to Osprey then E on Hwy 789 to key. Along beach on offshore in sand teeth - Carcharodon ,
Casperson BeachSarasotaFLClosed to collectingshark teeth. Mammals,
FruitvilleSarasotaFLShell pit of Macasphalt Co just off I75 at exit 39. Open Saturdays, for small fee as of 1987.Miocene-Pleistocenemollusks and Vertebrates -- both marine and terrestrial. Large, and well preserved,
Manasota BeachSarasotaFLoff FL776 on intercoastal waterwayMiocene?abundant small shark teeth,
Manasota BeachSarasotaFLat intercoastal waterwayshark teeth,
Manasota KeySarasotaFLFrom Stump Pass N to Venice along beachMioceneShark Teeth,
SarasotaSarasotaFLin Warren Brother's pit 1.6km EPleistocenePinecrestOysters, biostromes, mollusks, corals,
Anastasia IsSt JohnsFLopposite St Augustine in coquinaabundant shells.,
Florida Coast Line CanalSt JohnsFL51.2km N of St AugustineTurtle bones,
Inland WaterwaySt JohnsFL51.2 km S of St AugustineMammut, Elephas, Mylodon, Equus, whale bones,
Jacksonville BeachSt JohnsFLE of FL90 the N on A1A to Beach teeth-Galeocerdo, land mammal bones ,
Mickler's PointSt JohnsFLaccess to Ponte Vedra BeachMioceneshark teethNo Google hits on Mickler's Point, but Mickler's Landing is at Ponte Vedra Beach,
Ponte Vedra BeachSt JohnsFLMioceneshark and fish bones,
Indian RiverSt LucieFLS along Canal banksturtle bones, Testudo, Gopherus, Terrapene,
St CatherinesSumterFLIn St Catherine's Rock Company quarry W of St Catherines and S of RR tracks.EoceneOcala LimestoneMollusk casts and echinoids.,
St CatherinesSumterFLS of RR tracks in quarrymollusk casts, echinoids,
Live OakSuwanneeFL2.5 km N in old Lyle quarrymollusks,
Suwannee Sulphur SpringSuwanneeFLOligoceneSuwannee Limestonemollusks,
WacissaSuwanneeFL13-16 km E in road cutsCerithium, Cardium, Tellina, Rhyncholampas,
WacissaSuwanneeFLunder water in Wacissa Creek 2 km S of town ,
Walker SpringSuwanneeFL400 meters S of RR and 800 meters SE of depot in Hwy cutCerithium, Chlamys, Phacoides, Teredo,
PerryTaylorFL15.5 km SE along Highwaymollusks,
De Leon SpringsVolusiaFL1 km SCrepidula, Ostrea, Carditamera, Mulinia,
Orange CityVolusiaFLat Blue SpringsPleistocenemammals-Mammut,
St Johns RiverVolusiaFL11 km below Sanford RR bridge on E sidePlioceneMany Species of Shells,
St Johns RiverVolusiaFL8 km below Sanford RR bridge on E sidePlioceneMany Species of Shells,
ChipleyWaltonFL11 km SW, 2 km N of DuncanOligoceneMarianna LimestoneOrbitoides, Pecten,
ChipleyWaltonFL4 km SEOligoceneMarianna LimestoneOrbitoides, Pecten,
Defuniak SpringsWaltonFLoff Country Road 238 W of Alaqua Methodist Church in road cut and creekbeds fossils ,
MariannaWaltonFL11 km SW about 2 km from Kynesville in Limestone bouldersOligoceneMarianna LimestoneOrbitoides, Pecten,
MariannaWaltonFLExposures to EOligoceneMarianna LimestoneOrbitoides, Pecten,
MariannaWaltonFLin area exposures along Chipola River ,
Mossy headWaltonFLShell bed in ravine 300m up creek on N bank of Shoal River 6.4km NMioceneShoal RiverMollusks.,
Natural BridgeWaltonFL400 meters S of bridge near old Turpentine mill clayey Limestone outcropabundant pecten,
Natural BridgeWaltonFLnear N line of county in clayey Limestone outcropabundant pecten,
Red BayWaltonFL2 km SE on W bank of Choctawhatchee River in blue gray marlMiocene200 species of mollusks Mulinia numerous.,
Red BayWaltonFL2 km S in bluffTurritella, Dentalium, Arca, Pecten, Crassatellites,
Sandy CreekWaltonFLon neighborhood of Country Road 138B and Padgett Road in Creek Bed exposures teeth, Mammal bones and teeth ,
CroomWalton?FLarea phosphate minesOrbitoides, CassidulusCroom seems to be in Hernando Cy,
GreenheadWashingtonFL8 km SE at the 'Deadens'Cancellaria,
Read HeadWashingtonFL2 km near Rocky Landing on Choctawhatchee RiverEcphora, Cancellaria,
[?][?]GAIn belt 10 to 40 km wide across state: fossiliferous outcropsEoceneMcBean (Claiborne)?,
Center[?]GACambrianTrilobites Olenellus,
Kingsland-St Mary's area[?]GA?,
Rocky Face Mtn[?]GAon Dug Gap RoadOrdovicianBrachiopods - Hebertella, Hesperorthis, Orthorhynchula, Platystrophia, Zygospira,
Spann Farm[?]GACambrianElrathiella, Elrathia, Coosia, Blainia, Eterapsis, Sterapsis, Glyphapsis,
Spann Farm[?]GAIn Coosa ValleyCambrian MiddleElrathiella, Elrathia, Coosia, Blainia, Eterapsis,
Red BluffBakerGA11 km above Bainbridge in soft brownish Limestone in bed of Cooleewahee CreekOligoceneVicksburgOrbitoides, Nummulites, Echinolampas, Cassidulus, Clypeaster, Pecten, Amusium, Operculina,
EuharleeBartowGA2.5 km NWCambrian-OrdovicianKnox DolomiteSinuopea,
HuberBibbGAAt Huber Kaolin MineEocene Upper (Uintan)Barnwell|TwiggsShark teeth-Ginglymostoma,Lamna,Myliobatis,Odontapsis,Propristis,Scyliorhinus,Negaprion,Hemipristis,Pterosphenus,
Shell BluffBurkeGAon Savannah River in 10 meter shell bedEoceneBarnwellOstrea ,
WaynesboroBurkeGAAt Shell Bluff on W side of Savannah RiverEoceneMcBeanMollusks - Ostrea Classic Locality,
WaynesboroBurkeGAon S side of Savannah River 11 km E of town of Shell BluffEocene MiddleMcBeannumerous good invertebrates,
WaynesboroBurkeGAat Vogtle Power StationEoceneTransitional whale - Georgiacetus,
WaynesboroBurkeGA25 km S on Savannah River at Shell Bluff in sandy marl bedOstrea,
WaynesboroBurkeGA26 km below shell bluff at Griffin LandingOstrea,
WaynesboroBurkeGA2.5 km below Shell Bluff at Demerie's Ferry in fossiliferous Limestone silicified fossilsVenericardia, Endopachys,
WoodbineCamdenGA13 km W at Owens Ferry in bed of Satilla River at low tide poorly preservedPecten, Carditamera, Cardium,
[?]CatoosaGA1 km W of US41 on Cherokee Valley Rd in green siltstoneArchaeocalamites,
Cherokee ValleyCatoosaGAOn Cherokee Mtn Rd 0.9km N of US41 on White Mtn. -- Between Chattanooga and Lavender shalesMississippianChattanooga Shale|Lavender Shaleplant remains in phosphatic nodules between,
Cherokee ValleyCatoosaGAon White Mtn on W side of Cherokee Valley 1 km N of US41MississippianFort Payneplants,
Cherokee ValleyCatoosaGA4.8km N on E side of Cherokee Ridge - also on US41MississippianSt Genevieve|GaspersInvertebrates,
Cherokee ValleyCatoosaGAalong US41MississippianSt Genevieve|GaspersInvertebrates,
Cherokee ValleyCatoosaGAon hillsides and gullies on both sides of valleyabundant silicified brachiopods -Cleiothyridina,
Rabbit ValleyCatoosaGAarea Limestone exposuresOrdovicianBryozoa - Petigopora, Prasopora; Brachiopods -Hebertella, Leptaena, Platystrophia, Plectorthis,
RinggoldCatoosaGA2 km EMississippianFort Payne Cherttrilobites, bryozoa, echinoderms, brachiopods,
RinggoldCatoosaGA1.9km E inMississippianLavender Shaletrilobites, bryozoa, echinoderms, brachiopods and ostracods,
RinggoldCatoosaGAN On GA 1251Ordovician MiddleMurfreesboro?,
RinggoldCatoosaGAIn Road cuts on GA151 N of townOrdovicianMurfreesboro|Lenoir Limestoneinvertebrates,
RinggoldCatoosaGA5.2 km SE in oolitic LimestoneCarboniferousPlatycrinus plates,
RinggoldCatoosaGA4.8km N on E side of Rabbit Valley in green chert outcropsOrdovicianGood ichnofossils,
RinggoldCatoosaGAN in roadcuts on GA151Ordovicianinvertebrates,
RinggoldCatoosaGAin road cuts on Taylor RidgeSilurianbryozoa,brachiopods, trilobites,
RinggoldCatoosaGA9.5 km SEcrinoid stems,
Isle of HopeChathamGAalong banks of Inland Waterway?Original says Isle of Hop,
SavannahChathamGABarrow pits along I95 in Savannah area?,
Big BluffChattahoocheeGA40 km below Columbus on Right BankMollusks - Cucullaea, Inoceramus, Exogyra, Pecten,
Chimney BluffChattahoocheeGA35 km below ColumbusCretaceous UpperTombigbee sandCucullaea, Inoceramus, Crassatellites, Cyprimeria, Aphrodina, Corbicula,
OchilleeChattahoocheeGAIn bed of Ochillee Creek - 5 meters exposedCretaceousEutawSerpula, Nucula, Cucullaea, Trigonarca, Breviarca, Glycymeris, Perna, Ostrea, Pecten, Turritella,
OchilleeChattahoocheeGA1200 meters SE in shallow cut on seaboard Air LineNucula, Leda, Inoceramus, Cardium, Legumen, Corbula,
GoreChattoogaGAOn SE flank of Taylor Ridge on US27MississippianFort Payne Chertcorals, etc,
SublingaChattoogaGA8 km S on East Armuchee CreekCambrian-OrdovicianKnox dolomiteSinuopea,
CoffintonClayGA3.5 km EOstrea, Exogyra, Anomia, Baculites,
Ft GainesClayGA16 km to small store and down dirt road to Chattahoochee River 400 meters above mouth of Pataula CreekCretaceousProvidence Sandmollusks, ammonites,
Ft GainesClayGA14.5 km N at Narrows of Pataula Creek 3.5 km above Chattahoochee River junctionCassidulus, Serpula, mollusks of many species, shark teeth,
Ft GainesClayGA1.6km N at old mill on Cemochechobee CreekTurritella mortoni, Venericardia,
Ft GainesClayGAon river bluffTurritella mortoni, Venericardia,
LumpkinClayGA6 km N on Lumpkin-Louvale TrailOstrea, Gryphaea, Exogyra, Tronia, Pecten, Anomia, Paranomia, Pholadomya, Turritella, etcLumpkin is in Stewart County. Presumably this site might be in Clay Count near Lumpkin,
Euchee RapidsColumbiaGAat Burdock landing on Chattahoochee River 21 km downstream from ColumbusLeda?, Breviarca, Perna, Ostrea, Pecten, Anomia, Lucina, Cardium,
GrovetownColumbiaGA24 km W of Augusta, 400 meters W of ForestNucula, Leda, Balanus, Turbinella, Ostrea, Modiolus, Calyptraea,
BonaireCrawfordGA8.4 km SW in cuts along Perry-Henderson RoadFlabellum, Endopachys. Turritella, Leda, Protocardia, Lucina, Corbula,
BonaireCrawfordGA400 meters N in RR cutMortonia, Caricella, Turritella, Pecten, Cytherea, Basilosaurus,
RobertaCrawfordGA8 km SE at Rich Hill in gulliesEoceneJacksonMortonia, Plejona, Calyptraea, Ostrea, Pecten, Venericardia, Lucina, Panopaea{4},
Pigeon MtDadeGAalong GA143Devonianbryozoa, brachiopods, corals, trilobites,
Pigeon MtnDadeGAalong GA 143 on mountain slopes.OrdovicianTrenton|RichmondTypical Cincinnatian fauna.,
Rising FawnDadeGAat exit from I95MississippianArchimedes, crinoid fragments, a few blastoids.,
TrentonDadeGAIn road cut on US11horn corals,
Trenton-DurhamDadeGAon mine dumps ionPennsylvanianVandover[?]|Rockdales[?]plants Annularia, Cordaites, CalamitesNeither Vandover not Rockdales appear to be valid formation names,
BainbridgeDecaturGASE at old Roseland Plantation in gullyConus, Marginella, Turbinella, Fulgur, Mazzalina, Melongena, Murex, Nassa, Latirus, Bittium, Turritella, Solarium, Crepidula, Crucibulum, Natica, Fissuridea, Arca, Pecten, Spondylus, Carolia, Mactra, Strigilla, Tellina, etc,
GoreFloydGAAlong SE flank of Taylor Ridge inMississippianFort Payne Chertbrachiopods, crinoids, coralsMore likely Chattooga County.,
LivingstonFloydGAGA100 road cut N of townCambrianConasauga?Armonia(Modocia), Asaphiscus,
LivingstonFloydGAN in road cut on Hwy 100Cambrian MiddleArmonia,Asaphiscus,
RomeFloydGAIn very fossiliferous LimestoneCambrian MiddleConasaugaAcrocephalops, Alokistocare, Coosella, Elrathia, Kootenia, Menomonia, Obolus, Olenoides(4),
RomeFloydGAWestCambrian MiddleConasaugatrilobites - Elrathia ,
RomeFloydGA24 km West in shaleCambrian MiddleConasauga?Brachiopods - Obolella, Linguella, Trilobites -Elrathia, Ogygopsis?(16),
GibsonGlascockGA2.5 km N in light gray bedsEoceneClaiborneFlabellum, Endopachys, Mazzalina, Turritella, Pecten, Pteria, Venericardia, Lucina, Panopaea, Cytherea,
BrunswickGlynnGAIn river dredgings at S edge of cityMiocene-Recentfossil shells,
Jekyll IsGlynnGAFossils,
Horn MtnGordonGAon along EW road from Sugar ValleyOrdovicianBrachiopods - Hebertella, Hesperorthis, Orthorhynchula, Platystrophia, Zygospira,
[?]HoustonGAon W side of US4 7lm S of US4/GA127 intersectionEocenecorals and mollusks,
ClinchfieldHoustonGAIn Clinchfield SandsEoceneClinchfieldSawfish teeth-Pristis,
ClinchfieldHoustonGAQuarry on E side GA341Eocene UpperOcalamollusks,
ClinchfieldHoustonGAIn Quarry of Penn Dixie Cement CoEocene UpperOcala Limestonemollusks,
PerryHoustonGA7 km S on at top of Moses Hill on Perry-Elko RoadEoceneClaiborne|VicksburgFlabellum, Turbinolia, Endopachys, Turritella, Mesalia, Calyptraea, Dentalium, Nucula, Leda, Glycymeris, Phacoides, Venericardia, Cytherea, Crassatellites, Corbula,
PerryHoustonGAIn roadcut on dirt road 400 meters N of County Line Road 7 km E of Elko RdOligoceneFlint Rivercasts of mollusks,
PerryHoustonGAIn roadcut on GA26 3 km W of Elko Rd at Milestone 6OligoceneFlint Rivercasts of mollusks,
PerryHoustonGAIn Limestone Quarry on E side of Elko Rd 5 km SEoceneTivolacasts of mollusks, bryozoa, echinoids,
PerryHoustonGAon Elko Rd 5-5 km SEoceneTivolacasts of mollusks, corals,
PerryHoustonGA5 km S or GA127 on US41EoceneTwiggscasts of mollusks, corals,
PerryHoustonGAEchinoderm - Periarchus,
PerryHoustonGAIn quarryMortonia, Clypeaster, Pecten, Panopaea, Lunulites, Idmonea,
Kittrell'sJohnson?GA3 km W at Ring Jaw Landing on Oconee RiverEoceneJacksonOrbitoides, Flabellum, Platytrochus, Endopachys, Mortoni, Nucula, Leda, Pecten, Ostrea, Protocardia, Lunulites,
RobertsJohnson?GA2 km E in RR cutMany invertebrates Endopachys, Cylichna, Plejona, Clavelithes, Mazzalina, Fusus, Chrysodomus, Turritella, Natica, Calyptraea, Adeorbis, Nucula, Yoldia, Leda, pecten, Ostrea, Trigonarca, Modiolus, Venericardia, Lucina, Cytherea, Corbula.,
ValdostaLowndesGAIn exposures along GA41 both N and S of townMioceneHawthorneinvertebrates,
ValdostaLowndesGAalong AL41 N and S of townMiocene MiddleHawthorneinvertebrates,
IdealMaconGA2 or 3 km N in RR cut of Atlanta, Birmingham and Atlantic RRCretaceous UpperRipelyCucullaea, Crassatellites, Cardium, Turritella, Lamna, Corax, Otodus, bones, Mosasaurus,
Buena VistaMarionGA8 km NW in highway cut near Kinchafoonee Creek RR bridgeVeniella, Cardium, Aphrodina, Turritella,
ColquittMillerGA2 km W on Spring Creek in flintscasts and molds of Pecten, Orbitoides, Ostrea, gastropods,
ColquittMillerGA3.5 km N on Long Branch in flintscasts and molds of Pecten, Orbitoides, Ostrea, gastropods,
BridgeboroMitchellGAQuarry on S side of GA112 between Bridgeboro and LesterOligoceneFlint Riverfossils?,
LesterMitchellGAIn Penn-Dixie quarry on S side of GA112 between Lester and Bridgeboro. Permission requiredOligoceneFlint Rivercasts of mollusks,
ColumbusMuscogeeGAalong Steam Mill Rd on W-facing slope of Tiger CreekCretaceousEutawNucula, Perna, Cardium, Cymbophora, Corbula, Anchura,
ColumbusMuscogeeGA17 km downstream on Alabama side of Chattahoochee River at Broken Arrow BendCretaceousEutawPerna, Ostrea, Exogyra, Pecten, Anomia, Placenticeras, pelecypod casts, Turritella, gastropod casts, vertebrates -Lamna, Otodus,
ColumbusMuscogeeGA17 km downstream on Georgia side of Chattahoochee River at Broken Arrow Bend along base of 40-50 meter bluffFossil plants, Malpoenna, Phragmites, Salix, Sequoia,
ColumbusMuscogeeGA17 km downstream along Chattahoochee River in various stream bank exposuresFossil plants, Malpoenna[?], Phragmites, Salix, SequoiaNo citations for 'Malpoenna' 050525,
ColumbusMuscogeeGA11 km SE below Cusseta Rd bridgemollusks and vertebrate fragments.,
Van WertPolkGA1300 meters SSW in Cenozoic beds interstratified with Paleozoic rocksCenozoicgastropods -Polygyridae,
HawkinsvillePulaskiGA5 km up Ocmulgee River[?]Lower Taylor's Bluff[?]Flabellum, Sphenotrochus, Endopachys, Leda, Venericardia, Lunulites, AmusiumCan't identify a Taylor's Bluff Formation,
EufaulaQuitmanGA8 km SE at Milepost 139 on Central of Georgia RRPecten, Crassatellites, Cardium, Pugnellus, AnchuraThis is likely more properly 'Georgetown, GA'. Eufaula is on the Alabama side of the River.,
HatcherQuitmanGANW in RR cutsEoceneDendrophyllia, Venericardia, Cytherea,
McBeanRichmondGAEoceneMcBeanfossils ,
McBeanRichmondGA35 km S of Augusta along McBean Creek above Savannah RiverEoceneMcBean (Claiborne)mollusks Endopachys, Ringicula, Conus, Pleurotoma, Turritella, Mesalia, Tuba, Amalthea, Crepidula, Calyptraea, Lunatia, Venericardia, Bornia, Cytherea, Metis, Tellina, Corbula, Dentalium, Nucula, Yoldia, Arca, Ostrea, Pecten, Crassatellites,
EllavilleSchleyGA11 km N 1 km E of Murray Crossroads in light-green, yellow sandmollusks-Nemodon,Ostrea,Gryphaea,Exogyra,Pecten,Lima,Anomia,Paranomia,Turritella,
JacksonboroScrevenGAIn Limestone on Briar Creek 1km NE of Sylvania - Classic LocalityOrbitoides, Actaeonina, Bulla, Pleurotoma, Drillia, Olivella, Marginella, Mitra, Pyazsinus[?], Cerithium, Modulus, Acmaea, Turritella, Strombus, Calyptraea, Xenophora, Ampullina Dentalium, Pecten, MytilusNo citations for 'Pyazsinus' 050525,
Marks HeadScrevenGA2 km NW of Porters Landing on the Savannah RiverMioceneMarks HeadMany species of fossils,
[?]StewartGAOn N bank of Hannahatchee Creek in R30ET14N about 600m from Seaboard Air Line RRCretaceousBlufftownvertebrates-Borodinopristis,
[?]StewartGAvivianite crystals to 5cm in fossil casts,
Banks LandingStewartGA43 km below Columbus on Chattahoochee Rivercorals, Serpula, Nucula, Leda, Breviarca, Nemodon, Gervilliopsis, Perna, Lima, Inoceramus, Ostrea, Gryphaea, Exogyra, Trigonia, Pecten, Veniella, Crassatellites, Turritella, etc,
BlufftownStewartGAat bluff on Chattahoochee River 50 km below Columbusabundant vermes, mollusca, arthropods, Vertebrates - Lamna, fish vertebra.,
BlufftownStewartGAat bluff on Chattahoochee River 52 km below ColumbusCucullaea, Pecten,
FlorenceStewartGAIn river bluffHamulus, Nucula, Leda, Trigonarca, Arca, Barbatia, Ostrea, Exogyra, crocodile teeth, Lamna.,
Hannahatchee CreekStewartGAIn vertebrate and Oyster rich layer in sandy,silty,clayCretaceousBlufftownGastropods-Albula;Ammonites-Placenticeras;Bivalves-Exogyra,Crassostrea;Shark teeth-Squatina,Heterodontus,Ginglymostoma,Squalicorax,Pseudocorax,Scapanorhynchus,Cretolamna,Plicatolamna,Ptychotrygon,Pseudohypolophus,Brachyrhizodus,Rhombodus,Ischyrhiza,...,
Hannahatchee CreekStewartGA10 km W of US27 on GA39CretaceousBlufftownScapanorhynchus and a few mollusks in creek bed,
Hannahatchee CreekStewartGAN of GA39 11 km W of US27Cretaceousshark teeth,
LumpkinStewartGAOn E side of US13 6 km N at Milepost 13 in road cutCretaceousRipelyExogyra, Flemingostrea, Ostrea, Shark Teeth,
OmahaStewartGA8 km E on S side of Hannahatchee Creek Next to GA39CretaceousBlufftownVertebrates-Paranomotodon,
Stewart CountyStewartGAIn stream bed of Hannahatchee Creek near Alabama border inCretaceousBlufftownHadrosaur bones.,
Gallemore StationTwiggsGAIn marly Limestone in creek bedPlejona, Calyptraea, Turritella, Mesalia, Leda, Glycymeris, Diplodonta, Corbula, etc,
HuberTwiggsGAEoceneBarnwellRay teeth Myliobatis. Fish teeth Trichiurides, Cylindracanthus, Snake vertebrae - Paleophis,
Pikes Peak StationTwiggsGA1600 meters W in the Dry Branch region.Nucula, Ostrea, Crassatellites,
ChickamaugaWalkerGAIn road cuts along US27 NW or W Chickamauga Creek.OrdovicianLebanonSponges-Camarocladia;Bryozoa-Arthroclema,Escharapora,Mesotrypa,Stictoporella,Brachiopods-Glyptorthis,Hesperorthis,Mimella, Multicostella,Pionoderma,Rafinesquina,Sowerbyella,Valcourea;etc,
ChalkerWashingtonGA2.2 km S in exposures along Hwy in white clayCretaceousFlabellum, Cucullaearca, Cerithium, Turritella, Mesalia, Venericardia, Ostrea, Cytherea, Corbula, etc,
ChalkerWashingtonGA4 km S in RR cut in white clayCretaceousFlabellum, Cucullaearca, Cerithium, Turritella, Mesalia, Venericardia, Ostrea, Cytherea, Corbula, etc,
SandervilleWashingtonGA1300 meters S of courthouse in soft white LimestoneOstrea, Mortonia,
TennilleWashingtonGAnear RR Milestone 139 in sand in gullyGlycymeris, Mortonia, Endopachys, Corbula, Crassatellites, Ostrea,
DaltonWhitfieldGAAt Dug Gap Church on Foster RdCambrian MiddleAphelaspis,
DaltonWhitfieldGA25 km E 76/255 Oak Grove SchoolCambrian MiddleCoosella, Solenopleurella,
Hamilton MtnWhitfieldGAon Hamilton Mountain along EW road connecting GA71 with NS road just E of Rocky Face MtnOrdovicianBrachiopods - Ancistrorhyncha, Camarotoechia, Orthorhynchula, Sowerbyella, Zygospira,
OakfieldWorthGAIn Flint River cherts 2.4km SOligoceneFlint Riverinvertebrates,
OakfieldWorthGA2 km S on AL257 in chertinvertebrates,
Oak Grove School[?]GA?22 km EastConasaugaCoosella, Solenopleurella,
Kohala Volcano[?]HIOn West side at base of slopeHoloceneMarine shells and corals,
Nanakuli Sea Cliffs[?]HI1.6km E of Nanakuli RR Station in LimestoneRecent?,
Waianae RR Station[?]HI5-6.4km E of Waianae RR station and 0.8km inland in a Limestone quarry about 20 meters above sea level.Recent?,
Black Point (E of Kahala)HonoluluHIIn a 13m high Limestone cliff at Kupikikio[?] CraterRecent?Probably at/near Kupikikikio Point between Kahala and Diamond Head,
Diamond HeadHonoluluHIAt the base of Kaimuki slope along the Kapahulu Road, Diamond Head in Limestone.Recent?,
Diamond HeadHonoluluHIIn sand on brownish tuff a meter or two above sea level at Diamond HeadRecent?,
HonoluluHonoluluHIAt the Moiliili sand quarry .25 N of the Girl's Industrial SchoolRecent?,
HonoluluHonoluluHIBetween King and Young Streets opposite the Stadium, in fossil coral reef.Recent?,
HonoluluHonoluluHINear the Wailupe radio station in fossil coral reefs a few meters above sea levelRecent?,
Honolulu PlainHonoluluHIunder the city of Honolulu where fossiliferous Limestone underlies a thin layer of volcanic ash.Recent?,
Kaena PointHonoluluHIin RR cuts 1.6km E of Kaena PointRecent?,
Makapu PeninsulaHonoluluHIOn the Makapu Peninsula N of Nuupia fishpond.Recent?,
Makapuu lighthouseHonoluluHIQuarry 1.2km W of Makapuu lighthouseRecent?,
Moanalua ValleyHonoluluHIalong both sides of the Moanalua Valley, up to 7m above modern sea levelRecent?,
Near Maili Pt.HonoluluHInear WainanaeRecent?,
Puuloa RR StationHonoluluHI1 km N of Puuloa RR Station in RR cut.Recent?,
Wailupe PointHonoluluHIbetween the Niu and Wailupe valleys in a Limestone outcrop 3 meters above Sea Level.Recent?,
Waipo StationHonoluluHIin a RR cut 0.8km E of Waipo StationRecent?,
Kalamaula StreamMauiHIIn a number of marine exposures in the bed of Kalamaula Stream and its tributaries, from near the mouth of the stream to 33m above Sea Level, 4km East of the Mouth.Recent?,
OlowaluMauiHIAt Target Range Gulch, Olowalu, 9.6km SE of Lahaini, in exposures in the stream bed as high as 60m and 74m above Sea LevelRecent?,
North Central IA-IAin regional exposuresDevonianstromatoporoids,
[?][?]IAArea exposures in East Iowa/West IllinoisMississippianBurlington LimestoneMarine vertebrates-Cladodus,Ctenacanthus,Deltodus,Physonemus,
Patterson Springs[?]IAOrdovicianMaquoketa|Brainardtrilobites - Calymene,
CrescentAdairIAIn quarryPennsylvanianStarkFish bones,
GreenfieldAdairIAIn quarryPennsylvanianStarkFish-Agassizodus,
Harrison TwpAdairIAin Sec 27 in ravine on fragments, crinoid stems, bryozoa, brachiopods,
LansingAllamakeeIA1 km SCambrian UpperEau ClaireSaratogia,
LansingAllamakeeIA5 km W on hillside 3 meters above road on N sideCambrian UpperSt LawrenceDikelocephalus,
LansingAllamakeeIAat Fire-Bell HillCambrian UpperSt LawrenceIllaenurus,
WaterlooBlack HawkIAPints Quarry, InDevonianCedar Valley LimestoneArthrodire fish - Macropetalichthys, Rhynchodus, Ptychodus,
WaterlooBlack HawkIAMississippianKinderhookCrinoids,
WaterlooBlack HawkIAMississippianKinderhookCrinoids,
BoonsboroBooneIApelecypod Edmondia,
MadridBooneIAPennsylvanianLabettemollusks Pteria, Dunbarella, Edestid shark spines, sharks Listracanthus,
WaverlyBremerIAin limestoneDevonianHamiltonfish-Ptyctodus,Rhynchodus,
BrandonBuchananIASE IN interurban RR cuts in LimestoneDevonianCedar Valleycrinoid fragments,
BrandonBuchananIAalong Lime Creek E of Cemetery in abandoned and active quarries.Atrypa, edrioasteroids -Agelacrinites,
BrandonBuchananIAon Cedar River SW of Brandonbrachiopods Douvillina,
BrandonBuchananIAE along Lime Creek in Cemetery in Limestonecrinoid fragments,
LittletonBuchananIAbelow Littleton dam on both sides of Wapsipinicon RiverDevonianCedar ValleyHexagonaria, cephalopods, Favosites, Cryptophyllum, brachiopods - Stropheodonta, Atrypa, Spirifer; crinoid stems, bryozoa,
LewisCassIAin banks of Nishnabotna River accessible on abandoned road from Cold Springs State ParkPennsylvanianOreadfusulinids, a few shark teeth, brachiopods, bryozoa, fusulinids,
ClarenceCedarIASilurianNiagara dolomitetrilobites - Metopolichas, Cheirurus,
[?]Cerro GordoIADevonianbrachiopods -Schizophoria,
Bird HillCerro GordoIA1.6km W on B47Devonian UpperHackberryCorals, Brachiopods - Atrypa, Theodossia, Spirifer, Productella, Productella, Cyrtospirifer, Tenticospirifer. Stromatoporoid -Idiostroma,
HackberryCerro GordoIA5 km W at Bird Hill?,
Nora SpringsCerro GordoIA'Hackberry Fauna' exposures at Claybank Forest ParkDevonianDevonian Fossils presumably similar to those at Rockford, IA,
Portland TwpCerro GordoIAnw1/4 sw1/4 s31trilobites - Goldius,
ElkaderClaytonIA3-10 meters below Galena dolomite in small creek 2 km SWOrdovicianUpper Plattevilletrilobites -Illaneus,
Marion TwpClaytonIAnw1/4 se1/4 s19 along left bank of a small North flowing tributary of the Turkey River in shaley LimestoneOrdovicianElgintrilobite fragments - Isotelus, graptolites,
McGregorClaytonIA6 km SW along Sny Magill Creek in LimestoneOrdovicianPlattevilletrilobite - Ceraurus,
McGregorClaytonIAalong Sny Magill Creek in Limestone exposuresOrdovicianPlattevilletrilobite - Ceraurus,
McGregorClaytonIA6 km SW in Boyles Quarry in LimestoneOrdovicianPlattevilletrilobite - Ceraurus, Eoharpes,
McGregorClaytonIAN to Minnesota line in Cambrian Upper Sandstones along Mississippi RiverCambrian Uppera few fossils,
Sperry TwpClaytonIAS of center of Sec 11OrdovicianGalenaCrinoids,
Strawberry PtClaytonIAarea quarriesSilurianfossils,
ClintonClintonIASilurianNiagrangraptolites, trilobites - Goldius,
ClintonClintonIAfrom US30 N to US20 in quarries and roadcutsSilurianFossils,
BoyerCrawfordIAin area streams and gulliesgastropods and bivalves,
BoyerCrawfordIAN along Porter Creek in bench 10 meters above Creekmollusks,
BoyerCrawfordIAN at lower end of valley in blue-gray siltmollusks,
RedfieldDallasIAin clayeyPennsylvanianshaleXiphosura - Euproops,
BloomfieldDavisIAOrdovicianLower Maquoketatrilobites - Encrinurus,
ElginDavisIAOrdovicianLower MaquoketaTrilobites -Isotelus,
ElginDavisIAin road cuts along Turkey River SW of town in Elgin member ofOrdovicianMaquoketatrilobites and Ammonites,
ClermontDavis?IAnear junction of Otter Creek and Turkey RiverOrdovicianLower MaquoketaTrilobites - IsotelusClermont is in Fayette Cy. Is this location perhaps in Davis County?,
EdgewoodDelawareIAarea quarriesSilurianfossils,
ManchesterDelawareIA4 km WSilurian UpperNiagara Limestonegraptolites, trilobites - Illaneus,
ManchesterDelawareIAarea quarriesSilurianfossils,
AugustaDes MoinesIAMississippian LowerBurlington Limestonecrinoids, Shark teeth -- hybodonts, Psammodus,
AugustaDes MoinesIARare crinoid crowns in crinoidalMississippian LowerBurlington LimestoneLimestones,
AugustaDes MoinesIA1 km N in area exposuresMississippianKeokuktypical faunas,
BurlingtonDes MoinesIACrinoids Eutrochocrinus, Agaricocrinites,
BurlingtonDes Moines?IAat Prospect Hill in Mississippi River bluffs for 3 kmMississippianKinderhooksponges, crinoid stems, Brachiopods, pelecypods, cephalopods, crustacea, fish, worms, bryozoa, corals, plants,
[?]DubuqueIA3 meters N of Mississippi River Bridge 2 meters above low waterEoharpes,
Catfish CreekDubuqueIAnear mouthOrdovicianPlatteville LimestoneCeraurus,
Center TwpDubuqueIAne1/4 s29 2 meters above NW flowing tributary of Little Maquoketa RiverOrthoceras,
DubuqueDubuqueIAat City Quarries on W 14th StOrdovicianGalena dolomitetrilobites - Illaneus and 1 other fossil species,
DubuqueDubuqueIA6.5 km N in cuts of Chicago, Milwaukee and St Paul RROrdovicianPlattevilletrilobites - Basilicus, other fossils.,
FlorencevilleDubuqueIAarea outcropsOrdovicianGalena|Plattevilletrilobites - BrachyaspisBrachyaspis is Isotelus,
FlorencevilleDubuqueIAon River above townOrdovicianMaquoketaTrilobites - Homotelus,
GrafDubuqueIAOrdovicianLower MaquoketaCalymene,
GrafDubuqueIAat RR station 14 km W of Dubuque and 2 km N of IA20OrdovicianMaquoketanautiloids,
GrafDubuqueIA500 meters aboveLingula, Orthoceras, Leptobolus, + 14 other species.,
Graf StationDubuqueIAat ICCR station 12.8km No of Dubuque and 2.4km N of US 20OrdovicianMaquoketaStraight cephalopods.,
BrainardFayetteIAOrdovicianMaquoketa|Brainardtrilobites - Calymene,
ClermontFayetteIAOrdovicianLower Maquoketa (Elgin)trilobites - Megalaspis,
ClermontFayetteIAin road cuts along Clermont-Elgin road in Elgin member ofOrdovicianMaquoketaFormation trilobites and Ammonites,
ClermontFayetteIAin dry stream beds along County road Y in Elgin member ofOrdovicianMaquoketatrilobites and Ammonites,
Clermont TwpFayetteIAin area shale outcropstrilobites, graptolites,
Clermont TwpFayetteIAIn creek banks above bridge in center of S35trilobites, graptolites,
Dover MillsFayetteIAOrdovicianMaquoketaCalymene,
Pleasant Valley TwpFayetteIAat Patterson Springs w1/2nw1/4 s20 in Limestoneabundant Cornulites, Hebertella, Plectambonites, Leptaena, Calymene, Crinoid stems (Dendrocrinus),
Postville JunctionFayetteIAOrdovicianMaquoketa, Lower (Elgin)trilobites - Megalaspis,
[?]FloydIAarea exposuresDevonianLime Creek Shalebarnacles - Lepidocoleus,
Nora SpringsFloydIACoral Actinostroma,
Nova SpringsFloydIAWilliams Quarrycorals, edrioasteroids, cystoids,
RockfordFloydIA700 meters SW of Rockford Brick and Tile Company on County Road DDevonianHackberrybrachiopods, gastropods, coral,
RockfordFloydIA5 km S and .5 km W of Rockford Brick Co Pit on County RdDevonian UpperHackberryCorals, Brachiopods, Corals.,
RockfordFloydIAin.5 km S and 6 km W of Rockford Brick Co PitDevonian UpperHackberryCorals, Brachiopods, Corals. Brachiopods - Atrypa, Theodossia, Spirifer, Productella, Productella, Cyrtospirifer, Tenticospirifer. Stromatoporoid - Idiostroma,
RockfordFloydIAPrairie park is maintained by the Floyd County Conservation Board. It is full of Devonian age fossils found in the Lime Creek Formation. the Lime Creek Formation is part of the Devonian rock system that can be found in Cerro Gordo and Floyd counties.DevonianLime Creek?,
RockfordFloydIAIn Allied Construction Company (Charles City, IA) pit 2 km W of Rockford on County Rd B47 in Map FQ Spring 84 p11. N1/2 S16R18WT95NDevonianLime Creek(Juniper Hill|Cerro Gordo)Brachiopods - Cranaena - with traces of original shell coloring.,
RockfordFloydIADevonianBrachiopods;Cephalopods Imitoceras,
RockfordFloydIAin road cut on County Rd Dbrachiopods, corals,
RockfordFloydIAarea limestonescorals, brachiopods, crinoids,
RockfordFloydIApelecypod Spinatrypa,
Rockland[?]FloydIAbrachiopods - Schuchertella, Linoproductus, JuresaniaThere doesn't seem to be a Rockland, Iowa. Rockford? But the genera above are Pennsylvanian. Rockford is Devonian.,
Williams Quarry at Nova SpringsFloydIAEdrioasteroids and Cystoids,
ChapinFranklinIA2 km W in cherty dolomiteMississippian LowerMaynes Creekabundant corals,
Geneva TwpFranklinIAin abandoned quarry in S10 silicified fossilsSchellwienella, Productus, Camarotoechia, Spirifer, Cleiothyridina, fish spines,
Geneva TwpFranklinIAin abandoned quarry in S14 silicified fossilsSchellwienella, Productus, Camarotoechia, Spirifer, Cleiothyridina, fish spines,
HamptonFranklinIA2 km NW of town in quarry on Spring Creekmany species of corals, brachiopods, crinoids, pelecypods,
HamptonFranklinIA5 km NE in quarrymany species of corals, brachiopods, crinoids, pelecypods,
HamptonFranklinIAIn N part of town in quarry on Spring Creekmany species of corals, brachiopods, crinoids, pelecypods,
Ross TwpFranklinIAIn SW corner s29abundant fossils - corals, blastoids, brachiopods. bryozoa, gastropods, pelecypods,
SheffieldFranklinIAIn S17 of West Fork TwpDevonian UpperSheffieldCleiothyridina, Productus, Camarotoechia, Spirifer, silicified fossils,
BartlettFremontIAAt Kaser Bros QuarryPennsylvanianHoltvertebrates-Agassizodus,
BeamanGrundyIAalong Wolf CreekMississippianKinderhookZaphrentis; brachiopods-Schellwienella,Camarotoechia,Rhipidomella,Dielasma,Spirifer; Conocardium, Straparollus, Loxonema,
ConradGrundyIAalong Wolf CreekMississippianKinderhookZaphrentis. Schellwienella, Camarotoechia, Rhipidomella, Dielasma, Spirifer, Conocardium, Straparollus, Loxonema,
Eagle CityHardinIAin banks of Iowa RiverMississippian LowerUpper Kinderhookbrachiopods - Leptaena, Orthoceras, Schellwienella, Productus, Spirifer, Reticularia; Bryozoa - Chaetetes, Rhombopora, Fenestella; Gastropods - Orthonychia, Straparollus,
Iowa FallsHardinIASE in old Ellsworth Stone quarryZaphrentis, Orophocrinus, Platycrinus, Schellwienella, Rhipidomella, Spirifer, Reticularia, Aviculopecten, Bellerophon. Igoceras, Loxonema, Straparollus,
Iowa FallsHardinIAto W in Wild Cat GlenZaphrentis, Orophocrinus, Platycrinus, Schellwienella, Rhipidomella, Spirifer, Reticularia, Aviculopecten, Bellerophon. Igoceras, Loxonema, Straparollus,
Iowa FallsHardinIAin old quarry on Iowa River at power plantZaphrentis, Orophocrinus, Platycrinus, Schellwienella, Rhipidomella, Spirifer, Reticularia, Aviculopecten, Bellerophon; Igoceras, Loxonema, Straparollus,
Henry CountyHenryIAse1/4 s17t71nr6e on side of Big CreekMississippian UpperPellaGriffithides,
Jackson TwpHenryIAAt Webster's Mill in W part of Section (What Section?) along a tributary of Skunk RiverMississippianKeokukfossils(4),
Jackson TwpHenryIASec 4 along small tributary of Skunk RiverGriffithides,
Mt PleasantHenryIAMississippianKeokukFish teeth-Sandalodus,
Oakland MillsHenryIAMississippian LowerBurlington LimestoneShark Teeth, Deltodus,
OllieHenryIAMississippian UpperPellatrilobites -Griffithides(4),
OttumwaHenryIAMississippian UpperPellatrilobites -Griffithides(4),
Dakota CityHumboldtIAHodges QuarryMississippianGilmore City LimestoneTrilobites-Perexigupyge,Richterella,Proetides,
HumboldtHumboldtIAin Hodges Quarry in limestone lensesMississippianGilmore Citymollusks, brachiopods, ostracods,
BellevueJacksonIAN through Dubuque to Minnesota line along Mississippi RiverOrdovicianSt Peter SandstoneGalena Dolomite, Maquoketa shale.,
MaquoketaJacksonIACasts of fossils. Coral-Neozaphrentis,
St DonatusJacksonIAPrairie Spring Twp along Mort[?] Creek limestone and shaleOrdovicianGalena20 species of fossilsMost likely 'Tete des Mortes' Creek which is just S of town,
Tete de Mort TwpJacksonIAIn soft brown shales along creek near Sec 13-14 boundaryabundant fossils'Tete des Mortes' perhaps,
KelloggJasperIAIn limestone quarryMississippianKeokukFish fins-Physonemus,
KelloggJasperIAMississippianKeokuk Limestoneshark spines to 70cm - Physonemus,
Round Prairie TwpJeffersonIAIn S bank of Rock Creek ne1/4 ne1/4 s32Protozoa, coral Pentremites, Archeocidaris spines and plates, crinoid stems, Vermes - Spirorbis?; Bryozoa -Anisotrypa, Fenestella; brachiopods; pelecypods - Allorisma;Arthropods - Cytherellina; fish bones,
BrandonJohnsonIAarea exposuresDevonianCedar Valleytrilobite - Proteus,
BrandonJohnsonIAarea exposuresDevonian LowerIndependence Shale[?]trilobite - CyphaspisUSGS has the Independence formation as Pleistocene,
Cedar RapidsJohnsonIADevonianCedar Valley LimestoneBlastoids,,
CoralvilleJohnsonIAin gorge S of Dam spillway fossils,
ElmiraJohnsonIA1 km NDevonian MiddleDavenporttrilobites -Proteus,
Iowa CityJohnsonIAN of Park Bridge in abandoned quarryDevonianCedar ValleyProetusBoth 'Proetus' and 'Proteus' spellings are commonly used -- apparently interchangeably,
Iowa CityJohnsonIAN on Templin road, Red Ball RoadDevonianCedar ValleyProetus,
Iowa CityJohnsonIAIn limestonesDevonian MiddleHamiltontrilobites - Asteropyge,
Johnson CountyJohnsonIAarea stream gravelssilicified Favosites,
Linn JunctionJohnsonIAalong old Chicago, Milwaukee and St Paul RR cutDevonian MiddleWapsipiniconProetus,
Linn JunctionJohnsonIAin area outcropsDevonian MiddleWapsipiniconProetus,
New BuffaloJohnsonIADevonianCedar ValleyVertebrates-Dipterus,
New BuffaloJohnsonIAIn limestonesDevonian MiddleHamiltontrilobites - Asteropyge,
SearstownJohnsonIAIn limestonesDevonian MiddleHamiltontrilobites - Asteropyge,
State QuarryJohnsonIAIn bone bedDevonian UpperState Quarryfish-Ptyctodus,
KeokukKeokukIAAt Des Moines Rapids in Mississippi RiverMississippianKeokukFish teeth-Cladodus,Cochliodus,Deltodus,Sandalodus,
KeswickKeokukIAIn limestone quarryMississippianKeokukFish fins-Physonemus,
KeswickKeokukIAMississippianKeokuk LimestoneShark Spines Physonemus, Teeth -- Cladodus, Helodus, Deltodus, Chomatodus,
OllieKeokukIA2 km NWMississippian UpperPellaGriffithides,
South EnglishKeokukIAMississippianbradyodont shark teeth-Sandalodus,
[?]LeeIAMississippianKeokuk Limestoneshark teeth -- Ctenoptychius,
BelfastLeeIA4.5 km W in stream bank at sharp bendMississippianSt LouisGirtyella, Spirifer, Myalina, Aviculopecten, Modiomorpha, Conocardium, Bellerophon,
BelfastLeeIA4 km WMississippianSt LouisLithostrotion, Conularia, Orbiculoidea,
BelfastLeeIAin River Bluffs below townMississippianSt LouisLithostrotion, Conularia, Orbiculoidea,
BelfastLeeIA2 km NE along E branch of Monk Creek in se1/4 s36t67nr72silicified coral - Lithostrotion, Syringopora,
CrotonLeeIAalong banks of Creek emptying into Des Moines RiverMississippian UpperPella Limestonebrachiopods-Productus,Pugnoides,Girtyella,Spirifer,Composita;Pelecypods- Edmondia, Schizodus, Allorisma Trilobites - Phillipsia.,
DenmarkLeeIA4 km NW, In a bluffMississippianKeokukOrthothetes, Spirifer, Conularia, Cleiothyridina, Reticularia, Tetracamera, Pustula, Productus,
KeokukLeeIAalong Soap Creek full exposures of Keokuk Limestone bedsMississippianKeokukcorals, bryozoa, brachiopods pelecypods, gastropods, fish teeth - Sandalodus, crinoids, etc,
KeokukLeeIAin quarry in Mississippi river bank near mouth of Soap Creek full exposures of Keokuk Limestone bedsMississippianKeokukcorals, bryozoa, brachiopods pelecypods, gastropods, fish teeth - Sandalodus, crinoids, etc,
KeokukLeeIAMississippianfossils, geodes,
KeokukLeeIAat Galland StationTrilobites -Griffithides,
KeokukLeeIAMontroseTrilobites -Griffithides,
Linn CountyLinnIAIn area exposuresSilurianNiagranTrilobites - Encrinurus,
Linn CountyLinnIAArea streambedssilicified corals,
LinwoodLinnIALocal quarries and a creekbed between Linwood and BuffaloPorifera - Hexagonaria. Mollusk - Hyolithes, Crinoid plates Onychocrinus, Brachiopods, Spinocyrtia, Gypidula, Composita, Merista, Fascifera, Hebertella,
BurlingtonLouisaIARare crinoid crowns in crinoidalMississippian LowerBurlington Limestonecrinoids,
BurlingtonLouisaIAN along base of Mississippi River bluffDevonianMaple Millmany fish species plus sponges, crinoid stems, brachiopods, a pelecypod, gastropods, Gomphoceras,
BurlingtonLouisaIAIn road cuthorn corals,
Elrick JunctionLouisaIA2 km SE in creek bed an banksHelodus teeth, Chonopectus, Athyris, Chonetes, Edmondia, Spirifer, Paryphorhynchus, Orthothetes, abundant mollusks.,
Long CreekLouisaIAIn area Limestone depositsOrthothetes, Chonopectus, Aviculopecten, Productus, Rhipidomella, Macrodon, Orthoceras, Conularia, Edmondia,
Louisa CountyLouisaIAIn County Quarry in s23t73nr3w Hampton age fossilsMississippianNorth Hill OoliteSpirifer, Camarophorella, Productus, Leptaena, Reticularia, Bucanopsis,
Morning SunLouisaIARare crinoid crowns in crinoidalMississippian LowerBurlington Limestone?,
Morning SunLouisaIAMississippianKeokuk LimestoneCrinoids,
Morning SunLouisaIAN and E in bluffs and creeksSpirifer, Productella, Spirifer, Athyris, Zaphrentis, Orthoceras, Helodus, brachiopod casts.,
Smith CreekLouisaIAW of center of sw1/4 s29t73nr2wMississippianKinderhooksponges, crinoid stems, Brachiopods, pelecypods, cephalopods, crustacea, fish, worms, bryozoa, corals, plants,
Smith CreekLouisaIADevonianMaple Millmany fish species plus sponges, crinoid stems, brachiopods, a pelecypod, gastropods, Gomphoceras,
St CharlesMadisonIAPennsylvanianHerthavertebrates-Petrodus,
St CharlesMadisonIAPennsylvanianHertha LimestoneConodonts, Dermal ossicles from Petrodus,
WintersetMadisonIASW in ravinePennsylvanianBethany Falls LimestoneMyalina, Orthothetes, Chonetes, Composita, crinoid stems,
WintersetMadisonIA8 km W in ravine on N side of Middle RiverPennsylvanianCherryvale Shaletypical faunas,
WintersetMadisonIAat Devil's BackbonePennsylvanianHushpuckney Shalepelecypods - Streblochondria,
FremontMahaskaIA5 km NMississippian UpperPellaGriffithides,
FremontMahaskaIAMississippian UpperPellatrilobites -Griffithides(4)Original says Henry County,
New SharonMahaskaIADevonianbrachiopods-Mucrospirifer,corals,bivalves,
OskaloosaMahaskaIAE of US63 in abandoned quarry on Skunk Riversmall blastoids, corals, trilobites,
HarveyMarionIAPella beds in abandoned quarryMississippianSt Louis?,
HarveyMarionIAMississippian Pella bedsMississippianSt Louis LimestoneEdrioasteroids Lepidodiscus,,
PellaMarionIA1 km SW in abandoned quarry in overlying shalesMississippian UpperPellacorals, blastoids, brachiopods, pelecypods, trilobites,
TracyMarionIAIn area quarries in marly members of Pella formationsMississippian UpperPellatypical Pella fossils,
Le GrandMarshallIA2 km N along Iowa River in massive fossiliferous blue siltstone ledgesDevonian-MississippianEnglish RiverBrachiopods, pelecypods, pteropods, cephalopods,
Le GrandMarshallIAin quarries 2 km N of IA30MississippianHamptoncrinoids,
Le GrandMarshallIA2 km N of IA30 in quarriesMississippianHamptongood, but uncommon crinoids,
Le GrandMarshallIAIn Mississippian Hampton (Kinderhook) Formation 2 km N in Le Grand quarries. Excellent crinoids but difficult to collect. Museum quality slabs. 41 species found. Apparently these are from specific individual beds uncovered in 1858, 1874-1890, 1931, 1933,MississippianKinderhookCactocrinus, Platycrinites, Rhodocrinites.,
Le GrandMarshallIAMississippianBlastoids, Crinoids,
Le GrandMarshallIAIn area Limestone quarriesMississippiancrinoids, echinoderms Megistocrinus.,
LeGrandMarshallIAMississippianKinderhookfish teeth-Helodus,
MarshalltownMarshallIA14.5 km E in quarries described by Meek and Worthennests of perfectly preserved crinoids. Worked out by mid 20th Century.,
StennettMontgomeryIA1 km up the ravine in creek bedPennsylvanianDeer Creek Limestone(Severy Shale)abundant fossils.,
StennettMontgomeryIAnear mouth of ravinePennsylvanianDeer Creek Limestone(Severy Shale)abundant fossils.,
MoscowMuscatineIAQuarry on Cedar River.Corals -Cystiphyllum, Amplexus, Heterophrentis,
MuscatineMuscatineIAIn lower part of Mississippi River bluffsMississippianSweetland Creekpoorly preserved Lingula. gastropods. Fish teeth in hard Green dolomitic shale -Spathiocaris, Selenocaris[?], Ptychodus, Rhynchodus, SynthetodusNo citations for 'Selenocaris' 050525,
MuscatineMuscatineIAPennsylvanianPlants Lepidophloios,
MuscatineMuscatineIACoelenterates - Eridophyllum, Halysites. Algae - Talonurus[?]No citations for 'Talonurus' 050526,
Wyoming HillMuscatineIA8-9.6km E of Muscatine in long RR cut near Hwy 22plants Lepidophyllum, Lepidodendron, Annularia, Calamostachys, Alethopteris, Trigonocarpus,
NorwichPageIA4 km NEPennsylvanian UpperTarkioPhillipsia,
EmmetsburgPalo AltoIAIn stream gravelsPetrified Wood,
GraettingerPalo AltoIAIn stream gravelsPetrified Wood,
CherokeePlymouthIAN in gravel pitPleistoceneElephas teeth and bones,
LeMarsPlymouthIANE, in gravel pitsPleistocenewater worn Elephant, deer, horse, etc. bones, teeth, horns.,
Pierson Creek ValleyPlymouthIAin pit to WPleistoceneBison, elephants, horses, gastropods,
Big Sioux RiverPlymouth?IACretaceousGreenhornfossils take 1-29 north to the junctionThe Big Sioux River is the boundary between Iowa and SD. Flows next to several counties. Plymouth Cy is a guess based on ref to I29,
Gilmore CityPocahontasIAFossiliferous Gray Limestone below. Fossiliferous white Kinderhook Limestone is found on quarry floors 1 km NWMississippianGilmore Citybrachiopods, bryozoa, crinoids, edrioasteroids in rare nests - Cribanocrinus, Rhodocrinites, Eretmocrinus, Aorocrinus, Dichocrinus, Platycrinus, Eutaxocrinus, Lasiocrinus, Goniocrinus, Paracosmetocrinus, Culmicrinus, Hypselocrinus, Gilmocrinus, Linocrinus,
Gilmore CityPocahontasIAMississippianKinderhookCrinoids 24 species found. Museum quality specimens,
Gilmore CityPocahontasIA1 km NW in quarrybrachiopods, crinoids, bryozoa,
Gilmore CityPocahontasIA2 km NW in Gilmore Portland Cement Co quarrycorals, brachiopods,
Des MoinesPolkIAarea exposures of shaley LimestonePennsylvanianCherokeetrilobites - Griffithides,
Des MoinesPolkIAin area exposuresPennsylvanianHenriettaGriffithides,
GrinnellPoweshiekIAE in abandoned quarryMississippianvertebrates, brachiopods,
BuffaloScottIAE on Hwy22 in quarryDevonianCedar Valleytrilobites, crinoids, blastoids,
BuffaloScottIADewey Cement Co QuarryDevonianCedar ValleyVertebrates-Gamphacanthus,
DavenportScottIAin area exposuresDevonian MiddleUpper DavenportProteus,
DavenportScottIAbrachiopods Gypidula,
ButlervilleTamaIAIn exposures along Iowa RiverDevonian-MississippianEnglish Riverdiverse fossils,
Indian Village TwpTamaIAS8MississippianKinderhookChonetes, Productus, Rhynchonella, Spirifer, crinoid fragments, fish remains, Orthothetes, Spirifer, Straparollus,
Indian Village TwpTamaIAse1/4 s7 in E side of hill -Devils AnvilZaphrentis, Chonetes, Productus, Orthothetes, Spirifer, Straparollus,
BentonsportVan BurenIAin area exposuresMississippianKeokuktypical fossils.,
OttumwaWapelloIAOn Harrows Branch 400 meters upstream from 2nd Streetcorals, crinoid stems, bryozoa, brachiopods, pelecypods,
KalonaWashingtonIADevonianMaple Millbrachiopods Gluteus,
Maple MillWashingtonIA2 km W at Wassonville Millbrachiopods, pelecypods, Dentalium, Bellerophon, gastropods, Orthoceras,
Washington CountyWashingtonIAarea exposures Brownish, dolomitic LimestonesDevonianMaple Millworm burrows, brachiopods, pelecypods, Scaphopods - Dentalium, Gastropods, Orthoceras, Phillipsia?,
WellmanWashingtonIAin area exposures of Wassonville Member of Kinderhook Fm in white chertMississippianKinderhookGastropods - 24 species. pelecypods - 9 species. Brachiopods - 35 species. Some specimens apparently with original shell coloring.,
Fort AtkinsonWinneshiekIAarea Limestone exposuresmany fossils, Lindstroemella,
Madison TwpWinneshiekIA1 km E of SE1/4 NW1/4 S19OrdovicianElginIsotelus,
Madison TwpWinneshiekIASE1/4 NW1/4 S19OrdovicianMaquoketa|Nordness[?]IsotelusUnable to confirm a Nordness Formation. It's apparently a shale laying below the Maquoketa formation. The expected sequence in Winneshiek County is Dubuque member of the Galena formation capped by the Elgin member of the Maquoketa,
Orleans TwpWinneshiekIASE1/4 S17 in road cuts on E, W road in highly fossiliferous Limestonetrilobites, silicified graptolites,
OssianWinneshiekIA1 km SW in area quarriesLindstroemella,
Springfield TwpWinneshiekIAroad cuts along road from N end S23 to N end S24OrdovicianMaquoketa?brachiopods -Glyptorthis.,
Sioux CityWoodburyIAW part of City in Riverside areaCretaceousDakotaInoceramus, fish scales, foraminifers. In underlying Sandstone - fish teeth and spines, Pelecypod casts, Turritella, Margarita, Cardium, Corbicula, Cyrene[?], Mactra, Protocardia, Trigonarca, leaf fragments, cones.Cyrene is probably a misspelling of Cyrena synonym for Corbicula,
[?][?]IDin outcrops in Northern part of stateCambrian MiddleLakeviewtrilobites,
[?][?]IDSE IDPermianPhosphoriafossils.,
[?][?]IDin northern part of state a few recognizable Middle Cambrian fossilsCambrian MiddleRennie Shale?,
[?][?]IDS of Snake River in S central IDabundant fossil fish,
Buckskin Hill[?][?]IDIn Fish Creek Range S of US30 W of Soda Springs E1/2s22t9sr29eMississippianLodgepolebrachiopodsCan't identify a Buckskin Hill in Idaho,
John Gray's Lake SE[?]ID8km E ofCephalopods -MeekocerasThere is a John Grays Lake in Idaho, but I have been unable to determine the location,
S of Snake River[?]IDFish fossils in hills?,
Slight Canyon[?]IDTriassicThaynesFish-Hybodont fish teeth and bonesCan't identify a Slight Canyon in Idaho,
St. Charles Canyon[?]IDIn Wasatch range SW of Montpelier in S23T15SR42EMississippianLodgepolebrachiopods,
[?]AdaIDmany exposures in area with petrifiedopalized wood42.55944 -111.16639
BoiseAdaIDin hills N and Wpetrified wood ant roots,
Hell's CanyonAdamsID3 km downstream from Oxbow DamTriassicpelecypods,
MesaAdamsIDin area exposuresOpalized wood,
PocatelloBannockIDat S end of Pend Orielle Lake near mouth of Mind Creektrilobites,
GeorgetownBear LakeIDat cliffs on West side of Bear River on Georgetown Canyon RoadFossils,
LibertyBear LakeID10 km WSW in ravine from Mill Canyon into Danish FlatCambrian Middlebrachiopods,
MontpelierBear LakeID25 km WCambrian Middlebrachiopods - Micromitra, Obolus, Linguella, Acrothele, Nisusia; Hyolithes; trilobites - Agnostus, Olenoides, Zacanthoides, Oryctocephalus, Ptychoparia, Bathyuriscus,
North Georgetown CanyonBear LakeIDSE of Soda Springs in Preuss Range S1/2ne1/4 s16t10sr44eMississippianLodgepolebrachiopods,
ParisBear LakeIDnearby exposuresCambrian MiddleLangston?Acrotreta, Microdiscus, Ptychoparia,
ParisBear LakeIDnearby exposures in black LimestonePermianPhosphoria?Streblochondria,
Sun ValleyBlaineID10 km E in road cuts near Trail Creek SummitOrdovician?,
Sun ValleyBlaineIDin road cuts near Trail Creek Summit 9.6km EOrdoviciangraptolites,
Clark ForkBonnerIDin Road cuts on US95 near Bonner County lineNeoproterozoicstromatolites,
LakeviewBonnerID9 km SE of Pocatello at S end of Pend Orielle Lake near mouth of Mind CreekCambriantrilobites,
LakeviewBonnerIDnear mouth of Mind Creek at S end of Pend Orielle Lake 8km SE of Pocatello.Cambriantrilobites.,
[?]Bonner,BoundaryIDin quarries and US95 road cuts between Clark Fork and the Montana borderPrecambrianstromatolites,
HermanBonnevilleID29 km NW at Willow CreekPetrified Tempskya,
Stouts MtnBonnevilleIDSE in ne1/4 s6t2nr43eMississippianLodgepoleArticulated crinoids - 10 genera,
Mackay-Arco areaButteIDDevonian-Mississippianfossils,
Little Flat CanyonCaribouIDNNW of Soda Springs in Chesterfield range nw1/4 s20t7sr40eMississippianLodgepolebrachiopods42.80694 -111.82083
Soda SpringsCaribouIDback Wood Canyon about 13 km near top of Aspen RangeTriassicThaynes LimestoneAmmonites,
Soda SpringsCaribouID13 km E in Fossil Canyon N of US30Mississippiancorals,
Soda SpringsCaribouID14 km E in Fossil Canyon N of Hwy30Mississippiancorals,
Soda SpringsCaribouID12.8km E in Fossil Canyon N of US30.Mississippianfossils,
Soda SpringsCaribouIDin Wood Canyon about 16 km from top of Aspen Range in grey Limestone 100 meters from roadTriassicammonites,
Soda SpringsCaribouID80 km N of Utah line 29 km W of WY Line 15 km E of Aspen RidgeTriassicCephalopods -Meekoceras, Pseudosageceras, Lanceolites,
Wells CanyonCaribouIDESE of Soda Springs in Preuss Range sw1/4 sw1/4 s11se1/4 s10t10sr45eMississippianLodgepolebrachiopods,
[?]CassiaIDs8t16sr29e in dark gray limestonesCarboniferousTriplophyllum, Stenopora, Rhombopora, Productus, Pugnoides, Eumetria,
[?]CassiaIDs25t14sr28e in cherty limestonesPennsylvanianTriticites, Stenopora, Polypora, Rhombopora, Derbya?, Productus, Spirifer, Composita, Plagioglypta,
Badger MtnCassiaIDon W side in sw1/4 sw1/4 s7t15sr20e silicified fossilsPermianbryozoa, crinoid fragments, brachiopods,
BurleyCassiaIDFresh water Mollusks in river bluffs?,
North Heglar CanyonCassiaIDs10t11sr30e in limestonesPennsylvanianStenopora, Polypora, Rhombopora, Productus, PustulaE of Heglar in Sublette Range,
ClarkiaClearwaterID136km E of Spokane at Buzzard's Roost Trophy Company.MioceneExtremely well preserved leaves along with a few fish and insects. Leaves retain original colors -- green or autumn. Magnolia, Metasequoia, Taxodium other genera. Cytoplast DNA has been recovered and sequenced from this site.,
ClarkiaClearwaterID3.6km S on Kienbaum property lakebed depositsMioceneplants and insects,
ClarkiaClearwaterID3 km S in laminated lakebed depositsabundant plants. Insects,
ChallisCusterID10 to 30 km S in regional exposures between US93 an 93A and E of 93APetrified Wood,
ClaytonCusterIDin road cuts 3.6km W of ClaytonOrdoviciangraptolites,
Glenns FerryElmoreIDOn S bank of Snake River opposite town boat launching ramp, above and below dark sandstone.Pliocene-Pleistocene?,
EmmettGemIDSEPetrified Wood,
HagermanGoodingIDAt Hagerman Fossil Beds NM, about 50 localities in SandstonesPlioceneHorses, voles, frogs, snakes, shrews, fish, rabbits, beaver, turtles, llamas, mastodonts, Mustelids,
LeesburgIdahoIDSWPetrified Wood,
Oxbow DamIdahoIDHell's Canyon of the Snake River - 3 km downstream from damTriassicbivalves in roadcuts,
Coeur d'AleneKootenaiIDAlso at Clarkia, Julietta, White Bird, Weiser and other localities in Western ID. and with Insects as well in N IDMiocenefloras,
SalmonLemhiIDUpland floras in stream beds and quarries in Challis Volcanic rocks.EoceneChallisflora,
SalmonLemhiIDnear city dumpEoceneSalmonFossil Plants,
SalmonLemhiIDN of town near power plantMioceneOsmunda, Pteris, Sequoia, Glyptostrobus, Typha, Salix, other plants,
SalmonLemhiIDW of town in lignite depositMioceneOsmunda, Pteris, Sequoia, Glyptostrobus, Typha, Salix, other plants,
SalmonLemhiIDPetrified Wood (Fee),
SalmonLemhiIDin area ash beds in regional volcanic rocksupland plants,
BlissLincolnIDE of Clover Creekopalized wood,
CavendishNez PerceIDopalized wood,
LewistonNez PerceIDto EastMioceneLatahFossil plants,
Mission CreekNez PerceIDAt Mission Creek Limestone Quarry, NW1/4S15T34NR3WTriassicMartin Bridgevertebrates,
Gardner CanyonOneidaIDSSW of Malad in Samaria Mtns sw1/4 s12t16sr35eMississippianLodgepolebrachiopods42.04556 112.28139
Malad CityOneidaID3.5 km SE on N side of Two Mile Canyon near mouth in quartziteCambrianMicromitra, Linguella, Acrothele, Acrotreta, Billingsella, Hyolithes, Orthotheca, Stenotheca, Platyceras, Microdiscus, Solenopleura, AgnostusMouth of canyon is at 42.1604N, 112.2142W42.1604N, 112.2142W approximate
Sublette Creek ValleyOneidaIDs3t13sr29ePermiansponge spicules, crinoid stems, Crinoid stem casts, brachiopods - Stenopora, Rhombopora, Schizophoria, Derbya?, Pustula, Productus?, Composita, Cleiothyridina?, Bellerophon42.32861 -112.44
Two Mile CanyonOneida?IDCambrian MiddleLangstonAbundant, varied faunasOriginal indicated Malad County. Malad is a town in Oneida County,
[?]OwyheeIDLittle Valley,Castle Creek,other area exposuresPleistoceneGlens Ferryvertebrates-Catostomus,Ictalurus,Mylocheilus,Rhabdofario;Turtles,
BruneauOwyheeID15 km S of Bruneau in white outcropspetrified wood,
American FallsPowerIDAlong the reservoir, Mammal fossils NE of Bannock Creek. Fossils are in basal layers of 12 meters of unconsolidated sediments. A second more recent fossil bed can be found in conglomerates higher in the Formation.PleistoceneAmerican FallsBison, Camelops, Equus, Odocoileus, Mammut, Mammuthus, Smilodon, Panthurus, Canis, Arctodus, Megalonyx, Castor.'Panthurus' is an obscure old world feline genus -- not a panther. Very likely the genus here is 'Puma',
Heglar[?]PowerIDin S7t11sr30e in LimestonePennsylvaniancrinoid stems, Lithostrotion, Campophyllum, Euomphalus, abundant large horn coralsIf the PLSS location is correct, this would probably be in Cassia County,
Cassia MtnsTwin FallsIDin ridges on W side in s6s7s18t13sr17e in tough siliceous matrix in dolomitic LimestoneOrdovicianpoorly preserved cephalopods, gastropods, crinoids stems, bryozoa, brachiopods,
MidvaleWashingtonIDSE at Crane Creek Reservoirpetrified wood,
MineralWashingtonIDJurassicoyster beds,
WeiserWashingtonID20 km N on US95 and 20 km NW in 4th of July Canyon in volcanic ash at junction of July and Mann's Creekpetrified wood,
[?][?]ILSilurianRacine Dolomiteworms,
[?][?]ILSilurianRacine Dolomiteworms,
[?][?]ILNW 1/2 SW 1/4 sec. 15 T 11N R4Evertebrates-Listracanthus,
[?]AdamsILthroughout county in dark gray shalesPennsylvanianDes Moinespelecypods - Euchondria; Aviculopecten,
[?]AdamsILIn S part of County in coal bedscorals: Lithostrotion, Archimedes, Bryozoa,
ClaytonAdamsIL2 km SE in coal exposures along branch of McGee's Creek sw1/4 s34t1nr5wDiscina, AviculopectenDiscina is both a genus of brachiopod and a genus of fungus,
QuincyAdamsILMississippianKeokukFish teeth-Chomatodus,Cochliodus,Deltodus,Ichthyodorulites,Orodus,Psammodus,Sandalodus,
QuincyAdamsILNE in old quarriesArchimedes, Agaricocrinus, Actinocrinus, Spirifer, Productus, Zaphrentis,
ThebesAlexanderIL3 km below along Orchard CreekSilurian LowerCincinnatianGlyptocrinus, Chaetetes, Asaphus, Orthis, Strophomena, Conularia, Cyclonema, Cyrtolites,
ThebesAlexanderIL4 km aboveSilurianClear Creek LimestoneDalmanites, Strophomena,
BelvidereBooneIL6 km NWOrdovicianGalenaReceptaculites, Murchisonia, Pleurotomaria, Ambonychia, Bellerophon, Orthoceras,
[?]BrownILIn northeastern part of County along LaMoine river in river bluff and road cuts.Pennsylvanian LowerCaseyville Sandstone29 Genera of Plants Megalopteris, Noeggerathiales,
[?]BrownILEarly Pennsylvanian plants in shales at 'Spencer Farm'PennsylvanianPaleipteridium, Eremopteris, Alloiopteris, Gulpenia[?], MegalopterisNo citations for 'Gulpenia' 050527,
ChambersburgBrownILIn Limestone outcrops in bed of McGee's CreekAgaricocrinus, Archimedes, Spirifer,
LaMoineBrownILin river bluffs and road cuts. Spencer Farm Floraexcellent fossils,
LaMoine RiverBrownILin NE part of county in area road cutsPennsylvanianCaseyville29 plant species,
Mount SterlingBrownIL10 km S on Dry Fork of McGee's Creek in Limestone and SandstoneMississippianLithostrotion, Archeocidaris, Granatocrinus,
SheffieldBureauILArea strip minesCoelenterates -Lophophyllidium; Brachiopods - Neospirifer.,
[?]CarrollILarea exposuresOrdovicianCincinnatian faunas,
Mount CarrollCarrollILIn lead mines N and W of townOrdovicianGalenaReceptaculites, large Orthoceras, corals, abundant trilobite fragments,
SavannahCarrollILquarries above and below town in limestonesSilurian LowerLarge perfect trilobites -Asaphus, Orthis, Orthoceratites, Chaetetes, trilobite fragments,
SavannahCarrollILarea exposuresBrachiopods -Pentamerus; Coelenterates - Thecia, Catenipora; Arthropods -Isotelus, Blainia,
[?]ClintonILalong S county line in Upper Coal MeasuresPennsylvanianpelecypods - Streblochondria,
CarlyleClintonILN 1/4 S19T2r2 in banks and bed of Okaw River[?]Shoal Creek[?]Bryozoa, Productus, SpiriferUnable to identify a Shoal Creek formation in IL,
Blue IslandCookILSilurianConularia,
Blue IslandCookIL2 km SW about 11 km NW of Thornton in quarriesOstrocerata[?], fucoids(traces)No citations for 'Ostrocerata' 050527,
BridgeportCookILIn area quarriesFavosites, Diphyphyllum, Halysites, Caryocrinus, Atrypa, Meristella, Spirifer, Pentamerus, Strophomena. Pleurotomaria, others,
ChicagoCookILIn area quarriesPentamerus, Pleurotomaria, shells, trilobite fragments. corals, crinoids,
EvanstonCookILN of University Grove along Lake Michigan shoreline, fresh water fossilsUnio, Pisidium, Physa, Lymnaea, Planorbis, Valvata, Amnicola, Melontho, Ancylus, etc,
Old ThorntonCookILIn area Limestone quarriesPentamerus, Favosites,
ThorntonCookILin reef exposures in large quarries at intersection of IL43 and IL394SilurianRacinebrachiopods, crinoids ,
[?]DeKalbILIn glacial driftPleistocenemammal bones and teeth, Petrified Wood, Crustacea in nodules, fish bones, fish teeth, Mollusks: Turritella, Cancellaria,
AuroraDeKalbILIn RR cuts of Chicago, Burlington and Quincy RR outside citybones and teeth of Mastodon.,
Fox RiverDeKalbILmeters in S3t4r8 inSilurianNiagaraOrthis, Strophomena, Leptaena, etc,
MilanDeKalbILCollinson Quarry in fracture fill materialPennsylvanianAbbott|SpoonVertebrate-Cricotus,
MilanDeKalbILMississippianSt Louisfish-Psephodus teeth,
StewartsvilleDeKalbILN of town on N bank of Kishwaukee RiverOrdovicianCincinnatiantrilobite fragments,
[?]Du PageILIn glacial driftPleistocenemammal bones and teeth, mastodon, Castoroides,
TeutopolisEffinghamIL1.6km NGastropods-Baylea,
[?]FultonILin black shales in spoil piles of Alden Mine #5PennsylvanianCarbondaleplant fossils, fish fragments, brachiopods,
Alden MineFultonILon waste piles in pyrite concretionsPennsylvanianCarbondaleplants, brachiopods,
Alden Mine No 5FultonILPennsylvanianCarbondalein concretions - Lepidodendron, Brachiopods, sponges, fish fragments, Phyllocarid fragments.,
Saline RiverGallatinILat bridge over N branch in dark LimestonePennsylvanianpelecypods - Pseudomonotis,
Saline RiverGallatinILIn shales along creekSelenimyalina,
Dresden LakeGrundyILIn ironstone concretionPennsylvanianFrancis CreekPaleoniscoid fish,
East BrooklynGrundyILE on road to Essex in Pit 14 of Peabody coal Co.Gastropods -- Glabocingulum, Euphemites, Conodonts, Shark teeth -- Cladodus, Edestus, Listracanthus spines, Fish fragments in shales'Globrocinglum' in the original,
Mazon CreekGrundyILA series of strip mines running SSW to NNE across I55 N of the IL113 intersection. The junction of IL113, IL, 129 and IL53 is near the E end of the mined area.{9} V11No4 in ironstone nodulesPennsylvanianMazon Creekwell preserved plants and rarely animals,
Mazon CreekGrundyILCoal City in ironstone nodulesPennsylvanianMazon Creekwell preserved plants and rarely animals,
Mazon CreekGrundyILGreer School of Heavy Earth Moving in ironstone nodulesPennsylvanianMazon Creekwell preserved plants and rarely animals,
Mazon CreekGrundyILMost of the surface area of Grundy County, IL, in ironstone nodulesPennsylvanianMazon Creekwell preserved plants and rarely animals,
Mazon CreekGrundyILPit 11 of Peabody Coal Co, Will County in ironstone nodulesPennsylvanianMazon Creekwell preserved plants and rarely animals,
Mazon CreekGrundyILMazon Creek #1vertebrates-Elonichthys,Platysomus,Sagenodus,
MorrisGrundyIL6.2 km SE in 6 meters of sandy shales overlying coal in Mazon Creek in nodules in sandstone in ironstone nodulesPennsylvanianMazon Creekwell preserved plants and rarely animals,
Peabody Coal Pit 14GrundyILPennsylvanianvertebrates-Listracanthus,Paleoniscoid,
Pit 6GrundyILIn ironstone concretionPennsylvanianFrancis CreekPaleoniscoid fish,
Dresden LakesGrundy?ILMazon Creek nodules -- Fee areaPennsylvanianPlants, invertebratesCan't locate Dresden Lakes IL,
Brunce's[?] CreekHancockILlimestonesMississippianKeokukmollusks, corals, crinoids, trilobites, fish spines, teethUnable to locate 'Brunces Creek' or anything similar in Hancock County,
Crooked CreekHancockILlimestonesMississippianKeokukmollusks, corals, crinoids, trilobites, fish spines, teeth,
Dallas CityHancockILMississippianKeokukFish teeth-Mesodmodus,
Eastern Hancock CountyHancockILlimestones in river banksMississippianKeokukmollusks, corals, crinoids, trilobites, fish spines, teeth,
HamiltonHancockILOpposite Keokuk, IowaMississippianKeokukFish teeth-Antliodus,Bradyodont,Cladoselache,Cochliodus,Orodus,
HamiltonHancockILbrachiopods -Echinoconchus,
NauvooHancockILMississippianKeokukFish teeth-Cladoselache,Cochliodus,Deltoptychius,Sandalodus,
NauvooHancockILIn area quarriesMississippianKeokukmollusks, corals, crinoids - Agaricocrinites, Platycrinus, trilobites, fish (48 species), bryozoa, Brachiopods - Spirifer,
PlymouthHancockILNW at old Colchester Quarrybrachiopods, corals, crinoids,
WarsawHancockILIn area Limestone quarriesCarboniferousArchimedes, bryozoa - Coscinium, Brachiopods, Conularia, Crinoids - Cyathocrinus, Platycrinus, Platycrinus, Rhodocrinus,
WarsawHancockILMississippianBryozoa - Archimedes,
WarsawHancockILBryozoa Archimedes,
Cave in RockHardinILto NWMississippianFossils replaced by fluorite.-- Blastoids, Brachiopods, Bryozoa,
Hardin CountyHardinILLimestone outcropsMississippianSt Louissilicified corals - Lithostrotion, mollusks, brachiopods,
Bald BluffHendersonILIn Limestone outcropsMississippian LowerBurlington Limestonecrinoids - Actinocrinus, brachiopods - Productus, Spirifer, Athyris, ammonites,
AtkinsonHenryILMarine faunas in abandoned strip minesCephalopods - Endolobus, Michelinoceras, Gonioceras, Dimorphoceras; Gastropods - Bembexia, Natica, Vivaparus, Lunatia, Planorbis, Bucania, Pharkidonotus, Straparolus, Cyrtolites, Meekospira, Trepospira, Cymatospira; Brachiopods - Marginifera,others,
KnightstonHenryILon Blue River in LimestoneSilurianCalymeneThere are several towns called Knightston in the US, but there does not seem to be one in Illinois.,
[?]JacksonILin sandstone outcrops in streams and creeks W of IL127PennsylvanianCaseyvilleplant fossils - Calamites, Trigonocarpus, Lepidodendron, Syringodendron.,
CarbondaleJacksonILin strip mine in Energy shale adjacent to Herrin No 6 coal seam, crustacea, a few marine animals ,
CarbondaleJacksonILin Pennsylvanian coal shalesPennsylvanianmollusks Shansiella (pyritized),
Grand TowerJacksonILin spoil banks from dredgingfossils,
MurphysboroJacksonILin creekbeds W of IL127 8km S.Pennsylvanian LowerCaseyville SandstoneCalamites,Trigonocarpus, Lepidodendron, Syringodendron.,
GraftonJerseyILSilurianEdgewoodTrilobites Calymene,
GraftonJerseyIL8 km downstreamMississippianKinderhooka few brachiopods - Spirifer, Productus, Athyris. A few ammonites.,
GraftonJerseyILSilurianRacineTrilobites - Calymene,
GraftonJerseyILTrilobites Calymene,
CordovaJo DaviessILIn quarries and other Limestone exposuresSilurianNiagaraPentamerus, Favosites, Halysites, Astrocerium, Stromatopora,
CordovaJo DaviessILA variety of corals in area quarriescorals,
ElizabethJo DaviessILat N end of Terrapin Ridge in milky shales and clayscorals - Chaetetes,
HanoverJo DaviessILat dam in massive dolomitepelecypods, gastropods, Lingula,
LeClaireJo DaviessILIn quarries and other Limestone exposuresSilurianNiagaraPentamerus, Favosites, Halysites, Astrocerium, Stromatopora,
Pleasant Valley TwpJo DaviessIL1 km SE in wall of Plum River Valleygastropods, Orthoceras,
RacineJo DaviessILIn quarries and other Limestone exposuresSilurianNiagaraPentamerus, Favosites, Halysites, Astrocerium, Stromatopora,
ViennaJohnsonILadjacent to Interstate MississippianMenardbryozoa,brachiopods, mollusks, crinoids, corals, blastoids,
[?]KaneILIn glacial driftPleistocenemammal bones and teeth,
MantenoKankakeeIL2.5 km SW On S slope of hillSilurianRacinebrachiopods - Kirkidium ,
[?]KendallILarea exposuresOrdovicianCincinnatian faunas,
BristolKendallILat mill dam on Blackberry CreekOrthoceras, Ambonychia. trilobite fragments,
LisbonKendallILIn area quarriesReceptaculites, Orthis, Zaphrentis etc,
OswegoKendallILarea quarries and exposuresSilurian LowerCincinnatianStrophomena, Orthis, Chaetetes, Heterocrinus, Nautilus, Tentaculites,
OswegoKendallILalong Waubansia CreekSilurian LowerCincinnatianStrophomena, Orthis, Chaetetes, Rhynchonella, Tentaculites,
YorkvilleKendallILbelow along river for 5 km in limestonestrilobites - Calymene, Asaphus,
Wolf Covered BridgeKnoxILon Spoon River. Marine invertebrates inPennsylvanianCarbondalein cutbank.,
[?]La SalleILIn Marquette Cement Co Quarry, S face inPennsylvanianBond (LaSalle Limestone)Sharks teeth, brachiopods, Corals.,
JonesvilleLa SalleILE on Hwy71 in road cutPennsylvanianLaSalle Limestonebrachiopods, bryozoa, stromatoporoids,
LaSalleLa SalleILin ironstone nodulesPennsylvanianMazon Creekwell preserved plants,
OglesbyLa SalleILat Lone Star QuarryPennsylvanianbrachiopods, fish teeth, pelecypods, coral,
DixonLeeILOrdovicianBrachiopods Rafinesquina,
DixonLeeILarea quarries and RR cutscasts of Lingula, Murchisonia, Orthoceras, Ambonychia, Receptaculites, Chaetetes, Rare Calymene, Orthoceras.,
DixonLeeILabove towncoral - Favosites, Encrinites, trilobites, Leptaena, Strophomena, Orthis, abundant,
[?]LivingstonILIn ironstone nodulesPennsylvanianMazon Creekwell preserved plants,
Eppards Point TownshipLivingstonILnear Pontiac in quarryPennsylvanian UpperBondexcellent crinoids,
FairburyLivingstonILin Pennsylvanian shalesPennsylvanianPlants Sigillaria,
PontiacLivingstonILIn Pennsylvanian Bond Formation (LaSalle Limestone member) in Wagner Stone Co Quarry in Eppards Township.PennsylvanianBondWell Preserved crinoids.,
PontiacLivingstonILat Eppards Point Twp in quarryPennsylvanianBond (LaSalle Limestone Mbr)crinoids,
AltonMadisonILIn area outcrops and quarriesMississippianPentremites, Rhynchonella, Retzia, Productus, Lithostrotion, Bellerophon, Allorisma, Conularia,
AltonMadisonILin quarryOrdoviciantrilobites,
AltonMadisonILMississippianSt Louisfish teeth/spines-Acondylacanthus,Amacanthus,Asteroptychius,Bythiacanthus,Cladodus,Coelosteus,Ctenacanthus,Dactylodus,Harpacanthus,Petalodus,Polyrhizodus,Psammodus,Rhizodus,Sandalodus,Stethacanthus,
CentraliaMarionILPennsylvanianCentralia Limestonepelecypods - Acanthopecten,
ColchesterMcDonoughILon coal mine dumpsfossil plants,
ColemanMcDonoughILS in RR cutswell preserved Zaphrentis, Spirifer, Agaricocrinus, Actinocrinus, Barycrinus, Archimedes, Hemiponites, Phillipsia, fish teeth,
GreenviewMenardILIn bituminous shale between Fort Scott Limestone and underlying coalEuchondria,
MathervilleMercerILPlant fossils - Lepidodendron,
ColumbiaMonroeIL2 km E in Limestone quarriescorals, bryozoa,
Salt Lick PointMonroeILIn river bluffsMississippian LowerBurlington Limestonebrachiopods, crinoid fragments,
ValmeyerMonroeILOvergrown road cut 8km E of on IL156?,
WaterlooMonroeIL16 km SE in 'Portland Quarries'fossils,
WaterlooMonroeIL2 km E in Limestone above sandstone bedsNautilus, Goniatites, Orthoceras,
WaterlooMonroeIL4 km W on Fountain Creek in LimestoneStraparollus, Dentalium, Nuculana, Yoldia? Rhynchonella, Terebratula, Hemiponites, crinoids,
PoloOgleILIn area Limestone exposuresPennsylvanian[?]Blue[?]Orthoceras to 23cm in diameter and 3 meters in lengthPossibly the Pennsylvanian Blue Creek Coal?,
PoloOgleILalong Pine Creekfossils,
Kickapoo ValleyPeoriaILIn Limestone quarries on S side in s14t8nr7eSpirifer, Athyris, Retzia, Platystoma, Chaetetes (to 70cm).,
KingstonPeoriaIL2 km downstream at Lancaster Landing in coal mine dumpsLingula, Discina, Athyris, Aviculopecten, Petrodus, Listracanthus, Pleurotomaria, Crinoid fragments.Original location is 'Kingstone'. Closest match is 'Kingston Mines',
Perry CountyPerryILcounty wide on coal mine dumps and other exposures of coal measuresplants, brachiopods, crinoids,
Griggsville LandingPikeILIn Limestone outcrops and quarriesMississippianBurlington Limestoneabundant Spirifer, Productus, Strophomena, Orthis, Euomphalus, Lyropora, Evactinopora, Agaricocrinus, Platycrinus, Phillipsia,
Lusk CreekPopeILat crossing of the Marion road s21.16t12r6 in sandstone ledges in LimestoneMississippianChesterArchimedes, Productus, Spirifer, Spiriferina,
ChesterRandolphILin area quarries and excavations in limestonesMississippianChesterplants, shells crinoid plates - Pentremites, Zeacrinus. Agassizocrinus; coral - Zaphrentis;bryozoa - Lyropora, Archimedes; brachiopods - Spirifer,
ChesterRandolphILBlastoids Pentremites,
ChesterRandolphIL1 km E in Limestone in quarryNautilus to 50cm,
EvansvilleRandolphILbrachiopods -Diaphragmus,
EvansvilleRandolphILbrachiopods -Diaphragmus,
Gravel CreekRandolphIL6-8 km N of ChesterAllorisma, Myalina, Schizodus,
KaskaskiaRandolphILIn bluff on E side of Okaw River in Limestone escarpmentPentremites, Forbesiocrinus, Zeacrinus, Agelacrinus, Athyris, Retzia, Productus,
Prairie de RocherRandolphIL2 km above in Limestone exposuresLithostrotion, Hemiponites, Spirifer, Platycrinus,
HamptonRock IslandIL2 km below in gray Limestone along Rock and Mississippi Rivers to S of County LineDevoniancorals, Averularia, Phillipsastraea; brachiopods, Orthis, Spirifer,
MilanRock IslandILColinson QuarryDevonianCedar ValleyCephalopods, Anthozoa, Trilobites (Phacops) in Devonian Cedar Valley Limestones. Vertebrate found in Pennsylvanian Crevice Fill.,
MilanRock IslandILCollinson Quarry near junction of Hwy 67 and Hwy 92.DevonianCedar ValleyCorals - Cladopora, Favosites, Hexagonaria, Phillipsastraea, Striatopora, Syringopora, Zaphrentis; brachiopods -- Atrypa, Dielasma, Pentamerella, Platyrachella, Productella, Spinocyrtia, Spirifer, Stropheodonta;Clear calcite,
Rock IslandRock IslandILIn area Limestone quarriesDevonianAtrypa, Orthis, Strophomena, corals -Cyathophylloid,
SpringfieldSangamonILon Sugar Creek in fossiliferous Limestone in State House QuarryCarboniferousProductus, Petalodus, Chomatodus, Sandalodus,
SpringfieldSangamonILS on Sugar Creek75 species; Corals - Syringopora, brachiopods, mollusks, gastropods -Bellerophon, Pleurotomaria,
SpringfieldSangamonIL10 km NW75 species;Corals - Syringopora, brachiopods, mollusks, gastropods -Bellerophon, Pleurotomaria,
VirdenSangamonILIn area quarriesSyringopora, etc,
Schuyler CountySchuylerILIn area quarriesCarboniferousDes Moinestypical fossils in large concretions in shale --Aviculopecten, Cardiomorpha, Goniatites, Productus, Chonetes, brachiopods,
GlasgowScottILIn bluffs on E side of river S to mason's LandingMississippian LowerBurlington Limestoneabundant brachiopods -Productus, Spirifer, Euomphalus,
BellevilleSt ClairILPennsylvanianVertebrates-Edestus,
BellevilleSt ClairILIn area coal mine dumpsBellerophon, Euomphalus, Leda, Naticopsis,
CaseyvilleSt ClairILPennsylvanianCaseyville Limestonemollusks Straparolus,
CaseyvilleSt ClairILIn area Limestone exposuresCarboniferousSpirifer, Athyris, Bellerophon, Macrocheilus,
CaseyvilleSt ClairILIn area coal mine dumpsBellerophon, Euomphalus, Leda, Naticopsis,
PittsburgSt ClairILIn area coal mine dumpsBellerophon, Euomphalus, Leda, Naticopsis,
Richland CreekSt ClairILalong West Fork NE corner of t2sr9wMississippianArchimedes, Pentremites, Spirifer, Spiriferina,
UrbanaSt ClairILat Jack's Run 1 km E of town 1 km above junction with Silver Creek in clayey shaleBellerophon, Pleurotomaria, Polyphemopsis, Nautilus,
CedarvilleStephensonILIn area quarriesReceptaculites, brachiopod casts,
FreeportStephensonILIn area quarriesReceptaculites, brachiopod casts,
LoranStephensonILon area hillsidesSilurianNiagrancorals, Favosites, Halysites,
WinslowStephensonILIn area quarriescasts of Pleurotomaria, Orthoceras to 2 meters, Cypricardites, Onococeras, Tellinomya,
AnnaUnionILMississippianGlocanda[?]Crinoids, Shark spines, CtenacanthusUnable to identify a 'Glocanda' formation,
Anna?UnionILAlong IL75 to Durand?,
JonesboroUnionILalong road to Willards Landing in limestonesDevonianStrophomena, Platyceras, Calymene, corals,
DanvilleVermilionILIn nodules in coal seamsfish scales, Aviculopecten, Entolium, Lima, Solenomya, Sanguinolites, brachiopods,
GeorgetownVermilionIL4.8km below in NE corner s3t17nr11w in coal seamsmany species of many species, plants, animals,
Vermilion CountyVermilionILIn Limestone quarries along Salt Forkabundant Hemiponites, Productus. Athyris, Spirifer, Spiriferina, Retzia, Cyathaxonia, Zeacrinus, bryozoa,
Vermilion CountyVermilionILIn Limestone quarries in E part of Countyabundant Hemiponites, Productus. Athyris, Spirifer, Spiriferina, Retzia, Cyathoxonia, Zeacrinus, bryozoa,
MonmouthWarrenIL5-6 km N on Hwy 67 in QuarryMississippianBurlington LimestoneCrinoids, blastoids,
MonmouthWarrenILin Sonora Sandstone memberMississippianKeokuk|Warsawfossils,
FredericksburgWashingtonILIn cliffs along Blue River from 4 km N of Fredericksburg to the Ohio RiverMississippianPaoliSt Genevieve 20 meters of shaley limestones and limey shales-sands overlying the St Genevieve Limestone and under the Bethel Formation. The Paoli corresponds roughly to the Renault Formation further East.Talorocrinus,conodonts,
FredericksburgWashingtonILIn cliffs along Blue River from 4 km N of Fredericksburg to the Ohio RiverMississippianSt GenevieveSt Louis Limestone 20 meters of Shaley limestones and limey Shales-sands overlying the Sanders Group and under the St Genevieve Formation.Talocrinus,conodonts,
FredericksburgWashingtonILIn cliffs along Blue River from 4 km N of Fredericksburg to the Ohio RiverMississippianSt Louis???Formation Cambrian Mount Whyte Formation -- Lower - Cambrian Middle West Central Alberta -- Siltstone, Greenish shales, fine grained sandstones, dark gray Limestones. Abundant Fossils,
Marissa MineWashingtonILAt Peabody coal mine in Mecca faunaPennsylvanianvertebrates-Caseodus,
MorrisonWhitesideIL8 km NEalgae - Cryptozoon,
Mt PleasantWhitesideILat intersection of IL146 and I-57 (Permit from Illinois Dept of Transportation required)Mississippianfossils,
Mt PleasantWhitesideILin Road cut on I46 E of I57 (May require IDOT permit)Mississippianfossils,
SterlingWhitesideILSilurian UpperNiagara Limestoneabundant corals - Halysites, Favosites, Stromatopora, SyringoporaSterling, Indiana is in Fountain County,
BraidwoodWillILat Mazonia-Braidwood conservation Area. Permit from The Mazon Creek Project, NE, Illinois University, Dept. Earth Sciences, 5500 N. St. Louis Ave., Chicago, IL, 60625 - to obtain a free permit.Pennsylvaniana few fossiliferous concretions.,
JolietWillILat Francey's QuarrySilurianRacinetrilobites,
JolietWillILin quarrylarge complete straight and loosely coiled cephalopods,
Kankakee RiverWillILIn river bluffsOrdovicianCincinnatianRhynchonella,
WilmingtonWillILArea exposures of flinty sandstone above light blue shaley LimestoneRhynchonella, Orthis, Leptaena, Strophomena, Orthoceras, tentaculites, corals, bryozoa, crinoid fragments, trilobite fragments,
[?]Will,GrundyILPennsylvanianCarbondalefossil fish,
DurandWinnebagoILE on IL75 Ordovicianechinoderms, crinoids -- Cremacrinus, Mecocrinus, Dendrocrinus, Culupocrinus,
RockfordWinnebagoILon IL2 to N and IL75 W to DurandOrdovicianGalena(Dunleith|Eagle Point)?,
RockfordWinnebagoILOrdovicianGrand Detourbrachiopods, bryozoa, trilobites,
RockfordWinnebagoILon IL2 toward RocktonOrdovicianechinoderms, crinoids -- Cremacrinus, Mecocrinus, Dendrocrinus, Culupocrinus,
RockfordWinnebagoILAlong highway leading into townbrachiopods, crinoids,
RocktonWinnebagoILIn buff Limestone in area quarriesOrthoceras, Cyrtoceras, Lituites, Pleurotomaria, Murchisonia, Orthis, Strophomena, Tellinomya, Ambonychia, zoophytes, coral fragments,
Rockton areaWinnebagoILOrdovicianDunleithcrinoids Cremacrinus, Mecocrinus, Dendrocrinus, Culupocrinus Along IL2 toward Rockford,
Sellersburg[?]IL[?]Limestone, InDevonian MiddleBrachiopods - SpinocyrtiaProbably Sellersburg, Clark Cy, IN,
[?][?]INin road cuts near I64-IN37 intersectionbrachiopods, blastoids, trilobites,
Aurora[?]INE in roadcut on InterstateMississippianGlocandavertebrates-Ctenacanthus? spine,
Jay CityAdamsINarea quarriesSilurianHuntingtonFavosites, Halysites, Heliolites, Zaphrentis, Atrypa, Leptaena, Meristina, Pentamerus, Stropheodonta, Orthoceras,
[?]AllenINin thin shale bandDevonianSilicaPhacops,
WoodburnAllenINbetween IN24 and Maumee River in quarryDevonianDundeeCnidarians, crinoids, bryozoa, placoderms,trace fossils,brachiopods, trilobites, ostracods,
WoodburnAllenINbetween Maumee River and IN24 in quarryDevonianDundee Limestonecoral, crinoids, bryozoa, brachiopods, trilobites, trace fossils.,
WoodburnAllenINin quarry between Maumee R and IN24DevonianDundee|Silica|Tenmile Creekbroad fauna,
WoodburnAllenINbetween Hwy 24 and Maumee RiverDevonian MiddleSilica/Tenmile Creekcnidarians, crinoids, bryozoa, placoderms, trilobites, brachiopods, ostracods, trace fossils,
ElizabethtownBartholomewIN3.5 km NE at Meshberger Stone Co quarryDevonianabundant stromatoporoids, brachiopods, corals,
HartsvilleBartholomewINAt Anderson Falls on Fall Fork of Clifty CreekSilurianWaldronTrilobites, crinoids,
HartsvilleBartholomewINSilurianbrachiopods, blastoids, corals,
DelphiCarrollINIn Delphi Limestone Co Quarry at NW edge of town on N side US421.Devonian MiddleNew Albany ShaleConularids - Ctenoconularia.,
DelphiCarrollINNW at Stuntz-Yeoman quarrySilurianbrachiopods,
DelphiCarrollINIn the Stuntz-Yeoman Quarry to NWSilurianPoorly preserved, but abundant brachiopods,
DelphiCarrollINin quarry on N side US21conularids,
GeorgetownCassIN2 km E at Cedar Rapids on Wabash River in marble like pinkish Limestone and S for 2 kmSilurianmany brachiopods -- Conchidium, Wilsonia[?], others ; corals;stromatoporoids'Wilsonia' is a bird - a warbler. Probably 'Wilsoniella' a Paleozoic brachiopod,
LogansportCassIN7 km E just N of US24 in quarryDevoniancorals, stromatoporoids,
LogansportCassINin area quarriesmarine fossils,
Rehm's[?] Landing, GeorgetownCassINarea gulliessilicified shells.There is no Georgetown County in Indiana. There are six(!) towns named 'Georgetown' in the state. I'd go with the one in Cass county which is the only Georgetown near a large body of water -- the Wabash River.,
[?]ClarkINin chert bedsDevonianNew Castle ChertPhacops,
BordenClarkIN6 km SW in sand pit in chert cobblesPaleocenecorals - Lithostrotionella, bryozoa, gastropods, pelecypods, ostracods,
CharlestownClarkINBryozoa Syringopora,
CharlestownClarkINpelecypod Paracyclas,
Charlestown-Speed-Sellersburg areaClarkINBrachiopods - Desquamatia,
ClaysburgClarkIN2 km N in quarryDevonianbrachiopods,
Corn IslandClarkINOpposite Louisville, KY--Largely removed by quarrying and subsequently flooded by downstream navigation lockDevonianNew Albanyfish-Dinichthys,
Falls of the OhioClarkINDevonianOnondaga LimestonesCorals, Pleurodictyum,
Falls of the OhioClarkINat Indiana side of fallscorals and shells 2 meters above,
Falls of the OhioClarkIN2 km downstream from bridgeshells,
JeffersonvilleClarkINin quarry (permission reqd)in clay fillsDevonianNorth Vernondiverse silicified fossils ,
JeffersonvilleClarkINin quarry (permission reqd)in spoil pilesSilurianWaldrondiverse fossils ,
SpeedClarkINat Louisville Cement Co QuarryDevonianCorals and brachiopods,
SpeedsClarkINin quarry in 2 meter thick LimestoneDevonianSpeeds Limestonebryozoa, brachiopods, corals,
UticaClarkINCoral Stromatopora,
Indian CreekClark?INMississippianCrinoids --Synbathocrinus,
CloverlandClayINCephalopod Temnocheilus,
[?]CrawfordINIntersection of I64 and IN37 (Exit 86) in road cutMississippianBeech Creek Limestone|Tar Springs|Haney|Hardinsburgblastoids, brachiopods, bryozoa, conularia, corals, crinoids, mollusks, shark teeth, trilobites,
[?]CrawfordINat IN37-I64 junction in large road cutMississippianHaney/Indian Springs Shalebrachiopods, blastoids, crinoids, pelecypods, bryozoa, brachiopods, gastropods, conularids, horn corals, shark teeth and scales, cephalopods, trace fossils, and occasional trilobites.,
[?]CrawfordIN3.5 km N of junction of IN145 and IN64 near Mulzer Brothers quarry in shale and Limestone on quarry dumpsMississippianabundant, well-preserved fossils,
AltonCrawfordIN5 km NWMississippianBeech Creek Limestonea few brachiopods, crinoid stems,
EckertyCrawfordIN1 km S of junction of IN145 and IN164 in quarryMississippianGlen Deancrinoids, brachiopods, blastoids,
EckertyCrawfordINIn Mulzer Brothers quarry 1.3km S of IN145, IN164 junction.MississippianGlen DeanCrinoids, brachiopods, bryozoa, blastoids,
EckertyCrawfordIN4 km N and 1 km S of junction of IN145 and IN164 in quarryfenestrate bryozoa,
EnglishCrawfordIN5 km N in abandoned quarrycrinoid stems, brachiopods, tetracorals,
GrantsburgCrawfordINseveral km N on IN37 in road cutMississippianChesterblastoids, brachiopods, bryozoa, conularia, corals, crinoids, mollusks, shark teeth, trilobites,
MilltownCrawfordINIn quarriesfossils shells.,
SulfurCrawfordINIn road cuts on Hwy 62 on W bluff of Little Blue River 0.8km E.MississippianGlen DeanExtensive faunas.,
SulfurCrawfordIN1 km E in road cuts on IN62 near Little Blue RiverMississippianextensive faunas,
SulphurCrawfordIN2 km se on SW side of IN62MississippianBeech Creek Limestonebrachiopods, large crinoid stems,
SulphurCrawfordINin road cuts along IN62 along Little Blue RiverMississippianinvertebrates, classic crinoid site,
Wyandotte CaveCrawfordINA few km WMississippianChestervertebrates-Gyracanthus,
WeisburgDearbornINOrdovician UpperMaysville|Waynesvillebrachiopods - Platystrophia, Rafinesquina,
WeisburgDearbornINIn RR CutsOrdovicianRichmondfossils - trilobites,
WeisburgDearbornINRailroad cuts near Weisburg, InOrdovicianRichmondWaynesville - Elkhorn,
WeisburgDearbornINOrdovicianBrachiopods - Sowerbyella,
SanduskyDecaturIN500 meters E in Vail Stone Co QuarrySilurianfossils,
WaldronDecaturIN500 meters E in Vail Stone Co QuarrySilurianvaried brachiopods,
St PaulDecatur?INIn quarry a few hundred meters NW of town and W of RR tracks.SilurianWaldron?,
HollandDuboisIN2 km SE E of a culvert on Pokeberry creek on IN161PennsylvanianStauntonAnnelids - Sirorbis; crinoid columnals; bryozoa - Prismopora, Rhombopora; brachiopods -Hustedia, Composita, Marginifera; gastropods; ostracods -Amphissites, Bairdia; trilobite fragments, conodonts; forams,
EdwardsvilleFloydINMississippianKeokukFish teeth-Cochliodus,
EdwardsvilleFloydINMississippianSalemfish teeth-Helodus,
Floyds KnobsFloydINJust off I64 at Greenville exit 119MississippianEdwardsville|Ramp Creekbrachiopods, bryozoa, crinoids, ichnofossils,
BrookvilleFranklinIN1.6lm N in roadcut on Bon Well Hill at junction of IN101 and Brookville Dam Road, 39d26m13s 84d58m41sOrdovicianOregonia|WaynesvilleMany Cincinnatian outcrops have abundant, well preserved, fossilsOregonia (shallow subtidal), Waynesville(Offshore),
BrookvilleFranklinIN8km N In roadcuts along IN101 39d29m15s 85d56m55sOrdovicianWaynesville|Whitewater|SaludaMany Cincinnatian outcrops have abundant, well preserved, fossilsWaynesville (Offshore), Whitewater (Shallow subtidal), Saluda(Lagoonal),
BrookvilleFranklinINIn deposits along Little Cedar CreekPleistoceneMollusks, Vertigo, Pupilla, Columella, Discus.,
BrookvilleFranklinINBryozoa RhombotrypaOriginal said 'Rhomotrypa',
Cedar GroveFranklinINAt South Gate Hill in roadcuts on IN1 3km S of US52 39d21m30sN 84d57m17sWOrdovicianOregonia|Waynesville|Liberty|Whitewater|SaludaMany Cincinnatian outcrops have abundant, well preserved, fossilsOregonia(shallow subtidal)|Waynesville(offshore)|Liberty(deep subtidal)|Whitewater(shallow subtidal)|Saluda(lagoonal),
FairmountGrantINPleistocenebeaver Castoroides,
MarionGrantINIn city park along W side of Missessinewa River in biohermSiluriantypical reef fossils.,
MierGrantIN2 km SE in abandoned quarry on Pipe CreekCladopora, Eridophyllum, Favosites, Heliolites, Zaphrentis, Conchidium, Leptaena, RhipidomellaReportedly Mier is largely defunct. USGS puts Mier at 40.575N 85.826W40.575N 85.826W approximate
NewportGreeneIN2 km WMississippianBeech Creek Limestonelarge crinoid stems, gastropods, Pentremites fragments, brachiopods,
OwensburgGreeneIN3km N near Sexson SpringMississippianBeech Creek Limestonelarge crinoid stems,
RidgeportGreeneIN600 meters NE IN, in54MississippianBeech Creek Limestonecrinoid stems, Archimedes, brachiopods, gastropods,
RidgeportGreeneIN2 km NW nw1/4 ne1/4 s11t7nr4w in quarryPennsylvanian[?]Birch creekcrinoid stems; brachiopods: Martinia, Composita, Cleiothyridina, Echinoconchus, Productus, Linoproductus, ;Bryozoa - Archimedes; blastoids - PentremitesThere is a Birch Creek in Indiana, but the Geolex data base lists Birch Creek members/formations only in Oklahoma and Alaska,
[?]HamiltonINOrdovicianCincinnatiannumerous fossils in limey shales,
Fishersburg[?]HamiltonINIn biohermSilurianreef fossilsProbably 'Fishers a.k.a. Fishers Station',
NoblesvilleHamiltonIN7 km NE along White River in Bioherm at Conners MillSilurianreef fossils,
BedfordHarrisonINarea exposuresmany fossils.,
CorydonHarrisonINarea exposuresfossils,
DepauwHarrisonIN3 km E in ditch along County road in NW1/4 sw1/4 s15t2sr3eMississippianSt Genevieve Limestonecrinoid stems,
LanesvilleHarrisonINMississippianSalemfish teeth-Chomatodus,Chromatodus,Cladodus,Ctenacanthus,Deltodus,Deltopsis,Helodus,Orodus,Psephodus,Sandalodus,
KokomoHowardINIn area quarries. Well preserved faunasSilurianKokomo Limestonealgae, Ceratiocaris, Anomalocaris?, Buthotrephis, Eurypterus, Eusarcus, Stylonurus,
KokomoHowardINon W. Markland Ave in quarrySilurianMissessinewa Shalegraptolites,
[?]HuntingtonINIn regional biohermsSilurianfossils,
HuntingtonHuntingtonINarea quarries in very fossiliferous bedsSilurianHuntingtonbrachiopods;Conchidium - Corals; Cladopora, Favosites, Halysites, Heliolites, Zaphrentis - Bryozoa; Fenestella - Trilobites,
HuntingtonHuntingtonINarea quarriesSilurianHuntington dolomitesbrachiopods - Conchidium; Corals -Cladopora, Favosites, Halysites, Heliolites, Zaphrentis; bryozoa -Fenestella, trilobites,
HuntingtonHuntingtonIN200 meters S in bioherm in quarrySilurianStromatoporoids, gastropods, brachiopods,
HuntingtonHuntingtonINIn many area exposuresfossils,
HuntingtonHuntingtonIN1 km Sgraptolites,
MarkleHuntingtonIN200 meters S in quarry in biohermSilurianstromatoporoids, gastropods. brachiopods,
MarkleHuntingtonIN1 km S in abandoned quarrygraptolites,
RockfordJacksonINMississippian LowerAmmonites-Muensteroceras,
New CorydonJayINarea quarriesSilurianHuntingtonFavosites, Halysites, Heliolites, Zaphrentis, Atrypa, Leptaena, Meristina, Pentamerus, Stropheodonta, Orthoceras,
Cross PlainsJeffersonINabout 3 km N just N of I62 along Wilson's Creek for 300 metersOrdovician Upperexcellent fossils.,
MadisonJeffersonINMadison County, IN, 1 km NW at Hanging Rock on IN7SilurianBrassfield Limestonetypical fossils,
MadisonJeffersonINMadison County, IN, area road cutsSilurianBrassfield Limestonetypical fossils,
MadisonJeffersonINRoadcut on E side of US421 1.5km N of I56 junction 38d44m58sN 85d22m35sWOrdovicianMt Auburn|Sunset|Oregonia|LibertyMany Cincinnatian outcrops have abundant, well preserved, fossilsMt Auburn(shallow subtidal), Sunset(deep subtidal) ,Oregonia(Shallow subtidal), Liberty(deep subtidal),
MadisonJeffersonINRoadcut on E side of US421 1.5km N of I56 junction 38d46m39sN 85d21m53sWOrdovicianWhitewater|SaludaMany Cincinnatian outcrops have abundant, well preserved, fossilsLower Whitewater(shallow subtidal), Saluda(Peritidal), Hitz(lagoon), Upper Whitewater(shallow subtidal),
MadisonJeffersonINin road cuts N of townOrdovicianabundant fossils,
MadisonJeffersonIN10 km NE at Jefferson Lake along road parallel to S side of lakeOrdovician Upper?,
MadisonJeffersonIN10 km NE at Jefferson Lake spillway at E end of lakeOrdovician Upper?,
MadisonJeffersonINAlong Riley CreekOrdovician Upper?,
MadisonJeffersonINIn Pennsylvania RR cutsOrdovician Upper?,
MadisonJeffersonINRoad cuts along IN7 in N and NW part of townOrdovician Upper?,
SaludaJeffersonINMadison County, IN, 2 km SE on NE side of Saluda CreekSilurianBrassfield Limestonetypical fossils,
CommiskeyJenningsIN1 km E on Graham CreekDevonianJeffersonville Limestonecorals, Spirifer, crinoid buttons.,
Tunnel MillJenningsINon Muscatatuck Creek in Crowley F + G area inside tunnel once used to feed water to mill, InSilurianWaldronCrinoids, trilobites, brachiopods,
VernonJenningsINIn quarry near Tunnel Millcorals,
WarsawKosciuskoINMississippianKeokuk LimestoneCrinoids,
BloomingtonLawrenceINSouth in limestonePaleozoicfish-Ctenacanthus,
BryantsvilleLawrenceINN in nw1/4 mw1/4 s25t4nr2wMississippianBryantsville brecciaPugnoides, Platycrinus, Lithostrotion,
BryantsvilleLawrenceINon US50MississippianBryantsville brecciaPugnoides, Platycrinus, Lithostrotion,
BryantsvilleLawrenceINon US50MississippianBryantsville brecciaPugnoides, Platycrinus, Lithostrotion,
BryantsvilleLawrenceINto E in Limestone quarriesMississippianBryantsville brecciaPugnoides, Platycrinus, Lithostrotion,
GreenbriarMadisonINMississippianSt Louisfish teeth/spines-Antliodus,Archaeobatis,Cladodus,Cladoselache,Deltodus,Labodus,Physonemus,Polyrhizodus,Psammodus,Sandalodus,
IngallsMadisonINIn area quarriesSilurianListon Creek Limestoneabundant fossils - bryozoa,
ShoalsMartinIN5 km NW 200 meters W of IN450 in lenses of white chertMississippian UpperGlen Deanwell preserved fossils,
[?]MiamiIN14 bioherms scattered around countySiluriancorals, brachiopods, crinoids,
PeruMiamiIN1 km NW in bioherm between Missessinewa shale and Kokomo LimestoneSiluriancorals, brachiopods, crinoids,
PeruMiamiIN2 km SW at Nickel Plate RR crossing of Little Pipe Creek in bioherm (classic locality)Silurianreef fossils,
PeruMiamiINAt City Park along S bank of Wabash River in biohermSilurianreef fossils,
PeruMiamiINon Hospital Hill on North Broadway in cuts in reefSilurianreef fossils,
BloomingtonMonroeINAt Tinker's CreekMississippianBedford LimestoneTamiobatis,
BloomingtonMonroeIN6 km E of IN46/IN446 intersectionMississippianRamp Creekcrinoids - mostly fragmental,
BloomingtonMonroeINSouth in LimestoneMississippiancorals,
BloomingtonMonroeIN9 km E on N side of IN46 in road cut in limestonesMississippiancrinoid stems,
BloomingtonMonroeININ46 east of towncrinoids,
HarrodsburgMonroeIN2 km N at Cleveland quarrySalem LimestoneEndothyra and other small fossils,
South of BloomingtonMonroeINMississippianOolitic LimestoneArchimedes,
Lake MonroeMonroe,BrownINin limestones and sandstonesMississippianEdwardsvilleforams, crinoids, bryozoa, mollusks, arthropods, echinoderms,
[?]MontgomeryINin creekbed exposuresMississippiancrinoids,
CrawfordsvilleMontgomeryINMississippian LowerEdwardsvilleCoral-Blothrophyllum,
CrawfordsvilleMontgomeryINN on W bank of Sugar Creek in new quarriesMississippianGlen DeanVery fine crinoids,
CrawfordsvilleMontgomeryINAt Corey's Bluff along W bank of Sugar Creek. 104 species of crinoids collected between 1832 and 1946. Reported to be overgrown although traces of the old diggings can be found.MississippianGlen Dean Limestonecrinoids,
CrawfordsvilleMontgomeryINIn nests in siltstoneMississippianKeokuk LimestoneCrinoids, Gastropods Platyceras, Trilobites Griffithides, Crinoids - Taxocrinus, Onychocrinus, Batocrinus, Cyathocrinus, Platycrinus, Pachylocrinus, Eucatillocrinus. Many other phyla as well. Rare Ophiuroids. Gastropods - Platyceras.,
Shades State ParkMontgomeryINAt 'Beachler's Nest in a meander of Indian Creek 1 km N of IN234crinoid crowns,
Shades State ParkMontgomeryINdownstream on Sugar Creek near mouth of Indian Creekcrinoid crowns,
French LickOrangeIN4.5 km SE 200 meters NW of road forkMississippianBeech Creek Limestoneabundant crinoid stems, brachiopods, some gastropods,
PaoliOrangeINarea exposuresMississippianPaoli?,
PaoliOrangeINWest in quarry to N of abandoned RR station sw1/4 se1/4 se1/4 s35t2nr1wMississippianPaoli?,
ProspectOrangeIN4 km N 50 meters SW of road at head of Stillhouse Hollowcrinoid stems. brachiopods, gastropods,
AtkinsonvilleOwenIN2 km N. 200 meters S of old roadcrinoid stems, brachiopods, gastropods,
FreedomOwenIN1 km WMississippianBeech Creek LimestoneArchimedes, tetracorals, crinoid stems,
SpencerOwenINMississippianSt Louisfish teeth/spines-Antliodus,
Logan QuarryParkeINNear Sugar CreekMississippianMecca Quarry ShaleFishMay be Pennsylvanian,
MeccaParkeINIn area quarriesfossil fish,
MontezumaParkeIN5.6km SEPennsylvanianVertebrates-Listracanthus,Petrodus,
Reserve TwpParkeINLogan Quarry in shalePennsylvanianStauntonSymmorium,
Reserve TwpParkeINPennsylvanianStauntonsharks - Orodus,
Wabash TownshipParkeIN600m N of SW corner of S18T15NR8 on Hessler propertyMississippianMecca Quarry ShaleFish,
BranchvillePerryIN1 km E in abandoned quarryMississippianGlen dean Limestonefenestrate bryozoa,
DerbyPerryIN1.5 km W in abandoned quarryMississippianGlen Dean LimestonePentremites, bryozoa, crinoids, trilobite pygidia, brachiopods,
LeopoldPerryIN2.5 km E in quarryfenestrate bryozoa,
TobinsportPerryIN2 km NE in abandoned Limestone quarryArchimedes,
VelpinPikeINAt Walnut Grove CemetaryDevonian?Mecca Quarry Shalefish-Promexyele,
PutnamvillePutnamINBryozoa Fenestella,
RidgevilleRandolphINSE in H+R Stone Co QuarrySilurianHuntingtonPentamerus,
OsgoodRipleyIN4 km NSilurianBrassfield LimestoneAnthozoa, stromatoporoids, bryozoa, brachiopods, cephalopods, trilobites,
VersaillesRipleyINCedar Creek, North Branch, North Branch In area exposures ofOrdovicianWaynesvilleEdrioasteroids Streptaster.,
VersaillesRipleyINOrdovicianBrachiopods -Sowerbyella, Hebertella,
VersaillesRipleyINIn quarries on Laughery CreekOrdoviciantrilobites and brachiopods,
VersaillesRipleyINIn E part of town in road cuts on US 50 and in Laughery CreekOrdovician Upperabundant fossils.,
BlocherScottINIn Scott Stone Co quarrycorals - solitary and colonial.,
WaldronShelbyINat Clifty CreekSilurianWaldron?,
WaldronShelbyINat Cook CreekSilurianWaldron?,
WaldronShelbyINat Old QuarrySilurianWaldron?,
WaldronShelbyINIn Quarry spoil heaps between Conns and Deer Creeks near their confluence 2.5 km S of WaldronSilurianWaldronDalmanites, Calymene, Trimerus. Cheirurus, Otarion,
WaldronShelbyINSilurianbrachiopods -Rhynchotrema, Eospirifer, Crinoids -- Eucalyptocrinites, Blastoids Eucalyptocrinites,
VevaySwitzerlandINOrdovicianbrachiopods -Hebertella,
West PointTippecanoeIN2 km SE in soft siliceous shales on main branch of Flint creekNautilus, Spirifer, Productus, Discina, Terebratula, Lingula,
West PointTippecanoeIN400 meters NE in Limestone in back of cemeteryNautilus, Spirifer, Productus, Discina, Terebratula, Lingula,
BrownsvilleUnionIN2 km SE of RR station in soft blue clay in ravineHudson RiverWell preserved Calymene,
LibertyUnionINin road cuts near Dillsboro LakeOrdovicianDillsborocrinoids, trilobites, etc,
LibertyUnionINin road cuts onin101 between Liberty and BrookvilleOrdovicianDillsborocrinoids, trilobites, etc,
LibertyUnionINOn IN101 between Liberty and Brookville in roadcutsOrdovicianRichmondabundant fossils, Flexicalymene,
LibertyUnionINarea quarriesWell preserved trilobites,
LibertyUnionINon Hannah's CreekWell preserved trilobites,
EvansvilleVanderburghINin area outcropsPennsylvanianPecopteris, Neuropteris, Calamites,
EvansvilleVanderburghINAt intersection of IN37 and IN64 in large road cutabundant brachiopods, blastoids. A few trilobites.,
NewportVermillionINRoadcut on N side of KY371 (Orphanage Rd) 1km W of KY17 39d01m47sN 84d32m30sWOrdovicianKopeMany Cincinnatian outcrops have abundant, well preserved, fossilsKope (offshore),
NewportVermillionINAt Mooreheads mine (Location unknown)PennsylvanianVertebrates-Edestus,
Vermillion CountyVermillionINarea exposuresPennsylvanianDes Moinespelecypods.,
Terre HauteVigoINAt Fowler Park in nodulesPennsylvanianinsects, probably plants,
Vigo CountyVigoINFern Fossils,
YoungstownVigoINIn Diverse Pennsylvanian fossils inPennsylvanianironstone concretions,
YoungstownVigoINabout 15 km S of Terra Haute, E of US41 in abandoned strip minesPennsylvanianMazon Creek type fossils in nodules,
RichValleyWabashINSilurianListon CreekTrilobites Calymene,
WabashWabashINCephalopods - Bickmorites,
West LebanonWarrenIN7 km S along Hwy 63 in creek tributary to Redwood Creek at second Bridge. In Limestone and overlying shalesPennsylvanianTrilobites -- Ditomopyge, brachiopods.,
West LebanonWarrenINComplete trilobites in bank of local creek. Reported to have been dug out completely by collectors.?,
CantonWashingtonINIn area creek banks in grayish argillaceous LimestoneProductus, Spirifera, Orthis, Saphiocrinus, Platycrinus, Batocrinus, Dorrycrinus, Agaricocrinus'Saphiocrinus' may be misspelled although it did get a single Google hit listing several species.,
Paynter's HillWashingtonINMississippianSalemfish teeth-Desmiodus,Petalodus,
PhiladelphiaWashingtonINalong bluffs on S fork of Blue RiverMississippian LowerBurlington LimestoneProductus, Spirifera, Batocrinus, Granatocrinus,
PhiladelphiaWashingtonIN2 km N and 400 meters E of Little York Road in LimestoneSpirifera, Granatocrinus, Batocrinus, Actinocrinus,
SalemWashingtonINIn RR cut just S of HarristownMississippianSalemabundant fossils - Griffithides, blastoids, etc.,
SalemWashingtonINIn Salem Limestone. The tan, Mississippian, Salem Limestone is exposed in a railroad cut about 1.6km North of Salem,Washington County. The railroad cut may be (Instructions are a little vague) just East of Indiana 135 and South HarristownMississippianSalemfossils include mollusks,brachiopods, blastoids, occasional trilobites.,
SalemWashingtonINIndiana, Salem Limestone. The tan Salem Limestone is exposed in a railroad cut about 1.6km North of Salem, Washington County. The railroad cut may be (Instructions are a little vague) just East of Indiana 135 and South of the town of Harristown.MississippianSalem LimestoneFossils include mollusks, brachiopods, blastoids, occasional trilobites.,
SalemWashingtonINarea exposuresMississippianSt Louis (Warsaw)Numerous Pentremites, Batocrinus, Alloprosallocrinus, Catillocrinus, Bryozoa, Echinoderms, brachiopods, pteropods, gastropods, cephalopods, - Nautilus, Orthoceras, mollusks -Conocardium, arthropods - Leperditia, Phillipsia,
SalemWashingtonINNE, in SW1.4NE1/4 s5t2nr1e in chert conglomerateMississippianbryozoa, brachiopods, corals -Lithostrotion,
SalemWashingtonIN7 km S at Paynter's Hillabundant crinoids,
SalemWashingtonIN8 km E at Spurgeon Hill 400 meters E of Harristownabundant crinoids,
Spergen HillWashingtonINMississippianSalemfish teeth-bradyodonts,Cladodus,
Spergen HillWashingtonINCrinoid -Dorrycrinus,
RichmondWayneINin area roadcutsOrdovicianWhitewaterabundant fossils ,
RichmondWayneIN500 meters W of Fouts[?] Brook Bridge on Elkhorn CreekOrdovicianWhitewaterbrachiopods, bryozoaElkhorn Creek heads around 39.8172N, 84.7561W and joins the Whitewater River at 39.7639N, 84.9372W. Couldn't identify any a Fout's Brook or indeed, any significant tributaries39.8172N, 84.7561W, 39.7639N, 84.9372W. approximate
RichmondWayneINin Roadcuts on US27 1.6km S of Richmond 39d01m40sN 84d30m38sWOrdovicianWhitewaterMany Cincinnatian outcrops have abundant, well preserved, fossilsUpper Whitewater (shallow subtidal),
RichmondWayneINElkhorn Creek 500 yds W of bridge on Founts Road 6.1km S. InOrdovicianWhitewaterbryozoa, brachiopods.,
RichmondWayneINOrdovicianBrachiopods Dinorthis,
RichmondWayneIN6.2 km W in N bank of Elkhorn Creek 500 meters W of Founts Rod BridgeOrdovicianbrachiopods, etc,
BlufftonWellsINN in bioherm in France Stone Co QuarrySilurianListon Creekreef fossils,
CamdenWhiteIN6.5 km SE along Little Deer Creek about 200 meters form North Fork junctionSilurianHuntingtonbrachiopods, corals, mollusks, stromatoporoids, trilobites,
DelphiWhiteINto N and NW in quarriesSilurianBrachiopods -Conchidium - stromatoporoids, corals - Favosites, Halysites, Heliolites,
DelphiWhiteINalong Golf Links along N old channel of Deer Creekbrachiopods, corals, trilobites,
DelphiWhiteINin area quarriesmarine fossils,
GeorgetownWhiteINto S along bluffs of Wabash River to LogansportSilurianHuntington LimestoneBrachiopods -Conchidium, Wilsonia[?], Spirifer'Wilsonia' is a bird - a warbler. Probably a reference to Wilsoniella, a brachiopod,
[?][?]KSCretaceousNiobraraNodosaur - Heirosaurus, Niobrarasaurus, Nodosaurus,
[?][?]KSCretaceousNiobrara ChalkFish bones Protosphyraena, Cimolichthys, Ichthyodectes, Xiphactinus, Pachyrhizodus, Gilicus,
[?][?]KSUS183 1.5 km N or Saline RiverCretaceousbryozoa, worms, mollusks, fish scales, shark teeth, sponges,
Arkansas River Valley[?]KSCretaceousNiobraraFish-Ptychodus,
Turner's Station[?]KSmollusksPaleozoic UpperAviculopecten,
Warren?[?]KS12.4km SEJurassicMorrisondinosaur bonesCan't identify a Warren, KS, and can't find any citations for surface outcrops of the Morrison in Kansas although it is known to be present a shallow depths in the Western part of the state,
Western Kansas[?]KSCretaceousNiobrara ChalkMosasaurs - Platecarpus; Reptiles; Nyctosaurs, Pternadon,
Western Kansas[?]KS82-87 ma chalkCretaceousSmoky HillTylosaurus, elasmosaurs, plesiosaurs, large turtles, Xiphactinus, Cretoxyrhina, Pternadon, invertebrates.,
Western Kansas[?]KSin Cretaceous ChalkCretaceousFish and Reptile bones, Uintacrinus,
Western Kansas[?]KSCrinoids Uintacrinus,
Whitten's Bluff[?][?]KSCretaceousNiobrarafish-CimolichthysCan't locate a Whitten's Bluff in KS,
GarnettAndersonKSin area exposures of Walchia bedsPennsylvanianRed Rock Shaleplants, reptiles, fishes, scorpions, pelecypods - Myalinella'Walchia' is a plant -- an early conifer,
Fort ScottBourbonKSPennsylvanian LowerFort Scott LimestonePelecypods, Fasciculiconcha,
[?]ChaseKSon South Cottonwood Creek in center of CountyPermian LowerBig Blue Limestonepelecypod molds - Myalina,
Fox CreekChase?KSIn upper part of creekCretaceousNiobraraFish-CimolichthysThere may be more than one Fox Creek in KS,
PeruChautauquaKS11 km E of Sedan in roadcuts on I66Pennsylvanianmarine fossils,
SedanChautauquaKS3 km N on KS99PennsylvanianBeil LimestoneCaninia,
SedanChautauquaKSN in roadcuts on KS99PennsylvanianBeil LimestoneConularia,
SedanChautauquaKS10 km S on KS166 in roadcuts near PeruPennsylvanianDouglasabout a dozen taxa.,
SedanChautauquaKS3 km N on KS99PennsylvanianQueen Hillconularids,
SedanChautauquaKS10 km S on KS166 2 km W of roadcuts near Peru in sandstonePennsylvanian?Asteriacites (starfish trace fossil).,
Cherokee CountyCherokeeKSs1t31sr23ePennsylvanianDes MoinesAnnuliconcha,
AshlandClarkKS16km SE at Swayze QuarryMiocene (Hemphill)OgallalaTurtles-Geochelone,
KingsdownClarkKS22km S on Young Brothers RanchMiocene (Hemphill)OgallalaTurtles-GeocheloneKingsdown is in Ford County, the site is in Clark County,
Republican RiverCloudKSPetrified wood in River gravels,
SibleyCloudKS3km W on Crowell[?] farmCretaceousBentonVertebrates-PelycorapisCan't identify a specific Crowell farm near Sibley,
BurlingtonCoffeyKSN in quarries near bridgePennsylvanianHeebner|Kereford|PlattsmouthMyalina,Enteletes,corals,Fistulipora,Hustedia,Punctospirifer,Marginifera,Rhipidomella,,
BurlingtonCoffeyKS3.2km N in road cuts in S10T21SR16ESPPennsylvanianPlattsmouthMyalina,Euomphalus,Pharkidonotus,gastropods,crinoid stems,fucoids38.2341 95.6380
Coffey CountyCoffeyKSnw1/4 s1t21sr13e in thin sandy Limestone bedPennsylvanianCalhoun ShaleMyalina, Septimyalina,
HartfordCoffeyKSarea outcrops 3.2km SE, in S18TSR14Efusulinids,Ottonosia,gastropods,bryozoa,Dictyoclostus,Orbiculoidea,Posidonia,Aviculopecten,
HartfordCoffeyKSarea outcrops in S36T20SR13EMarginifera, crinoid stems,Ottonosia,Osagia,Myalina,Amblysiphonella,gastropods,cephalopods,Fenestellids, brachiopods-Neospirifer,Composita,Derbya;Bryozoa;Fistulipora,
LeboCoffeyKSAt road intersection near Turkey Point Campground on county road 3 km E of KS150 about 10 km N of I35PennsylvanianSevery ShaleAbundant fossils - brachiopods - Neochonetes, Cephalopods - Mooreoceras; Gastropods - Pharkidonotus, Bellerophon, Euphemites, Leptotygma, Worthenia. Crinoids. Bryozoa,
LeboCoffeyKSSE on US50 S7T19SR15EOsagia,Triticites,Dictyoclostus,other brachiopods,bryozoa,echinoids,crinoid stems,Amblysiphonella,Bellerophon,
Neosho RapidsCoffeyKS4km E in old strip pitcrinoid stems,brachiopods,coal,plant fossils,
Neosho RiverCoffeyKSN of river in S25T20SR14EPennsylvanianDoniphan|King HillSyringopora,Osagia,Marksia,brachiopods,gastropods,crinoid stems,Chonetes,Marginifera,Juresania,Astartella,Derbya,Linoproductus,
S10T19SR15ECoffeyKSUS50S about 0.8km W of US75Amblysiphonella,bryozoa,Dictyoclostus,Fusulinids,Ottonosia,Rhombopora,Derbya,Chonetes,Marginifera,Lasallinies[?],Neospirifer,crinoid stemsNo citations for 'Lasallinies' probably a misspelling,
S13T21SR15ESPCoffeyKSIn road cutsPennsylvanianPlattsmouthMyalina,bryozoa,sponges,crinoid stems,fucoids38.2197 95.7113P
S17T20SR15ECoffeyKS[?]Big SpringsDerbya,Chonetes,abundant Myalina,Astartella,Nuculana,
S18T20SR16ESPCoffeyKSin road cutsPennsylvanianLeComptonMyalina,
S21T19SR17ECoffeyKSEuteletes[?],fusulinidsOnly two somewhat dubious citations for Euteletes--possibly misspelled,
S23T23SR14ESPCoffeyKSin road cutsPennsylvanianLeComptonbivalves,bryozoa,Caninia,Caudigalli,crinoid stems,Derbyia,Dictyoclostus,fusulinids,Osagia,Ostracods,Ottonosia,Syringopora,
S2T20SR16ESPCoffeyKSin road cutsPennsylvanianLeComptonBrachiopods-Chonetes,
S2T21SR14ESPCoffeyKSin road cutsPennsylvanianAvocaBatostomella,Bellerophon,Cryptozoon,Fusulinids,Syringopora,Triticites,
S30T20SR14ECoffeyKSPennsylvanianTopeka|Calhounbrachiopods,bryozoa,bivalves,Cryptozoon,crinoids,Neospirifer,Osagia,Composita, Derbya,Myalina, Aviculopecten,
S34T20sR16ESPCoffeyKSin road cutsPennsylvanianHeumander Shalemollusks,sponges,algae,
S3T20SR17ESPCoffeyKSin bulldozer cuts in Gully near SW corner of sectionPennsylvanianWilliamsburg Upperplant fossils in shales adjacent to coal bed,
S7T19SR15ECoffeyKSOn US 50 in S7T19SR15EPennsylvanianTopeka|CalhounLophophyllum,Marginifera,Derbya,Echinoconchus,Composita,Amblysiphonella,horn corals,Ottonosia,bryozoa,corals,brachiopods,Osagia,Myalina,crinoid stems,Bellerophon,
WaverlyCoffeyKSOutcrops along Hwy to NW S7T19SR16E[?]StullMyalina,Sedgewickia,Chonetes,Batostomella,
WaverlyCoffeyKSOutcrops along US50 1.6-2.4km N and E S7T19SR17E[?]abundant gastropods,crinoid fragments,Osagia,
CedarvilleCowleyKS2 km W in ne1/4 s9t34sr8ePennsylvanian UpperEmporia LimestoneEnteletes, Productus, Pseudomonotis, Orthonema,
ne1/4 s22t34sr7eCowleyKSPermian LowerCouncil Grove GroupClavicosta,
WinfieldCowleyKSE of town on Reservoir HillEndelocrinus, Spirorbis, Stenopora, Rhombopora, Derbya. Composita,
Sappa CreekDecaturKSMiocene (Hemphill)OgallalaTurtles-Geochelone,
HerringtonDickinsonKSPermianShark fragments - Ctenacanthus,
LawrenceDouglasKSnear spring on Cameron's BluffPennsylvanianDouglaswell preserved pelecypods,
[?]EllisKSin area outcrops of chalk in concretionsCretaceousNiobraraInoceramus, Ostrea,
[?]EllisKSs2t12sr20wCretaceousNiobraraPortheus teeth, Inoceramus, Textularia, Ostrea,
[?]EllisKSArea outcropsCretaceousNiobrara(Smoky Hill Chalk)Isolated shark teeth to 7cm. Some articulated specimens,
EllisEllisKS12.8km N in T12R20CretaceousNiobraraFish-Cimolichthys,Lamna,Portheus,Protosphyraena,
Ellis CountyEllisKSTwp12sr20w and Twp11sr19wCretaceousFt HaysInoceramus, Ostrea,
Ellis CountyEllisKSSe1/4 s21t15sr17w in road cutCretaceous[?]Pfieffer[?]InoceramusCan't confirm a Pifeffer (or Pfeiffer) Formation,
Saline RiverEllisKSRoad cuts on US 183 1.6km N of Saline River inCretaceousFort Hayesbryozoa, serpulids, mollusks, sponges, sharks teeth, fish scales.,
Saline RiverEllisKSCretaceousGreenhorn ChalkInoceramus. Baculites, Metoicoceras, Helicoceras, Puzosia fish bones and teeth,
Saline RiverEllisKS2 km N in road cut on KS183bryozoa, brachiopods, shark teeth, fish scales,
Smoky Hill RiverEllisKSCretaceousGreenhorn ChalkInoceramus. Baculites, Metoicoceras. Helicoceras, Puzosia, fish bones and teeth,
Wolf CreekEllisKSCretaceousGreenhorn ChalkInoceramus. Baculites, Metoicoceras. Helicoceras, Puzosia fish bones and teeth,
[?]FranklinKSPennsylvanianStranger ShalePlants Neuropteris, Alethopteris,
BuffaloFranklinKSfossil bones,
HomewoodFranklinKSPennsylvanian (Virgilian)Upper Vinland ShaleMyalina,
OttawaFranklinKSfossil bones,
Plum CreekFranklinKSIn yellow chalkCretaceousbirds Hesperornis,fish-Enchodus,
Pyramid RocksFranklinKS3 km NECretaceous UpperUpper Smoky HillSpinaptychus,
Smoky Hill fork of Kansas RiverFranklinKSat mouth of RiverPermian LowerBig Blue LimestonePseudomonotis,
[?]GearyKSSeveral SitesPennsylvanian?Shark spines and teeth - Ctenacanthus, Cladodus, Petalodus,
[?]GoveKSArea outcropsCretaceousNiobrara(Smoky Hill Chalk)Isolated shark teeth to 7cm. Some articulated specimens,
Bird RanchGoveKSAt Andrew Bird RanchCretaceousNiobrarapterosaur-Pternadon,
Buffalo StationGoveKSSWCretaceousNiobraraSquamata-Tylosaurus?,
Castle RockGoveKS1km SCretaceousNiobrarafish-Kansius,Pachyrhizodus,Ptychodus,Omosoma,
Haverford RanchGoveKSNE 1/4 Sec. 26. T14S R31WCretaceousNiobraraFish-Apsopelix,Bananogmius,Gillicus,Ichthyodectes,Pachyrhizodus Squamata-Platecarpus,
QuinterGoveKS17.6km SCretaceousNiobrarapterosaurs-PternadonOriginal indicates Lane County,
Hill CityGrahamKSOn S fork of Solomon River at SW1/4S11T8SR23WCretaceousNiobrarafish-Gillicus,Ichthyodectes,
Greenwood CountyGreenwoodKSIn center of N boundary of s14t27sr11ePennsylvanianCalhoun ShaleJellyfish - Duodecimedusina,
HamiltonGreenwoodKSin abandoned quarryPennsylvanianHartford Limestonefish-Hamiltonichthys,
HamiltonGreenwoodKS3 km E in Pennsylvanian sediments in abandoned quarry.Pennsylvanianacanthodians, lungfish, paleoniscoid fish, shards, amphibians, scorpions, eurypterids, arachnids, insects flora - Walchia, Cordaites, Alethopteris, Samaropsis.,
HamiltonGreenwoodKS3 km E in abandoned quarryacanthodians, lungfish, paleoniscoids, sharks, insects,
Hamilton QuarryGreenwoodKS3 km E in Limestone quarrylungfish, insects, eurypterids, plantsOriginal citation was for MD,
[?]HamiltonKSs3t22sr43wCretaceousNiobraraInoceramus, Ostrea,
HamiltonHamiltonKSIn E bank of Bridge Creek in s14t23r42wOligoceneBridge CreekInoceramus,
[?]JeffersonKSCoal MeasuresPennsylvanianShark Teeth-Agassizodus(Campodus),
TopekaJeffersonKSPennsylvanianHeebner ShalePhyllocarids Concavicaris,
Lovewell ReservoirJewellKSIn a 1-3cm fish tooth conglomerateCretaceousCarlisle(Blue Hill Shale)tiny Enchodus -- teeth of many other sharks and bony fish,
Iowa CityJohnsonKSDevonianCrinoids -Melocrinites,
Iowa CityJohnsonKSCoral Favosites, Prismatophyllum,
OlatheJohnsonKSIn area exposuresPennsylvanianCaptain Creek LimestonePernopecten,
Sunflower VillageJohnsonKS1 km E in junction of RR spursPennsylvanianPlattsburgjellyfish - Duodecimedusina,
Fort LeavenworthLeavenworthKSarea exposuresPennsylvanianCherokee ShalePelecypods,
Fort LeavenworthLeavenworthKSarea exposuresPennsylvanianMerriam Limestone (lowest Plattsburg)Myalina,
[?]LoganKSArea outcropsCretaceousNiobrara(Smoky Hill Chalk)Isolated shark teeth to 7cm. Some articulated specimens,
Bull CreekLoganKSCretaceousNiobraraFish-Pachyrhizodus,
Butte CreekLoganKSCretaceousNiobrarabirds-Baptornis,Hesperornis;pterosaurs-Pternadon;Squamata-Platecarpus;turtles-Toxochelys,
Butte CreekLoganKSS side in S8T15SR34WCretaceousNiobraraFish-Bananogmius,Cimolichthys,Enchodus,
Butte CreekLoganKSS side at Berry FarmCretaceousNiobraraFish-Saurocephalus,
ElkaderLoganKS2.8km SWCretaceousNiobraraPterosaur-Pternadon,
ElkaderLoganKS9.8-11.2km SWCretaceousNiobraraPterosaur-Pternadon;Squamata-Tylosaurus;turtles-Toxochelys,
ElkaderLoganKSArea exposures to S and NECretaceousNiobraraPterosaur-Pternadon;Squamata-Clidastes,Tylosaurus,
ElkaderLoganKSCretaceousPierreTurtle fragments,
ElkaderLoganKS5 km SECretaceousSmoky HillSpinaptychus,
ElkaderLoganKSarea Limestone outcropsUintacrinus,
Fort WallaceLoganKSCretaceousNiobraraturtles-Protostega,
Fossil Springs CanyonLoganKSCretaceousNiobraraFish-Pachyrhizodus,Squamata-Clidastes,Platecarpus,
Hell CreekLoganKSNE of Elkader near Smoky Hill RiverCretaceousNiobrarafish-Bananogmius,Cimolichthys,Portheus,Saurocephalus;plesiosaurs;pterosaurs-Nyctodactylus,Pternadon;Squamata-Clidastes,Platecarpus,Tylosaurus;turtles-Toxochelys,
LisbonLoganKS2 km E just N of Union Pacific RR tracksUpper Sharon Springs ShaleProtosphyraena,
McAllaster ButtesLoganKS3 km E on tributary of Smoky Hill RiverCretaceous UpperSharon Springs Shalesaurian bones, giant concretions,
Russell SpringLoganKSCretaceousNiobraraFish-Ichthyodectes;Pterosaurs-Pternadon,
Sheridan StationLoganKS9.6 km SW in Fox CanyonCretaceousNiobraraSquamata-Clidastes,PlatecarpusThis assumes that the Sheridan referred to is the extinct RR Station on the Kansas-Pacific RR, not one of the six Sheridan Townships in KS,
Sheridan StationLoganKS9.6 km S (in Smokey Hill River banks?)CretaceousNiobraraFish-Ichthyodectes,PortheusThis assumes that the Sheridan referred to is the extinct RR Station on the Kansas-Pacific RR, not one of the six Sheridan Townships in KS,
WallaceLoganKS24km SCretaceousNiobrarafish-Saurocephalus,
Fossil SpringLogan?KSnear Fort WallaceCretaceousNiobraraFish-Cimolichthys,Enchodus,Oricardinus,Pachyrhizodus,Protosphyraena,
Little OakleyLogan?KSOpposite school 3 or 53CretaceousNiobraraFish-EnchodusCan't identify a Little Oakley. Oakley, KS is in Logan Cy,
AmericusLyonKSIn type outcrop of Americus LimestonePennsylvanian UpperAmericusabundant fossils--fragments,
AmericusLyonKS3 km SPermian LowerBig Blue Limestonepelecypods -Promytilus,
EmporiaLyonKSabout 55 km distant - Hamilton QuarryPennsylvanianplants, insects, myriapods, etc,
HooserLyonKS4 km SE in road cutshells -Fusulina,
ElmoMarionKSE side of Hwy from Elmo to Durham S4T17SR2E in thin limestone beds above and below gray shaleCarltonfish scales,poor plant fossils,microfossils,
FlorenceMarionKStype section of Florence limestone -- On E side of Cottonwood River .8km NE of FlorencePermianFlorenceBrachiopods-Derbya,Composita,Dictyoclostus,Meekella;Bryozoa-Rhombopora,Wellerella;Fusulinids,
FlorenceMarionKS11.2km SW at Doyle Creek in 2.5m of gray shale at top of outcrop S30T21SR4EPermianGagebrachiopods-Derbya;other fossils,
FlorenceMarionKS1.6km E in old RR Quarry N of US50 S6T21SR5EPermianGagebrachiopods;bryozoa;gastropods,algae,
MarquetteMcPhersonKS8 km SW near 'Natural Corral'Belvidere LimestoneOstrea, Cyprimeria, Cardium, Turritella,
Elk CityMontgomeryKSin U On S Bank of Elk River 3 km S of Elk CityPennsylvanianStantonCorals-Dibunophyllum, Neokoninckophyllum, fusulinids,echinoid spines,brachiopods,bryozoa.,
Elk CityMontgomeryKS2 km SSW in S bank of Elk River at bridgePennsylvaniancoral, fusulinids,echinoids, brachiopods, bryozoa,
IndependenceMontgomeryKSarea outcropsPennsylvanianDrum Limestonespelecypods,
IndependenceMontgomeryKS2 km EPennsylvanianDrum OoliteAcanthopecten,
SycamoreMontgomeryKSin 7 km W on S side of E-W county road.PennsylvanianCaptain Creek LimestoneInvertebrates.,
SycamoreMontgomeryKS6.5 km W in quarry on county roadPennsylvanianinvertebrates,
Council GroveMorrisKSBryozoa Rhombopora, Tabulipora,
Smoky Hill RiverNessKSIn chalk along tributaries of Smoky Hill Rivermarine invertebrates - Inoceramus, Ostrea , birds, dinosaurs, crocodiles, mosasaurs, turtles, fish.,
Walnut CreekNessKSIn chalk along both sides on W side of countymarine invertebrates - Inoceramus, Ostrea , birds, dinosaurs, crocodiles, mosasaurs, turtles, fish.,
[?]OsageKSPermian?Shark Teeth-Agassizodus,
Twin CreekOsborneKSCretaceousNiobraraShark Teeth-Lamna,
AdaOttawaKSpetrified wood.,
Long IslandPhillipsKSS on Overton FarmTeleoceras,
Solomon RiverPhillipsKSNorth ForkCretaceousNiobraraFish-Cimolichthys=Cimolichthys,Enchodus,Isurus,Portheus,Protosphyraena,Squalicorax,
ManhattanRileyKSin run off area from dam in Tuttle Creek State ParkPennsylvanian UpperWaverlyabundant fossils,
ManhattanRileyKSBryozoa-Polypora,Acanthocladia; Ropalonaria[?], Trace Fossils Acrothoracican burrows,
RileyRileyKSNear Leavenworth, Riley, ManhattanPermianShark Teeth-Petalodus, Cladodus; Shark Spines-Xystracanthus,
Bow CreekRooksKSCretaceousNiobrarafish-Cimolichthys,
Haddon[?]RooksKSCretaceousNiobraraFish-CimolichthysCan't identify a Haddon in Rooks County,
Spring CreekRooksKSCretaceousNiobraraFish-Pachyrhizodus,
Sugar LoafRooksKS3.2km E in T6R19CretaceousNiobrarafish-Cimolichthys,
[?]RussellKSnw1/4 s11t10sr23e in quarryPennsylvanianFarleyStreblochondria,
[?]RussellKSne1/4 s36t16sr7e in RR quarryPermianfort RileyPromytilus,
[?]RussellKSS side s27t22sr22ePennsylvanian UpperRock Lake (Stanton) ShaleMyalina, Promytilus,
FairportRussellKS8 km NW nw1/4 s32t11sr16wInoceramus, Ostrea. Prionotropis, Serpula,
r21es10t13sRussellKSs10t13sr21e N edge in LimestonePennsylvanianAcanthopecten,
Russell CountyRussellKSnw1/4 s14t13sr13ePennsylvanianDover LimestonePromytilus,
Russell CountyRussellKSs7t30sr12ePennsylvanian UpperStull Shale just above Lecompton Limestonepelecypods - Myalina, Septimyalina,
Russell CountyRussellKSs32t10sr10ePennsylvanian UpperTarkio LimestonePromytilus,
BrookvilleSalineKSCretaceousBentonVertebrates-ApsopelixOriginal says 'Brookeville',
TopekaShawneeKSPermianthe large (for a foram) foram Fusulina forming 'Rice Rock',
EdsonShermanKSAt Edson Quarry on Marshall Ranch somewhere around 16km S and 3.2km E of EdsonMiocene (Hemphill)OgallalaAmphibians-Ambystoma,Bufo,Scaphiopus;Turtles-Geochelone,
Solomon RiverSherman?KSSouth Fork - T6SR19W,T6SR20,T7SR19W,T7SR20WCretaceousNiobraraFish-Cretolamna,Enchodus,Pachyrhizodus,Portheus,Protosphyraena,Saurocephalus,
[?]TregoKSArea outcropsCretaceousNiobrara(Smoky Hill Chalk)Isolated shark teeth to 7cm. Some articulated specimens,
Castle RockTregoKS12.8km SWCretaceousNiobraraFish-Portheus;Squamata-Clidastes,
Hackberry CreekTregoKSArea exposures in SW part of county 7.4km E of Castle RockCretaceousNiobraraFish-Apateodus,Pachyrhizodus,Cimolichthys,Ichthyodectes,Martinichthys,Portheus,Saurocephalus;Squamata-Platecarpus,
Hockenberry Canyon[?]TregoKSCretaceousNiobrarafish-GillicusCan't identify a Hockenberry Canyon in Trego County,
John Harvey RanchTregoKSCretaceousNiobraraTurtles-Chelosphargis,
WakeeneyTregoKSNE on Harvey Carpenter RanchCretaceousNiobraraFish-Protosphyraena,
EllisTrego?KS16km SWCretaceousNiobraraFish-Cimolichthys,
[?]WabaunseeKSSmall exposure of a shark tooth rich horizon in Western part of CountyPermian LowerCouncil GroveShark Teeth-Petalodus, Cladodus; Shark Spines-Xystracanthus,
EskridgeWabaunseeKSin calcareous shalePennsylvanianEskridgeabundant fossils,
[?]WallaceKSse1/4 s27t12sr41w in sandstonePliocene LowerPliohippus, Procamelus,
Butte CreekWallaceKSCretaceousNiobrarapterosaurs-Pterodactylus;Squamata-Clidastes,Platecarpus,Tylosaurus;turtles-Cynocercus,Toxochelys,
Goose CreekWallaceKS1.6km from Smoky Hill River in large Limestone concretionsAnomia, Amauropsis, Inoceramus,
Lost QuarryWallaceKSin nw1/4 s1t15sr38wMioceneOgallalaMammal bones - Osteoborus, Aelurodon?, Agriotherium, Pratifelis, Pliohippus?, Nannippus,
Rhinoceros HillWallaceKSin quarry on hill in se1/4 ne1/4 s11t11sr38w in diatomaceous marlPliocenemammal bone fragments.,
Rhinoceros HillWallaceKSin NE part of county near the Marshall Ranch in the basin of the North Fork of the Smoky Hill River in diatomaceous marlPliocenemammals.,
Rhinoceros HillWallaceKS5 km N and slightly W of the hill in quarryPliocene Lowerabundant vertebrate bones,
Sharon SpringsWallaceKSEagletail Creek area probably--misidentified by Cope? as being near 'Eagletail, CO'CretaceousNiobraraMosasaur-Prognathodon,
Sharon SpringsWallaceKSto S along Eagle Tail Creek in T13Sr40W in giant septarian nodulesInoceramus, Baculites, Tylosaurus,
WallaceWallaceKSse1/4 s2r42w in bentonitic clayMioceneturtles -Testudo,
Wallace CountyWallaceKSin W part of CountryCretaceousLake CreekOstrea, Crassatella, Thetis, Lucina, Ammonites, Placenticeras,
Wallace CountyWallaceKSs7t14sr38wCretaceous UpperSharon SpringsInoceramus, Saurian bones, Polycotylus (a Plesiosaur), Tylosaurus.,
Wallace CountyWallaceKSt13Ss11 in LimestoneCretaceous UpperUpper WeskanPlatecarpus, Ostrea, Anomia,
Wallace CountyWallaceKSse1/4 s2mosasaur -Platecarpus, Crassatella, Baculites, Scaphites,
Spence SidingWashingtonKS2 km SEPermian LowerHerington LimestoneAviculopecten, Pterinopectinella,
AltoonaWilsonKS2 km W on KS47PennsylvanianPlattsburg|Stantoncorals, bryozoa, brachiopods,
AltoonaWilsonKS2.5 km W in road cutPennsylvanianStanton|PlattsburgCorals Archaeolithophyllum, bryozoa, Glyptopora, brachiopods.,
AltoonaWilsonKS2 km W in road cuts on KS47varied corals,
BenedictWilsonKSin quarry 1.5 km S, S of RR tracks.PennsylvanianStoner Limestonealgae, corals,invertebrates.,
BenedictWilsonKS1 km S in quarry S of RR tracksalgae, corals, etc,
FredoniaWilsonKSIn Limestone exposuresPennsylvanian UpperOlatheAcanthopecten,
FredoniaWilsonKSIn Cement plant Limestone quarryPennsylvanianStantonStreblochondria,
Wilson Creek State ParkWilsonKSbetween 99th and 100th street in Limestonelarge InoceramusProbably Wilson State Park,
Bonner SpringsWyandotteKSin area shale outcropsPennsylvanianBonner Springspelecypods,
Bonner SpringsWyandotteKSin area Limestone outcropsPennsylvanianFarleypelecypods,
Bonner SpringsWyandotteKSin area shale outcropsPennsylvanianRock Springspelecypods,
Kansas CityWyandotteKSin area oolitic Limestone exposuresPennsylvanian UpperWesterville Limestoneabundant pelecypods, Fasciculiconcha,
Kansas CityWyandotteKSin area carbonaceous Limestone exposuresPennsylvanianWintersetMyalina, brachiopods, pelecypods, Nautiloids, gastropods,
Kansas CityWyandotteKSat SE corner of I435-Holiday Rd InterchangePennsylvaniancrinoids, gastropods,
Kansas CityWyandotteKSbetween Kansas City and Lawrence. Edgerton Road exit on KS10 on exit rampsBrachiopods - Enteletes, Schizophoria, Girtyocoelia,
Kansas CityWyandotteKSbetween Kansas City and Lawrence. Cedar Creek exit on KS10 on exit rampsBrachiopods - Kozlowskia,
Kansas CityWyandotteKSOn Cedar Creek (a road) at underpass near 95th StreetBrachiopods - Kozlowskia,
Kansas CityWyandotteKSbetween Kansas City and Lawrence. Kill Creek Road exit on KS10 on exit rampsBrachiopods -Neospirifer. Crinoids,
Kansas CityWyandotteKSin road cuts at junction of I-435 and Holiday Roadcrinoid fragments, gastropods,
[?][?]KYKY17 E of I75-I275 InterchangeOrdoviciantrilobites, brachiopods, crinoids, graptolites, ichnofossils,
[?]BallardKYIn area 'soapstone' clay depositsEocenePorter's CreekMollusks- Crassatellites, Protocardia, Venericardia, Cucullaea, Leda, Mysia, Turritella,
CollinsvilleBathKYin road cut at US60 S exit at base of outcropOrdoviciandiverse mollusks,
OlympiaBathKYIn regional exposures of sandy reddish rock with flaxseed iron oreSilurianBrassfield Limestonebrachiopods - Whitfieldia, bryozoa, crinoid stem plates.,
Big Bone LickBooneKYto South in area exposuresOrdovicianCincinnatianfossils,
Big Bone LickBooneKYin peat bedsPleistoceneInsects: Coleoptera,
Big Bone LickBooneKYPleistocenevertebrates --Mastodon,
DanvilleBoyleKYin Roadcut on KY127Ordovician UpperLexingtonsilicified fossils, pelecypods, brachiopods, gastropods ,
DanvilleBoyleKYin QuarryOrdovician UpperLexington|Clays Ferryabundant fossils ,
DanvilleBoyleKYAt Caldwell Stone Quarry - permission requiredOrdovicianLexington|Clays FerryDiverse fossils:Trilobites-Isotelus(complete);Brachiopods-Rafinesquina;Cornulites;Edrioasteroids-Cystaster,
BrooksvilleBrackenKYin small road cut on KY1159 just S of KY9OrdovicianPoint PleasantMerocrinus;Trilobites-Cryptolithus;Blastoids-Cheirocystis,
Locust CreekBracken?KYOrdovicianPoint Pleasant|KopeGastropods;Trilobites-Flexicalymene,Isotelus,Acidaspis(rare);Brachiopods-Onniella,Zygospira;Echinoderms-Merocrinus,Cincinnaticrinus,Ectenocrinus;Bryozoa;Blastoid plates-Cheirocystis,
Glen DeanBreckinridgeKYarea exposuresMississippianGlen DeanBryozoa - Chilotrypa, Archimedes, Anisotrypa, Eridopora, Stenopora; Blastoids - Pentremites; Crinoids -Pterocrinus; Brachiopods - Eumetria,
HardinsburgBreckinridgeKYBryozoa Archimedes,
New MysticBreckinridgeKYE in RR cutMississippianFredoniaLithostrotion.,
[?]BullittKYin road cut on Brooks Hill RoadMississippianHarrodsburg|Warsawblastoids, brachiopods, bryozoa, corals, crinoids, echinoids, ichnofossils, geodes.,
BardstownBullittKYroad cut on KY245 between I65 and BardstownSilurianWaldronbrachiopods, crinoids, sponges, cephalopods, ichnofossils, trilobites,
BardstownBullittKY13 km SE on KY150Ordoviciancorals, bryozoa, brachiopods,
PrincetonCaldwellKY5 km SE at Cedar Hill QuarryMississippianSt Genevievecoral - Lithostrotion; Platycrinus,
PrincetonCaldwellKYDevoniancoral -Entelophyllum,
PrincetonCaldwellKY8 km N on Hwy 139Lepidodendron trunk section, blastoids,
[?]CallowayKYIn area 'soapstone' clay depositsEocenePorter's CreekMollusks- Crassatellites, Protocardia, Venericardia, Cucullaea, Leda, Mysia, Turritella,
NewportCampbellKYIn roadcuts on KY445 200m W of KY8 intersection NW of I275 bridge over Ohio River 39d03m22sN 84d26m10sWOrdovicianKope|FairviewMany Cincinnatian outcrops have abundant, well preserved, fossilsKope(offshore)|Fairview(deep subtidal),
NewportCampbellKYIn three roadcuts on NW side of I-275 500-800m SW of the Ohio River. 39d03m13sN 84d26m30sWOrdovicianKope|FairviewMany Cincinnatian outcrops have abundant, well preserved, fossilsKope(offshore)|Fairview(deep subtidal),
Twelve Mile CreekCampbellKYOrdovicianPoint Pleasant|KopeGastropods;Trilobites-Flexicalymene,Isotelus,Acidaspis(rare);Brachiopods-Onniella,Zygospira;Echinoderms-Merocrinus,Cincinnaticrinus,Ectenocrinus;Bryozoa;Blastoid plates-Cheirocystis,
WorthvilleCarrollKYon KY 467/227 between I-71 and Worthville in road cutOrdovicianCincinnatianbrachiopods, bryozoa, conodonts, gastropods, cephalopods, conodonts, mollusks, monoplacophorans, scolecodont teeth, ichnofossils, trilobites,
Olive HillCarterKYin drainage ditch on E lane I65 100 meters W of US60 exit in quarry?,
Olive Hill areaCarterKY3 km E in quarry and pits of coralsMississippianNewman Limestonebroad fauna. Crinoids-Agassizocrinus,
Olive Hill areaCarterKYI65 drainage ditch 100m W of US60 exit rampMississippianNewman Limestonebroad fauna. Crinoids-Agassizocrinus,
Olive Hill areaCarterKYIn quarry .5 km N of US60, I64 junction.MississippianNewman Limestonebroad fauna. Crinoids-Agassizocrinus,
DunnvilleCaseyKY4 km S in 2 meters of gray Limestone and shale just above ford in Little Goose Creek 75 meters S of Hwy 127Ordovician MiddleRichmondProtarea, Rhynchotrema, Dinorthis, Hebertella, Platystrophia, Byssonychia, Strophomena, Rhombotrypa, Modiolodon, Lophospira, Homotrypa,
DunnvilleCaseyKY3 km N at Red Hill School in dark red cherty soilMississippian MiddleSt Louis LimestoneLithostrotion,
Goose CreekCaseyKYW in 12 meters of LimestoneMississippianWarsawSpirifer, Brachythyris, Triplophyllum, Pentremites, Fenestella,Athyris, Productus,
MiddleburgCaseyKY3 km E on S slope of Ridge near headwaters of Hites CreekMississippianWarsawTriplophyllum, Zaphrentis, Spirifer, Brachythyris, Pentremites,
WinchesterClarkKYin roadcuts and drainage ditches along I64Ordovician UpperEden|Maysvilleabundant fossils -- brachiopods, bryozoa, gastropods,
WinchesterClarkKYIn area roadcutsOrdovicianLexingtonGastropods-Cyclonema;Brachiopods-Ambonychia;rare echinoderms-cyclocystoids,a few trilobite fragments,
[?]CrittendenKYarea exposures of black gray shales and impure limestonesMississippianPaint CreekPentremites, Productus, Girtyella, Chonetes, Spirifer,
[?]EstillKYIn area Limestone and shale outcropsSilurianWacoArachnophyllum, Favosites, Linstroemia, Heliolites,
Clays FerryFayetteKYIn Roadcuts on S side of KY2328 under S End of I75 bridge over Kentucky River. 37d46m28sN 84d16m28WOrdovicianLexington|Clays Ferry|Garrard|FairviewMany Cincinnatian outcrops have abundant Ordovician fossilsLexington Limestone,Clays Ferry (deep subtidal),Garrard(peritidal), Fairview(deep subtidal),
GreendaleFayetteKYarea exposuresOrdovicianCincinnatianCyclonema, Allonychia, Edriotrypa, Hebertella, Rafinesquina,
LexingtonFayetteKYin area exposures near junction of US60 and I75OrdovicianLexingtoncrinoids, trilobites, brachiopods, bryozoa,
LexingtonFayetteKYin area shale and Limestone exposuresOrdovician UpperLexingtonfossils ,
LexingtonFayetteKYin roadcuts at I75, I64 junctionOrdovicianlarge bryozoa colonies,
LexingtonFayetteKYArea exposures of 100m of fossiliferous limestone between sparsely fossiliferous Tyrone Limestone and shaley clays Ferry FmOrdovicianLexingtondiverse fossils,
FlemingsburgFlemingKYIn Roadcuts along KY32 1.75km S of KY11OrdovicianMt Auburn|Oregonia|WhitewaterMany Cincinnatian outcrops have abundant, well preserved, fossilsMt Auburn (shallow subtidal), Oregonia (shallow subtidal), Whitewater (shallow subtidal),
Cow CreekFloydKYat head of CreekPennsylvanian MiddleKendrickpelecypods, Limipecten,
Benson CreekFranklinKYOrdovicianBensenRhynchotrema, Hebertella. Strophomena, Dinorthis, Stromatocerium, bryozoa, Cyphotrypa,
[?]GallatinKYroad cuts at Sugar Creek Bridge at junction of US127-US42?,
Sugar BayGallatinKYto North in area exposuresOrdovicianCincinnatianfossils,
[?]GarrardKYin regional exposures of Curdsville member of Lexington LimestoneOrdovician MiddleLexingtonsparse but very well preserved echinoderms,sponges ,
LancasterGarrardKYnear Ashlock Cemetery in roadcuts on US27 1.3km S of Garrard/Lincoln County Line -- Tate through BellevueOrdovicianTate|Gilbert|BellevueMany Cincinnatian outcrops have abundant, well preserved, fossilsTate(peritidal), Gilbert(lagoonal), Bellevue(shallow subtidal) Formations,
LancasterGarrardKYIn roadcuts on US27 800m South of the Garrard/Lincoln County line 37d34m40sN 84d36m36sWOrdovicianTerrill|Sunset|OregoniaMany Cincinnatian outcrops have abundant, well preserved, fossilsTerrill(Peritidal), Sunset(Lagoonal), Oregonia=Reba(Shallow Subtidal),
[?]HancockKYMississippianBuffalo WallowDiverse fish and a tetrapod from three facies,
SulphurHenryKYarea roadcutsOrdovicianCincinnatianfossils,
SulphurHenryKYin road cuts on US42 near I71Ordoviciantypical faunas,
Muldraugh's HillHopkinsKYMississippianWarsawProtozoa -Endothyra, Corals - Zaphrentis, Cladochonus, Palaecis, Bryozoa -Worthenopora, Dichotrypa, Blastoids - Pentremites, Brachiopods -Spirifer, Rhipidomella, Productus,
ProvidenceHopkinsKYin area coal depositsPennsylvanianDes MoinesPelecypods - Fasciculiconcha,
Beargrass CreekJeffersonKYSilurianLouisvilleCoral-Arachnophyllum,
BeechwoodJeffersonKYarea quarries and cutsCrinoid - Dolatocrinus,
Falls of the OhioJeffersonKYin area outcrops of fossiliferous, cherty LimestoneDevonianColumbusbrachiopods - Spirifer, Stropheodonta, Atrypa; Gastropods - Turbo, Platyceras; mollusks -- Conocardium; corals -- Zaphrentis, Blothrophyllum, Favosites, Cladopora,
Falls of the OhioJeffersonKYDevonianDelaware LimestoneSpirifer, Heliophyllum, Paracyclas,
Falls of the OhioJeffersonKYCorals Heliophyllum, Heterophrentis,
Falls of the Ohio State ParkJeffersonKYspoil piles at rear of parking lot (not always available)Silurian-DevonianWaldron|North Vernonbrachiopods, bryozoa, cephalopods, corals, crinoids, cystoids, gastropods, graptolites, monoplacophorans, pelecypods, trace fossils, trilobites,
FishervilleJeffersonKYon KY155 between Fisherville and Taylorville in road cutOrdovicianCincinnatianbrachiopods, bryozoa, conodonts, gastropods, cephalopods, conodonts, mollusks, monoplacophorans, scolecodont teeth, ichnofossils, trilobites,
JeffersontownJeffersonKYCoral, Tetradium,
LouisvilleJeffersonKYarea exposed above Louisville LimestoneDevonianJeffersonville Limestone60 genera,
LouisvilleJeffersonKYOn Ky155 2 km from Taylorsville RoadOrdovician UpperLibertybrachiopods, corals, mollusks, bryozoa,
LouisvilleJeffersonKYOn Ky155 near Spencer County lineOrdovician UpperLibertybrachiopods, corals, mollusks, bryozoa,
LouisvilleJeffersonKYIn Silurian Louisville Limestone in cliffs along Beargrass Creek in Cherokee ParkSilurianLouisville?,
LouisvilleJeffersonKYIn Silurian Louisville Limestone in cliffs along Mellwood Ave near Zorn Ave near I-71SilurianLouisville?,
LouisvilleJeffersonKYIn Silurian Louisville Limestone in Fincastle Quarry behind Quarry Center on Poplar Level Road near Trevillian Way.SilurianLouisville?,
LouisvilleJeffersonKYIn Silurian Louisville Limestone in Old Cannons Lane Quarry (at I-64 and Old Cannons Lane)SilurianLouisville?,
LouisvilleJeffersonKYIn Silurian Louisville Limestone in outcrops on Poplar Level RoadSilurianLouisville?,
LouisvilleJeffersonKYIn Silurian Louisville Limestone in quarries along I-64 near Beargrass Cave west of Grinstead DriveSilurianLouisville?,
LouisvilleJeffersonKYIn Silurian Louisville Limestone in road curs along I-64 between I264 and Grinstead DriveSilurianLouisville?,
LouisvilleJeffersonKYIn Silurian Louisville Limestone in roadcuts along I-71 between the US42 underpass and Mile Marker 12SilurianLouisville?,
LouisvilleJeffersonKYIn Silurian Louisville Limestone in roadcuts on US42 near Harrods CreekSilurianLouisville?,
LouisvilleJeffersonKYIn Silurian Louisville Limestone quarries around Cave Hill CemeterySilurianLouisville?,
LouisvilleJeffersonKYShank's Quarry at I64 and Grinstead Drive. 19.7m of Silurian Limestone exposed above Waldron Shale and Capped by Devonian Jeffersonville Limestone (fossiliferous). Rich in fossils. Also exposed South to Bullitt County, KY, E half of Jefferson county, etSilurianLouisvilleFossils are silicified and survive weathering well. 34 genera of coral --Coenites, Arachnophyllum, Alveolites, Astrocerium, Favosites, Halysites, Heliolites, Lyellia. Plasmopora, Thecia. Crinoids -Eucalyptocrinus, Liriocrinus. Sponge Astraeospongia. Horn,
LouisvilleJeffersonKYarea Limestone quarriesSilurianLouisvillesponges - Astraeospongia; brachiopods -Conchidium, Pentamerus, Gypidula, Spirifer; Corals - Cladopora, Cystiphyllum, Diphyphyllum, Favosites, Halysites, Heliolites, Lyellia, Ptychophyllum, Strombodes, Zaphrentis; Trilobites -Bumastus, IllaneusLyellia seems to be a genus of moss,
LouisvilleJeffersonKYDevonianNew Albanyfish-Dinomylostoma,
LouisvilleJeffersonKYSilurianNiagranSilicified coral - Coenites,
LouisvilleJeffersonKYDevonianOnondagacorals - Emmonsia, Coenites,
LouisvilleJeffersonKYroad cut on KY155 7 km from Taylorsville RdOrdovicianlarge corals,
LouisvilleJeffersonKYroad cut on KY155 1.5 km from Taylorsville RdOrdoviciantypical faunas,
Louisville areaJeffersonKYThe Silurian Waldron Shale is exposed below the Louisville Limestone.SilurianWaldronA few trilobites -- not very fossiliferous.,
Louisville?JeffersonKYCannons Lane near Bowman FieldDevonianLouisvillebrachiopods, corals, bryozoa, mollusks, trilobites, stromatoporoids,
Louisville?JeffersonKYat intersection of US42 and I265DevonianLouisvillebrachiopods, corals, stromatoporoids,
MadisonJeffersonKYon US421 in road cutOrdovicianCincinnatianbrachiopods, bryozoa, conodonts, gastropods, cephalopods, conodonts, mollusks, monoplacophorans, scolecodont teeth, ichnofossils, starfish, trilobites,
SeatonvilleJeffersonKYOld Seatonville Rd in quarry on N sideOrdovicianLiberty?USGS says Seatonville is at 38.131N 85.518W38.131N 85.518W approximate
SeatonvilleJeffersonKYIn road cut, hillside and quarry exposures 2 km W in Silurian Osgood andOrdovicianLibertyMarine invertebratesUSGS says Seatonville is at 38.131N 85.518W38.131N 85.518W approximate
SeatonvilleJeffersonKYOld Seatonville Rd in quarry on N sideSilurianOsgood?USGS says Seatonville is at 38.131N 85.518W38.131N 85.518W approximate
LouisvilleJefferson?KYAt Ash Grove Quarry No 1Pennsylvanian (Virgilian)Keiwitzvertebrates-Cochliodus,
Brannon StationJessamineKYOrdovicianBrannonSponges - Brachiospongia, Strobilospongia,
NicholsvilleJessamineKYin roadcuts at KY27, KY27Bus junctionOrdovician MiddleLexingtonfossils,
CovingtonKentonKYRoadcuts on Reidlin Road and KY16 .7km N of I275 39c01m40sN, 84d30m38sWOrdovicianFairview|BellevueMany Cincinnatian outcrops have abundant, well preserved, fossilsFairview(deep subtidal), Bellevue(shallow subtidal),
CovingtonKentonKYold Schlosser[?] QuarryOrdovicianMaysvilleFairview Shale,
CovingtonKentonKYbrachiopods Schizocrania,
I-275Kenton?KYon Orphanage Road East of I75 junctionOrdovicianEdenTrilobites, crinoids,
Elkhorn CreekLetcherKYIn black pyritic LimestonePennsylvanianAviculopecten,
Junction CityLincolnKYAt Blue Licks in concretionsMississippianNew Providencefish-Kentuckia?,
King's MountainLincolnKYBryozoa Fenestella,
MorelandLincolnKYCorals Heterophrentis,
MorelandLincolnKYGastropods Murchisonia,
[?]LivingstonKYarea exposures of black gray shales and impure limestonesMississippianPaint CreekPentremites, Productus, Girtyella, Chonetes, Spirifer,
BirdsvilleLivingstonKY3 km N in abandoned quarry on KY137MississippianRenaultblastoids,
[?]LyonKYin roadcuts on KY453 in Kentucky Wildlife RefugeMississippianSt Louissilicified coral,
[?]MadisonKYIn area Limestone and shale outcropsSilurianWacoArachnophyllum, Favosites, Linstroemia, Heliolites,
BrassfieldMadisonKYin abandoned RR cut between Panola and Brassfield isSilurianBrassfield LimestoneBryozoa, brachiopods.,
MillionMadisonKY3.5 km W on W side of RR trestle 15Ordovician UpperEdenEdrioasteroids Streptaster.,
MillionMadisonKY0.5 km W of RR trestleOrdovician Upper?,
WacoMadisonKYIn area Limestone and shale outcropsSilurianWacoArachnophyllum, Favosites, Lindstroemella, Heliolites,
[?]MarshallKYIn area 'soapstone' clay depositsEocenePorter's CreekMollusks- Crassatellites, Protocardia, Venericardia, Cucullaea, Leda, Mysia, Turritella,
MaysvilleMasonKYin large road cutOrdovician UpperFairviewFossils,
[?]McCrackenKYIn area 'soapstone' clay depositsEocenePorter's CreekMollusks- Crassatellites, Protocardia, Venericardia, Cucullaea, Leda, Mysia, Turritella,
[?]McCrackenKYin area 'soapstone' clay depositsEocenePorter's Creekmollusks- Crassatellites,Protocardia, Venericardia, Cucullaea, Leda, Mysia, Turritella,
[?]MeadeKYregional exposures S to TN N thence NW through Trigg, Lyon, Livingston County to Ohio RiverMississippianSt LouisLithostrotion, Brachiopod Productus,
CurdsvilleMercerKYin RR cutsOrdovicianTrenton LowerCrinoids - Carabocrinus, Hybocrinus, Edrioaster; brachiopods - Dinorthis; Coral - Streptelasma,
HarrodsburgMercerKYIn black shaleDevonianDinichthys,
HarrodsburgMercerKYin black slateDevonianVertebrates-Dinichthys[?]Dinichthys and Dinicthys are widely used. It's not entirely clear whether they are synonyms, two different taxa, or it one is a misspelling,
HighbridgeMercerKYin 3 km SOrdovician MiddleTrentonEdrioasteroid - Edriophus.,
HighbridgeMercerKYSouth of Highbridge, KYGastropods Holopea,
Knob LickMetcalfeKYfossils in concretionsDevonianHuronfish-Stethacanthus spines,
BybeeMontgomeryKYE on KY52 37d43m13s 84d2m49sOrdovicianRowland|SaludaMany Cincinnatian outcrops have abundant, well preserved, fossilsperitidal deposits,
Bardstown Court HouseNelsonKY7 km W on S side KY150corals, brachiopods,
Bardstown CourthouseNelsonKY11.5km S on S side of KY 150.Ordovician UpperRichmond [Arnheim through Whitewater]corals, bryozoa, brachiopods,
CamptownNelsonKY0.8km S on KY8Ordovician MiddleCynthiana Limestonebrachiopods, bryozoa, Merocrinus,
CamptownNelsonKYAt Junction of US 127 and 42 in road cuts W of Sugar Creek.Ordovician MiddleCynthiana LimestoneBrachiopods, bryozoa, Triarthus,
[?]NicholasKYin area RR cuts and other exposuresOrdovicianEdenTrinucleus, crinoids, Plectambonites, Dekayella, Ectenocrinus,
Point PleasantOhioKYOrdovicianPoint Pleasant|KopeGastropods;Trilobites-Flexicalymene,Isotelus,Acidaspis(rare);Brachiopods-Onniella,Zygospira;Echinoderms-Merocrinus,Cincinnaticrinus,Ectenocrinus;Bryozoa;Blastoid plates-Cheirocystis,
CrestwoodOldhamKYin road cuts around KY329/I71 junctionOrdovician-SilurianWhitewater|Brassfield|Laurelbrachiopods, bryozoa, corals, trilobites,
ButlerPendletonKYin area exposures of intermixed shales and limestonesOrdovicianEdenMerocrinus, Eridorthis, Sowerbyella, Leptobolus, Primitiella, Triarthus,
CarntownPendletonKY1 km S in roadcut on KY8Ordovicianbrachiopods, bryozoa, crinoids, trilobites,
CarntownPendletonKY1 km S on hillside S of KY8brachiopods, bryozoa, crinoids,
HazardPerryKYWest on KY80 in shalesPennsylvanianBreathittbrachiopods,nautiloids,gastropods,bivalves,stemless crinoids,sea-urchin spines,
HazardPerryKYN at Leslie Resources Cockerell Fork Mine on spoil pilesPennsylvanianBreathittplants - brachiopods-Lingula,
HazardPerryKYnear junction of KY15 and KY80 in road cuts in shale -- fossils may require stabilizing with a fixativePennsylvanianBreathittWell preserved plants-Calamites,Annularia,Lepidodendron,Stigmaria, etc,
Elkhorn CreekPikeKYIn black pyritic LimestonePennsylvanianAviculopecten,
PikevillePikeKYS in strip mine 2.4km S of Island Creek and about 500m SE of emergency airstripPennsylvanianKendrickgastropods-Shansiella,
[?]PowellKYIn area Limestone and shale outcropsSilurianWacoArachnophyllum, Favosites, Linstroemia, Heliolites,
Oldham CreekPowellKYSilurianOldhamStricklandinia,
Sloans ValleyPulaskiKYMississippianGlen DeanCrinoids - Zeacrinites,
MoreheadRowanKYIn nodules on area hillsides and creeksMississippianBordenAmmonites-Meunsteroceras,Mercanites ,vertebrate fragments,
Church RoadRussellKYin N part of County 1.2 km NW of US80 intersection in channel of Little Goose creek on McQuary tractProductus, Spirifer, Rhynchopora, Orthothetes,
Font Hill RoadRussellKY150 meters E of intersection W. US 80MississippianSt Louiscorals - Lithostrotion, brachiopods: Productus, echinoderm: Melonites,
BedfordTrimbleKYRoadcuts on US42 4km E of US241 -- Bellevue through SaludaOrdovicianBellevue|Mt Auburn|Sunset|Oregonia|Rowland|Marble Hill|Liberty|SaludaMany Cincinnatian outcrops have abundant, well preserved, fossilsBellevue-Mt Auburn (Shallow subtidal), Sunset (Deep subtidal), Oregonia (Shallow Subtidal),
SligoTrimbleKYon KY 157 near RR tracks in road cutOrdovicianCincinnatianbrachiopods, bryozoa, conodonts, gastropods, cephalopods,
[?]UnionKYin mines of Kentucky Coal and CurlewPennsylvanianDunbarella,
[?]WarrenKYin area quarriesMississippianGasper LimestoneBlastoids - Pentremites; Crinoids -Talarocrinus, Agassizocrinus, Bryozoa - Archimedes,
FredericktownWashingtonKYRoadcut on S side of US150 .8km W of Nelson|Washington County line 37d46m09sN 85d21m25sWOrdovicianBellevue|Tate|Gilbert|Mt Auburn Gm|Oregonia|Rowland|Whitewater|SaludaMany Cincinnatian outcrops have abundant, well preserved, fossilsBellevue=Calloway Creek(shallow subtidal), Tate(peritidal), Gilbert(lagoonal), Mt Auburn=Stingy Creek(lagoonal), Oregonia=Reba(shallow subtidal), Rowland(peritidal), Whitewater(shallow subtidal),Saluda(peritidal),
SpringfieldWashingtonKYat Nally-Gibson quarry (open Saturday AMs. Hardhat required)brachiopods,
DuckersWoodfordKYin RR Cut between Woodford and Spring StationOrdovicianPerryville Limestonesgastropods - Bellerophon, Lophospira,
MilnerWoodfordKY2 km S in road cut on Shyocks[?] Ferry RdOrdovician Middle?Milner is at 38.0337N, 84.8081W. Take it from there.38.0337N, 84.8081W approximate
Milner (Tyrone Quad)WoodfordKYin Meters Ordovician Lexington Limestone (type locality) 1.6km SOrdovician MiddleLexingtonStromatoporoids, brachiopods, bryozoa.,
BardstownBullittKY?Several km S of I64 on Rt150OrdovicianDrakediverse fossils ,
BardstownBullittKY?in area exposuresDevonianSellersburg Limestoneweathered out silicified fossils - corals, sponges ,
BardstownBullittKY?at Rt150 exit from I64 in LimestoneSilurianSellersburg Limestone|Laurel Dolomitetrilobites - Calymene,
TaylorsvilleSpencerKY?in exposures on Hwy 155OrdovicianGrant Lake|Drake[?]abundant brachiopods, corals, etc ,
TaylorsvilleSpencerKY?in exposures at dam spillwayOrdovicianabundant fossils ,
[?][?]LAIn NW corner of the state in occasional lignite outcropsPaleocene-EoceneWilcoxplants and leaves,
Little Bayou Sata[?][?]LAs10R1sr4w in stream bluffsPleistocene20 species of invertebrates - Plants --Pleistocene--Cincinnatia, Pomatiopsis, Helisoma, Physa, Lymnaea, Campeloma, Helicodiscus, Retinella, Hawaiia, Succinea, PisidiumCan't locate,
Bayou ManchacAscensionLAIn SW1/4 s15t8sr2e in shell marlPleistoceneCincinnati, Pomatiopsis, Physa, Helisoma, Ferrissia, Gyralus, Pisidium,
ArcadiaBienvilleLA5 km W in RR cutEocenemollusk casts,
CamptiBienvilleLA200 meters E of Campti-Sparta road on Lake Village - Vernon road in s31t14nr7w on shell strewn prairieOstrea,
GibbslandBienvilleLAat base of Mt LebanonEoceneClaiborne, Lowerfossils.,
GibbslandBienvilleLA4 km E in light brown clay in road cutEocenecasts, Leda, Venericardia, Dentalium, Echinoderms,
Liberty HillBienvilleLA15 km EEoceneClaibornetypical fossils,
Liberty HillBienvilleLA24 km EEoceneClaibornetypical fossils,
Liberty HillBienvilleLA5 km NE on the Ruston roadEoceneClaibornetypical fossils,
Liberty HillBienvilleLAIn area hillsidesEoceneClaibornetypical fossils,
Liberty HillBienvilleLA16 km SE at Rayburn's Salt Works s31t15nr5w in Limestone-gypsum bedsCretaceousExogyra, Gryphaea, Pecten, Inoceramus, Legumen, Linearia, Baculites,
AlbanyCaddoLAtoward Henderson's Mills in Limestone outcropsEoceneMidwayEnclimatoceras,
Bunker HillCaddoLAin 27m of clay in bluffVenericardia, Pinna,
ColumbiaCaldwellLAIn bluffs along Ouachita RiverEoceneJacksonZeuglodon bones, Cardium,
ColumbiaCaldwellLAIn RR cutsfossil leaves, lignite wood,
ColumbiaCaldwellLA2 km N in small branchZeuglodon, shells,
ColumbiaCaldwellLAat Gibson's Landing on Ouachita River in 2.5 meters of sandy clay 15 meters above RiverZeuglodon, shells,
Lone Grave BluffCaldwellLAin lignitic sandsplant fossils,
RosefieldCaldwellLA2 km S on Harrisonburg Road near the Danville Fork in concretions in yellow LimestoneOligoceneVicksburgDentalium, Ostrea, Pecten, Arca, Byssoarca, Pectunculus, Crassatella, Meretrix, Balanophyllia, Orbitoides, etc.,
RosefieldCaldwellLA4 km S near Sone's StoreOligoceneVicksburgDentalium, Ostrea, Pecten, Arca, Byssoarca, Pectunculus, Crassatella, Meretrix, Balanophyllia, Orbitoides, etc.,
RosefieldCaldwellLA5 km S along Shell creek in S35t11sr4eOligoceneVicksburgDentalium, Ostrea, Pecten, Arca, Byssoarca, Pectunculus, Crassatella, Meretrix, Balanophyllia, Orbitoides, etc.,
RosefieldCaldwellLAnear on prairie near Shell creek in S31t11nOligoceneVicksburgDentalium, Ostrea, Pecten, Arca, Byssoarca, Pectunculus, Crassatella, Meretrix, Balanophyllia, Orbitoides, etc.,
Cameron ParishCameronLAAbundant invertebrates along coast,
[?]CatahoulaLA100 meters below the Caldwell Parish line in 10 meters bluffEoceneabundant fossils.,
Bunker HillCatahoulaLA33 km below Columbiaabundant plant and animal fossils - Lepidocyclina, Pecten,
Danville LandingCatahoulaLA52 km below Columbus on Caldwell lineEoceneJacksonmollusks - Venericardia, Pitaria, Corbula, Turritella, Scalaria, Volutalithes, Dentalium, corals -Flabellum, Endopachys, shark teeth, otoliths, Bryozoa-Acanthionella, Holoporella, Otionella, Schizorthosecos, Adeonellopsis,
Grandview BluffCatahoulaLA32 km below Columbiaabundant plant and animal fossils - Lepidocyclina, Pecten,
RosefieldCatahoulaLAin marl in RR cut.OligoceneByramvaried bryozoan fauna.,
RosefieldCatahoulaLAin RR cutOligocenebryozoaOriginal said Kentucky. Louisiana seems more likely,
Wyant's[?] BluffCatahoulaLA7 km above DanvilleEoceneCasts and molds of fossils.Can't locate,
RosefieldCatahoula?LAin RR cut near cemetery in Sec 31T11R5E in coquina layermollusks - Conus, Scapharca, Glycymeris. Ostrea, Procardia, Macrocallista. corals -Archohelia, Balanophyllia, otoliths, shark teeth, bryozoa, Lepidocyclina,
Rosefield?Catahoula?LAin RR cutOligoceneByrambryozoaOriginal says 'Rosenfield',
[?]De SotoLAsw1/4 ne1/4 s13t10nr11w on local road off LA180Eocenepelecypods, gastropods,
MontgomeryGrantLAat Creole Bluff at Montgomery Landing on Red RiverEoceneMoody Branchabundant mollusks,
MontgomeryGrantLAOn Red River near Montgomery LandingEocenenumerous mollusks,
MontgomeryGrantLACoral Parasmilia,
Montgomery LandingGrantLAin bluffs along riverEoceneJacksonmany species of fossils.,
Montgomery LandingGrantLAW part of se1/4 s25t8nr5wEoceneJackson|Moody's Branchabundant Arca, Avicula, Bersonia[?], Callista, Capulus, Protocardium, Caricella, Cassidaria, Cassis, Clavilithes, Conus, Corbula, Crassatella, Cypraea, Dentalium, Fissurella, Fusus, Pseudoliva, Glycymeris, Harpa, Leda, Metula, Mitra, Natica, Nucula,OstreaNo citations found for 'Bersonia' 060519,
Montgomery LandingGrantLAAt Creole Bluff near the Red River SW of Montgomery.EoceneMoody's Branch50 Species of Eocene mollusks.,
Tannock's[?] PrairieGrantLAin Limestone concretionsOstrea, HamineaCan't locate Tannock's Prairie or Bens Creek which apparently lies to its North,
TullosGrantLA1.3 km N of RR station in fields and small washeswell preserved faunas,
TullosGrantLAin gray sandy clayZeuglodon bones,
Belle Isle--Myrtle BayouIberiaLA14 km up Atchafalaya River on E slope of Shaft Hill near old sand pitpoorly preserved Ostrea, Scapharca, Gnathodon, Dosinia, Cardium, Corbula, Mactra, Lucina, Venus, Semele, Fulgur,
Petite Anse IslandIberiaLAIn well shafts and mining excavationsPleistoceneMastodon, Mylodon, Equus.,
Grand IsleJeffersonLAAbundant invertebrates,
AdonisNatchitochesLAin calcareous concretions on top of RidgeEocenemollusks,
AjaxNatchitochesLA8 km S in fields near junction of LA404 and LA429 in septarian concretionsfossils,
Black LakeNatchitochesLAin small black land prairiesOstrea,
Black LakeNatchitochesLAkm N, 2 km W of Remy Creek S of the Saline-Weaver's Ferry RoadOstrea,
MarthavilleNatchitochesLAarea exposuresEoceneMarthavillecorals-Madracis,Haimesiastraea; bivalves, gastropods, ostracods.,
MarthavilleNatchitochesLA13 km E and in belt of abundantly fossiliferous exposures to about 8 km from Zwolle, Sabine ParishEoceneSabine|MarthavilleAnthozoa-Madracis, Haimesiastraea, pelecypods - Ostrea, Modiolus, Venericardia, Cardium, Pitaria, Tellina, Tritonidea, Buccinanops, Pseudoliva, Nassarius, Levifusus, Cornulina, Voluta, Hemisurcula, Pleurotomella, Ostracods,
MarthavilleNatchitochesLAarea exposuresEocenecorals, mollusks, ostracods,
MarthavilleNatchitochesLA75 meters E of RR depot on glauconitic, calcareous siltEocene?abundant Ostrea,
NatchitochesNatchitochesLAWest on I49EoceneClaiborne(Cane River)150 species of invertebrates and vertebrates plus many microfossil taxa,
ProvencalNatchitochesLA1 km W on N side of RR trackAbundant Ostrea,
Victoria MillsNatchitochesLAIn Limestone along hills in back of millsOstrea,
Rocks CreekNatchitoches?LAnw1/4 se1/4 s333t10nr10w claysEoceneMidway (Logansport)Pelecypods - Nucula, Yoldia, Pinna, Anomia, Modiolus, Venericardia, Lucina, Cardium, Tellina, Corbula, Martesia. Gastropods - Fissurella, Epitonium, Ampullina, Polynices, Sinum, Turritella, Calyptraphorus, Galeodea, Priscoficus, Mitrella, Levifusus'Polynices' is likely a misspelling of Polinices, the modern 'moon snail',
CatahoulaOuachitaLAIn hills N to Arkansas River and W to Red RiverPleistocenevertebrates,
CatahoulaOuachitaLAIn hills N to Arkansas River and W to Red RiverPectenites, Belemnites,
[?]SabineLAT8ns12rw in road cutEoceneAnomia,
[?]SabineLAT9nnw1/4 s1r12w in ravine in concretionsEoceneAnomia,
[?]SabineLAs24T10nr11w in SW corner on hilltopsEocenefossils,
[?]SabineLAne1/4 s2t9nr12w in lignitic outcropEoceneVenericardia, Yoldia, Volutalithes, Calyptraphorus, Levifusus,
Fort JessupSabineLAE along banks of Rocky CreekEoceneTurritella, Volulithes, fucoids,
Fort JessupSabineLA2 km E along banks of Rocky CreekEoceneTurritella, Volutilithes, fucoids,
La Nana BayouSabineLAat sec 29-30 line in dark micaceous clayEoceneTurritella, Volutilites, Pleurotoma, Astarte, Venericardia, Pseudoliva.,
ManySabineLA2.5 km SE in boulders near Tar RiverEoceneVenericardia,
Negreet P.O.SabineLAin lignitic strata in local streamsOstrea, Pecten, Cypraea, Turritella,
Negreet P.O.SabineLAon area hills in yellow limestonesOstrea, Pecten, Cypraea, Turritella,
Pleasant HillSabineLA4 km NE on road cut on W side of MI180 in large calcareous concretionsEocenefossils,
Rocky Spring ChurchSabineLAon Marthaville-Many Road ne1/4 s24t8nr11w in LimestoneCretaceousCardium, Ostrea,
Sabinetown BluffSabineLAin green-gray glauconiteNucula, Trinacria, Arca, Periploma, Venericardia, Phacoides, Bornia, Pitaria, Macrocallista, Spisula, Corbula, gastropods - Teinostoma, Skenea, Tuba, Melanella, Architectonica, Epitonium, Natica, Sinum, Bittium, Cerithiella, Scaphopods - Cadulus, Ostracod,
New Hope ChurchWinnLA1 km NW in ferruginous concretionTurritella,
SpartaWinnLA1 km S of Milepost 24 on Sparta-Montgomery road in ferruginous and limey concretionsAnomia, Plicatula, Pseudoliva, Ostrea,
St MauriceWinnLAin bluff along bayouEoceneClaiborne, Lowertypical fossils.,
[?][?]MANorth bank of Connecticut River opposite Mouth of Miller River, MATriassicNewark?,
[?]BerkshireMAFossils in (non?)-Taconic Lower Cambrian rocksCambrian Lowertrilobites? ,
CheshireBerkshireMAOlenellid trilobite fragments near Cheshire, MACambrianCheshireOlenellus,
North AdamsBerkshireMAfrom quartzite bed near base of FormationCambrianUnderhill?Olenellid trilobite fragmentsThis should be 'Cheshire Formation'?,
AttleboroBristolMAAt Hoppin Hill in forested area (part of exposure under water at reservoirCambrian Lowerhyolithids, a very few trilobites,
North AttleboroBristolMAA third Cambrian Lower Fauna is reported from Hoppin Hill in North Attleboro in Bristol County. I have seen a map that suggests that the Cambrian Lower rocks are relatively low on the hill.Cambrian LowerWeymouththe trilobites Serrodiscus, Hebediscus, Strenuella, and Olenellus (a non-Avalonian form) are reported,
SomersetBristolMAIn local shale exposurePennsylvanian?Plant fossils,
Elizabeth IslandsDukesMAA small Cretaceous exposure is reported in the Elizabeth Islands near Woods Hole, MA. It is not known if it is Potomac or Monmouth group or if fossils are found there.Cretaceous?,
Elizabeth IslandsDukesMATertiary fossils in sea cliffs.?,
Gay HeadDukesMAAt Gay Head, Martha's Vinyard, In cliffsMioceneCalvertShark Teeth,
Gay HeadDukesMAAt Gay Head, Martha's Vinyard, in clays along road to concession areaCretaceousMagothyconifer cones,
Gay HeadDukesMAAt Gay Head, Martha's Vinyard, In dark gray lignitic clay along beachCretaceousPotomac?,
Gay HeadDukesMAAt Gay Head, Martha's Vinyard, In cliffsCretaceousPotomaccones -Pityostrobus and Pseudoaraucaria,
Gay HeadDukesMAIn small exposure of coarse, shelly sand below location of 20th Century Coast Guard StationPleistocenemollusk shells,
Martha's VineyardDukesMAOn Martha's Vinyard at Squibnocket CliffsMioceneCalvertShark Teeth,
Martha's VineyardDukesMAIn cliffs at Gay HeadCretaceous?,
Nomans LandDukesMATertiary fossils in sea cliffs.?,
BoxfordEssexMADevonian fossils including brachiopods, mollusks and trilobites are reported from float material in gravel pits in the town of Boxford, Essex County.Devonianbrachiopods, mollusks and trilobites,
DanversEssexMAIn Purchase Street Clay Pit, see Liberty Street Brick Pit also in DanversRecentLeda Clay?,
DanversEssexMAThe Liberty Street Brick pit in Danvers, in Leda ClayRecentLeda Clayseveral genera of mollusks: Portlandia, Pandora, Modiolaria, Saxicava, Lyonsia, Mactra, Cylichna, Haminea, Schizoporella,
GeorgetownEssexMA25 species of fossils found by N.P.Cupples in Unmetamorphised rocks in the Georgetown area, in boulders in area gravel pitsOstracods, Brachiopods, pelecypods, Gastropods, Trilobites,
LynnfieldEssexMAIn Lynnfield Center in outcrops of quartzite, slate and LimestoneCambrian-DevonianAnnelids and fucoids,
NahantEssexMAAlong the causewayCambrian LowerWeymouth?,
NahantEssexMAIn the cliff at East Point. (One reference indicates Braintree Slate with Middle Cambrian Paradoxides - a trilobite) at this localityCambrian LowerWeymouth?,
NahantEssexMAOn Ocean side opposite Maolis Spring in LimestoneCambrian LowerWeymouth?,
NahantEssexMAOn the Lynn Harbor side of Bass Point below high tide level near the Causeway.Cambrian LowerWeymouth?,
NahantEssexMAon the North side of the bay at the Nahant peninsula where a small exposure of Cambrian Lower Shales and limestones tilted at about 30 degrees is found at the SouthEast tip of the Peninsula. As of late 1995, the site was owned by NorthEastern UniversityCambrian LowerWeymouthThis site is principally known for a variety of species of the conical fossil Hyolithes. Similar fossils have been reported from other sites in the area. Hyolithes,Stenotheca, Scenella, Orthotheca,
RowleyEssexMAEast of Clay Lane in Rowley on the West bank of Batchelder's Brook in chert.Devonian??Batchelder's Brook runs NS parallel to US1 N of MA131,
RowleyEssexMAAt Glen MillsSilurian-Devonianostracods Hermania,
RowleyEssexMAAt Smith HillSilurian-Devonianostracods Hermania,
RowleyEssexMAcan be found in red lakebed shales along Route 1A in Rowley North of the Hwy 133 junction.Silurian-Devonianostracods Hermania,
RowleyEssexMAIn open field to N of DPW GarageSilurian-Devonianostracods Hermania,
RowleyEssexMAnear Hunsley HillsSilurian-Devonianostracods Hermania,
RowleyEssexMAOn US1 on ledge between DPW garage and Leviton Lane on E side of road (probably no longer accessible)Silurian-Devonianostracods Hermania,
TopsfieldEssexMAbeside Rowley Bridge Street in quartzite chert Limestone beds (may be Cambrian Middle).Devonian?Annelid? microscopic mollusks, Sponge -- Ethmophyllum,
West NewburyEssexMAFragments of Hyolithes reported in red Limestone, slate, quartzite on E side of Archelaus HillCambrian??,
West NewburyEssexMAAt Archelaus Hill in West Newbury in red Limestone, slate and quartzite beds.Devonian??,
BernardstonFranklinMAAdjacent to Rt 5 N of BernardstonFossils,
GillFranklinMAPlants, Tracks at Lily Pond. Plants Pagiophyllum at Horse RunTriassic-JurassicNewark?,
GreenfieldFranklinMATriassic-JurassicNewarkPlants, Bones, Tracks,
Horse Race, Mintagne[?]FranklinMAAt one time Yale's Peabody museum published a list of localities open to collecting.Triassic-JurassicNewarkDinosaur Tracks AnchisauripusProbably a reference to Montague, Franklin County, MA,
Montague?FranklinMATriassic-JurassicNewarkPlants, TracksOriginal says 'Horse Race, Mintague' Montague is my best guess,
SunderlandFranklinMATriassic-JurassicNewarkPlants, Fish,
SunderlandFranklinMATriassicfish ,
Turners FallsFranklinMAnear ferryTriassic-JurassicNewarkPlants, Fish, Tracks,
Turners FallsFranklinMATriassicfish ,
Turners FallsFranklinMAIn sheer 60 meter cliff exposing a number of fossiliferous bedsTriassicfish, bones, etc,
Chicopee FallsHampdenMATriassic-JurassicNewarkFish, Tracks near Cabotville,
HolyokeHampdenMATracks along Connecticut RiverEubrontes, Grallator--Anchisauripus,
LongmeadowHampdenMATriassic-JurassicNewarkBones, Tracks,
Mt HolyokeHampdenMATriassic-JurassicNewarkPlants, Tracks,
Mt TomHampdenMATriassic-JurassicNewarkPlants, Triassic arthropods, Tracks,
SpringfieldHampdenMAat WaterworksTriassic-JurassicNewarkBones, tracks,
AmherstHampshireMAPratt Museum at Amherst College Hitchcock collection of Connecticut Valley dinosaur tracks. May be worlds largest collection of tracks.Triassic-JurassicNewark?,
GranbyHampshireMACommercial quarry and museum at Nash Dinoland. Claims 5000 tracks taken from small quarryTriassic-JurassicNewark?,
GranbyHampshireMAAt Nash DinolandTriassicabundant dinosaur footprints on display (some for sale),
HadleyHampshireMAThe Nash Dinosaur Museum at Hadley Massachusetts displays many footprints and tracks.Triassic-JurassicNewark?,
South HadleyHampshireMAPlants, Bones, Tracks at Moody's CornerTriassic-JurassicNewarkPlants, Tracks, Bones,
South HadleyHampshireMAIn shales below the Holyoke Dam on East BankTriassicplants,
South HadleyHampshireMAIn strip NE to and across the Connecticut riverdinosaur tracks,
BraintreeNorfolkMAAt Hayward's Quarry and nearby exposures--e.g. W side of East Howard St, Quincy, MA (no fossils), an abandoned RR cut at Webb Park (fossils rare at best), small exposure near 60 Allen St (no fossils), Old Quincy Reservoir (few or no fossils)Cambrian MiddleBraintreeAvalonian trilobites - Paradoxides, Dawsonites[?], Condylopyge, an unidentified Agnostid, Braintreella, Agraulos, KingaspisHayward Quarry is part the Fore River shipyard since WW-II. Shipyard decommissioned around 2000, but quarry access still reported restricted. Dawsonites is early Agnathan fish? misspelling?42d14.35mN, 70d58.67mW +- 2km estimated
BraintreeNorfolkMAIn the cliff at East Point, Nahant (probably incorrect)Cambrian MiddleBraintreeParadoxidesSeems to be a juxtaposition of two Cambrian localities near Boston,
BraintreeNorfolkMAat Mill CoveCambrian MiddleBraintreeParadoxides,
BraintreeNorfolkMAAt Mill CoveCambrian MiddleBraintreeParadoxides,
BraintreeNorfolkMAon Manatiquot BrookCambrian MiddleBraintreeParadoxides,
BraintreeNorfolkMAOn Manatiquot BrookCambrian MiddleBraintreeParadoxides,
BraintreeNorfolkMAQuincy Dump South of Telephone Pole #10.(People who have checked out this report say 'not likely')Cambrian MiddleBraintreeParadoxides,
BraintreeNorfolkMASouth of old quarry in glacially transported bouldersCambrian MiddleBraintreeParadoxides,
BraintreeNorfolkMAValley of Hayward CreekCambrian MiddleBraintreeParadoxides,
BraintreeNorfolkMAValley of Ruggles CreekCambrian MiddleBraintreeParadoxides,
BraintreeNorfolkMAOn the shore of the Fore River (This is the shipyardCambrian MiddleBraintreeParadoxides site?),
HinghamNorfolkMAAt Hewitts CoveCambrian LowerWeymouthEdiacaran fossils, small shelly fossils,
PlainvilleNorfolkMAAt Masslite quarry -- accessible only when quarry not operating (Sundays)PennsylvanianSeveral dozen plant taxa, amphibian tracks, invertebrate tracks,
WeymouthNorfolkMAA second locality is found on the South shore of Boston Bay at Weymouth on the North Shore of Mill Cove, South of Highway 3A.Cambrian LowerWeymouthnearly 40 taxa of Lower Cambrian fossils including the trilobites Callavia and Strenuella are known from this locality,
WeymouthNorfolkMAAt Mill Cove and along Pearl St to and beyond North St in calcareous purple slatesCambrian LowerObolella, Strenuella, Holmia, Weymouthia, hyolithids, Callavia,42d14.24mN, 70d56.92mW estimated
HullPlymouthMAPetrified Forest sold to developer by town?,
Marshfield HillsPlymouthMAEocene and Cretaceous outcrops at third cliff. Fossils, if any, unknownCretaceousPotomac?,
PetershamWorcesterMAToms SwampHolocene (11500 BP)Plant fossils,
WorcesterWorcesterMAAt lost location - 'The Coal Mine'PennsylvanianWorcester Slateplants,
Black Island-MBIn Limestone beds in cliffs at North end. Possibly also exposed in abandoned quarries in the areaOrdovicianmicrofossils, small fossils.,
Black Island-MBIn two abandoned quarriesOrdovicianWorm burrows weathering out.,
Clearwater Lake-MBon S shore at 'The Caves' Nature TrailSilurianEast Armfossils,
Dawson Bay-MBLake Winnipegosis off Pelican Rapids Rd 11 km W of Pelican Rapids in road cutsDevonianSouris RiverBrachiopods,
Garson-MBin 'Tyndall Stone' quarriesOrdovicianRed RiverAbundant Ordovician Fossils, brachiopods, mollusks, trilobites, etc,
Garson-MBin Quarry of Hwy 44 near townOrdovicianRed Rivercorals, gastropods, Receptaculites, trilobites,
Garson--Lockport-MBOrdovicianGastropods - Maclurites,
Grand Rapids-MBN or Grand Rapids off Hwy 6 in abandoned channelSilurianInterlakeStromatolites,
Grass River Provincial Park-MBOn Hwy 39 2 km E of Tramping Lake just E of park between The Pas and ThompsonOrdovicianRed Riverfossils,
Inwood-MBN on Hwy 17SilurianInterlake Groupfossils,
Lake Winnipeg-MBin area exposuresOrdovicianAlgae,
Lake Winnipegosis-MBSilurianClear LakeTrilobites,
Lundar-MBin dolomite outcropsSilurianCedar Lakefossils,
Lundar-MB20 km NW, E of Lake Manitoba at Lily Bay Quarry. On E side of Hwy 418 in limestones and shales.DevonianElm Point|Ashernfossils,
Miami-MB15 km SW off Hwy 338 near Morden.Cretaceous UpperVermillion Rivermosasaurs, plesiosaurs,
Miami-MB5 km SW off Hwy 338.Cretaceous UpperVermillion Rivermosasaurs, plesiosaurs,
Red River Bridge Park-MBIn road cut on Hwy 10 8 km N of Pelican Rapids Road.DevonianDawson Bayfossils,
Stonewall-MBon NE corner of junction of Hwy67 and Hwy236. (Entrance Fee)OrdovicianStony Mountainfossils,
Stony Mountain-MBOrdovicianfossils,
Stony Mtn-MBQuarry NE of townOrdovicianStony Mountainbrachiopods and corals,
The Narrows (Lake Manitoba)-MBoff Hwy 68 in quarry and roadside exposures.Devonian UpperDawson Bayfossils,
Wawanesa-MBN of Hwy2 in concretions in bank of River.Cretaceous UpperMillwood Shalepelecypods, ammonites?,
Winnipegosis-MBS of town on Hwy20 in quarry and roadside ditch.Devonian UpperSouris Riverfossils,
Winnipegosis-MB10 km SE off Hwy 269. at Paradise Beach on Lake Winnipegosis in beach, shore, quarry exposuresDevonianVermillion RiverBrachiopods, corals, stromatolites,
[?][?]MDCalvert Cliffs 570m N of Harper's Creek, 1.5 km S of Western Shore; S end of Cliffs S of Long Pond; S end of cliffs S of Flag PondsMioceneChoptankLyropecten and other Pecten, Balanus, many genera of bivalves, gastropods, sharks teeth including Carcharodon.,
in cliffs on SW bank of Patuxent River[?]MDMioceneChoptank?,
Rocky Ridge[?]MDAt Buck Forest FarmTriassicNewarkReptile tracks,
CorriganvilleAlleganyMD1 km W in Road cutsDevonianRomneySpirifer, Tropidoleptus, Stropheodonta, Chonetes, Spirifer, Ambocoelia, Nucula, Leda, Pleurotomaria, crinoid fragments,
CumberlandAlleganyMD5 km NE on the National Road below Wolfe Mill along the E bank of Evitts CreekDevonian MiddleHamiltonStereolasma, Amplexus, Cystiphyllum, Rhopalonaria, Linguella, Lingula, Orthiculoidea[?], Craniella, Stropheodonta, Chonetes, Rhipidomella, Leiorhynchus, Spirifer, Ambocoelia and many other generaNo citations for 'Orthiculoidea' Culoidea are pelecypods. May be a misspelling of Orbiculoidea, a brachiopod,
CumberlandAlleganyMDAt Rose Hill SW from Wills Creek parallel to Wills MountainSilurianNiagran32 species of other fauna plus 26 Ostracod species -- Coelospira, Camarotoechia, Chonetes, Tentaculites, Orthoceras, Calymene, Liocalymene[?]Original is 'Ciocalymmene', assume 'Liocalymene',
CumberlandAlleganyMD4 km E on Williams RdDevonian LowerOriskanyabundant fossils,
CumberlandAlleganyMDin Devonian Lower Oriskany sandstone in Western MD RR cut at the S end of Collier Mtn 100 Meters N of Potomac R and 300 Meters East of Spring Gap P.O.Devonian LowerOriskanyLarge brachiopods and gastropods. Rensselaeria, Costispirifer, Platyceras (a gastropod),
CumberlandAlleganyMD5.5 km SE on Williams RdDevonianRomneyLinguella, Pholidops, Stropheodonta, Schuchertella, Chonetes, Rhipidomella, Camarotoechia, Spirifer and many others,
CumberlandAlleganyMDSE near city limits in shalesabundant fossils Tropidoleptus, Spirifer, Paleoneilo, Rhipidomella,
Cumberland CaveAlleganyMDCited as major site for Rancho LaBrean faunaPleistoceneMammal Bones,
FrostburgAlleganyMDGeorges Creek BasinPlant fossils,
GilpinAlleganyMDon National road 200 meters W of Town Creek BridgeDevonian Middlefossils,
GilpinAlleganyMD5 km SW in roadside black shalesDevonian Middlefossils - Chonetes, Spirifer, Nucula, Pterinea, Nassa, Pleurotomaria, Cyclonema, Homalonotus39.6968N, 78.5567W
OldtownAlleganyMDN of the Potomac W of the mouth of South BranchDevonian LowerOriskanyabundant fossilsThe Oriskany formation is Devonian?,
OldtownAlleganyMD6.5 km N on road E of Pine HillDevonian Middle?,
Queen CityAlleganyMD400 meters E of hotel on Williams RoadLingula, Stropheodonta, Schuchertella, Chonetes, Productella, Spirifer, Nucula, Aviculopecten, Bellerophon, many other taxa,
WesternportAlleganyMD3 km SE at mouth of Stony Run below WV, Central RRMississippianGreenbriarAbundant Fossils,
Wills CreekAlleganyMDE at Devil's Backbone in RR cutsStromatopora beds,
ArlingtonAnne ArundelMDarea exposuresCretaceous LowerArundelBythinia, Vivaparus, Cyrena,
ArlingtonAnne ArundelMDArlington in area exposuresCretaceous LowerArundelBythinia, Vivaparus, Cyrena,
ArlingtonAnne ArundelMDCretaceousPotomacCasts of Bythinia, Vivaparus, Cyrena in the Arundel near Arlington, Maryland,
ArlingtonAnne ArundelMDCretaceousPotomacCasts of Bythinia, Vivaparus, Cyrena in the Arundel near Arlington, Maryland,
Ft FooteAnne ArundelMDCretaceousPatapscoAraucarites cones and scales,
Ft FooteAnne ArundelMDAuricaria cones and twigs in the Potapsco near Ft Foote, MDCretaceousPotomacAuricaria,
JessupAnne ArundelMDUS1 in MDMesozoicDinosaur bones, footprints -- Dryptosaurus, Coelurus, Astrodon,
Mouth of Magothy RiverAnne ArundelMDEocene?Aquia?,
BaltimoreBaltimoreMDPetrified cycads in the Patuxent at Schoolhouse Hill near Baltimore, MDCretaceousPotomaccycads,
Schoolhouse HillBaltimoreMDIn trench in sandstoneCretaceousPatapscoSilicified Cycadeoida,
Schoolhouse HillBaltimoreMDUS1 in MDMesozoicDinosaur bones, footprints -- Dryptosaurus, Coelurus, Astrodon,
Schoolhouse HillBaltimoreMDalong US1dinosaur bones,
[?]CalvertMDAt Matoaka CottagesMioceneCalvertinvertebrates,shark teeth,marine mammal bones and teeth,
Breezy PointCalvertMDPrivately owned for fee collectingMioceneCalvert?,
Breezy PointCalvertMDalong beach. Fee for use. Closed in WinterMioceneCalvertshark teeth,
Brownies BeachCalvertMDExposure of Langhian to Serravallian Calvert Fm., Plum Point Member.MioceneCalvertFossils include shark + ray teeth, crocodile teeth, cetacean remains, mammal remains, shells.,
Calvert BeachCalvertMDat Matoaka cottage, feeMioceneChoptankabundant invertebrates, some shark teeth and vertebrates,
Calvert BeachCalvertMDMioceneGastropod Cancellaria,
Calvert CliffsCalvertMDcontinuous exposure from Chesapeake Beach to 3 km S of Governor's RunMioceneCalvertCarcharias, Oliva, Ecphora, Fulgur, Surcula, Columbella, Turritella, Mangilia, Mactra, Arca, Isocardia, Spisula, Asaphis, Chione, Pecten, Venericardia, Scutella, Astrangia,
Calvert CliffsCalvertMDPublic Access points as of 2003, Brownies Beach, Breezy Beach, Flag Ponds Nature area, Calvert Cliffs State Park, Matoaka BeachMioceneCalvert|Choptank|St MarysShells, corals, mammal bones, shark teeth,
Calvert CliffsCalvertMDfrom Parker Creek nearly to Long Pond in two fossiliferous zonesMioceneChoptankEcphora, Turritella, Panopea, Corbula, Metis, Macrocallista, Venus, Dosinia, Isocardia, Cardium, Crassatellites, Astarte, Pecten, Melina, Arca,
Calvert Cliffs State ParkCalvertMDCollecting of float material permitted. A substantial walk from the parking area to the beach. Well picked over in the Summer.MioceneCalvertA variety of fossils.,
Calvert Cliffs State ParkCalvertMDCollecting of float material permitted. A substantial walk from the parking area to the beach. Well picked over in the Summer.MioceneChoptankA variety of fossils. Worm tubes; Corals - Astrhelia, Septastrea; Gastropods:Crucibulum, Calliostoma. Ecphora, Busycon, Mytilus, Chesapecten, Ostrea. Arthropods - Balanus. Echinoderms: Abertella, Echinocardium;Vertebrates: Carcharodon,
Calvert Cliffs State ParkCalvertMDCollecting of float material permitted. A substantial walk from the parking area to the beach. Well picked over in the Summer.MioceneSt MarysA variety of fossils. Mollusks - Dentalium, Turritella, Epitonium, Busycon, Urosalpinx, Vertebrates - Odontapsis, turtle bones,
Chesapeake BeachCalvertMDMioceneCalvertSharks Teeth,
Chesapeake BeachCalvertMDAt Bay Front Park in float on beach as well as in bone bed outcrops in cliffs -- exposures of basal Calvert FormationMioceneCalvertsmall shark teeth, mammal bones and teeth,
Cove PointCalvertMDPleistoceneTalbotplant fossils,
Flag Pond Nature ParkCalvertMDFee for useMioceneChoptankinvertebrates, Shark Teeth,
Governors RunCalvertMDoff MD4MioceneChoptank?,
Little Cove PtCalvertMDMioceneSt Marys?,
Long BeachCalvertMD3.2km SMioceneChoptank?,
Plum PointCalvertMDExposure of Serravallian Calvert Fm., Plum Point Member. Private access.MioceneCalvertFossils include shark + ray teeth, crocodile teeth, cetacean +mammal remains, shells.,
Plum PointCalvertMDMioceneCalvertSharks Teeth,
Plum PtCalvertMDMiocenepelecypod Corbula,
Point of RocksCalvertMD2 km NMioceneCalvert?,
Randle CliffCalvertMDExposure of Langhian to Serravallian Calvert Fm., Plum Point Member.MioceneCalvertFossils include shark + ray teeth, crocodile teeth, cetacean remains, mammal remains, shells.,
Scientist CliffsCalvertMDMioceneCalvertArthropods, Balanus,
St LeonardCalvertMDalong beachMioceneCalvert|Choptank|St Marysvertebrates, shells,
St Mary'sCalvertMDMioceneSt MarysMollusks -Chione,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalCecilMDLower slope of Maintenance road E of RR bridgeCretaceous UpperMarshalltownAmmonites, gastropods, bivalves,
Chesapeake and Delaware CanalCecilMDPit E of RR bridgeCretaceous UpperMarshalltownAmmonites, gastropods, bivalves,
Lower Bohemia CreekCecilMDalong banksCretaceous UpperNavesinkExogyra, Gryphaea, Idonearca, Cardium,
Sassafras RiverCecilMDIn stream channels on Eastern ShoreEoceneAquia?,
[?]CharlesMDThanetian exposures of the Aquia Formation, Piscataway Member along the Potomac RiverPaleoceneAquiaFossils include, Late Paleocene shark, ray, fish + crocodile teeth,
Blue BanksCharlesMDPaleoceneAquia?,
Blue BanksCharlesMDEoceneNanjemoy?,
Blue Banks and Clifton BeachCharlesMDEoceneNanjemoy?,
Clifton and Pope's CreekCharlesMDExposures of Ypresian Nanjemoy Fm., Woodstock and Potapaco Members.EoceneNanjemoyFossils include shark & ray teeth predominantly.,
Clifton BeachCharlesMDEoceneAquiaTrionyx,
Clifton BeachCharlesMDabout 1 km N on Potomac RiverPaleoceneAquiaThecachampsa, Euclastes, Xiphias,
Clifton BeachCharlesMD1.1 km aboveEoceneNanjemoy?Turritella, Meretrix,
Clifton Beach PointCharlesMDEoceneNanjemoy?,
Cove PointCharlesMDMioceneSt Marys|Choptankmarine vertebrate remains,
Cove PointCharlesMDPleistoceneTalbotfossil leaves,
Goose BayCharlesMDexposures along shore especially at Douglas PtEoceneabundant fossils,
HughesvilleCharlesMD4 km E and 21 km E of La Plata on side road 1.5 km E of intersection of Aquasco Rd and Hughesville-Benedict Road in small stream valleyMioceneVenus, Turritella, Astarte, Cytherea, Ecphora, Crassatellites, Chione, Pecten, etc.,
La PlataCharlesMD9 km SSW at Chapel PointEoceneNanjemoy?Corbula, Venericardia, Crassatellites, Ostrea,
La PlataCharlesMD2 km S in stream bed to W of La Plata-Rock Point RoadEoceneNanjemoy?fossil casts,
La PlataCharlesMD5 km WSW in bed of Hoghole RunEoceneNanjemoy?fossil casts of Corbula and Fusus as well as a few Venericardia,
La PlataCharlesMD5 km WNW in bed of second stream W and N of Port Tobacco Bridge on old La Plata-Indian Head roadEoceneNanjemoy?fossil casts of Lucina, Meretrix, Corbula, Venericardia,
LiverpoolCharlesMD1 km S of wharfMeretrix, Ostrea,
LiverpoolCharlesMD4 km S of wharf tightly packed fossilsOstrea, Isocardia?, Dosiniopsis, Crassatellites, Turritella, Venericardia,
LiverpoolCharlesMDShark Teeth-Otodus, Crocodile teeth,
Liverpool PointCharlesMDPaleoceneAquia?,
Liverpool PointCharlesMDEoceneNanjemoy?,
Liverpool PointCharlesMDPaleoceneShells, Shark Teeth,
Liverpool PtCharlesMDPaleoceneAquia?,
Mason SpringsCharlesMD2 km NW in RR cutEoceneNanjemoy?abundant fossils: Turritella, Crassatellites, Ostrea,
Mattawoman SwampCharlesMDPaleocene?Aquiamollusks Cucullaea,
Popes CreekCharlesMDCliffs on the Potomac River near this tiny town expose the Lower member of the Miocene age Calvert Formation which was once mined for diatomaceous earth. However, the fossils found here are apparently Eocene Upper sharks teeth found eroded out along the sEoceneNanjemoyFossils are not very common but include many rather unusual species such as Squalus, Ginglymostoma and Paleocharcharodon as well as the more common Myliobatis, Otodus and Odontapsis.,
Potomac RiverCharlesMDNorth of Popes Creek from 3 km to 8 kmEoceneNanjemoy?Corbula, Venericardia, Crassatellites, Ostrea,
Purse State ParkCharlesMDPaleoceneAquia?,
Cambridge BeachDorchesterMDMioceneChoptank?,
EmmitsburgFrederickMDEmmitsburg QuarryTriassicdinosaur tracksNo tracks have been found at this site for many decades,
FrederickFrederickMDin area stone fencesOrdovicianChazyStrophomena, Reteocrinus, Acidaspis, Cameroceras, Isotelus,
FrederickFrederickMDin Devonian Middle Marcellus shale in abandoned slate quarry at junction of MD56 and McCay Ferry Rd near Big Pool.Devonian MiddleMarcellusArticulate brachiopods, bivalves, crinoids.,
MiddletownFrederickMDin gravel pit on MD896PleistoceneColumbia Groupplant fossils,
MiddletownFrederickMDS in state sand and gravel pitleaves,
ChestertownKentMDIn stream channels on Eastern ShoreEoceneAquia?,
ChestertownKentMD4 km below at Wilson WharfEoceneAquiaDosiniopsis, Venericardia, Terebratula, Cucullaea,
ChestertownKentMDexposures along Chester RiverEoceneAquiaDosiniopsis, Venericardia, Terebratula, Cucullaea,
GeorgetownKentMDoutcrops along Sassafras RiverEoceneAquiaDosiniopsis, Venericardia, Terebratula, Cucullaea,
Melitota-FairleeKentMDin escarpment between Talbot and Wicomico formations in headwaters of small streamCretaceousMonmouthCucullaea, Cardium. Exogyra, Gryphaea, Belemnitella,
Worton Bay ShoreKentMDCretaceousRaritanPlant fossils,
Worton Bay ShoreKentMDIn bluff above Cretaceous Raritan FormationPleistocenetypical faunas,
BeltsvillePrince GeorgesMDIn Quarry of Maryland Clay Products CoCretaceousPotomaca few dinosaur teeth and bones,
BeltsvillePrince GeorgesMDdinosaur bones,
BladensburgPrince GeorgesMDIn area exposuresCretaceousArundeldinosaurs -- Astrodon,
BladensburgPrince GeorgesMDUS1 in MDMesozoicDinosaur bones, footprints -- Dryptosaurus, Coelurus, Astrodon,
BowiePrince GeorgesMDUMSTC Site, Belair road, Exposure of Maastrichtian Severn Fm.CretaceousSevernFossils include shark and ray fauna, mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, corals,
BranchvillePrince GeorgesMDCretaceous LowerArundelcrocodile - Goniopholis,
BrightseatPrince GeorgesMDCretaceousfish and reptiles,
ConteePrince GeorgesMDIn area exposuresdinosaurs - PriconodonContee is at 39.0790N, 76.8655W near the junction of Contee Rd and US1 a few km NE of Beltsville39.0790N, 76.8655W approximate
Fort WashingtonPrince GeorgesMDin excavation E of wharfCretaceousMatawan micaceous sandsCyprimeria, Crassatella, Cucullaea,
MuirkirkPrince GeorgesMDIn area exposuresCretaceous LowerArundelAllosaurus, Coelurus,
MuirkirkPrince GeorgesMDUS1 in MDMesozoicDinosaur bones, footprints -- Dryptosaurus, Coelurus, Astrodon,
MuirkirkPrince GeorgesMDdinosaur bones,
Earle CoveQueen AnnesMDjust below the cove on the Corsica RiverMioceneCalvertTypical fossils,
Wicomico PlainQueen AnnesMDheadwaters of all streamsMioceneCalverttypical fossils,
Cedar PointSt Mary'sMDat 8.3 km SOstrea, Arca, Venus, Mya, Barnea, Crepidula, Polynices, Fulgur'Polynices' is likely a misspelling of Polinices, the modern 'moon snail',
Cedar PointSt Mary'sMDat Cornfield HarborOstrea, Arca, Venus, Mya, Barnea, Crepidula, Polynices, Fulgur'Polynices' is likely a misspelling of Polinices, the modern 'moon snail',
Drum CliffSt Mary'sMDMioceneCalvert?,
Drum CliffSt Mary'sMDacross from Boone's IslandMioceneChoptank?,
Drum CliffSt Mary'sMDnear Jones Wharf in very fossiliferous bedsMioceneBalanus, Panope, Phacoides, Cardium, Pecten. Ostrea,
HollywoodSt Mary'sMDS Between Cole Creek and St Thomas CreekMioceneChoptank?,
HollywoodSt Mary'sMDS to St Jerome CreekMioceneSt MarysFossils,
HollywoodSt Mary'sMD5 km S between Cole Creek and St Thomas CreekMiocene?,
Jones WharfSt Mary'sMDon Patuxent RiverMioceneChoptank?,
Jones WharfSt Mary'sMDOpposite Boone IsMioceneChoptank?,
Jones WharfSt Mary'sMDsee Drum Cliff (same locality)MioceneChoptank?,
St Marys CitySt Mary'sMDMiocene-PleistoceneMiocene invertebrates and Pleistocene vertebrates,
St Marys State ParkSt Mary'sMDMioceneSt Marys?,
Wailes BluffSt Mary'sMDPleistoceneTalbotIlynassa, Eupleura, Polynices, Fulgur, Corbula, Tagelus, Rangia, Arca, Mya, Barnea, Ostrea, Mastodon teeth, Mammut teethPolynices' is likely a misspelling of Polinices, the modern 'moon snail'38.06556, -76.36528
Dover BridgeTalbotMD3 km SE type section of Choptank FormationMioceneChoptank?,
Dover BridgeTalbotMDat MD331 bridge over Choptank River 3 km S in Miocene Choptank Formation (Type locality)MioceneChoptank?,
EastonTalbotMDAcross Choptank River from Frazier's Neck 7 km S of Easton, Talbot County?,
Antietam StationWashingtonMD2 km SCambrianCryptozoon,
Cacapon MountainWashingtonMDW of Hancock 34 speciesSilurianRabble Run SandstoneReticularia, Leptaena, Stropheodonta, Whitfieldia.,
Clear SpringWashingtonMD2 km SCambrianConococheagueCryptozoon,
Eakles MillsWashingtonMD2 km S of Smithsburg at Mouth of Little Antietam CreekOrdovicianAntietam SandstoneObolella,
Fort FrederickWashingtonMDin road cut on MD56 near Fort Frederick State Parkplants, brachiopods, crinoids,
FrederickWashingtonMDnear Big Pool in slate quarry at junction ofMD56 and McCay RdDevonianbrachiopods, mollusks, crinoids,
FunkstownWashingtonMD4 km SE 2 km S of Pleasant Hill SchoolCambrianConococheagueCryptozoon,
HagerstownWashingtonMDarea exposuresOrdovicianBeekmantownCryptozoon, Rhabdaria[?]No citations for a bryozoan Rhabdaria fragilis Billings or anything similar 051122. The Beekmantown is Lower Ordovician in modern terminology,
HagerstownWashingtonMDin Onyx CavePleistoceneBat teeth,
HagerstownWashingtonMDE edge of town in old brickyardTetradium,
HancockWashingtonMDNE, 62 speciesSilurianRochesterDalmanites, Homalonotus, Pholidops, Rhipidomella, Stropheodonta, Camarotoechia, Atrypa, Spirifer, Trematospira, Pterinea, Bucanella, Tentaculites,
HancockWashingtonMDroadcuts to E in shalesDevonianabundant brachiopods, crinoids, trilobites,
KeyserWashingtonMD1 km S of 21st St bridge 30 meters above the River on E sideDevonian MiddleRomneyPholidops, Dalmanella, Goniophora, Panenka, Agoniates, Phacops,
KeyserWashingtonMD2 km E of 21st St bridge in three RR cutsDevonian MiddleRomneyPholidops, Dalmanella, Goniophora, Panenka, Agoniates, Phacops,
LegoreWashingtonMDin Limestone quarriesOrdovicianBeekmantownCyrtocerina, Camarotoechia,
ParkheadWashingtonMDIn Sandstone 11 km E of HancockDevonian UpperParkheadTropidoleptus, Camarotoechia, Spirifer, RhipidomellaUSGS puts Park Head on Potomac near 39.6652N, 78.0650W, SW of Pecktonville, MD39.6652N, 78.0650W approximate
Rickard MountainWashingtonMDW slope in sandy debrisOrdovicianMerocrinus, Bythopora,
Tonoloway RidgeWashingtonMDW of Hancock in limestones and calcareous shaleSilurianHindella, Rhynchospira, Stenoscisma, Camarotoechia, Spirifer, Schuchertella, Hormotoma,
WilliamsburgWashingtonMDIn area exposuresOrdovicianMartinsburgCorynoides, Climacograptus,
[?][?]MEDevonianChapman Sandstone|Moose River LimestoneOrthoceras, other fossils,
[?][?]MEOrdovicianShin BrookBrachiopod-Famatinorthis,
[?][?]MEWhittington and CampbellSilurianSilicified trilobites,
Coastal Maine[?]MEGravel pits in Coastal MainePleistocenePresumpscot Claycrabs, starfish, sand dollars, gastropods.,
NE Maine[?]MEOrdovicianBrachiopods,
Western Maine[?]MEBeck Pond area? in limestonesDevonianBeck Pondbryozoan-Habrostroma[?]Beck Pond is in Somerset County near 45.3728N, 70.3401W45.3728N, 70.3401W approximate
MapletonAroostookMEDevonianTrout ValleyPlant Fossils,
MapletonAroostookMEOrdovician graptolites are found in Ordovician shales 1 km East of a sharp turn on the Mapleton-Ashland Road at the foot of Pyle Mountain.OrdovicianGraptolites -Dicranograptus, Orthograptus, Climacograptus, Diplograptus, Brachiopod - Leptobolus,
MapletonAroostookMESilurian brachiopods are found in 'a nearby conglomerate'. East of a sharp turn on the Mapleton-Ashland Road at the foot of Pyle Mountain.SilurianBrachiopods -Atrypa, Strophomena, Conchidium, Stropheodonta, Eatonia, Sowerbyella, Eospirifer, Hyatella, Nucleospira, Pentamerus, Lichas, Dalmanites, Paleocyclus,
Square LakeAroostookMESE of Fort Kent in T16R5 in Limestone Ridge2 species of corals, 6 species of brachiopods, crinoids,
Weeksboro-LunksoosAroostookMEfairly abundant fossils in area outcropsSiluriantrilobites,graptolites,brachiopods,
Fox IslandsKnoxMEin strip between pulpit Harbor to Southern HarborSiluriandiverse species,
Owls HeadKnoxMEalong seashoreCenozoicFossil shells,
RocklandKnoxMEalong seashoreCenozoicFossil shells,
ThomastonKnoxMEin area Limestone quarriesAvalonian fossils,
VinalhavenKnoxMESilurianAmes Knobfossils,
Penobscot RiverPenobscotMEtrace FossilsOldhamia,
Allagash Wilderness WaterwayPiscataquisMERound Pond Collecting prohibitedDevonianSeboomook Slatebrachiopods, Gastropods,
Allagash Wilderness WaterwayPiscataquisMETelos Lake Collecting prohibitedDevonianSeboomook Slatebrachiopods, Gastropods,
Allagash Wilderness WaterwayPiscataquisMESmith Brook Collecting prohibitedcorals,
Allagash Wilderness WaterwayPiscataquisMEChamberlin Lake Collecting prohibitedcorals, Bryozoa, Stromatoporoids,
Baxter State ParkPiscataquisMEIn NE corner of park in coarse siltstone matrixDevonianTrout ValleyBivalves-Phthonia;brachiopods-Tropidoleptus,Mucrospirifer,Nucleospira,
Baxter State ParkPiscataquisMEin lakebed, volcanic ash depositsDevonianTrout ValleyPertica quadrifaria an unusual plant fossil and other fossils. Devonian plants reported from unknown location in ME,
Lobster LakePiscataquisMEIn shallow water marine sediments near top of complex sedimentary/volcanic sequenceOrdovicianprofuse fossils,
JackmanSomersetMEAt Loon Echo Campground in area exposuresfossils,
Misery RidgeSomersetMEOn East side of Brassua Lake East of and parallel to ME6-15. Gray sandstonesDevonian Lowerbrachiopods at the base of beds.This would probably be within a kilometer or so of 45.6496N, 69.8019W45.6496N, 69.8019W Approximate
RockwoodSomersetMEalong Moosehead Lake in sandstones and limestonesDevonianTarrantineBrachiopods, some trilobites,
RockwoodSomersetMEIn area road and RR cutspockets of abundant fossils,
LincolnvilleWaldoMEalong seashoreCenozoicFossil shells,
EastportWashingtonMENear Great PondDevonianTrout ValleyPlant Fossils.,
SacoYorkMEin float on beachHoloceneLeda Clayfossils ,
Big Hill[?] (Homkion[?] Hill)[?]MIIn s11t39nr22wOrdovicianBig Hill[Richmond]abundant fossils, mostly corals (9 taxa) and bryozoa,
Michigan[?]MIAt least three, perhaps five sets of whale bones from scattered locations. Several have been dated and seem anomalously young - a few hundred or few thousand years. May be trade artifacts rather than fossils.Pleistocenewhale bones,
Northern Peninsula[?]MISiluriancoral - Halysites,
NW Michigan[?]MILake shores near Petoskey, Atwood, Norwood,MI , silicified fossil corals ('Hexagonaria'-Billingsastrea) known as Petoskey stones from the Devonian Onondaga equivalent , the Bois Blanc Formation.Devoniancorals,
Southern Michigan[?]MIFossils in Pleistocene glacial deposits.PleistoceneA variety of Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian and Mississippian fossils -- often water worn.,
Au Train FallsAlgerMIOrdovicianAu Train [Black River]?,
Miners CastleAlgerMIOrdovicianAu Train [Black River]a few cephalopods and gastropods (1 species of each).,
Pictured RocksAlgerMIat top of cliffsOrdovicianAu Train [Black River]?,
TrenaryAlgerMIS in road and RR cutsOrdovicianBony Falls (Black River)mollusks, brachiopods, trilobites, ostracods,
Lake AlleganAlleganMIIn nodules of yellowMississippianMarshall Sandstonebrachiopods, corals, gastropods,
AlpenaAlpenaMIIn Michigan Alkali Company QuarryDevonianAlpena LimestoneCephalopods - Nephriticerina, Acleistoceras, Alpenoceras,
AlpenaAlpenaMIIn quarry at E end of town se1/4 s14t31nr8eDevonianDock Street clay?,
AlpenaAlpenaMIQuarry (abandoned) of Thunder Bay Quarries CoDevonianDock Street ClayCrinoids. Worked out.,
AlpenaAlpenaMIIn RR cut on E side of townDevonianDock Street ClayOstracods,
AlpenaAlpenaMIIn Devonian Dundee Limestone on spoil pits of Martin-Marietta company quarry 2 km E of US523 S of Alpena Rd between Sanford and Godkins Road[?] and SW of Wabash RR tracks.DevonianDundee?,
AlpenaAlpenaMIIn Devonian Ferron Point Formation in abandoned shale pit of Alpena Portland Cement Co 11.2km NDevonianFerron PointEdrioasteroids - Krama.,
AlpenaAlpenaMIIn quarry at E end of town s13t31nr8eDevonianGenshaw|Newton Creek|Alpena?,
AlpenaAlpenaMIin limestoneDevonianHamiltonFish-Ptyctodus,
AlpenaAlpenaMIIn shale pit at WNW corner of cemetery s21t31nr8eDevonianPotter Farm?,
AlpenaAlpenaMIIn shale pit at Evergreen CemeteryDevonianPotter FarmOstracods,
AlpenaAlpenaMINE corner of Evergreen CemeteryDevonianPotter FarmMany fossils - Corals, a few blastoids, Crinoids rare - Megistocrinus, Gennaeocrinus, Synbathocrinus,
AlpenaAlpenaMI6 km S in se1/4 s11t30nr8eDevonianThunder Bay?,
AlpenaAlpenaMICemetery in bluffDevonianThunder Bayrugose coral - Cylindrophyllum,
AlpenaAlpenaMI6.5km upriver near Four Mile Dam on River at Old Potter FarmSilurianThunder Baycrinoids -Gilbertocrinus, Gennaeocrinus,
AlpenaAlpenaMIDevonianCoral Prismatophyllum,
BoltonAlpenaMI2 km NW in RR cut and adjacent fieldsDevonianAlpena LimestoneOstracods,
El Cajon BayAlpenaMIN of Alpena along Beach and in quarry dumpsPelecypods - Paracyclas,
Ferron PointAlpenaMIStropheodonta, Phacops,
GenshawAlpenaMI13 km NE of Alpena in shale pit in se1/4 s18t32NDevonianUpper Ferron PointOstracods,
Huron Portland Cement Co QuarryAlpenaMIAcross Wessel road from Thunder Bay Quarry - Fossils in Genshaw, Newton Creek, Alpena, Dock Street formationsDevonianGenshaw|Newton Creek|Alpena|Dock Street?,
Partridge PointAlpenaMICovered by housing - Fossils were collected from Limestone blocks fallen from banks. However, the blocks were washed away by a major storm and homeowners do not allow collecting because of erosion worries.DevonianCrinoids - Dolatocrinus, Megistocrinus, Blastoids, Lipsanocystis,
RockportAlpenaMIIn abandoned quarry in s6t32nr9eDevonianBell Shale|Rockport|Ferron Pointbryozoa,
RockportAlpenaMIIn abandoned quarry of Kelley's Is Lime and Transport CoDevonianRockport Quarry Limestone|Ferron PointOstracods,
RockportAlpenaMIDevonianArthrodire -Protitanichthys; Trepostomata;bryozoa-Fenestrellina,
RockportAlpenaMI3.2km N of Rockport Quarry on beachDevonianGastropods and cephalopods.,
RockportAlpenaMIQuarry (abandoned) of Kelleys Island Lime and Transport Co - In Upper 2.5m of wall in Ferron Pt Formation shale, clay. At end of Rockport Rd E then N from US23 14 km N of Alpena.DevonianHexagonaria and many other Fossils -- crinoids, sponges, horn corals, brachiopods, tentaculites, trilobites, gastropods, cephalopods, chelicerates, pelecypods, arthrodire, Dinicthys bones. Lower Rockport Quarry Limestone is not fossiliferous.,
RockportAlpenaMIQuarry (abandoned) of Kelleys Island Lime and Transport Co - greenish Bell shale in drainage ditch at NE end of quarryDevoniansmall exposure Small crinoid heads weathering out.,
Sulphur IslandAlpenaMIThunder BayDevonianblack petrified wood in waters around island,
Thunder Bay RiverAlpenaMIIn Shale exposure on S bank 2 km downstream from Four Mile Dam (Also known as Fletcher Dam, Three Mile Dam, Broadwell's Saw Mill)DevonianNorway PointOstracods.,
Thunder Bay RiverAlpenaMIBelow Norway Point Dam (Six Mile Dam, Seven Mile Dam) in bed and banks of RiverDevonianNorway PointSpinocyrtia, Ostracods,
Thunder Bay RiverAlpenaMIBroadwell's Sawmill on Thunder Bay river - classic Four Mile Dam Formation site worked by Rominger and Grabau - now submergedDevonian?,
Thunder Bay RiverAlpenaMIFour Mile Dam on Thunder Bay River - regional exposuresDevonian?,
Thunder Bay RiverAlpenaMIAt Seven Point Dam (dam removed and exposure flooded by Norway Point Dam)DevonianFossils,
Thunder Bay RiverAlpenaMIsites submerged by dam?,
ColdwaterBranchMIat old Wolverine Portland Cement Co quarryMississippianColdwaterMooreoceras,
ColdwaterBranchMIarea shale exposuresMooreoceras,
UnionBranchMIMississippianColdwater Shale?,
Union CityBranchMIarea exposuresMississippianColdwaterCephalopods - Mooreoceras (pyrite),
AlbionCalhounMIN in quarryPennsylvanianSaginaw (Parma sandstone)plants - Calamites,
AlbionCalhounMINE in area road cutsPennsylvanianSaginaw (Parma sandstone)plants - Calamites,
Battle CreekCalhounMIarea exposuresMississippianMarshall?,
DeverauxCalhounMIS in RR Cut in s6t2sr3w2PennsylvanianSaginaw (Parma sandstone)plants - Calamites,
MarshallCalhounMIarea exposuresMississippianMarshallpelecypods, cephalopods, ostracods, gastropods, brachiopods, a few trilobites,
MarshallCalhounMIin quarryMississippianMarshall sandstoneMooreoceras,
Beaver IsCharlevoixMI1 km NE of CG station on shoreDevonianBois Blanc Limestonepelecypods,
CharlevoixCharlevoixMI1 km W in abandoned quarryDevonianGravel Pointcorals,
CharlevoixCharlevoixMI3 km W IN, in ledges and bluffs along Lake Michigan shoreDevonianGravel Point (type locality)corals,
CharlevoixCharlevoixMIArea QuarriesDevonianUpper Ferron PointOstracods,
NorwoodCharlevoixMI2 km N on old roadDevonianPetoskeyAtrypa, Ostracods,
NorwoodCharlevoixMI2-3 km N in ledges along Lake MichiganDevonianPetoskeycorals,
NorwoodCharlevoixMI2 km N along Lake Michigan shore at very low waterDevonianPetoskeyOstracods,
Trout IslandCharlevoixMIS and W side of SE point of islandDevonianBois Blanc Limestonetrilobites,
[?]Charlevoix,EmmetMIIn Middle Devonian Charlevoix Limestone-Petoskey, Gravel Point, Whiskey Creek, Norwood, Ellsworth formations.DevonianCorals Hexagonaria, Aulacophyllum, Heliophyllum, Aulopora, Favosites, Syringopora, Trachypora. Brachiopods - Athyris, Cyrtina, Leptaena, Mucrospirifer, Productella, Rhipidomella, Spinocyrtia. Mollusks Euomphalus, Pleurotomaria, Tentaculites. Aviculopecten,
AftonCheboyganMIIn abandoned Campbell stone Co quarrycoral - Favosites,
AftonCheboyganMI1 km W 4 km S along highway and in schoolyardcorals,
Burt LakeCheboyganMIalong lake shoreDevoniancorals, Gastropods-Platyceras, cephalopods, trilobites,
CordellChippewaMI2 km SE in abandoned quarry of Scott Quarry CoSilurianCordellbrachiopods, corals,
Drummond IsChippewaMI5 km NNE of Poe PtOrdovicianBlack River Limestonecorals, crinoids, bryozoa, brachiopods, trilobites,
Drummond IsChippewaMIAt Chippewa PtOrdovicianRichmondabundant fossils,
Drummond IsChippewaMISilurianbrachiopods -Pentameroides, coral - Favosites, Syringopora,
Drummond IsChippewaMIarea exposure especially along North Shore of islandabundant fossils,
Lime IsChippewaMIalong shore of St Marys RiverSilurianLime Island Dolomitecorals and brachiopod molds,
RaberChippewaMI3 km SE along old logging roadSilurianSchoolcraft|CordellAbundant corals stromatoporoids, brachiopods, cephalopods,
Raynolds Pt, Drummond IsChippewaMIOrdovicianRichmondabundant fossils,
Sault PtChippewaMIon South shore of Whitefish BayOrdovicianAu Train [Black River]gastropods (1 genus),
Sault St MarieChippewaMIS at West Neebish Channel in material blasted from channelOrdovicianTrentondiverse fossils -trilobites, cephalopods. Scyphozoa, brachiopods, bryozoa, corals,
Scotts QuarryChippewaMIs29t44nr4wSilurianManistiqueActinoceras, Huroniella, Huronia,
St JohnsClintonMINE in pit on E side of Scott Rdfossils,
[?]DeltaMIIn s12t41nr21w, s7t41nr20wOrdovicianBills Creek (Richmond)1 graptolite, 1 echinoderm, 3 bryozoa, 5 brachiopods, 3 trilobites, 3 ostracods,
Bark RiverDeltaMI3 km NOrdovicianChandler Falls?gastropods,
Bay de NocDeltaMIon E side at Burnt Bluff 15 km SW of Garden VillageSilurianManistiqueHendricks--Byron dolomites -- a few brachiopods, corals, stromatoporoids, ostracods,
Bay de NocDeltaMIon E side at Burnt Bluff 15 km SW of Garden VillageSilurianManistique|Hendricks|Byron dolomitesa few brachiopods, corals, stromatoporoids, ostracods,
Bay de NocDeltaMIcorals - Streptelasma, Columnaria,
Bony FallsDeltaMIOn Escanaba River in T41nr24wOrdovicianBony Falls (Black River)Gastropods, corals, brachiopods, trilobites, pelecypod, cephalopods, ostracods,
Bony FallsDeltaMIon Escanaba River in T41nr24wOrdovicianBony Falls (Black River)Gastropods,corals, brachiopods, trilobites, pelecypod, cephalopods, ostracods,
Bony FallsDeltaMIS1t41nr24w in Limestone near hydroelectric power plant on Escanaba RiverOrdovicianMaclurites, Endoceras to 1 meters, fucoids, Strophomena, Stromatocerium, crinoid fragments, Eoleperditia, Ctenodonta, Orthis, Pterygometopus, Foerstephyllum,
Chandler FallsDeltaMI5 km N of Escanaba t39nr22wtOrdovicianChandler Falls(Trenton)Gastropods, brachiopods, trilobites, pelecypod, crinoids, bryozoa, corals, sponges, plants,
CornellDeltaMI12 km SWOrdovicianGroos Quarry(Trenton)Gastropods, brachiopods, trilobites, pelecypod, crinoids, bryozoa,
CornellDeltaMI400 meters N of concrete bridge over Escanaba RiverOrdovicianTrenton48 species - Phycodes, Streptelasma, Prasopora, Cornulites, Catazyga, Cyclospira, Plesiomys[?], Leptaena, Hesperorthis, Sowerbyella, Platystrophia, Rafinesquina, Rhynchotrema, StrophomenaNo citations for 'Plesiomys' or anything remotely similar (apparently a brachiopod?) 050603,
CornellDeltaMI2.2 km E on Escanaba RiverOrdovicianTrentonGastropods, brachiopods,
EscanabaDeltaMI8 km N s1t39nr23w at Groos QuarryOrdovicianGroos Quarry(Trenton)Gastropods, brachiopods, trilobites, pelecypod, crinoids, bryozoa,
EscanabaDeltaMI8 km N s1t39nr23w at Groos Quarry then 400 meters NW on island in Escanaba RiverOrdovicianGroos Quarry(Trenton)Pelecypods, brachiopods,
EscanabaDeltaMI5 km N at Chandler Falls along Escanaba River in Limestone outcropOrdovicianTrentonPleurocystites, Edrioaster,
EscanabaDeltaMI5 km N at Chandler Falls along Escanaba River in Limestone and shale bluffsOrdovician54 species of invertebrates,
Ford RiverDeltaMIIn bed of river in s5t38nr23wOrdovicianGroos Quarrya few brachiopods, Scyphozoa,
GroosDeltaMI8 km N of Escanaba at Richler QuarryOrdovician26 species, WhitellaPresumably one of the several quarries around the mouth of Richler Creek near 45.8029N, 87.0953W45.8029N, 87.0953W estimated
GroosDeltaMIAt paper mill in limestones at small island in the Escanaba RiverWhitella,
Haymeadow CreekDeltaMIs2, s19t42nr40wSilurianBill's Creekabundant Lingula, Clidophorus, Dalmanella,
Haymeadow CreekDeltaMIs19t42nr20wOrdovicianBills Creek (Richmond)Bills Creek faunas,
Haymeadow CreekDeltaMIalong Haymeadow Creek nw1/4 s19t42nr20wOrdovicianHaymeadow Creek(Trenton)fossils,
Hinkin's Hill[?]DeltaMIN for 5 km along roadOrdovicianRichmondcorals, stromatoporoids, Calapoecia,Halysites,Columnaria,BeatriceaOriginal says Silurian. Can't identify a 'Hinkin's Hill' in Delta County,
IsabellaDeltaMI2.5 km W in roadside ditch SE corner of s35t41nr19wSilurianMoss Lakea few poor brachiopods and crinoid columnals,
Little Bay de NocDeltaMIalong E shoreSilurianBill's Creekgraptolites, Leptobolus,
Little Bay de NocDeltaMIIn area road cutsSilurianBill's Creekgraptolites, Leptobolus,
Little Bay de NocDeltaMIalong shore in s14t39nr22w+s23t39nr22wOrdovicianBills Creek|Stoningtonabundant fossils,
Little Bay de NocDeltaMIalong South shore in se1/4 s26t39nr22wOrdovicianStoningtonabundant fossils,
Little Bay de NocDeltaMIIn road cut in nw1/4 s24t39nr22wOrdovicianStoningtonabundant fossils,
ManistiqueDeltaMI35 km SW 13 km NE of Pt Detour in LimestoneSilurianDiscosorus,
PerkinsDeltaMI500 meters W in s5t41nr22wOrdovicianGroos Quarrycrinoid plates, other Groos Quarry fossils,
Rapid RiverDeltaMIE in bed of Rapid RiverOrdovicianTrentonMollusks, brachiopods, trilobites, bryozoa,
Stonington PeninsulaDeltaMIbrachiopods,
Breen MineDickinsonMIS22T39NR28W at top of mine in ledgesCambrianMunisingTrilobite fragments,
Iron MountainDickinsonMINorth side of Pewabic MineCambrianMunisingTrilobites, phosphatic brachiopods,
WaucedahDickinsonMI1 km N in ledges on N side of US2CambrianMunisingTrilobites, phosphatic brachiopods,
Grand LedgeEatonMIIn area outcropsPennsylvanianSaginawmany plants, brachiopods, gastropods, cephalopods, a few trilobites and ostracods, a few fish.,
Grand LedgeEatonMIIn outcrops and quarries along Grand River.PennsylvanianSaginawmany plants, brachiopods, gastropods, cephalopods, a few trilobites and ostracods, a few fish.,
Grand LedgeEatonMIIn pits in NW1/4 t4Nr52 area outcropsPennsylvanianSaginawmany plants, brachiopods, gastropods, cephalopods, a few trilobites and ostracods, a few fish.,
Grand LedgeEatonMI2 km N Pennsylvanian plants in clay quarry.PennsylvanianCalamites, Sigillaria, Alethopteris, Sphenopteris, Cordaites, Annularia, Neuropteris, Asterophyllites, Codaianthus[?], CardiocarponNo citations for 'Codaianthus' or some plausible misspellings 050603,
Grand LedgeEatonMIIn Pennsylvanian shales in area exposuresPennsylvanianplants,
Bay ShoreEmmetMIIn abandoned quarries and extending into Charlevoix CountyDevonianCharlevoix|Petoskeycorals,
Bay ViewEmmetMIIn ledges on Little traverse Bay at Pennsylvania RR station above Blue ShaleDevonianGravel Pointcorals,
Bay ViewEmmetMIOn Little Traverse Bay near old Pennsylvania RR depot at junction of Development Ave and MI31DevonianGravel PointOstracods,
Bay ViewEmmetMIOn S shore of Mud Lake on MI131 about 1 km N of termination se1/4 sw1/4 s27t35nr5wDevonianPetoskeyGypidula,
Bay ViewEmmetMI2 km W in quarry on S shore of Mud Lake on US31 just E of Harbor Springs RdDevonianPetoskeyOstracods,
Bay ViewEmmetMI2 km E in Kegomic quarry on S shore of Mud Lake just E of Harbor Springs RdGypidula, Corals,
Bear CreekEmmetMIIn Buff Limestone at Little Traverse Baycorals - Cylindrophyllum,
PetoskeyEmmetMIIn quarry on Little Traverse Bay s32t35nr5wDevonianCharlevoix?,
PetoskeyEmmetMI3 km W in sw1/4 s2 + se1/4 s3t34nr6wDevonianGravel Pointfossils,
PetoskeyEmmetMIIn Portland Cement Company Quarry 3 km W of Petoskey inDevonianGravel Point40 species of corals, brachiopods - Spinocyrtia, pelecypods, nautiloids, a few trilobites.,
PetoskeyEmmetMIKegonic[?] Quarry between US31 and MI131 1.6km E of --Bay View between Pickerel Rd and Penn RRDevonian?Can't identify a Kegonic Quarry near Petoskey. There are a number of quarries. Very likely, many contain fossils.,
PetoskeyEmmetMIAbandoned Northern Lime Co quarry on Little Traverse Bay on Eastern part of PetoskeyDevonian?,
PetoskeyEmmetMIAbandoned Superior Quarry of Northern Lime Co near Nine Mile PointDevonian?,
PetoskeyEmmetMIAlong Lake Michigan shore from Charlevoix to Petoskey at Little Traverse BayDevonian?,
PetoskeyEmmetMIIn area beach gravelsCorals (Petoskey stones),
PetoskeyEmmetMI4 km NE in quarry ne1/4 nw1/4 s34t35nr5w about 400 meters SE of crossing of Pere Marquette RR W of US31Gypidula, Hexagonaria,
HillsdaleHillsdaleMIIn Germain's[?] quarryMooreoceras,
MoscowHillsdaleMIIn nw1/4 nw1/4 s4 Jefferson TwpMississippianMarshall?,
MoscowHillsdaleMIIn sw1/4 sw1/4 s26 Allen TwpMississippianMarshall?,
Bay PortHuronMIIn J O Burroughs and Son Quarry.Mississippianfossils,
Flat Rock PtHuronMI2 km SW at Hardwood PtMississippianMarshall SandstoneMooreoceras,
Grindstone CityHuronMIIn grindstone quarriesMississippianMarshall?,
Pointe Aux BarquesHuronMInear lighthouseMississippianColdwatercephalopods,
Pointe Aux BarquesHuronMIIn grindstone quarriesMississippianMarshall?,
Au Gres RiverIoscoMIMississippianMarshall SandstoneAllorisma, Imitoceras,
Au Gres RiverIoscoMIIn limestonesMississippianpelecypods,
ColumbiaJacksonMIarea exposuresMississippianMarshall?,
HanoverJacksonMIIn quarry 4 km SW in quarry in ne1/4 s31t4sr2wMississippianMarshallclams, crinoids, nautiloids, ammonoids, ostracods,
JacksonJacksonMI8 km S along US127 in glacial esker, 1200 meters E in gravel pitMississippianMarshallpelecypods, cephalopods, ostracods, gastropods, brachiopods, a few trilobites,
JacksonJacksonMI8 km S in road cut and gravel pit W of junction of Meyers and Wetherby RoadsMississippianMarshallpelecypods, cephalopods, ostracods, gastropods, brachiopods, a few trilobites,
JacksonJacksonMIalong hwy between Lansing and Jackson 500 meters S of Bentley CornersPennsylvanianSaginaw (Parma sandstone)plants - Calamites,
JacksonJacksonMIarea exposures and shale pitsPennsylvanianPlants -- Calamites,
NapoleonJacksonMIIn RR cut 5 km NMississippianMarshall?,
ParmaJacksonMIPoorly preserved Pennsylvanian Fossils in Parma Formation.PennsylvanianParma?,
ParmaJacksonMINE in quarry in nw1/4 s29t2sr2wPennsylvanianSaginaw (Parma sandstone)plants - Calamites,
ParmaJacksonMINNE along road in s27t2sr2wPennsylvanianSaginaw (Parma sandstone)plants - Calamites,
Rives JunctionJacksonMIarea exposures and shale pits Pennsylvanian PlantsPennsylvanianCalamites,
North Fox IsLeelanauMIDevonianBois Blanc LimestonePelecypods,
Manistique LakeLuceMI2 km N 150 meters N of hwy 98SilurianManitoulin dolomitea few corals, brachiopods, trilobites,
NewberryLuceMIIn material in gravel pitsOrdovicianCollingwood (Trenton)3 trilobites, 3 graptolites, 4 brachiopods, 1 cephalopod,
AllenvilleMackinacMI1.2 km S in rock pile of Mackinac BrecciaDevonianBois Blanc Limestonepelecypods,
Big St Martin Is (in Lake Huron)MackinacMIalong shore in Mackinac brecciaDevonianBois Blanc Limestonepelecypods,
Gould CityMackinacMI1 km S in rock piles along fencesSilurianOrmoceras,
Hendrick's QuarryMackinacMIIn nw1/4 s6t44nr8w and ne1/4 s1t44nr9wSilurianHendricks dolomiteostracods, corals, brachiopods, trilobites,
Hendrick's QuarryMackinacMISilurianNiagran (Burt Bluff)Ormoceras, Discosorus, Stokesoceras,
Hunt's SpurMackinacMI1 km N sw1/4 s7t42nr12wSilurianManistiqueActinoceras,
RaberMackinacMIIn area quarriessilicified corals,
St IgnaceMackinacMI2 km NE in cliff on N side of Cheesman RdDevonianpelecypods,
Austin Mine #2MarquetteMIne1/4 ne1/4 sw1/4 s20t48nr25wOrdovicianAu Train [Black River]a few cephalopods (1 species),
IshpemingMarquetteMIat Empire MineProterozoicNegauneeGrypania,
IshpemingMarquetteMIIn area mines material used for cutting and polishedSilicified stromatolites,
MarquetteMarquetteMIUpper PeninsulaProterozoicstromatolites,
MarquetteMarquetteMIIn area mines material used for cutting and polishedSilicified stromatolites,
NegauneeMarquetteMIIn area mines material used for cutting and polishedSilicified stromatolites,
RepublicMarquetteMIIn area mines material used for cutting and polishedSilicified stromatolites,
HarrisMenomineeMI1 km E in roadside exposure in s12t38nr25wOrdovicianTrentonpelecypods,
SpaldingMenomineeMI500 meters NW on US2OrdovicianBony Falls (Black River)Brachiopods,
SpaldingMenomineeMI1.2 km NWOrdovicianBony Falls (Black River)Brachiopods, cephalopods,
WilsonMenomineeMI3 km ESEOrdovicianUpper Chandler Fallsa few brachiopods and gastropods,
[?]MonroeMIIn dolomite outcrops. Generally unfossiliferous, but some horizons fossiliferousPaleozoicMonroebrachiopods - Spirifer, Meristella, Nucleospira, gastropods, a few crinoids, corals, bryozoa. Very rarely mollusks.,
Bedford TwpMonroeMIat Little Sink and Little Lake in area quarriesPaleozoicMonroeRetzia,
Dundee QuarryMonroeMIIn LimestoneAtrypa, Spirifer, Orthis, Stropheodonta, Paracyclas, Conocardium, Pleuronotus, Phacops, Proetus, Dalmanites, Stromatopora, Zaphrentis, Heliophyllum, Favosites,
Macon QuarryMonroeMIin LimestoneAtrypa ,Spirifer, Orthis, Stropheodonta, Paracyclas, Conocardium, Pleuronotus,Phacops, Proetus, Dalmanites, Stromatopora, Stictopora, Zaphrentis,Heliophyllum, Favosites,
MaybeeMonroeMICrystalline Sulfur and Sylvania sandstone with internal gastropod and brachiopod molds. Quarry now closed.Devonian?,
Ottawa LakeMonroeMIIn old Daniels Quarry at head of LakePterinea,
PetersburgMonroeMI10 km SSE in abandoned Cummins QuarryDevonianDetroit Riverpelecypods,
Plum CreekMonroeMIIn dolomite quarriesGoniophora,
PontiacOaklandMIIn Pennsylvanian La Salle FormationCrinoids - Erisocrinus, Caucacrocrinus, Clathocrinus,
Black LakePresque IsleMIIn quarry on shoreDevonianFerron PointOstracods,
CalcitePresque IsleMIIn dump pile of Michigan Limestone Co QuarryDevonianBell ShaleOstracods,
CalcitePresque IsleMIIn area quarries in 10 sections i.e. SE part of t35nr5eDevonianDundeefossil corals,
LiskePresque IsleMI6.3 km E in road cut on US23DevonianRockport Quarryblack corals,
Long LakePresque IsleMIadjacent to county road on W shore 800 meters N of county lineDevonianGenshawCyrtina, Ostracods,
Rogers CityPresque IsleMIDevonianDundeecorals,
Rogers CityPresque IsleMI16 km SE on US23 W of Trout Creek s15t34nr6eDevonianRockport QuarryOstracods,
Rogers CityPresque IsleMIIn US steel company Limestone quarryDevonianTraverse GroupWide variety of fossils especially from Bell shale outcrops.,
Rogers cityPresque IsleMI14 km S in road cut on US23coral -Favosites,
Rogers cityPresque IsleMIarea exposuresLongstaffia,
Saginaw valleySaginawMIIn dumps of old coal mines in areaPennsylvanianSaginawmany plants, brachiopods, gastropods, cephalopods, a few trilobites and ostracods, a few fish.,
ManistiqueSchoolcraftMIIn abandoned quarrySilurianCordell|Schoolcraft dolomitescorals, brachiopods, ostracods, bryozoa, mollusks,
ManistiqueSchoolcraftMI8 km NNW in road cut and abandoned quarry on hwy 94SilurianHendricks dolomitecorals, brachiopods, stromatoporoids, crinoid columns,
WhitedaleSchoolcraftMIIn area quarriessilicified coral,
MilanWashtenawMIDevonianSilica ShalePhyllocarids - Pseudodontichthys; Arthrodire fish plates -Protitanichthys, Paleoniscoid fish bones - Kentuckia?,
RockwoodWayneMISE in Michigan Silica Co pitDevonianSylvaniapelecypods,
SibleyWayneMI3 km N of Trenton in QuarryDevonianDundee|Anderson|Lucascorals - brachiopodsThis would probably be the Sibley Quarry at 42.1640N, 83.1835W42.1640N, 83.1835W Probable
SibleyWayneMI3 km N of Trenton in QuarryDevonianDundee|Lucascorals - brachiopods,
SibleyWayneMIIn abandoned quarry of Solvay Process CompanyDevonianTrilobite - Proetus; Coral - Hexagonaria;BrachiopodsThis would probably be the Sibley Quarry at 42.1640N, 83.1835W42.1640N, 83.1835W Probable
TrentonWayneMI3 km N at Sibley quarry of Solvay Process CoDevonianDetroit Riverpelecypods,
Fountain[?]MNDecorah Shale - Greenish gray clayey fossiliferous Ordovician shalesOrdovicianDecorah?,
Fountain[?]MNOrdovician MiddleDecorah Shalebrachiopods Pionodema,
Union Twp[?]MNSec 19Silurian LowerShakopeePlioceras[?}Plioceras might be a legitimate genus of annelid worms,
[?]BrownMNin clay pits from Springfield to New UlmCretaceousshark teeth, 30 species of plants, cephalopods, gastropods, pelecypods,
FranconiaChisagoMNalong Lawrence CreekCambrianabundant Dicellomus,
Taylor's FallsChisagoMNCambrianFranconiatrilobites Conaspis, Wilbernia, Taenicephalus, Parabolinoides, Brachiopod Eoorthis,
Taylor's FallsChisagoMNCambrian UpperFranconiatrilobites,
Taylor's FallsChisagoMNAlong Pine Point Trail 2 km SCambrian UpperFranconiatrilobites Conaspis, Wilbernia, Taenicephalus, Parabolinoides. Brachiopod Eoorthis,
Taylor's FallsChisagoMNRoad cut on US8 2 km SCambrian UpperFranconiatrilobites Conaspis, Wilbernia, Taenicephalus, Parabolinoides. Brachiopod Eoorthis,
Taylor's FallsChisagoMNCambrian UpperTrilobites Plethopeltis,
Taylor's FallsChisagoMN2 km S along Pine Pt Trail in road cuts on US8many trilobite species,
Taylor's FallsChisagoMNTrace Fossils Skolithos,
BurnsvilleDakotaMNin area shale and Limestone outcrops in Minnesota River ValleyOrdoviciancrinoids, brachiopods ,
EaganDakotaMNN in Mississippi River bluffsOrdovicianfossils,
South St PaulDakotaMNat end of Street car line across River from Highland Park and across RiverOrdovicianSt Peterabundant fossils Ctenodonta, Cyrtodonta, Modiolopsis, Holopea, Ophileta, Platyceras, Pleurotomaria, Orthoceras,
ChatfieldFillmoreMN3 km NE of Spring ValleyOrdovician-Silurian LowerTrentonbryozoa-Crepipora;Brachiopods-Lingula; trilobites,
ForestvilleFillmoreMNarea quarriesOrdovicianGalenaReceptaculites, Strophomena, Graptolites, Orthis, Orthonota, Orthis,
FountainFillmoreMNarea outcropsOrdovicianTrentoncorals, bryozoa, mollusks, cephalopods - Orthis, Leptaena, Strophomena, Chaetetes, crinoid fragments,
FountainFillmoreMN11 km along US52Cryptozoon,
GrangerFillmoreMNarea exposuresOrdovicianGalenabryozoa, brachiopods, trilobites, cephalopods,
GrangerFillmoreMN3.5 km W in river bluffsSilurian?Galenabryozoa, brachiopods, trilobites, cephalopods,
Lime CityFillmoreMNOrdovicianGalenaMurchisonia, Maclurea, Strophomena, Endoceras, corals to 9 IN, in diameter,
MantorvilleFillmoreMNIn area quarriesOrdovicianGalenaSchizotreta,
Spring ValleyFillmoreMNDecorah Shale - Greenish gray clayey fossiliferous Ordovician shalesOrdovicianDecorah?,
Spring ValleyFillmoreMN3.5 km E in limestone quarryOrdovicianGalenaLingula, Orthis, Lynx, Strophomena, Leptaena, Chaetetes, crinoid fragments,
Spring ValleyFillmoreMNarea exposuresSilurian LowerHudson RiverHomotrypella,
WykoffFillmoreMNarea Limestone exposuresAmbonychia, trilobites, Orthoceras,
Cannon FallsGoodhueMNDecorah Shale - Greenish gray clayey fossiliferous Ordovician shalesOrdovicianDecorah?,
Cannon FallsGoodhueMNUS52 3-5 km S in gray green shales below Platteville Limestone in roadcuts and ditchesOrdovicianDecorahsponges, corals, brachiopods. A few trilobites,
Cannon FallsGoodhueMN10 km S on US52 in Wagner Quarry inOrdovicianDunleithBrachiopods, bryozoa, Belemnocystids, Scalenocystis[?]No citations for 'Scalenocystis' 050604. Apparently the Dunleith member of the Galena Formation contains a number of echinoderm genera,
Cannon FallsGoodhueMN21 km S in buff shalesOrdovicianGalenabryozoa-Diplotrypa, Sponges-Orbitolites, Selenoides, Receptaculites, Ischadites, Raufella, Cylindrocoelia, coral-Lichenaria, Streptelasma,
Cannon FallsGoodhueMN10 km SOrdovicianGalenabryozoa-Diplotrypa; Sponges-Orbitolites,Selenoides,Receptaculites; Ischadites, Raufella[?], Cylindrocoelia, coral-Lichenaria, StreptelasmaNo citations for 'Raufella' 050604,
Cannon FallsGoodhueMN5 km S in shalesOrdovicianTrentoncoral-Aulopora, bryozoa, mollusks, trilobites, cephalopods,
Cannon FallsGoodhueMNBrachiopods Rhynchotrema,
HaderGoodhueMNarea exposuresOrdovicianGalenaDiplotrypa, Mesotrypa?, Plectambonites, Pleurocystites, Fusispira, Lingula, trilobites, brachiopods,
Oxford MillsGoodhueMNIn area shale exposuresOrdovicianTrentonbryozoa - Phylloporina, Lingula, brachiopods, trilobites, cephalopods,
Red WingGoodhueMNFossiliferous Cambrian Sandstones?,
MinneapolisHennepinMNIn area exposuresOrdovicianTrentonsponges - Raufella, coral - Lichenaria, bryozoa - Vinella, Stromatopora,
MinneapolisHennepinMNIn RR cut near State UniversitySilurian LowerBryozoa - Arthroclema, Brachiopods - Lingula,
Minneapolis-St PaulHennepinMNDecorah Shale - Greenish gray clayey fossiliferous Ordovician shalesOrdovicianDecorah?,
St Anthony FallsHennepinMN3 km below in shales in quarryOrdovicianTrentonbryozoa, brachiopods, cephalopods, trilobites, corals - Strophomena, Orthis, Murchisonia, Leperditia, Cypricardites, Bucania,
St Anthony FallsHennepinMNGastropod Trochonema,
RenoHoustonMNin Sandstone bluff along Hwy26CambrianFranconiabrachiopods, trilobite fragments,
RenoHoustonMN2 km N at Hell Hollowtrilobites Dikelocephalus, Prosaukia, Conaspis, Ptychaspis,
Spring GroveHoustonMNIn area Limestone outcropsSilurian Lowerbrachiopods, cephalopods.,
CalumetItascaMNAt Hill-Annex mine - Abundant fossilsCretaceousColoradomollusks, arthropods, shark teeth, Icthyosaurus, Plesiosaurus, conifer needles, wood, Teredolites,
Grand RapidsItascaMN5 km SAbundant Exogyra preserved as limonite casts,
ItascaItascaMNIn SE part of county in abandoned iron mineoccasional large shark(?) teeth , Exogyra, Anchura, corals, seeds, leaf impressions,
KasotaLe SueurMNIn quarries along Minnesota RiverOrdovicianKasotaOphileta, Dirhachopea, Pelagiella, pelecypods, Ctenodontidae,
ChatfieldOlmstedMNDecorah Shale - Greenish gray clayey fossiliferous Ordovician shalesOrdovicianDecorah?,
ChatfieldOlmstedMNN in Sec 35 in area outcrops of shale and LimestoneOrdovicianTrentonabundant brachiopods, small gastropods, coral - Chaetetes, trilobites, crinoid steps.,
RochesterOlmstedMNDecorah Shale - Greenish gray clayey fossiliferous Ordovician shalesOrdovicianDecorah?,
RochesterOlmstedMNIn quarries, cuts, etcOrdovicianTrenton ShaleStrophomena,
StewartvilleOlmstedMNon N bank of River 1 km N above damOrdovicianGalena (Stewartville)Hormotoma, Maclurina, Westonoceras,
PipestonePipestoneMNPipestone National Monument. Quarries in metamorphosed red claystone in Sioux Quartzite. The material was used by Indians to make peace pipes. Although the Formation is reported to be pre-Cambrian, Trilobites have been reported.?,
Pipestone National MonumentPipestoneMNIn red catlinite debrisoccasional small trilobites - Lingula, Paradoxides,
St PaulRamseyMNAcross River at the BrickyardsOrdovicianDecorahsponges, corals, brachiopods. A few trilobites,
St PaulRamseyMNarea exposuresOrdovicianDecorahsponges, corals, brachiopods. A few trilobites,
St PaulRamseyMNat Ford plant.OrdovicianDecorahEdrioasteroids Foerstediscus.,
St PaulRamseyMNAt Ford Co plantOrdovician MiddleDecorahRhinidictya,
St PaulRamseyMNIn area road cutsOrdovicianGalenaSponges - Raufella. Receptaculites, corals - Streptelasma, Aulopora, Lichenaria, Tetradium, Bryozoa - Batostoma, Homotrypa, Prasopora, Rhinidictya, Stictoporella, brachiopods - Dalmanella, Rafinesquina, Lingula, Pionodema; Pelecypods - Ctenodonta,
St PaulRamseyMNIn quarry of Twin City Brick Co on bluff below Cherokee Park in shaleOrdovicianGalenaSponges - Raufella. Receptaculites, corals - Streptelasma, Aulopora, Lichenaria, Tetradium, Bryozoa - Batostoma, Homotrypa, Prasopora, Rhinidictya, Stictoporella, brachiopods - Dalmanella, Rafinesquina, Lingula, Pionodema; Pelecypods - Ctenodonta,
St PaulRamseyMNnear MendotaOrdovicianGalenaSponges - Raufella. Receptaculites, corals - Streptelasma, Aulopora, Lichenaria, Tetradium, Bryozoa - Batostoma, Homotrypa, Prasopora, Rhinidictya, Stictoporella, brachiopods - Dalmanella, Rafinesquina, Lingula, Pionodema; Pelecypods - Ctenodonta,
St PaulRamseyMNat Ford Motor Co Plant at Dam No 1OrdovicianGalenatypical fauna,
St PaulRamseyMNIn area exposuresOrdovicianTrentonsponges - Raufella, coral - Lichenaria, bryozoa - Vinella, Stromatopora,
St PaulRamseyMNAt St Anthony HillOrdovicianTrenton Shalebryozoa, Clitambonites, trilobites,
St PaulRamseyMNbrachiopods Rhynchotrema, Bryozoa Rhinidictya,
Hawk Creek TwpRenvilleMNIn E bank of Hawk Creek in se1/4 s8n 40 meters from the highway bridge in glacial driftSphaerium, Valvata, Amnicola, Gyraulus, Goniobasis,
BiwabwikSt LouisMN2 km N at Mary Ellen MinePrecambrianSoudanSilicified stromatolites - polishable,
BiwabwikSt LouisMN3 km W at Corsica MinePrecambrianSoudanSilicified stromatolites - polishable,
WabashaWabashaMNFossiliferous Cambrian Sandstones?,
WangWabashaMNDecorah Shale - Greenish gray clayey fossiliferous Ordovician shalesOrdovicianDecorah?,
StillwaterWashingtonMNTrilobites Dikelocephalus,
DresbachWinonaMNCambrian UpperEau ClaireTrilobites AcheilusOriginal listing says WI,
DresbachWinonaMNMineral Bluff and Dakota in shalesabundant Crepicephalus, Obolus, Lingulepsis,
DresbachWinonaMNN in excavations in gray Sandstone below level of Mississippi RiverTrilobite fragments, Lingula, cephalopods,
FremontWinonaMNIn Sec 6 in shaleOrdovicianTrentonbrachiopods, trilobites,
Minnesota CityWinonaMNIn alluvial depositsPleistoceneMastodon,
St CharlesWinonaMNS in high bluffsSilurian LowerTrentonbryozoa, brachiopods, cephalopods, trilobites,
WinonaWinonaMNCambrian UpperEau Clairetrilobites -AcheilusOriginal says Winona, WI,
WinonaWinonaMN1 km above foot of Observatory Bluff at base of bluffsSilurian LowerSt CroixLingula,
WinonaWinonaMNbrachiopods Linguella,
Lake Pepin[?]MN?Yellowish sandstone on the shores of Lake PepinCambrianTrilobites -- Phalacroma,
[?][?]MODevonianGrassy Creek LimestoneMollusks Platyceras,
[?]AndrewMOregional exposuresPennsylvanianDouglasvery abundant fossils brachiopods; 30 species of pelecypods, 32 species of gastropods,
CassvilleBarryMOSE part of Cassville quadrangle on tops of low hillsMississippian UpperBatesvilleInternal molds of bryozoa, brachiopods, pelecypods, gastropods,
Cassville QuadrangleBarryMOarea exposures in a narrow bandMississippian LowerChouteau (Reeds Spring)corals, bryozoa - Evactinopora, Ptychospira, Shumardella, Spirophyton,
Flat CreekBarryMONear CassvilleMississippianKeokukcrinoidal Limestone with corals, blastoids, crinoids, echinoids, bryozoa, brachiopods, pelecypods, gastropods, trilobites, fish, conodonts,
SeligmanBarryMOarea exposuresMississippian UpperBatesvilleInternal molds of bryozoa, brachiopods, pelecypods, gastropods,
WashburnBarryMObetween Washburn and Seligman in down faulted blockMississippian UpperHindsvilleabundant fossils corals, blastoids - Pentremites; brachiopods; pelecypods; gastropods - Bellerophon, Bembexia; Trilobites - Griffithides,
[?]BatesMOalong Missouri River bluffs from Kansas line East for 65 kmPennsylvanianKansas City Limestoneabundant fossils of many taxa.,
[?]BatesMOfrom Missouri River to Iowa line in belt 50 km widePennsylvanianKansas City Limestoneabundant fossils of many taxa.,
HumeBatesMOPennsylvanianKansas City Limestoneabundant fossils of many taxa.,
Crooked Creek TwpBollingerMOCretaceous vertebrates on Chronister farm s26t31Nr9e, In clays in a lens of cretaceous bog (?) sediments in Ordovician rock.CretaceousRay teeth, turtle bones, Hadrosaur bones{7},
Crooked Creek[?]BollingerMOin small deposit of blue black plastic clay at Chronister Farm in center s26t31nr9eCretaceousa few reptile and fish bones,
ColumbiaBooneMOarea outcropsPennsylvanianbrachiopods, corals, sponges,
EasleyBooneMO24 km SE of ColumbiaMississippian LowerBurlington LimestoneSpirifer, Chonetes, Productus, many genera of crinoids and brachiopods,
EasleyBooneMOIn RR cutMississippian LowerChouteau LimestoneShumardella, brachiopods (31 genera), bryozoa, crinoids, pelecypods, worms, corals, gastropods, cephalopods, blastoids, trilobites, fish(10 genera), conodonts, ostracods, sponges, forams,
EllisvilleBooneMOProjected road cuts on US30 in vicinity of Cedar Hill, Ballwin, Ellisville?,
[?]BuchananMOregional exposuresPennsylvanianDouglasvery abundant fossils brachiopods; 30 species of pelecypods, 32 species of gastropods,
St JosephBuchananMOBrachiopods -Enteletes,
St JosephBuchananMObrachiopods Hustedia,
BoonevilleCallawayMOin crinoidal limestoneMississippian LowerBurlington Limestonerare crinoid crowns,
BoonevilleCallawayMOin area exposures of channel sandstonesPennsylvanianLepidodendron, Sigillaria,
Cow CreekCallawayMOnear mouth of creek in s22t47nr8w-s27t47nr8wDevonian MiddleSnyder Creekabundant brachiopods, bryozoa, pelecypods, corals, crinoids,
FultonCallawayMObrachiopods Productella,
WilliamsburgCallawayMO5 km N nw1/4 s10t48nr7wDevonian MiddleCallawaymany genera of brachiopods, corals, crinoid fragments, pelecypods, gastropods, fish (Ptyctodus),
Cape GirardeauCape GirardeauMOOrdovicianMaquoketaTrilobites Amphyxina(?)Amphyxina may be Ampyxina,
Trail of Tears State ParkCape GirardeauMO2 km S in slabby purple and red Limestone along bank of Mississippi RiverSilurian Lowertrilobites and cephalopods.,
HarrisonvilleCassMO2 km SCarboniferous UpperSniabar Limestonepelecypods,
Pleasant HillCassMObrachiopods Orbiculoidea,
Cane HillCedarMO3 to 4 km N of bend 4 km E on Hwy T?,
Cane HillCedarMO4 km E on Hwy T at bend in road?,
UmberCedarMO2 km S?,
[?]ClayMOregional exposuresPennsylvanianDouglasvery abundant fossils brachiopods; 30 species of pelecypods, 32 species of gastropods,
Kansas CityClayMOPennsylvanianLane ShaleCrinoids,
[?]ClintonMOregional exposuresPennsylvanianDouglasvery abundant fossils brachiopods; 30 species of pelecypods, 32 species of gastropods,
Clinton CountyClintonMOin area coal bedstrilobites - Phillipsia,
Jefferson CityColeMO14 km NE (10 km SE of Ashland)Devonian MiddleAshlandabundant fossils -- brachiopods -Rensselaeria, corals, trilobite,
[?]CooperMOIn E part of countyDevonianCooper Limestoneabundant corals, gastropod - Turbinopsis,
Clifton CityCooperMOon Katy TrailDevonian-MississippianCooper|Burlington|Chouteaucrinoids, brachiopods, cephalopods, fish bones and teeth, corals, pelecypods, trilobites, worms,
CrispDadeMO3 km EW in bluff of Sac River?,
[?]DeKalbMOregional exposuresPennsylvanianDouglasvery abundant fossils brachiopods; 30 species of pelecypods, 32 species of gastropods,
Ash GroveGreeneMO2 km WMississippian LowerBurlington LimestoneSpirifer, Chonetes, Productus, many genera of crinoids and brachiopods,
King ButteGreeneMO16 km N in LimestoneMississippian LowerChouteau (Northview)abundant brachiopods- Cleiothyridina, Athyris, Delthyris, Spirifer; Pelecypods - Promacrus, gastropod molds, 17 species of cephalopod. a few trilobite fragments,
SpringfieldGreeneMORare crinoid crowns in crinoidalMississippian LowerBurlington Limestone?,
SpringfieldGreeneMOarea exposures a few km S West to MacDonald CountyMississippian LowerChouteau (Reeds Spring)corals, bryozoa - Evactinopora, Ptychospira, Shumardella, Spirophyton,
BethanyHarrisonMO7 km SPennsylvanianCherryvalepelecypod - Fasciculiconcha,
LucasHenryMOPennsylvanianCherokee ShaleEdestid shark teeth - Fadenia,
MontroseHenryMOPennsylvanianTebo|Mulkay Coal ShaleCrossopterygian fish scales Rhizodopsis,
BixbyIronMOin chert boulders along the headwaters of Huzzah Creek?,
BixbyIronMOin chert boulders in the vicinity?,
Kansas CityJackson,ClayMOCrinoids Delocrinus,
CarthageJasperMONEMississippianWarsawcrinoids Pustula, Rhipidomella, brachiopods, bryozoa, blastoids,
CentervilleJasperMOin Middle Pennsylvanian Burgner Formation in mine dumps 2.5 km SPennsylvanian MiddleBurgnercrinoids - Synbathocrinus, Anchicrinus,
CentervilleJasperMO2.2 km Scrinoids,
Webb CityJasperMOGastropods -Straparollus,
JoplinJasper,NewtonMOIn area shaley conglomeratic Limestone exposuresMississippian UpperCartervilleabundant corals, blastoids, crinoids, bryozoa, brachiopods, pelecypods, gastropods, trilobites, fishes, etc.,
[?]JeffersonMOnear mouth of Plattin CreekOrdovician MiddlePlattinbrachiopods, trace fossils, corals, bryozoa,
[?]JeffersonMONew Melle, St Charles County in Joerling Brothers QuarryOrdovician MiddlePlattinbrachiopods, trace fossils, corals, bryozoa,
BarnhartJeffersonMOin Goetz Quarry at Glen Echo Park inOrdovician MiddleKimmswickTrilobites and Brachiopods,
Cedar HillJeffersonMOProjected road cuts on US30 in vicinity of Cedar Hill, Ballwin, Ellisville?,
Glenn ParkJeffersonMOTrilobites, Bumastus,
HamburgJeffersonMOfrom Missouri River to Massey's Creek - LimestoneOrdovician Middleabundant sponges, corals, graptolites, cystoids, crinoids. bryozoa, brachiopods. pelecypods, cephalopods, trilobites,
Jefferson CountyJeffersonMOIn regional outcrops this and adjacent counties in limestonessilicified plants, graptolites, sponges, corals, crinoids, annelids, bryozoa, brachiopods, pelecypods, gastropods, cephalopods, trilobites, crustacea, ostracods, conodonts,
KimmswickJeffersonMOLimestoneOrdovician Middleabundant sponges, corals, graptolites, cystoids, crinoids. bryozoa, brachiopods. pelecypods, cephalopods, trilobites,
Plattin CreekJeffersonMOIn Limestone near creek mouthsilicified plants, graptolites, sponges, corals, crinoids, annelids, bryozoa, brachiopods, pelecypods, gastropods, cephalopods, trilobites, crustacea, ostracods, conodonts,
Sulphur SpringsJeffersonMOIn sandstonesMississippianBushbergPtyctodus teeth, brachiopods,
KnobnosterJohnsonMObrachiopods - Mesolobus,
Moscow MillsLincolnMOW in Limestone quarryMississippianWarsawcrinoids Pustula, Rhipidomella, brachiopods, bryozoa, blastoids,
FredricktownMadisonMOarea exposuresCambrian UpperDavislarge diverse trilobite fauna,
FredricktownMadisonMOCambrian UpperElvins?,
St Francois MtnsMadisonMOon E side in thin beds of shales and shaley limestones in dolomiteCambrianBonneterreabundant brachiopods - 12 species, trilobites (41 species), corals, crinoid fragments, gastropods,
St Francois MtnsMadisonMOCambrian UpperElvins Shale50 Genera of trilobites and brachiopods from the Elvins Shale, Davis Formation and Doerun Dolomite:,
St Francois MtnsMadisonMOin Cambrian Upper Bonneterre, Potosi, Eminence Formations 2.7 km WSW of Irondale on E bank Of Big River.Cambrian UpperMollusks - Monoplacophora,
[?]MarionMOarea outcropsDevonianGrassy Creek Shaleabundant fish teeth Ptychostylus, Sporangites, 12 other species, abundant conodonts, plants, corals, annelids, crinoids, brachiopods, pelecypods, gastropods, cephalopods - Goniatites?, Orthoceras?,
HannibalMarion,RallsMORare crinoid crowns in crinoidalMississippian LowerBurlington Limestone?,
HannibalMarion,RallsMO8 km N on Clear Creek in S12T57nr5wMississippian LowerHannibalCacalarituba[?], conodonts, Spirophyton, Taonurus, gastropods, cephalopod fragments, trilobite fragments, brachiopodsCan not identify a genus 'Cacalarituba',
HannibalMarion,RallsMO11 km NMississippian LowerHannibalScalarituba, conodonts, Spirophyton, Taonurus, gastropods, cephalopod fragments, trilobite fragments, brachiopods,
HannibalMarion,RallsMOquarry yielding complete crinoids closed to collecting in 1980 due to vandalism (blasting) by collectors?,
TiptonMoniteauMOon in quarry on MO5Mississippian LowerBurlington Limestoneblastoids, echinoids, echinoids, corals, gastropods, worm tubes,
Montgomery CityMontgomeryMOIn SandstoneMississippian LowerBushbergRhipidomella, Cyrtina. Syringothyris, 4 species of pelecypods, 2 trilobite species, Paryphorhynchus,
UdallOzarkMOIn Ordovician Lower chert masses in road cuts and lake shore of Norfolk LakeSponges, Trilobites, Cephalopods,
LithiumPerryMOIn blue-gray limestones in Bluffs of tributary streams in areaMississippian UpperGlocondaChester fauna plus pelecypods and gastropods,
LithiumPerryMOIn blue-gray limestones in Mississippi River BluffsMississippian UpperGlocondaChester fauna plus pelecypods and gastropods,
Mystery CavePerryMOPleistocene?elephant bone {7},
WittenburgPerryMOUpstream from 4 to 20 km in bluffs between Red Rock and Gills PointMississippian UpperGlen Deanabundant fossils - 36 species,
SedaliaPettisMORare crinoid crowns in crinoidalMississippian LowerBurlington Limestone?,
SedaliaPettisMOin exposures to NMississippian LowerBurlington LimestoneSpirifer, Chonetes, Productus, many genera of crinoids and brachiopods,
SedaliaPettisMOCoral Chaetetes,
RollaPhelpsMOWest in chert bedsOrdovician LowerGasconadeprimitive mollusks, a few trilobites,
RollaPhelpsMOMississippianSt Genevieve Limestonemollusks Straparolus,
[?]PikeMOarea outcropsDevonianGrassy Creek Shaleabundant fish teeth Ptychostylus, Sporangites, 12 other species, abundant conodonts, plants, corals, annelids, crinoids, brachiopods, pelecypods, gastropods, cephalopods - Goniatites?, Orthoceras?,
ClarksvillePikeMOon W side of MO79 6.5 km S.Ordovician UpperBryant KnobLarge brachiopod beds.Original said 'Clarkville, Park Cy,
CyrenePikeMOSilurianEdgewood Limestoneabundant corals - Calapoecia, Clathrodictyon, Favosites, Halysites, Lyellia, Zaphrentis; crinoids - Calceocrinus, Gisocrinus, Glyptocrinus, Lampterocrinus?; many brachiopod species, pelecypods, gastropods, cephalopods, trilobites,
CyrenePikeMODevonian?Brachiopods -Dalmanella,
[?]PlatteMOregional exposuresPennsylvanianDouglasvery abundant fossils brachiopods; 30 species of pelecypods, 32 species of gastropods,
WestonPlatteMObrachiopods Beecheria,
[?]RallsMOarea outcropsDevonianGrassy Creek Shaleabundant fish teeth Ptychostylus, Sporangites, 12 other species, abundant conodonts, plants, corals, annelids, crinoids, brachiopods, pelecypods, gastropods, cephalopods - Goniatites?, Orthoceras?,
RensselaerRallsMOIn area exposuresDevonianMineola Limestoneabundant crinoid heads, bryozoa - Cyclotrypa;Spirifer, Cranaea, Stereocrinus, Acervularia, Favosites, Ptyctodus,
SavertonRallsMO2 km SWDevonianLouisianaabundant sponges, corals. annelids, blastoids, crinoids, fish,
LestervilleReynoldsMOCambrian UpperElvins?,
EminenceShannonMOarea exposures of cherty dolomiteCambrianEminencemollusks, trilobites,
EminenceShannonMOIn center of NE1/4 s27t29nr4wCambrianEminence dolomiteTaeniospira, Plethopeltis, many trilobites, many gastropods,
Grassy CreekShannonMOin s33, s34t30nr4w in chertsOrdovicianGasconade dolomiteOphileta, Ozarkina, Ozarkotoma[?], Cameroceras, Clarkoceras, Euomphalopsis, ChepultapeciaNo citations for Ozarkotoma or anything similar 051126,
Round SpringShannonMOIn road cut 3 km N on Hwy 19 inCambrian UpperEminence?,
ClarksvilleSt CharlesMOSilurianBowling Green DolomiteTen genera of trilobites,
BonneterreSt FrancoisMOE, 1.6km S of Jaydee, MO, in Terre Bleu Creek in green beds and limestones ofCambrian UpperBonneterretrilobites, Coosia, Crepicephalus,
ElvinsSt FrancoisMOarea exposuresCambrian UpperDavislarge diverse trilobite fauna,
ElvinsSt FrancoisMOCambrian UpperElvins?,
Flat RiverSt FrancoisMObrachiopods Eoorthis,
Establishment CreekSt GenevieveMOMississippian LowerBurlington LimestoneSpirifer, Chonetes, Productus, many genera of crinoids and brachiopods,
Little Saline CreekSt GenevieveMODevonianBailey Limestonesilicified fossils - sponges, corals, cystoids, blastoids, crinoids, bryozoa, brachiopods, pelecypods, gastropods, trilobites,
Little Saline CreekSt GenevieveMOIn Ozora Marble Co quarry43 species of brachiopods, 21 species of gastropods, 17 species of trilobites,
St GenevieveSt GenevieveMO29 km SW in W part of s8t37nr8e in highly fossiliferous chertOrdovicianCottergastropods - Ceratopea, Coelocaulus, Eccyliopterus, Euconia;Cephalopods - Aphetoceras, Cameroceras, Clitendoceras, Cotteroceras, Cycloplectoceras, Diaphoroceras, Endocycloceras,
St GenevieveSt GenevieveMO7 km WOrdovicianDecorahcorals, crinoids, bryozoa, brachiopods, gastropods,
St GenevieveSt GenevieveMOOrdovicianMaquoketa ShaleCephalopods - Orthoceras,
White SoundSt GenevieveMOMississippianKeokukInternal molds of bryozoa, brachiopods, pelecypods, gastropods,
[?]St LouisMOarea outcropsDevonianGrassy Creek Shaleabundant fish teeth Ptychostylus, Sporangites, 12 other species, abundant conodonts, plants, corals, annelids, crinoids, brachiopods, pelecypods, gastropods, cephalopods - Goniatites?, Orthoceras?,
[?]St LouisMOin formations in Bellefontaine QuarryMississippianSt Genevieve|St Louisbrachiopods, corals, conodonts,
Babler State ParkSt LouisMOMississippian LowerChouteau (Fern Glen)macrocrinoids, microcrinoid, brachiopods Shumardella, brachiopods (31 genera), bryozoa, crinoids, pelecypods, worms, corals, gastropods, cephalopods, blastoids, trilobites, fish(10 genera), conodonts, ostracods, sponges, forams,
BallwinSt LouisMOProjected road cuts on US30 in vicinity of Cedar Hill, Ballwin, Ellisville?,
FentonSt LouisMORoad cut at intersection of MO141 and MO30.Mississippian?,
Fern GlenSt LouisMOMississippian LowerChouteau (Fern Glen)macrocrinoids, microcrinoid, brachiopods. Shumardella, brachiopods (31 genera), bryozoa, crinoids, pelecypods, worms, corals, gastropods, cephalopods, blastoids, trilobites, fish(10 genera), conodonts, ostracods, sponges, forams,
Fort BellefontaineSt LouisMOin quarryMississippianSt Genevieve|St Louisbrachiopods, corals, conodonts,
St LouisSt LouisMOIn road cuts on I170 on the E side of Lambert International Airport in shales, coal, limestone, etc. Macrofossils may also be found in phosphate nodulesPennsylvanianBandera|Altamontfossils-invertebrates,marine vertebrates,
St LouisSt LouisMO29 km SW in fine, bluish-gray argillaceous shale () and black platy shalePennsylvanianCherokeepelecypods - Dunbarella,
St LouisSt LouisMOIn quarry of Missouri Portland Cement Co or Riverview Drive in fine, bluish-gray agrillaceous shale () and black platy shalePennsylvanianCherokeepelecypods -Dunbarella,
St LouisSt LouisMOarea exposuresPennsylvanianFort Scott Limestonepelecypods - Fasciculiconcha,
St LouisSt LouisMONear intersection of I44 and I244 and W of the intersection along I44. In multicolored Mississippian Warsaw Shale interbedded with crinoidal Limestone. Underlain by Keokuk Limestone. Overlain by Salem Limestone. Crinoid pockets at Keokuk-Warsaw contactMississippianWarsawTrilobites -Ditomopyge, Proetus, Mollusks - Platyceras, Echinoids,
St LouisSt LouisMOOn Cragwold Road accessible from Geyer Road near I44-I270 junctionMississippian?Original cites I244 which became I270 in 1970. Check a map. The road network in this area defies verbal description,
St LouisSt LouisMOnear junction of I44 and I270.Abundant fossils, edrioasteroids, brittle stars, crinoids, conularia, fish teeth, brachiopods, conularia, bryozoaSite reportedly buried by freeway construction in 1994,
St LouisSt LouisMOConularia,
VigusSt LouisMOin South Pit of Vigus QuarriesMississippianSt LouisLimestone brachiopods, corals, stromatolites, conodonts,
VigusSt LouisMOin S pit Vigus QuarriesMississippiancorals, stromatolites,
Reeds SpringStoneMOarea exposuresMississippian LowerChouteau (Reeds Spring)corals, bryozoa -Evactinopora, Ptychospira, Shumardella, Spirophyton,
Jacks ForkTexasMOIn N bank in s25t28nr7w in area outcropsOrdovicianRoubidouxSyntrophia, Roubidouxia, Lecanospira, Cryptozoon,
Schell CityVernonMO24 km SWLepidodendron trunk sections,
BelgradeWashingtonMOarea exposuresCambrian UpperDavislarge diverse trilobite fauna,
IrondaleWashingtonMOon E bank Big River 2.7 km W-SW 700 meters below a rhyolite outcropCambrian Upper?,
NorthviewWebsterMOSiltstonetracks, limonite snails, cephalopods, brachiopods weathering from shale.,
[?][?]MSIn marls from Yazoo City through Madison County, Northern Hinds County to Scott, Jasper, Smith and Clarke countiesEoceneJacksonZeuglodon bones and teeth,
[?][?]MSIn outcropsEoceneWhales -- Zeuglodon, Zygorhiza usually found in association with shark teeth --Carcharodon,
CorinthAlcornMS4 km NW in cut on Southern RRCretaceous UpperSelma chalkExogyra,
HoulkaChickasawMS8 km E on upper slope of hillCretaceousRipleyExogyra,
HoustonChickasawMS3 km SE in cut on MS8CretaceousRipleyExogyra,
OkolonaChickasawMS3 km WCretaceous UpperSelma ChalkExogyra,
OkolonaChickasawMS5 km WCretaceous UpperSelma ChalkExogyra,
OkolonaChickasawMS7 km W along Houston RoadCretaceous UpperSelma ChalkExogyra,
EnterpriseClarkeMS16km S at Wautubbee Cut on the Northeastern RREoceneClaiborneAstarte, others,
EnterpriseClarkeMS6.5 km NW at Dunn's Water MillEoceneClaiborneClaiborne faunas,
EnterpriseClarkeMS1 km below in bed and banks of Chickasawhay RiverScutella, Ostrea, Sharks Teeth, Sea Urchins,
ShubutaClarkeMS6.5 km NE in gorge of Garland CreekEoceneMoody's BranchPleurotoma,
Barton's BluffClayMSon Tombigbee River 16 km NW of Columbus in Lowndes Countynumerous fossils,
Carradine StoreClayMS4 km SE in bald spots adjacent to West Point-Houston RdCretaceousSelmaExogyra, DiploschizaCarradine's Store seems to have been a landmark in the mid 19th Century. It was a collection point for supplies for the Confederate Army.,
Cedar BluffClayMS2 km E on MS10 near W end of Line Creek bridgeCretaceousSelmainvertebrates, vertebrates, plants,
Vinton BluffClayMSCretaceousEutawShark teeth - Pseudothryptodus[?],Ischyrhiza'Pseudothryptodus' is 'Pseudohypolopus' (No citations found) in original,
CynthiaHindsMSin Miss-Lite aggregate Plant pit 9 km NW of US49EoceneYazoo ClayGastropods, bivalves, shark teeth, fragments of Basilosaurus,
CynthiaHindsMS7 km NW on US49 in quarrygastropods, shark teeth, vertebrates,
JacksonHindsMSwithin city on Moody's Branch which is a small tributary of the Pearl River in green sandsEoceneMoody's BranchDentalium, mollusks - Leda, Kelliella, gastropods - Pleurotoma, echinoids, crabs. shark teeth, etc.,
JacksonHindsMSEoceneMoody's BranchMollusks -Turritella,
JacksonHindsMSCoral Flabellum?,
JacksonHindsMSPelecypod Bathytormus?,
JacksonHindsMSat Dry CreekPleurotoma,
DorseyItawambaMSat W edge on N side of US78CretaceousSelmaExogyra,
FultonItawambaMSSE at site of Maxey's MillCretaceous UpperTuscaloosaleaves, mollusk molds,
MoorevilleItawambaMS3 km E on US78CretaceousSelmaExogyra,
MoorevilleItawambaMS8 km NE along Mantachie RdExogyra,
RatliffItawambaMS4 km E on East facing slope in calcareous micaceous sandCretaceousEutawExogyra,
ScoobaKemperMS10 km N on US6 on hill S of Wahalak CreekCretaceousSelmaExogyra, Diploschiza,
ScoobaKemperMS6 km NE on N slope of hillCretaceousSelmaExogyra, Diploschiza,
LauderdaleLauderdaleMSAt top of bluff behind Red Hot TruckstopEoceneBashi [Wilcox Group]Asillahyllos,Archaeomanta,Burnhamia,Galeus,Heterodontus,Meridiania,Microscyliorhinus,Platyrhina,Scyliorhinus,
MeridianLauderdaleMS25.9km N of Tom Bailey Drive (I59) in Road cuts on MS19EoceneBashi [Wilcox Group]mollusks, shark teeth, snake vertebrae,
MeridianLauderdaleMS3 km S in RR cutTertiaryWood's Bluffabundant fossils : mollusks, pelecypods, cephalopods,
MeridianLauderdaleMSin roadcuts on MS19vertebrates, mollusks, shark teeth,
NewtonLauderdaleMSIn area outcropsEoceneOstrea, Pleurotoma,
BethanyLeeMS400 meters W in area exposures on the W side of Tishomingo Creek ValleyCretaceousSelmaExogyra,
SaltilloLeeMS2 km WNW on US45CretaceousSelmaExogyra,
ShannonLeeMS13 km W in gully S of Troy rdCretaceousSelmaExogyra,
TupeloLeeMS2 km W of the Waverly along Tibbee CreekCretaceousEutawHadrosaurs, ammonites, crabs, fish, mollusks,
TupeloLeeMS2.5 km W along Chesterville RdCretaceousSelmaExogyra,
TupeloLeeMS5 km W along Chesterville RdCretaceousSelmaExogyra,
TupeloLeeMS5 km W along Pontotoc RdCretaceousSelmaExogyra,
TupeloLeeMS6 km W along Pontotoc RdCretaceousSelmaExogyra,
TupeloLeeMS9 km S in bed of Coonewar Creek at US6 crossingCretaceousSelmaExogyra,
TupeloLeeMSIn roadcuts on US78 between Mileposts 79 and 82CretaceousSelmaExogyra, Gryphaea, mollusk molds,
TupeloLeeMS6 km W on Pontotoc Road (MS6) inCretaceous UpperSelma ChalkEchinoids, Mollusk casts, large bivalves.,
WaverlyLeeMSin Cretaceous Eutaw Formation on the Tombigbee River 2 km West Hadrosaur fragments and mollusks. The overlying Selma chalk with abundant mollusksCretaceousEutawfish, crabs, ammonites, dinosaur bones and a large microfauna,
ColumbusLowndesMSat Columbus Lock and Dam inCretaceousEutawCephalopods - Baculites, rays -Ptychodus,
ColumbusLowndesMS11 km ESEnumerous vertebrate, plant, and invertebrate fossils,
ColumbusLowndesMS7-8 km NW at Plymouth Buff on Tombigbee Rivernumerous vertebrate, plant, and invertebrate fossils,
ColumbusLowndesMSIn bluff a few hundred meters above RR bridgenumerous vertebrate, plant, and invertebrate fossils,
Early GroveMarshallMS2 km SE of Wellborns[?] on E of road in numerous gulliesWilcoxExcellent leaf fossils of many species.Can't find a Wellborns, MS. Possibly Wellborns is the name of a store or farm rather than a formal place name.,
AberdeenMonroeMS5 km upstream at Blue Buff on E bank of riverabundant invertebrates, some vertebrates.,
AberdeenMonroeMSbelow RR bridge on Tombigbee Riverabundant invertebrates, some vertebrates.,
AmoryMonroeMS6 km W on E slope of Tombigbee River valleyabundant invertebrates. A few vertebrates.,
GarlandvilleNewtonMSon Suanlovy[?] Creek?Garlandville (such as it is) is at 32.2196N, 89.1226W in Jasper County a few hundred meters S of the Newton County Line. Unable to identify a Suanlovy Creek in the area.32.2196N, 89.1226W approximate
MaconNoxubeeMS13 km S on Macon-DeKalb roadEoceneClaytonGryphaeostrea, corals, Turritella, Cucullaea, Venericardia, Ostrea,
MaconNoxubeeMS19-20 km NW in bluff on Horse Creek on Macon-Louisville Rdcoral, Cylichna?, Turris, Turritella, Natica, Xenophora, Cucullaea, Ostrea,
New AlbanyNoxubeeMSIn Agriculture farm on N limits W of US45. Exogyra.Cretaceous UpperDemopolis ChalkCasts of mollusks,
New AlbanyNoxubeeMS6 km S information on Northward facing slope of Kings Creek Valley.Cretaceous UpperOwl CreekMollusks, Baculites, sharks teeth, mosasaur teeth, mosasaur vertebra,
New AlbanyNoxubeeMSAt Agricultural Farm N at city limits W of US45Cretaceous UpperExogyra, mollusks,
StarkvilleOktibbehaMSIn gullies on State College campusCretaceous UpperPrairie BluffExogyra,
StarkvilleOktibbehaMS4 km N on farmExogyra,
StarkvilleOktibbehaMS5 km NWExogyra,
PontotocPontotocMSIn on both sides of MS6 3.5 km ECretaceous UpperPrairie Bluff Chalkechinoids Hardouinia, Hemiaster, mollusks, vertebrates.,
PontotocPontotocMS4 km S in quarry in100 meters SE of crossing of N fork of Chiwapa Creek by old MS15.CretaceousRipelyMicrabacia, Hardouinia, Ostrea, Exogyra, Pecten, etc,
PontotocPontotocMS1 km S in RR cut in sand just above Cretaceous contactCretaceousRipleyabundant fossils,
PontotocPontotocMSin cuts on MS6echinoids, gastropods, shark teeth,
PontotocPontotocMS3 km SE at base of hill at fork in Houston road in Limestone ledgeExogyra, Gryphaea,
PontotocPontotocMS2 km W on the Toccopola Rd at top of steep descentfossils,
TupeloPontotocMSin Cretaceous Eutaw Formation on Tibbee Creek -Hadrosaur fragments and mollusks. The overlying Selma chalk with abundant mollusks, fish, crabs, ammonites, and a large microfauna is present at some Eutaw localitiesCretaceousEutaw?,
TupeloPontotocMS10 km W on MS6 in gullies on N sideCretaceousSelmaExogyra,
BoonevillePrentissMS14 km E on Big Brown Creek near Hare's Mill siteinvertebrates and a few vertebrates,
BoonevillePrentissMS12 km SE on NE slope of Youngs Creek Valleinvertebrates, and few vertebrate fragments,
MariettaPrentissMS400 meters W on Baldwyn Roadinvertebrates, fish remains,
BrandonRankinMS3.2km SW in Marquette Cement Co QuarryOligoceneMint Spring Marlmollusks Chlamys.,
BrandonRankinMS3 km S in quarryOligoceneinvertebrates,
SylvarenaSmithMS3.2km E of County Lime Quarry and E of West Tallahala Creek on MS18OligoceneMint Spring Marlmollusks Chlamys,
SylvarenaSmithMS1.2 km S near Leaf River in greenish marl exposuresOligoceneVicksburgVery large Oysters (30cm long),
SylvarenaSmithMS3 km E in lime quarry a E side of W Tallahala Creek on MS18?,
RipelyTippahMS5 km NE along Owl Creek bluffsCretaceous UpperOwl Creek Marlfriable, well preserved fossils - Ostrea, Exogyra, Gryphaea, Trigonia, Baculites, Scaphites, Sea Urchins, fish teeth,
RipelyTippahMSexposures between Pontotoc and TN lineCretaceous UpperOwl Creek Marlfriable, well preserved fossils - Ostrea, Exogyra, Gryphaea, Trigonia, Baculites, Scaphites, Sea Urchins, fish teeth,
RipleyTippahMSarea exposuresCretaceousRipelynumerous fossils,
Big SpringsTishomingoMSIn area cuts and quarriesDevonianIukaCup corals, blastoids, crinoid stems, bryozoa, brachiopods,
CherokeeTishomingoMSIn quarry of John A Denie and Sons as well as adjacent hillDevoniancup corals, crinoid stems, bryozoa, brachiopods, pelecypods, gastropods, trilobite fragments -Lithostrotion masses abundant,
CherokeeTishomingoMS6 km W 2 km W of Bear CreekDevoniancup corals, crinoid stems. bryozoa, brachiopods, pelecypods, gastropods, trilobite fragments - Lithostrotion masses abundant,
EastportTishomingoMS3 km away at Bear Creek Estuary in shale in banksDevoniantrilobites, brachiopods,
Island HillTishomingoMSon Yellow Creek in limestonesDevonianNew Scotlandabundant brachiopods, gastropods, fish plates, crustacea, crinoid stems, bryozoa, pelecypods,
IukaTishomingoMSalong sw1/4 s17t2sr11eDevonianIukabryozoa, brachiopods, pelecypods, crustacea, blastoids,
IukaTishomingoMSIn area outcropsDevonianIukabryozoa, brachiopods, pelecypods, crustacea, blastoids,
IukaTishomingoMSmidway to Tishomingo City in regional exposuresMississippianTuscumbiaPlatycrinus, crinoids, corals, trilobites, mollusks,
Yellow Creek ValleyTishomingoMSarea outcrops throughout countyDevonianNew Scotlandwell preserved Leptaena, Stropheodonta, Tentaculites, Spirifer, Anoplotheca, Dalmanites fragments,
Yellow Creek ValleyTishomingoMSbluffs and ravines near Tennessee RiverDevonianNew Scotlandwell preserved Leptaena, Stropheodonta, Tentaculites, Spirifer, Anoplotheca, Dalmanites fragments,
Yellow Creek ValleyTishomingoMSon E side in cliffs about 5 km from stream mouthDevonianNew Scotlandwell preserved Leptaena, Stropheodonta, Tentaculites, Spirifer, Anoplotheca, Dalmanites fragments,
Blue SpringsUnionMS4 km NW at RR cut at bridge over branch of Cherry CreekCretaceousRipleyExogyra.,
KeownvilleUnionMS2 km NE at Lees mill site on headwater branch of Tallahatchie RiverCretaceousRipleyExogyra,
MolinoUnionMS5 km S in bluff on small streamCretaceousRipleyExogyra,
New AlbanyUnionMSin cut on St Louis-San Francisco RR 7 km S.PaleoceneClaytonHamulus, Lima, Halymenites,
New AlbanyUnionMS3 km E in RR cuts along Frisco RRPaleoceneClaytonTurritella mortoni very abundant.,
New AlbanyUnionMS5 km S on Hwy 15Cretaceous UpperOwl Creekmollusks, sea urchin - Linthia, Idonearca, Trigonia,
New AlbanyUnionMS5.5 km S in road cuts on MS15Cretaceous Upperfossils,
WallervilleUnionMS6 km NE in roadside ditch on local road on NE slope of tributary of Brown's CreekCretaceousRipleyExogyra,
VicksburgWarrenMSIn Mississippi City bluffs in marine limestones in marlEocene-Oligoceneabundant marine fossils - Dentalium, pteropods - Styliola, Lucina,
VicksburgWarrenMSIn gorges of small streams in cityEocene-Oligoceneabundant marine fossils-Dentalium;pteropods-Styliola,Lucina,
VicksburgWarrenMSnear city cemetery in road cuts in Pliocene Loess bluffsPlioceneabundant land snails of many species. A few vertebrates - tigers, sloth, tapir, horses. deer, bison, elephant, mastodon,
VicksburgWarrenMSCoral Oculina?,
Wayne CountyWayneMSIn area Limestone outcropsOligoceneVicksburgTeredo,
SartariaYazooMS2.5 km S on Locust Grove Plantation in deep ravinesEoceneJacksonZeuglodon bones,
SartariaYazooMSIn area Eocene outcropsEoceneJacksonZeuglodon bones,
Thompson CreekYazooMSEoceneChadronMammal Reference Location,
Yazoo CityYazooMSIn marls in bluffsEoceneJacksonZeuglodon bones and teeth,
Eastern Montana-Western South Dakota-MTIn Hell Creek Formation - dark colored continental beds above the Fox Hills Sandstone and Pierre Shale.CretaceousHell CreekVertebrate fossils are not uncommon but are not mineralized and do not weather well. Sharks-Lonchiodon; Rays-Myledaphus; fish-Acipenser, Paleopsephurus, Amia, Lepisosteus, Platacodon, Palaeolabrus; Amphibians ; Caudata, Scapherpeton, Prodesmodon, Opis,
[?][?]MTRegional exposures in E part of statePaleoceneFt UnionFossil Plants,
[?][?]MTCretaceousJudith RiverNodosaur --Edmontonia, Ankylosaur -- Euplocephalus,
[?][?]MTAlong Missouri R in NE MTCretaceousPierre?,
[?][?]MTAlong Missouri Rive tributaries in NE MTCretaceousPierre?,
Judith River[?]MTCretaceousHell Creekfish-Lepisosteus?,
Arrowhead MountainBeaverheadMTIn Centennial Range on N face E of mouth of Odell Creek S29t14sr1w-s32 t14sr1wMississippianLodgepoleLithostrotionella, Syringopora, gastropods,
Diamond O RanchBeaverheadMTEocene-OligoceneRenovaMammal Fossils,
DillonBeaverheadMTalong Blacktail Creek road on NE side of Blacktail Creek in S23t12sr6w-t26 t12sr6wTriassic LowerDinwoody LimestoneLingula, ammonites. brachiopods, pelecypods,
DillonBeaverheadMT25 km NE on MT41 at Point of RocksFossils and Dinosaur Bone,
DillonBeaverheadMT30 km W in Frying Pan BasinPetrified Wood,
Little Sheep CreekBeaverheadMTon Middle Fork on E side in SE s29t15sr8wJurassicEllisGryphaea, Camptonectes, Pinna, Trigonia, many Pentacrinus,
Sheep Creek CanyonBeaverheadMTW side in Blacktail Range s7t9sr8wMississippianAmsden Limestonebrachiopods, corals, Linoproductus, Composita, Lingula, Bryozoa.,
Beauvais CreekBig HornMTOn Beauvais Creek 28.8km SW of Crow AgencyCretaceousCloverlydinosaur bones,
Beauvais CreekBig HornMTOn W fork Beauvais Creek 62km SE of BillingsCretaceousCloverlyturtles-Helopanoplia,
Beauvais CreekBig HornMTOn Beauvais Creek 1.6km W of Cashen's Ranch Crow Indian ReservationCretaceousCloverlyvertebrates-Deinonychus,
Beauvais CreekBig HornMTOn Beauvais Creek 80km SW of Billings--may be only 74km or there may be two separate localities 16km apartCretaceousCloverlyvertebrates-Naomichelys,Polyporites,Sauropelta,Tenontosaurus,
Beauvais CreekBig HornMTOn Beauvais Creek 1.6km SW of Cashen's Ranch Crow Indian ReservationCretaceousCloverlyvertebrates-Sauropelta,
Beauvais CreekBig HornMTOn E fork Beauvais Creek 16km SW of Cashen's Ranch Crow Indian ReservationCretaceousCloverlyvertebrates-Sauropelta,Tenontosaurus,
BillingsBig HornMTS near Wyoming border between Pryor and Bighorn Mountainssilicified coral.,
Buster CreekBig HornMTCretaceousCloverlyturtles-Naomichelys,
Buster CreekBig HornMTCretaceousSykes Mtnvertebrates-Champsosaurus,
ChristineBig HornMT3.2km ECretaceousJudith RiverReptiles-Champsosaurus;Turtles,
HardinBig HornMTPennsylvanian[?]Sage Hen (sandy) Limestonepelecypods, ammonites, Inoceramus, Scaphites.Source says Pennsylvanian, but the assemblage looks Cretaceous,
Horse CouleeBig HornMT1.6km N of Cashen's RanchCretaceousCloverlycrocodile bones,
Mott CreekBig HornMT14.4km E of Cashen's Ranch on Crow Indian ReservationCretaceousCloverlyCrocodiles;Dinosaurs-Deinonychus,
Mott CreekBig HornMT14.4km E of Cashen's Ranch on Crow Indian Reservation (Coordinates for Mott Creek 45.47, -108.11CretaceousCloverlyDinosaurs-Sauropelta[?],TenontosaurusOriginal says Sauropeltis,
PryorBig HornMT8km NECretaceousCloverlyvertebrates-Sauropelta,Tenontosaurus,
PryorBig HornMT40km SE of Pryor in area exposures around Cashen's RanchCretaceousCloverlyvertebrates-Sauropelta,Tenontosaurus;Crocodile-Goniopholis?;turtles-Naomichelys,
PryorBig HornMT12.8km E at Hams CreekCretaceousFort Bentonvertebrates-turtles-,
PryorBig HornMT16km E at Brush CreekCretaceousFort Bentonvertebrates-turtles-Glyptops,
PryorBig HornMTArea Exposures-12.8kmE,18kmE,19.5kmSE,40kmE,48kmECretaceousFort Bentonvertebrates-turtles-Glyptops;fish teeth-Cladodus,Orodus;reptiles-plesiosaurs,crocodiles-Teleorhinus,
PryorBig HornMT40km ECretaceousFort Bentonvertebrates-turtles-Naomichelys,
Pryor-Horse CouleeBig HornMT48 km E of Pryor at Horse CouleeJurassicMorrisondinosaur bones-Diplodocus,
[?]BlaineMTCretaceousBearpaw ShaleCephalopods Placenticeras,
[?]BlaineMTCretaceousJudith Riversharks - Hybodus, Cretorectolobus, Synechodus, Ptychotrygon Fish mouth plates - Parabula Judith River Fm - general dinosaurs Monoclonius,
Suction CreekBlaineMTCretaceousJudith Rivershark teeth-Hybodus,Lonchidion,
Timber RidgeBlaineMTCretaceousJudith Riverfish teeth-Parabula,
Cow IslandBlaine,FergusMTCretaceousJudith RiverVertebrates-Crocodiles-Leidyosuchus;Dinosaurs-Monoclonius;turtles-Naomichelys,
Bear CreekCarbonMTPaleocene UpperFort UnionMammal Fossils,
BridgerCarbonMT17.6km ECretaceousCloverlyvertebrates-Sauropelta,Tenontosaurus,
BridgerCarbonMTGastropods - Planorbis,
BridgerCarbonMTN E of US310Reptile Fossils,
BridgerCarbonMT20 km S in area exposuresReptile fossils.,
Caslieus[?]CarbonMT5.6km NE on Point CreekCretaceousCloverlyDinosaurs-TenontosaurusUnable to locate a 'Caslieus' or anything similar in Big Horn County (or, indeed, anywhere),
Red LodgeCarbonMTto S and E in area exposuresEoceneFort UnionPlant and animal fossils,
Chalk BluffCarterMTdinosaurs - Triceratops,
Powder RiverCarterMTin breaks of Powder River about 130m below Ft Union coalCretaceousLancedinosaur teeth,
Great FallsCascadeMT11.2km E On Missouri River just below Rainbow FallsCretaceousKootenaiDinosaur bones,
VaughnCascadeMT18 km W of Great Fallsblack petrified wood, teredo wood.,
ChouteauChouteauMTCretaceousTwo MedicineDinosaur egg shells,
ChouteauChouteauMTCretaceousTwo MedicineHadrosaurs - Maiasaura,
ChouteauChouteauMTIn Willow Creek AnticlineHadrosaur bones, eggs, nests Orodromeus, Troodon, Maisaura - owned and by Nature Conservancy and Museum of the Rockies.{7},
Clambank HollowChouteauMTCretaceousJudith RiverMammal Reference Location,
Clambank HollowChouteauMTSE 1/4 S31T24NR17ECretaceousJudith RiverMammals-Allotheria,Allotheria,Alphadon,Boreodon,Cimexomys,Cimolodon,Gypsonictops,Meniscoessus,Mesodma,Pediomys,Theria;Dinosaurs-Albertosaurus,Corythosaurus,Dromaeosaurus,Edmontonia,Kritosaurus,Palaeoscincus,Paronychodon,Procheneosaurus,Stegoceras...,
LomaChouteauMTarea roadcutsBaculites,
Marias River ValleyChouteauMTIn 'breaks'marine fossils in concretions,
[?]CusterMTSE part of CountyCretaceousPierre?,
[?]CusterMTCretaceousPierreOstrea, Avicula, Inoceramus, Chlamys, Yoldia, Nucula, Lucina, Protocardia, Callista, Lunatia, Scaphites, Nautilus, Modiola, Veniella, Anchura, Haminea, Pyrofusus, Dentalium, Baculites,
Mexican HatCusterMTIn Williston Basin at NE1/41NE1/4S29T8NR52EPaleoceneFort UnionAbout 20 taxa of plants-Sycamore,etcNE1/41NE1/4S29T8NR52E
Crooked CreekDawsonMT208km NW of Miles City, 40km S of GlasgowCretaceousHell Creekdinosaurs-Anatosaurus,Anatotitan,Ectoconodon,Myledaphus,Triceratops,Tyrannosaurus;crocodiles-Leidyosuchus;turtles-Asperidites,
GlasgowDawsonMT64km SCretaceousLancevertebrates-Hybodus,
GlendiveDawsonMTNW along Hell Creek in SandstoneCretaceousFox HillsCarbium, Nucula, Tellina, Yoldia, Crenella, Piestochilus, Anchura, Lunatia, Cylichna, Baculites, Scaphites, Chemnitzia, Mactra, Actaeon,
GlendiveDawsonMTCretaceousHell Creekdinosaurs;turtles-Stygiochelys,
GlendiveDawsonMTCretaceousHell Creekdinosaurs;turtles-Stygiochelys,
GlendiveDawsonMTAt Makoshka State ParkCretaceousHell Creekvertebrates-reptiles-Champsosaurus;turtles-Adocus,Asperidites,Baena,Clemmys,Compsemys;Dinosaurs-Triceratops,
GlendiveDawsonMTfrom 24 to 240 km downstream to vicinity of Forsythe S.D.CretaceousLanceabundant marine shells, reptile bones - Triceratops, Trachodon, Tyrannosaurus, Camptosaurus, crocodiles turtles, mammal teeth,
GlendiveDawsonMT16 km SW near Iron BluffCretaceousLanceabundant marine shells, reptile bones -Triceratops, Trachodon, Tyrannosaurus, Camptosaurus, crocodiles turtles, mammal teeth,
GlendiveDawsonMTCretaceousLancemarine shells, dinosaur bones - Triceratops, Trachodon, Tyrannosaurus, Camptosaurus, crocodiles, turtles, mammals,
GlendiveDawsonMT10.5 km W on extension of 10th Avenue - 1.5 km E of creek crossingCretaceousPierreabundant fossils,
GlendiveDawsonMTCretaceousPierre ShaleMollusks - Inoceramus, Cephalopods: Acanthoscaphites, Plants Gingko,
GlendiveDawsonMTalong Cedar Creek in concretionsammonites, Baculites,
Hell CreekDawsonMTabove Pierre shaleCretaceousFox HillsCarbium, Nucula, Tellina, Yoldia, Crenella, Piestochilus, Anchura, Lunatia, Cylichna, Baculites, Scaphites, Chemnitzia, Mactra, Actaeon,
Hell CreekDawsonMTCretaceousPierreOstrea, Avicula, Inoceramus, Chlamys, Yoldia, Nucula, Lucina, Protocardia, Callista, Lunatia, Scaphites, Nautilus, Modiola, Veniella, Anchura, Haminea, Pyrofusus(a whelk), Dentalium, Baculites,
JordanDawsonMT56km ECretaceousHell Creekturtles-Asperidites,
Missouri RiverDawsonMTalong River and tributariesCretaceousPierreOstrea, Avicula, Inoceramus, Chlamys, Yoldia, Nucula, Lucina, Protocardia, Callista, Lunatia, Scaphites, Nautilus, Modiola, Veniella, Anchura, Haminea, Pyrofusus, Dentalium, Baculites,
BakerFallonMT11.2km SCretaceousHell Creekvertebrates-reptiles-Leidyosuchus,
[?]FergusMTarea exposuresCretaceous Uppercrocodile - Deinosuchus to 12 meters,
Armells CreekFergusMTCretaceousPierrePlesiosaur-Elasmosaurus,
Bear GulchFergusMTImportant locality-Goelex says names locality of the Bear Gulch Limestone is in T14NR21-22EPennsylvanianBear GulchDiverse faunas--Invertebrates,fish,
Big Snowy MtnsFergusMTon N flank in s6t12nr20eCarboniferousAmsden Limestonebrachiopods (some oil filled), Leiorhynchus, Productus, Chonetes, Composita, Pustula, Trepospira all in concretionsThe Heath Formation is Oligocene. The Amsden and Otter are in fact Mississippian,
Dog CreekFergusMTCretaceousClagettbird bones-Hesperornis,
Dog CreekFergusMTOn divide between Dog Creek and Judith River drainagesCretaceousJudith Riververtebrates-Crocodiles-Leidyosuchus;turtles,
HeathFergusMTin Mississippian Upper Heath shale 10 km ESE in a black fissile shale bed about 20cm thick.Mississippian UpperHeathCrustacea, fish, Conchostraca, ostracods, brachiopods.,
HeathFergusMT10 km ESE in 20cm layercrustacea, abundant fish, ostracods, brachiopods,
HilgerFergusMTN of Lewistown at Van Haur FarmCretaceousClagettreptile bonesOriginal says 'Hilgur',
Judith RiverFergusMTCretaceousJudith Riverdinosaurs-Deinodon,
Missouri RiverFergusMTOpposite mouth of Dog CreekCretaceousJudith Riverdinosaurs-Monoclonius,
Willow CreekFergusMTDeinosuchus (a crocodile), the type of Deinosuchus was found at Willow Creek, 4.8km W of Nolan and Archer's Ranch, In Fergus County, Montana. From the Judith River FormationCretaceousJudith RiverCrocodile - Deinosuchus,
WinifredFergusMTNW in badlands along Missouri RiverCretaceousJudith Riververtebrate fragments,
LewistonFlatheadMTWestMississippianBear Gulch LimestoneWorms,
AnceneyGallatinMTMiocene-PlioceneMadison ValleyMammal Fossils,
LoganGallatinMT16 km E at Iron BluffMississippianMadisoncrinoid fragments, Ambocoelia, Camarotoechia, Cleiothyridina, Cyrtospirifer,
LoganGallatinMTon N bank of Gallatin River across from town in se1/4 s25t2nr2eMississippianMadisoncrinoid fragments, Ambocoelia, Camarotoechia, Cleiothyridina, Cyrtospirifer,
LoganGallatinMTMississippianMadisoncrinoid fragments, Ambocoelia, Camarotoechia, Cleiothyridina, Cyrtospirifer,
LoganGallatinMTIn s24t2nr2eDevonianThree ForksSyringothyris, Cyrtospirifer. Cladopora, Stromatoporoids,
Three ForksGallatinMTS of townPetrified wood,
Three Forks QuadGallatinMTbrachiopodsMicromitra,
Three Forks QuadGallatinMTTrilobites Bathyuriscus,
Brownie ButteGarfieldMTCretaceousHell CreekAbundant and diverse fossil plants,
Gilbert CreekGarfieldMTMultiple exposures--208-224km NW of Miles CityCretaceousHell Creekcrocodiles-Leidyosuchus;dinosaurs-Ankylosaurus,Tenontosaurus,Thescelosaurus,Triceratops,othersThis is possibly the Gilbert Creek in Garfield County, but there are other Gilbert Creeks in MT,
Hell CreekGarfieldMTArea exposures 25.6km N of Jordan, 200-208km NW of Miles City. There may be a second locality 40km N of JordanCretaceousHell Creekcrocodiles-Crocodylus,Leidyosuchus;Champsosaurus;dinosaurs-Edmontosaurus,Hadrosaurus,Ornithomimus,Thescelosaurus,Trachodon,Triceratops,Tyrannosaurus;turtles-Adocus,Asperidites,Aspideretoides,Baena,Basilemys,Emys,Plastomenus;Urodela-Scapherpeton,
LismasGarfieldMT36km SE at Hungry Creek-Bear Creek divideCretaceousHell Creek?,
LismasGarfieldMTarea exposures-28.8km E, 36km S, 40km E, 40km S,44.8km S, 64km SCretaceousHell CreekChampsosaurus;dinosaurs-Stygimoloch,Thescelosaurus,Triceratops,others,
LismasGarfieldMTWest side of Big Dry Creek 56km S of Lismas at Twitchell RanchCretaceousHell Creekdinosaurs-Triceratops,Tyrannosaurus47.59056, -106.39944
LismasGarfieldMTWest side of Big Dry Creek 79.2km S of LismasCretaceousHell Creekdinosaurs-Triceratops,TyrannosaurusAlso described as 70.4km S of Glasgow,
LismasGarfieldMTTwo(?) sites on the E side of Big Dry Creek 44.8 and 56 km S of Lismas--possibly other area exposuresCretaceousHell Creekleaves;vertebrates-reptiles-Brachychampsa,Champsosaurus,Leidyosuchus;dinosaur bones-Tyrannosaurus,others;turtles-Asperidites?,Baena,Clemmys,Compsemys,Eubaena,Helopanoplia,Neurankylus,Palatobaena;bird bones;fish-Myledaphus,
LismasGarfieldMTIn various locations 24,29,32,40,48 km SE on Rock Creek, Sand Creek (6km E of CK Ranch), and Sand ArroyoCretaceousHell Creekvertebrates-reptiles-Brachychampsa,Champsosaurus;dinosaurs-Anatosaurus,Anatotitan,Thescelosaurus,Triceratops,Tyrannosaurus;turtles-Thescelus?,
Mosby P.O.GarfieldMT500 meters E on hwy18 in s11t14nr30e in shaleCretaceous UpperCarlisleshark teeth, Colligoniceras,
Mosby P.O.GarfieldMT2 to 3 km E on hwy18 in s11t14nr30e in shaleCretaceous UpperColorado(Blue Hill)poorly preserved fossils Colligoniceras,
Mosby P.O.GarfieldMT1 km W off hwy18 in s11t14nr30e in shaleCretaceous Upperlarge ammonites - Dunveganoceras, Metoicoceras,
Mosby P.O.GarfieldMT8 km E in s3t14nr31e in shaleCretaceous Upperlarge ammonites - Dunveganoceras, Metoicoceras,
Buffalo LakeGlacierMT4.8km W (72km W of Sweet Grass)CretaceousSt MaryDinosaur-Montanoceratops,
Family MissionGlacierMTOn Two Medicine River 16km aboveCretaceousSt MaryDinosaur-Hadrosaurus,
Family MissionGlacierMTOn Two Medicine River 9.2km aboveCretaceousSt MaryDinosaur bones,
Family MissionGlacierMTOn Two Medicine River 7.2km aboveCretaceousSt MaryDinosaur-Hadrosaurus,
Glacier National ParkGlacier,FlatheadMTalong Going to the Sun HighwayPrecambrianBelt GroupStromatolites - Collenia,
Glacier National ParkGlacier,FlatheadMTalong Going-To-The-Sun HighwayPrecambrianAlgal reefs,
Glacier National Park AreaGlacier,FlatheadMTIn the Western part of the Park and in adjacent IdahoNeoproterozoicBelt Groupstromatolites,
RyegateGolden ValleyMTMarine fossils in rimrock to S?,
PhilipsburgGraniteMTCoral Cladopora,
Bear CreekJeffersonMTBear Creek Coal Mine 1.6km S of Bear CreekPaleoceneFt Unionvertebrates-bird claws;crocodile bones,teeth;Champsosaurus;turtles-Plastomenus,others;mammals-Apatemys ,Apheliscus,Carpolestes,Lampadophorus,Leipsanolestes,Paramys,Pentacodon,Planetetherium,Plesiadapis,Protentomodon,Talpavus,Thryptacodon,Viverravus,
Bull MountainJeffersonMTon SE flank S30t2nr3w-s31t2nr3wOligocene LowerBozemanTapir, Merycoidon, turtles, etc.,
Jefferson RiverJeffersonMTin ne1/4 ne1.4 s29t2nr2wDevonianThree ForksConularia, bryozoa - 4 species, crinoid columnals - 6 species, brachiopods - 21 species, pelecypods - 13 species, gastropods - 4 species, cephalopods - 8 species, arthropods -- 3 species,
Jefferson RiverJeffersonMTin ne1/4 se1/4 s17DevonianThree ForksConularia, bryozoa - 4 species, crinoid columnals - 6 species, brachiopods - 21 species, pelecypods - 13 species, gastropods - 4 species, cephalopods - 8 species, arthropods -- 3 species,
Jefferson RiverJeffersonMTin Se1/4 ne1/4 s17t2nr3wDevonianThree ForksConularia, bryozoa - 4 species, crinoid columnals - 6 species, brachiopods - 21 species, pelecypods - 13 species, gastropods - 4 species, cephalopods - 8 species, arthropods -- 3 species,
Jefferson RiverJeffersonMTIn se1/4 nw1.4 s22t2nr2wDevonianThree ForksConularia, bryozoa - 4 species, crinoid columnals - 6 species, brachiopods - 21 species, pelecypods - 13 species, gastropods - 4 species, cephalopods - 8 species, arthropods -- 3 species,
Little PipestoneJeffersonMTOligoceneRenovavertebrates:Pelycomys,
McCartys MtnJeffersonMTOligoceneRenovavertebrates:Agriochoerus,Caenopus,Oreonetes,
MilesJeffersonMT13 km E in road cut on Hwy 12PaleoceneFt Unionleaf fossils,
MilesJeffersonMTarea exposuresPaleoceneFt Unionleaf fossils, vertebrates, mollusks,
N Boulder ValleyJeffersonMTon W side in s25t3nr3wMioceneBozemanCosoryx, Mesohippus, Protohippus, Camelids, Procamelus.,
Pipestone SpringsJeffersonMTEoceneChadronMammal Reference Location,
Pipestone SpringsJeffersonMTOligoceneRenovamammals:Adjidaumo,Apternodus,Bathygenys,Cylindrodon,Domnina,Eumys,Fricktops,Hesperocyon,Hyracodon,Ischyromys,Leptictis,Leptomeryx,Leptotragulus,Leptotragus,Megalagus,Merycoidodon,Mesohippus,Micropternodus,Palaeolagus,Paradjidaumo,Peratherium,...,
Little Belt MtnsJudith BasinMTon Yogo Creek at mouth of Bear Gulch is S1t13nr10e in dolomite above shalesDevonianJeffersonshark teeth, Lingula, corals, brachiopods,
Slategoat MtnLewis and ClarkMTS flank at the Head of Glenn Creek in S10t22nr112Mississippiancrinoid fragments,
AlderMadisonMTabout 21 km away in paper shales in Ruby River Basin between Peterson and Morgan CreekOligoceneinsects and plants.,
Bighorn MtnsMadisonMTIn 500 meters thick Limestone exposureCarboniferousMadisonBrachiopods, pelecypods, crinoids -- Spirifer, Spiriferina, Cyrtina, Syringothyris, Reticularia, Rhynchopora, Schellwienella, Orthotetes, Schuchertella, Leptaena, Chonetes, Productus, Echinoconchus, Actita[?], Cactocrinus, Phillipsia, StraparolusActita=Platyceras,
Black ButteMadisonMTIn tuffsOligoceneTitanotheres, Leptomeryx, agrichoerids(Oreodonts), Trigonias(a rhinoceros),
Cave MtnsMadisonMTIn 500 meters thick Limestone exposureCarboniferousMadisonBrachiopods, pelecypods, crinoids -- Spirifer, Spiriferina, Cyrtina, Syringothyris, Reticularia, Rhynchopora, Schellwienella, Orthotetes, Schuchertella, Leptaena, Chonetes, Productus, Echinoconchus, Actita[?], Cactocrinus, Phillipsia, StraparolusActita=Platyceras,
Cottonwood CreekMadisonMTto S in 50 meters thick sandstone bedCretaceousInoceramus to 15cm,
Fossil CreekMadisonMTN of Centennial Valley on W side of creek s4t12r2wTriassic LowerWoodside|ThaynesColumbites, Tirolites, Meekoceras,
Gravelly RangeMadisonMTat Cave Mtn in claystoneDevonian LowerAmbocoelia, Palaeoneilo, Rhipidomella,
Gravelly RangeMadisonMTat Dry Hollow in claystoneDevonian LowerAmbocoelia, Palaeoneilo, Rhipidomella,
Lion MtnMadisonMTIn tuffsOligoceneTitanotheres, Leptomeryx, agrichoerids, Tigonias,
McCarty's MountainMadisonMTOn N side of Big Hole RiverEoceneChadronMammal Reference Location,
Monument RidgeMadisonMTalong road to EJurassicEllisOstrea, Pentacrinus,
Monument RidgeMadisonMTin numerous small gullies at head of Red CreekJurassicMorrisondinosaur bones, Stegosaurus,
PetersonMadisonMTbetween Peterson and Morgan Creek in paper shalesinsects, plants,
Raw Liver CreekMadisonMTS17T8SR3ECretaceousLivingstonOstariostoma,
SappingtonMadisonMT3.5 km WSW along Antelope Creek in se1/4 nw1/4 s2t1r2wMississippian LowerSappington SandstoneAlgal nodules containing silicified brachiopods, bryozoa, pelecypods, worm tubes, forams, Rhipidomella,Chonetes,Syringothyris,Spirifer,Camarotoechia, Schuchertella, Delthyris, Ambocoelia, Composita, Orbicula, Productid brachiopods, cup corals, pelecypods,
Virginia CityMadisonMTin Ruby MtnsOligoceneRubyfossil plants,
[?]McConeMTOlive FaunaPaleoceneFt Unionvertebrates-mammals-Palaeosinopa,Thryptacodon,
Bug CreekMcConeMTIn debris associated with anthills. Multiple localities including 'Duen Locality'CretaceousHell Creekturtles-Adocus,Compsemys,Eubaena,Palatobaena,Trionyx;reptiles-crocodiles-Brachychampsa,Leidyosuchus;Champsosaurus;birds;Squamata-Chamops,Coniophis,Leptochamops,Pancelosaurus,Parasaniwa;Urodela-Habrosaurus,Haptosphenus,Lisserpeton?,Opisthotriton,...SW1/4S9T22NR43E,
Devil's CreekMcConeMTCretaceousHell Creekturtles-Adocus,Compsemys,
Harbicht HillMcConeMTArea exposures 1.6km N and SCretaceousHell Creekturtles-Asperidites,Compsemys,
Harbicht HillMcConeMTS32T25NR43ECretaceous-PaleoceneHell Creekreptiles-Tyrannosaurus,mammals-primates-Purgatorius(a single tooth);fish-Micropristis,
OswegoMcConeMT24km S on Shade CreekCretaceousHell Creekvertebrates-dinosaurs-Triceratops,
White Sulphur SpringsMeagherMTnear Little Birch CreekPrecambrianBrachiopods to 4 cm.,
MelstoneMusselshellMT16km NCretaceousJudith Riververtebrates-dinosaurs;turtles,
CarbellaParkMTto SW in Miner Basin just outside Yellowstone Park boundariesPetrified Wood,
Cooke CityParkMTSE S of US12 just over Wyoming LineDevonian LowerBeartooth ButteFossils,
Two Medicine RiverPondera,GlacierMTin gray limy shales capped by sandstoneCretaceous UpperBearpaw Shaleoysters, muscles, and other fresh water mollusks,
Two Medicine RiverPondera,GlacierMTin 550 meters of greenish clays non-marine and sandstones with thin marine layer in Middleoysters, muscles, snails, plants, dinosaur bones.,
Snow CreekRosebudMTIn breaks of Snow CreekCretaceousHell Creekvertebrates-dinosaurs-Paronychodon,Triceratops,
[?]Sweet GrassMTarea exposures--Clay Butte(s9t3R15),Gidley QuarryPaleoceneFt Unionvertebrates-turtles;mammals-Adunator,Anconodon,Anisonchus,Aphronorus,Arctocyonoides[?],Avunculus,Chriacus,Coriphagus,Cynarctus,Ectypodus,Eudaemonema,Gelastops,Haplaletes,Ictidopappus,Leptacodon,Litaletes,Litomylus,Mimetodon,Mimotricentes,Myrmecoboides,Neo'Arctocyonoides' is probably a misspelling or an obscure synonym for some other form,
Big TimberSweet GrassMT20 km N W of US191 in Crazy MtnsFossils,
Big TimberSweet GrassMT20 km N E of US191Mammal Fossils,
Big TimberSweet GrassMT40 km NE in Fish Creek HillsReptile Fossils.,
Crazy MountainSweet GrassMTArea Exposures? Gidley Quarry, This is often referred to as the 'Crazy Mountain Field' and sometimes as the 'Crazy Mountain Basin'PaleoceneLeboAmphibians-Habrosaurus,Opisthotriton;Scapherpeton;birds;crocodiles;mammals;Squamata-Machaerosaurus,Palaeoxantusia,Peltosaurus,Proxestops,
Gidley QuarrySweet GrassMTPaleocene UpperFort UnionMammal Fossils,
Scarritt QuarrySweet GrassMTPaleoceneFt Unionvertebrates-reptiles-Champsosaurus;mammals-Carpodaptes,Dissacus,Elpidophorus,Ignacius,Leptacodon,Litolestes,Lipotyphla,Neoplagiaulax,Palaeosinopa,Paleotomus,Pantolambda,Plesiadapis,Propalaeosinopa,Thryptacodon,
Siberling Quarry[?]Sweet GrassMTPaleoceneFt Unionmammals-Picrodus,Promioclaenus,PropalaeosinopaAlbert C. Siberling was a Smithsonian vertebrate collector active in the late 19th and early 20th Century,
[?]ValleyMTin area exposuresCretaceous UpperBearpaw ShaleBaculites,
GlasgowValleyMT48km SCretaceousHell Creekdinosaurs-Tyrannosaurus;pterosaurs,
LismasValleyMT28.8 km at Bear Creek Coal MineCretaceousHell Creekvertebrates-dinosaur bones,
Missouri RiverValleyMTalong River and tributariesCretaceousPierreOstrea, Avicula, Inoceramus, Chlamys, Yoldia, Nucula, Lucina, Protocardia, Callista, Lunatia, Scaphites, Nautilus, Modiola, Veniella, Anchura, Haminea, Pyrofusus, Dentalium, Baculites,
Bear ButteWheatlandMTNW of Bear ButtePaleoceneFt Unionvertebrates-crocodile teeth,
HarlowtownWheatlandMTAt Middle Dome 19.2km SECretaceousCloverlyreptiles-Microvenator,Tenontosaurus;crocodiles;turtles-Naomichelys,
HarlowtownWheatlandMT19.2km SE at Middle DomeCretaceousKootenaiTurtles-Naomichelys,
HarlowtownWheatlandMTGastropod Goniobasis,
ShawmutWheatlandMT48km SE on RidgeCretaceousHell Creek sandstonesammonites, Sphenodiscus, Acanthoscaphites Baculites.,
ShawmutWheatlandMTat KT boundaryCretaceous-Paleoceneplant remains --Auricaria, crocodile teeth and scales, fish scales, saurian teeth, coal, petrified wood.,
Bloom LocalitiesWibauxMTTwo localities at 46.69N, 104.341W and 47.0076N, 104.5548WCretaceousHell Creekdinosaurs-Ornithomimus,
Shell[?]MT?10 km NPetrified Wood. Dinosaur bones,
Bug CreekMcConeMT?Area exposures of a mechanically mixed Cretaceous and Paleocene faunaPaleoceneHell Creek?,
Bay of Chaleur-NBon both sides of the Bay of Chaleur?,
Caton's Island-NBOn E shore of Caton's Island in St John RiverCambrian Middle?,
Dalhousie Junction-NBalong shore between Dalhousie and AtholvilleDevonian Lowerplants, rarely arthropods, a few fish,
Duck Cove-NB?,
Fern Ledges-NB?,
Fossil Brook-NBIn bed of Porter Rd immediately N of streamFossil BrookAvalonian trilobites,
Glen Falls-NBjust E of St John on Cold Brook downstream of Glenview Ave BridgeCambrian MiddleFossil BrookAvalonian trilobites?,
Lake Temicouta[?]-NBCambrianfossilsCan't identify a Lake Temicouta or anything similar in New Brunswick,
New Brunswick-NBCambrian MiddleManuels CovePorters Road -- Agnostid trilobites,
New Brunswick-NBCambrian MiddleManuels Cove|Porters RoadAgnostid trilobites,
New Brunswick-NBdredging in Bay of FundyHolocene-PleistoceneAbout half a dozen walrus specimens,
Norton-NBin highway cutsCarboniferousAlbertfish fossils,
Siegas-NBnear Sept Isles, MECambrianOldhamia?,
St John-NBin black shalesOrdovicianDictyonema,
St Johns-NBW side of junction of Seely St and Gooderich StCambrian MiddleFossil BrookAvalonian trilobites-Bailiella,Ctenocephalus,
St Johns-NBIN conglomerate near top of road cut on E side of Somerset StCambrian MiddleFossil BrookAvalonian trilobites?,
St Johns-NBIn road ditch on N side Exit 113 from NB100Cambrian MiddleFossil BrookAvalonian trilobites?,
St Johns-NBbetween Reversing Falls and Hanford BrookCambrianSt Johnsabundant Cambrian Lower trilobites, trace fossils,
St Johns-NBAlong Mackay HwyCambrianMedusoids -well preserved,
St Johns-NBPennsylvanianwell preserved plants,
St Martins-NB14 km N just N of Rt I11 In Hanford BrookCambrian MiddleFossil BrookAvalonian trilobites?,
St Martins-NBTriassicfootprints,
St Martins-NBN along Hanford BrookEarly Paleozoic fossils,
Ratcliffe BrookSt JohnNBN of Quoddy Rd downstream of fallsCambrian MiddleFossil BrookAvalonian trilobites-Ctenocephalus,
Rocky BrookYorkNBIn largely unfossiliferous areaSilurianBrachiopods,
Lower Birch IslandYork?NBIn largely unfossiliferous areaSilurianBrachiopods,
Middle Hayden BrookYork?NBIn largely unfossiliferous areaSilurianBrachiopods,
[?][?]NCCretaceousBlack Creekdinosaur bones - Hadrosaurus,
Carolina Slate Belt[?]NCAvalonian trilobites from one or more localities I have not attempted to track down?,
[?]BeaufortNCIn area exposuresMiocenefossils,
AuroraBeaufortNC10 km N at Texas Gulf Chemical Company Lee Creek Mine. Collecting on spoil banks permitted on weekends. Contact Texas Gulf Chemical Company, Box 48, Aurora, NC, 27806 (Fossils Quarterly spring1986)Miocene-Pliocene-PleistocenePungo River|Croatan|Yorktown?,
AuroraBeaufortNCAt Lee Creek Mine on S side of Pamlico RiverMiocenePungo Riververtebrates:birds-Charadriiformes;Fish-Cybium,Diodon;Turtles-Syllomus;Sharks-Carcharhinus,Echinorhinus,Galeocerdo,Hemipristis,Lamna,Notorhynchus,Odontapsis,Pristiophorus;coprolites,
AuroraBeaufortNCMiocenePungo River MarlMollusks - Lyropecten, Pecten, Ecphora, Arthropods - Balanus -sharks - Hexanchus, Heptranchias, Isurus, Hemipristis, Odontapsis, Carcharhinus, Pristiophorus, Oterolaminops[?], ProCarcharodon, denticles, Fish Parts-Diodon, Sphyraena, Trygon; -- TrygonNo citations for Oterolaminops (050605),
AuroraBeaufortNC10 km N at Texas Gulf Chemical Company Lee Creek Mine. Collecting on spoil banks permitted on weekends. Contact Texas Gulf Chemical Company, Box 48, Aurora, NC, 27806 (Fossils Quarterly spring 1986)Miocene-Pliocene-PleistocenePungo River|Croatan|Yorktown?,
AuroraBeaufortNCIn pit of Texas Great Sulfur Co. Lee Creek Quarry on S shore of Pamlico River E on mouth of Lee Creek. Other Miocene, Pliocene, Pleistocene formations are exposed in these quarriesMiocenePungo River|YorktownMollusks Cetaceans Squalodon.,
AuroraBeaufortNCin pit of Texas Great Sulfur Co. Lee Creek Quarry on S shore of Pamlico River E on mouth of Lee Creek. Other Miocene, Pliocene, Pleistocene formations are exposed in these quarriesMiocenePungo River|YorktownMollusks Cetaceans Squalodon.,
AuroraBeaufortNCMioceneYorktownMollusks:Glycymeris, Astarte, Busycon, Oliva, Cancellaria, Lunatia, Fasciolaria, Aurinia, Conus, Arthropods - Balanus,
AuroraBeaufortNCPCS Mine (Lee Creek). Spoils from exposures of Serravallian Pungo River Fm.Pliocene-PleistoceneYorktown|Chowan River|James CityFossils from every Tertiary group can be found.,
AuroraBeaufortNCN in Phosphate mine on NC38Mioceneshark teeth, invertebrates, whale bones,
AuroraBeaufortNCPCS Mine (Lee Creek). Spoils from exposures of Serravallian Pungo River Fm., Yorktown Fm., Plio-Pleistocene age Chowan River Fm and James City Fm.Tertiaryfossils from every Tertiary group can be found.,
AuroraBeaufortNCIn area DPW sitesshells, shark teeth. Geology in the area consists of 5 meters of Holocene--Pleistocene material, 20 meters of Yorktown (abundant mollusks); 3 meters of Calvert age Limestone (mollusk molds), 15 meters of phosphatic Pungo River sandstone -- mollusks,
East of Suffolk Scarp.BeaufortNCMioceneTrent MarlsShark Teeth, ProCarcharodon,
Terra CeiaBeaufortNCUnder a bridge over a drainage Canal E of townPleistoceneFlanner Beach?,
Colerain BeachBertieNCon Bluffs on W bank of Chowan RiverPliocene UpperChowan River?,
Colerain BeachBertieNCBryozoa Ceriopora,
Colerain LandingBertieNCat waterline in bluffs along Chowan RiverGlycymeris, Pecten, Venus, Rangia,
Eden House PtBertieNC3.5 km above at Black Rock on W bankTertiaryabundant fossils,
Mount Gould LandingBertieNCon Bluffs on W bank of Chowan RiverPliocene UpperChowan River?,
Mount Gould LandingBertieNCon S side of Chowan River 1.5 km below landingGlycymeris, Pecten, Venus, Rangia,
ElizabethtownBladenNCCretaceousBlack CreekVertebrates-Testudines, fish, reptiles,
ElizabethtownBladenNCN side of Cape Fear River about 7.5 km E of Route 87 34d31mN-78d31mCretaceousBlack Creek|PeeDeeScapanorhynchus,
Phoebus LandingBladenNCCretaceousBlack Creekfish ,
CalabashBrunswickNCIn Marina Exposures for Carolina Shores Development Co 600 meters South .Glycymeris, Mercenaria, Chione, Ostrea, Anadara, Chlamys, Busycon, Dentalium, Septastrea,
CalabashBrunswickNCin excavations for Carolina Shores Marinamollusks,
Core Creek BridgeCarteretNCon spoil banks 2 km NEPlioceneArca, Cardita, Phacoides, Pecten,
KuhnsCarteretNCIn area marl pitsMiocenefossils - 6 species of bryozoa.,
[?]ChathamNCIn Deep River Coal FieldTriassicCumnockVertebrates-phytosaurs-Rutiodon,
Boren[?]ChathamNCIn pits of Boren Clay Products CoTriassicPekinplants, fish, reptilesThere doesn't seem to be a Boren in North Carolina. Boren Clay products in Pleasant Garden has two licensed mines at 35.56160N 79.30190W and 35.56880N 79.29430W. Could be same site as Lexington, Lee County35.56160N 79.30190W or 35.56880N 79.29430W conjecture
CumnockChathamNCAt Cumnock MinesTriassicCumnockVertebrates--phytosaurs-Rutiodon,
Deep River BasinChathamNCin a NE to SW trending outcrop from Durham through Wadesboro and on into South CarolinaTriassicNewarkfish, a few reptiles ,
Egypt Coal MineChathamNCTriassicCumnockVertebrates-amphibian-Eupelor;mammals-Dromatherium,Microconodon,
Gulf?ChathamNCin several abandoned quarries in NW corner of the Sanford BasinTriassicPekinplants, fish scales, reptile teeth, footprints, etc ,
AcmeColumbusNC5 km NC on Right Bank of Cape Fear River at Niels Eddy Landing, famous fossil localityPlioceneWaccamaw?Niels Eddy Landing is East of Acme at 34.3505N, 78.1743W34.3505N, 78.1743W
AcmeColumbusNC5 km N on Right Bank of Cape Fear River at various localities along riverPlioceneWaccamawfossils - Eucrassatella,
AcmeColumbusNCat Acme Fertilizer Co quarryPliocenemollusks,
AcmeColumbusNCIn pits of Acme Fertilizer CoEquus,
ColumbusColumbusNCalong N shore of Lake Waccamaw at pumping station in low bluffMioceneBelemnitella, Exogyra, pelecypods, gastropods redeposited from underlying Cretaceous beds,
Lake WaccamawColumbusNCalong north shore of Lake Waccamaw across NC 214PlioceneBear Bluff?,
Lake WaccamawColumbusNCalong north shore of Lake Waccamaw across NC 214Pliocene-PleistoceneWaccamaw?,
Lake WaccamawColumbusNCAlong N shoreCretaceous?,
BelgradeCravenNCin Superior Stone Co QuarryMiocene LowerTrentBusycon, Calyptraea, Crepidula, Oliva, Arca,
BelgradeCravenNCIn Superior Stone Co QuarryEocenefossils,
DoveCravenNC6 km NE on Halfmoon Creek near Lenoir County line on Turkey Trap farmabundant, well preserved fossils.,
Flanner BeachCravenNCAt Croatan National Forest Recreation AreaPleistoceneFlanner Beach?,
Fort BarnwellCravenNCdue N at Biddle Landing on Right bank of Cape Fear RiverEoceneCastle Hayneshell fragments,
Fort BarnwellCravenNC3.2km N in marl pitsEoceneCastle Hayneshells.,
Maple CypressCravenNC1 km S of general storeMioceneYorktownPecten, whale bones,
New BernCravenNC25 km downstream in quarries and marl pits on N bank of Neuse RiverMiocenePholas, Venus, Strombus, Murex, Cardium, Solen, Arca, Pecten, Ostrea, Patella, Pectunculus, Conus, Buccinum, Mya, Donax, Nerita, Madrepora, shark teeth, fish bones, Pleistocene mammal bones and teeth.,
New BernCravenNCarea exposuresabundant fossils,
Riverbend PlantationCravenNCMioceneAnomotodon, Negaprion, Heterodontus, Manta,
Shell LandingCravenNCAlong S side of Turkey Quarter CreekEoceneCastle Hayne?,
FayettevilleCumberlandNCin areas streams and rivers in greenish layerCretaceousDinosaur bones-Dryptosaurus,Phytosaurus, Mosasaurus, Plesiosaurus, Hypsibema, Ornithomimus,Hadrosaurus (Lophorhothon),Deinosuchus,Leidyosuchus;invertebrates, petrified woodoriginal says Leidosuchus,
[?]DareNCon area beachesPlioceneshells,
Carlton[?]DuplinNCIn Quarry 1 km WEoceneCastle Haynemollusk casts and molds, echinoids, Pecten, a few fish teeth and ostracodsCan't find a Carlton in North Carolina,
GiddensvilleDuplinNCCrocodile teeth inCretaceousPeeDeePhobosuchus,
MagnoliaDuplinNCPit in Miocene Duplin Marl 3 km SWMioceneDuplin MarlMollusks, echinoids, bryozoa,
MagnoliaDuplinNCArea SinksMiocenegastropods, scaphopods, pelecypods.,
MagnoliaDuplinNCClassic Locality - 3 km SW at Natural Well in sand and marlMiocenegastropods, scaphopods, pelecypods.,
MagnoliaDuplinNC3 km SSWmollusks,
MagnoliaDuplinNC3 km SW at Natural Wellmollusks, shark teeth,
Natural WellDuplinNCon Albert Matthews property near MagnoliaEoceneCastle Hayne?,
DurhamDurhamNC'nearby' in Triangle Brick Company QuarryTriassicNewarkdinosaur - rauisuchian dinosaur ,
Durham BasinDurhamNCTriassicNewarkcrayfish ,
BattleboroEdgecombeNC5 km S in sandy Limestone in fields and pitsMiocenefossils,
Old SpartaEdgecombeNCon W bank of Tar RiverCretaceousCape Fear?,
Old SpartaEdgecombeNCS bank of Tar River 1 km downstream from NC42, in shell bed 5m below top of bluff.MioceneYorktownMollusks,
Old SpartaEdgecombeNCon W bank of Tar River PliocenePlioceneYorktown?,
Shiloh MillsEdgecombeNC3 km NW of Tarboro on left (South?) bank of Tar River along US44Ostrea, shark teeth,
TarboroEdgecombeNCIn creek bed exposures that reveal a bone bedMiocene?Abundant bones and shark teeth,
TarboroEdgecombeNC5 km NW at Bell's Bridge in low bluffDivaricella,
TarboroEdgecombeNCalong NC44 3 km N near bridge over Tar Riverfossils,
HalifaxHalifaxNCS in ravine of tributary to Quankey CreekMioceneSt Maryscrustaceans, gastropods, scaphopods, pelecypods,
Palmyra LandingHalifaxNC5.5 km downstreamBalanus, Crepidula, Leda, Mulinia, Nucula, Ostrea, Phacoides, Yoldia, etc.,
WeldonHalifaxNCon Roanoke River in sands and clays at Palmyra BluffMioceneSt Marysnumerous crustaceans, gastropods, scaphopods, etc.,
Spout SpringsHarnettNC5 km NE near Reedy Swamp at head of Jumping Run in chalky LimestoneTertiaryTrentbryozoa, echinoderms,
MurfreesboroHertfordNC1.5 km upstream on in clays on Left bank of Meherrin RiverMioceneSt Marysabundant fossils,
MurfreesboroHertfordNC2 km upstream in Clay bedsMiocenemany species,
MurfreesboroHertfordNC2 km downstream on Right bank of riverMioceneMulinia,
MurfreesboroHertfordNC5 km downstream on Left bank of riverMioceneMulinia,
Wiccacon CreekHertfordNCIn sandsMiocenemany mollusk species,
Haywood LandingJonesNC11 km SE of Maysville on NC 52 in Croatan National ForestOligocene-MioceneBelgrade?,
SanfordLeeNCTriassicabundant plants,
KinstonLenoirNCalong banks of Mosely Creek NE of townPaleoceneBeaufort?,
KinstonLenoirNCalong banks of Mosely Creek NE of townEoceneCastle Hayne?,
Snow HillLenoirNC10 km downstream on Contentnea CreekCretaceous?,
Snow HillLenoirNCalong banks of Contentnea Creek (classic locality washed out by storm in late 19 Century)Cretaceous100 species,
Whitleys Creek LandingLenoirNCon S bank of Neuse River 100 meters E from Whitleys CreekCretaceous UpperBlack Creek?,
WilliamstownMartinNC4 km NW in marl pitsMioceneabundant fossils,
WilliamstownMartinNC2 km NWMiocenetypical faunas.,
WilliamstownMartinNC5 km NW along Conoho CreekMiocenetypical faunas.,
Rocky MountNashNCW near power plant in marl pitMulinia,
Castle HayneNew HanoverNCIn Ideal Cement Co QuarryEocenemollusks, shark teeth,
North Topsail BeachNew HanoverNCIn floatMioceneShark teeth - Carcharodon, ProCarcharodon, Odontapsis. Galeocerdo,
WilmingtonNew HanoverNCBryozoa Conopeum, Midronea[?], Hornera, Schizoporella, Cribrilaria, Stromatopora, Lichenopora'Midronea' might be a legitimate Bryozoan genus, but 'Idmidronea' seems a lot more likely,
WilmingtonNew HanoverNCIn city rock quarryFlabellum, Madracis, Endopachys, Balanophyllia, Echinoids, brachiopods, mollusks, bryozoa,
Meherrin RiverNorthamptonNC1 km below RR bridgeMioceneMulinia,
Meherrin RiverNorthamptonNCnear Virginia line on Right bank of River 2 km above RR bridge between Branchville, VA, and Margarettsville, NCMioceneMulinia,
SevernNorthamptonNCAt US35 bridge to Boykins, VA, In blue clayMiocene?,
MaysvilleOnslowNCMartin-Marietta Belgrade Quarry, Maysville, Exposures of Aquitanian Belgrade Fm., Chattian River Bend Fm.Fossils include shark + ray fauna, crocodiles, shells.,
SilverdaleOnslowNCIn unconsolidated shell marlMioceneTrentmollusks,
SilverdaleOnslowNCin Quarry 300 meters SE, shelly gravel and clayey coquinaMiocene LowerTrent?,
SilverdaleOnslowNCIn area marl pitsPliocenePecten,
Neuse RiverPamlicoNC26 km S of New Berne on N bankfossils,
Castle HaynePenderNCMartin-Marietta Castle Hayne Quarry, Exposures of Lutetian stageCretaceous|EocenePeeDee|Castle Hayne?,
Maple HillPenderNCIn two marl pits (Lanier-Holly Creek)EoceneCastle Hayne?,
Rocky PointPenderNCMartin-Marietta Rocky Point Quarry, Exposure of Lutetian Castle Hayne Fm. + MaastrichtianCretaceousPeeDee?,
Rocky PointPenderNCIn spoil banks W of Cape FearEocenemollusks, shark teeth,
Green's Mill RunPittNCExposure in stream bedCretaceous UpperPeeDee or Black CreekMust dig and screen. Fossils include shark + ray faunas, cetacean remains, mosasaur teeth, belemnites.,
Green's Mill RunPittNCExposure in stream bed of Yorktown Fm. and PeeDee Fm or Black Creek Fm Must dig and screen.Cretaceous UpperYorktown|PeeDee or Black CreekFossils include shark + ray faunas, cetacean remains, mosasaur teeth, belemnites.,
Greens Mill RunPittNCFloat material from sandbarsCretaceous-PlioceneVertebrates-Shark Teeth,
GreenvillePittNC11 km upstream at Blue Banks LandingCretaceousBlack Creek (Snow Hill)Invertebrates,
GreenvillePittNC10 km NW at Gorham Place in marl pit N of Tar River S of Tarboro RdCretaceousfossils,
GreenvillePittNCon Tar River just below bridgeMiocenegastropods, Dentalium, Pelecypods,
GreenvillePittNC2 km W along ravine Roadgastropods, scaphopods - Dentalium, Pelecypods - Anomia, Astarte, Cardium, Crassatellites, Glycymeris, Mulinia, Ostrea, Pecten, Venus, Venericardia,
GreenvillePittNC5 km W on W side of Harris Mill Run in marl pitsgastropods, scaphopods - Dentalium, Pelecypods - Anomia, Astarte, Cardium, Crassatellites, Glycymeris, Mulinia, Ostrea, Pecten, Venus, Venericardia,
GreenvillePittNCat Green Mill Run Creek on ECU campusmollusks-Ecphora, Shark Teeth,
GreenvillePittNC6 km SE on Hardee Creek in blue-gray sandMulinia, coral, sharks teeth, many other shells,
LumbertonRobesonNCLeft bank of Lumber River 4 km East;6.4 to 11.2km along Hwy 221MioceneDuplin Marlbroad mollusk-coral fauna,
EdenRockinghamNCin VA Solite Quarry/MineTriassicplants, bones, insects,
Stokes FerryRowan?NC18 km S of St George?,
[?]SampsonNCKing J Marl PitCretaceousBlack CreekVertebrates-Hypsibema,
AlbemarleStanlyNCIn blocky cross bedded slates in creek bedPrecambriana few Pternidium, Vendospica,
OakboroStanlyNCNeoproterozoicMcManus?Pteridinium (one of four known NC specimens) ,
GoldsboroWayneNCTriassicabundant plantsOriginal says 'Golsboro',
[?][?]NDRegional exposures in W part of statePaleoceneFt UnionFossil Plants,
South Central ND[?]NDIn Cretaceous outcrops in Sioux, Morton, Emmons Counties.CretaceousScaphites, bivalves, annelids, arthropods, fish, crocodiles, turtles, trace fossils, cirripedes, Lingula,
AndrewsBillingsNDIn divide in SW1/4 s9t140r103CretaceousVertebrates - fish, turtles, Champsosaurs.,
Bacon CreekBillingsNDnear mouth of creekCretaceousSomberplants, shells, saurian bones - Triceratops, other dinosaurs,
MedoraBillingsND3.5 km SWCretaceousfossil plants,
MedoraBillingsNDAt Wannagan CreekPaleocenecrocodiles, about 100 species of fossils,
Sand Creek P.O.BillingsNDat White ButteOligoceneWhite Riverfish - Plioplarchus; vertebrates - Eporeodon, rhinoceros, crocodiles,
BowmanBowmanNDarea exposuresCretaceousdinosaurs,
[?]Bowman,BillingsNDCretaceousSomberPlants - Taxodium, Populus, Platanus, Juglans, Hicoria, Sapindus, Viburnum, Trapa, Cocculus.,
MoffitBurleighNDSand Blow outs 9 km W, 2 km S on W side of the roadPaleoceneCannonballDecapods, Camarocarcinus,
MoffitBurleighND11 km W and 2 km S Just S of crest of hill in bypassed road cutPaleoceneCannonballDecapods, Ranina,
MoffitBurleighND2 km S in sand blowout on W side of road NE 1/4 S28t127Nr77wPaleoceneCrabs,
MoffitBurleighND2 km S 10 km W in old road cut on crest of hillPaleoceneCrabs, Ranina[?],
MoffitBurleighND2 km SDecapods,
Beaver CreekEmmonsNDalong Beaver Creek for 11 km in sand concretionsCretaceousPierreAcanthoscaphites, Gervillia, Inoceramus, Sphenodiscus, Sphaeriola,
Beaver CreekEmmonsNDat bridge 5 km up Sand Creek in sand concretionsCretaceousPierreAcanthoscaphites, Gervillia, Inoceramus, Sphenodiscus, Sphaeriola,
LintonEmmonsND6.5 km N in channel scourCretaceousHell Creekreptile bone fragments,
LintonEmmonsND2 km SW at Seeman Park in cutback on Beaver Creekbivalves, ammonites, gastropods,
LintonEmmonsNDIn North facing cutbank on Beaver Creek in Seeman Park 2 km S in Cretaceous Fox Hills Sandstonebivalves, ammonites, gastropods, Decapods, echinoids.,
[?]Golden Valley,SlopeNDIn dark clay bands in fresh water bedsPaleoceneCannonballoysters turtles, Champsosaurs, ganoid fish fragments, plants,
CooperstownGriggsNDSE in 2km area along Sheyenne River vertebrates -- Mosasaurs, sharks, fish, diverse invertebrates,
BurnsteadLoganNDin area road cutsCretaceous?,
BurnsteadLoganNDIn area road cutsbivalves, gastropods, ammonites.,
AlexanderMcKenzieNDAt Titanoides sitePaleoceneFort Unionvertebrates-reptiles-Champsosaurus,
RiverdaleMcLeanNDat Lake Sakakwea. Several outcrops accessible only at times of very low waterPaleocene UpperSentinel ButteTitanoides, 26 taxa of non-marine mollusks;Vivaparus, Grangerella, Planaconvexa[?], mammal teethThere doesn't seem to be a genus 'Planoconvexa'. It is possibly 'Planorbis planoconvexus'.,
BreienMortonNDIn SE1/4 S17T134NR81W at base of cliffPaleoceneCannonballHalymenites,
BreienMortonNDalong base of bluffs is Se1/4 s17t134Nr81wHalymenites,
Cannonball RiverMortonNDIn SE1/4 S21T134NR80WPaleoceneCannonballMollusks Anomia, Cymbophora, Ostrea, Protocardia, Pteria, Tellina, Fasciolaria, Polynices, Halymenites, gastropods, bone fragments crocodile teeth'Polynices' is likely a misspelling of Polinices, the modern 'moon snail',
Cannonball RiverMortonNDIn se1/4 s21t134nr80w along river in coquina bed and concretionsAnomia, pelecypods, Cymbophora, Ostrea, Protocardia, Pteria, Tellina, Fasciolaria, Polynices, Halymenites, gastropods, bone fragments, crocodile teeth'Polynices' is likely a misspelling of Polinices, the modern 'moon snail',
JudsonMortonNDSlope***Paleocene UpperBullion Creeknon-marine mollusks,
Schaller[?]MortonNDAbandoned P.O. -- in area outcropsCretaceouspelecypods and other fossils.Unable to locate Schaller 050606.,
Fort BertholdMountrailNDon Missouri RiverPaleocene UpperSentinel Buttenon-marine mollusks.,
New TownMountrailNDBison Latifrons,
WalhallaPembinaND11 km W in Pembina GorgeCretaceousPierrefossils,
Fort YatesSiouxNDCretaceousFox HillsAmmonites-Hoploscaphites,
Niobrara River headwatersSiouxNDIn badlandsMioceneHarrisonfossil Daemonelix burrows,
Chalky ButtesSlopeNDIn a blowout on top of butteOligoceneKilldeeramphibians-Anura,
MarmarthSlopeND27 km NNE in SW facing exposure 1 km W of Little Missouri RiverPaleoceneCannonball?,
MarmarthSlopeNDArea badlandsCretaceousvertebrates,
MarmarthSlopeND24 km NNE 1 km E of Little Missouri Riverforams, corals, bryozoa, mollusks, ostracods, Decapods,
DickinsonStarkND21km S and 13km W in channel sandstones at Fitterer Ranch SE 1/4 s7t137NR97WOligoceneBruleturtles-Stylemys,
DickinsonStarkND22 km SW in area badlands exposuresOligoceneWhite RiverIctops, Palaeolagus, Merycoidodon, Leptomeryx, Mesohippus, Hyracodon, Aceratherium.,
South HeartStarkND11km SOligoceneBrulemammals-Hyaenodon,Ischyromys,Leptictis,Merycoidodon,Mesohippus,Miniochoerus,Palaeolagus,
South HeartStarkND11.2km SOligoceneBruleSquamata-Peltosaurus,
White ButteStarkNDEoceneGolden Valleyvertebrates-Parectypodus,Phenacolemur,
[?][?]NE2 km W of Table Rock city park in road cut (on NE65?) on N side of road.PennsylvanianAuburnbryozoa, brachiopods, gastropods, ammonites, trilobites, crinoids, sharks teeth,
[?][?]NE3.8km N of junction of NE8 and NE112?,
OrchardAntelopeNE15 km N at 'Ashfall fossil site' UpperAsh Hollowabundant mammal remains. ,
Sheep MountainBannerNEOligoceneBruleMammals-Palaeolagus,
[?]Box ButteNEMiddle of the Road QuarryMiocene (Hemingford)Box ButteVertebrates-Merychippus,
AgateBox ButteNE30 km E in NW corner of Box Butte County in Miocene Running Water Formation (type locality)MioceneRunning Watermammals,
AgateBox ButteNE30 km E on N side of Niobrara RiverCenozoicmammals,
Dry CreekBox ButteNEOn Marshall Ranch N1/2SW1/4S5T28NR52W - Type locality for Runningwater formationMiocene (Hemingford)RunningwaterMammals-Cynarctoides,Menoceras,Tomarctus;Turtles-Geochelone,Macroclemys,
Dry Creek ProspectBox ButteNESeveral Quarries in Dry Creek Wash. At least one is near the head of the washMiocene (Hemingford)Box ButteVertebrates-Alligator,Galushaceras,Geochelone,Merychippus,Rhinoceras,
HemingfordBox ButteNEFoley QuarryMiocene (Hemingford)Box ButteVertebrates-Bird Bones,Geochelone,Hypohippus,Merychippus,Mesogaulus,Parahippus,
MarslandBox ButteNETo S 400m N of old Havorka homeMiocene (Hemingford)RunningwaterAmphibians-Andrias;Mammals-Cynarctoides,Merychyus,Miomustela,
MarslandBox ButteNESE on S side of Niobrara RiverMiocene (Hemingford)RunningwaterAmphibians-Andrias,
Morava Ranch QuarryBox ButteNEMiocene (Arikareean)Marslandmammals-Moropus,Ysengrinia,
Runningwater QuarryBox ButteNEDarrell Bushnell RanchMiocene (Hemingford)RunningwaterMammals-Aletomeryx,Hystricops,Merychyus,Michenia,Parahippus,Protolabis,Tomarctus;Turtle-Geochelone,Trionyx,
AinsworthBrownNEAt Bone Creek, 8km NE at Stegomastodon Quarry at J Allen Ranch and nearby sitesPleistocene (Blancan)Keimbird bones;turtles-Geomys;mammals-Equus,Gomphotherium,Hemiauchenia,Paracasteroides[?],Prodipodomys,Stegomastodon,TitanotylopusNo citations whatsoever for 'Paracasteroides' although the name seems entirely reasonable,
AinsworthBrownNEAt Sand Draw, 8-9.6km N on NE7Pleistocene (Blancan)Keimturtles-Chrysemys,Geochelone,Kinosternon;bird ones;mammals-Buisnictis,Castoroides,Dinobastis,Ictalurus,Paracasteroides,Procasteroides,
AinsworthBrownNEPleistocene (Blancan)Keimturtles-Geomys,
AinsworthBrownNEPL489HoloceneLong Pinemammals-Equus,
AinsworthBrownNE11.2km W at Alvin Quinn Gravel PitHoloceneLong Pineturtle-Geochelone,
AinsworthBrownNE8.8kmW on N side of US20 in Hall gravel pitHoloceneLong Pineturtle-Geochelone,
AinsworthBrownNEOn Plum Creek below Ainsworth Power PlantMiocene (Barstow)Valentinebird bones,
Bone CreekBrownNE1.6km S of Lucht Quarry also in road cuts in area--Lucht Quarry is described as being on the N side of Bone CreekMiocene (Clarendon)Ash Hollowvertebrates-turtles-TrionyxSee and Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
Bore CreekBrownNEAt Alligator Slide on S side of Bore CreekMioceneAsh Hollowvertebrate bones,
Clayton QuarryBrownNE22.4km N of Ainsworth. There appear to be two quarries on the Quinn RanchMiocene (Clarendon)Ash Hollowvertebrates-Blastomeryx,Calippus,Cranioceras,Hemiauchenia,Lakotahippus,Longirostromeryx,Machaerocamelus,Megeucastor,Nannihippus,Plioceras,Procamelus,Prosthennops,Protohippus,Pseudoceras,UstatochoerusSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
Deep CreekBrownNEMiocene (Clarendon)Ash Hollowvertebrates-GeocheloneSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
East Clayton QuarryBrownNEMiocene (Clarendon)Ash Hollowvertebrates-bird bones,
Emry QuarryBrownNEOn Jonas Wilson RanchMiocene (Clarendon)Ash Hollowvertebrates-Aphelops,Tayassuidae,UstatochoerusSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
Fairfield CreekBrownNEOn Jonas Wilson RanchMiocene (Clarendon)Ash Hollowvertebrates-AelurodonSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
Fairfield CreekBrownNEMiocene (Barstow)Valentinebird bones,
Hall Gravel PitBrownNEPleistocene (Blancan)Keimturtles-Geochelone,
Hurlbut QuarryBrownNEMiocene (Clarendon)Ash HollowvertebratesSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
JohnstownBrownNE4km NW on Plum CreekMiocene (Clarendon)Ash HollowvertebratesSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
JohnstownBrownNE6km N at Pratt Place on Plum CreekMiocene (Clarendon)Ash HollowvertebratesSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
JohnstownBrownNE8km N at Eggers Quarry on Plum CreekMiocene (Clarendon)Ash Hollowvertebrates-many varietiesSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
JohnstownBrownNE5-8km N in Talus near June QuarryMioceneCap Rockvertebrates-Andrias,
JohnstownBrownNE5.6km S at Pratt Quarry On Plum CreekMiocene (Barstow)Valentinebird bones,
Lessig Camel SiteBrownNENot the same as the Lessig Canyon siteMiocene (Clarendon)Ash HollowvertebratesSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
MerriamBrownNEIn Gallup Gulch/Gallup Springs 8.2 km SSWMiocene (Clarendon)Ash Hollowvertebrates-many varieties,
Norden BridgeBrownNEMioceneCornell Damvertebrates-turtles-Trionyx,
Norden Bridge QuarryBrownNEOn S side of Niobrara River about 24km N of JohnstownMiocene (Barstow)Valentineturtles-Geochelone,
Norden Bridge QuarryBrownNEOrdovician MiddleValentineMammal Fossils,
Plum CreekBrownNEAt Horse Creek Canyon -- several quarriesMiocene (Clarendon)Ash HollowvertebratesSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
Quinn Gravel PitBrownNEPleistocene (Blancan)Keimturtles-Geochelone,
Quinn RanchBrownNE22.4km NW of Ainsworth on Plum CreekMiocene (Clarendon)Ash HollowvertebratesSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
Ash Grove QuarryCassNEPennsylvanianStantonfish-Physonemus,
LouisvilleCassNEIn area quarries in Vilas ShalePennsylvanianCaptain Creek Limestone|Vilas Shalepelecypods,
LouisvilleCassNEAsh Grove QuarryPennsylvanianKeiwitz Shalesharks Janassa,Ctenacanthus;Crinoids-Cibolocrinus,
LouisvilleCassNE1 km W?,
LouisvilleCassNE1 km E of B+M station in upper beds of old quarrybryozoa,
LouisvilleCassNEAcross river in Sarpy County in ravines and quarriesbryozoa,
NehawkaCassNEarea exposures of Iatan Limestone and Tecumseh ShaleTriassicIatan?,
NehawkaCassNE3 km NWTriassicIatanpelecypods -Acanthopecten,
NehawkaCassNEarea exposuresPennsylvanianOreadpelecypod fragments,
NehawkaCassNENE, in limestones in quarriesCretaceousbryozoa,
PlattsmouthCassNEPennsylvanianQueen Hill Shalesmall fossil sharks Cobelodus,
Rock BluffCassNEin Queen Hill QuarryPennsylvanianQueen Hill Limestoneshark teeth - Janassa,
Rock BluffCassNEnearbyCretaceousBryozoa,
SnydervilleCassNEPennsylvanian UpperLecomptonshark teeth Helodus.,
South bendCassNE2 km NCretaceousBryozoa -Cyclotrypa, Fistulipora, Polypora, Rhombopora. Streblopora,
South bendCassNEAcross River near S end of bridgeBryozoa, Porifera, corals, crinoids, echinoderms, worms, brachiopods, mollusks, Trilobites,
Weeping WaterCassNEin area quarries and roadcutsPennsylvanianUpper ShawneeCoral --Pseudozaphrentoides,
Weeping WaterCassNE1 to 4 km below townCretaceousBryozoa,
Weeping WaterCassNEIn Pennsylvanian Deer Creek and Tecumseh formations600 meters W on H street to intersection of County Road and US 50. In road cut 200 meters N of intersection on E side of roadPennsylvaniancrinoids, brachiopods, corals,
Weeping WaterCassNEN of RR about half way to NehawkaBryozoa,
Weeping WaterCassNE(IA?)Horn Coral, Trilobites,
[?]CherryNEMiocene (Clarendon)Ash Hollowvertebrates-Aphelops,Eucastor,Procamelus,Protohippus,PseudaelurusSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
[?]CherryNEGalusha's Stenomylus QuarryMiocene (Arikareean)Marslandmammals-Amphicyon,Menoceras,Stenomylus,
[?]CherryNEPliocenemammals Gomphotherium,
Antelope CreekCherryNEAt mouth-Aletomeryx Quarry and adjacent exposuresMiocene (Hemingford)RunningwaterMammals-Aletomeryx,Brachypsalis,Cynarctoides,Daphoenodon,Palaeogale,Phlaocyon,Promylagaulus,Tomarctus;Reptiles-Alligator;Turtles-Trionyx,
Arent RanchCherryNEArent Ranch is about 5-6km SW of Johnstown, Brown County, NEMiocene (Clarendon)Ash Hollowvertebrates-PseudocerasSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
Bear Creek QuarryCherryNEMiocene (Clarendon)Ash Hollowvertebrates-Calippus,Cosoryx,Cranioceras,Hemiauchenia,Homocamelus,Lakotahippus,Longirostromeryx,Megeucastor,Nannihippus,Plioceras,Procamelus,Protohippus,Pseudhipparion,Tayassuidae,UstatochoerusSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
Big Springs QuarryCherryNEMiocene (Clarendon)Ash Hollowvertebrates-Cosoryx,Procamelus,Pseudaelurus,Ustatochoerus,
Bolling QuarryCherryNENear Garner Bridge, Cherry County, NebraskaMiocene (Clarendon)Ash Hollowvertebrates-Calippus,Cranioceras,Longirostromeryx,Procamelus,Protohippus,Pseudoceras,UstatochoerusSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
CodyCherryNE7.9km SSW at East Devil's Jump QuarryMioceneValentine (Barstow)bird bones,
Connection Kat QuarryCherryNEMiocene (Clarendon)Ash Hollowvertebrates-Aphelops,Calippus,Pseudhipparion,Pseudoceras,
Garner BridgeCherryNEIn exposures from 4.8km above the bridge to 3.2km belowMiocene (Barstow)Valentinebird bones,
Garner BridgeCherryNEMioceneValentine (Barstow)bird bones,
Garner QuarryCherryNEMiocene (Clarendon)Ash Hollowvertebrates-Aelurodon, Calippus, MylagaulinaeSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
Kat QuarryCherryNE22.4km W of Norden and 27.2 km E of Valentine about 5km from Niobrara RiverMiocene (Clarendon)Ash HollowvertebratesSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
Leptarctus QuarryCherryNEMiocene (Clarendon)Ash HollowvertebratesSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
Line Kat QuarryCherryNEMiocene (Clarendon)Ash HollowvertebratesSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
Madison BridgeCherryNEOn Niobrara River 11km S of Merriman and 1.6 km WMiocene (Clarendon)Ash HollowvertebratesSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
McCann CanyonCherryNEArea exposures on Niobrara River-e.g. below mouth of canyonMioceneHarrison(Arikareean)vertebrates-mammals-Palaeocastor;reptiles-Squamata,
Mogle RanchCherryNEat Mogle Ranch -- Google turned up coordinates of 42.82167, -101.28139 which may or may not be the same placeMioceneBurgeBird bones,
Niobrara RiverCherryNE3km W of Pole Creek on S side of RiverMiocenevertebrates-Pylodictis,
Norden BridgeCherryNE3.4km NWMiocene (Clarendon)Ash HollowvertebratesSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
Ripple QuarryCherryNEMioceneValentine (Barstow)vertebrate bones,
Snake RiverCherryNERegional exposures (?) between Snake River Falls and Niobrara RiverMiocene (Clarendon)Ash Hollowvertebrates-Trionyx, AlligatorSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
SparksCherryNEAt Xmas Quarry 1.6km E 6km SMiocene (Clarendon)Ash HollowvertebratesSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
Sparks P.O.CherryNE3km SSE -- Hans Johnson ProspectMiocene (Clarendon)Ash Hollowvertebrates -- many varietiesSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
Sparks P.O.CherryNEMachairodus Quarry 800mE 5.6kmSMiocene (Clarendon)Ash Hollowvertebrates-bird bonesSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details. Also known as Machaerodus Quarry,
Timm RanchCherryNECanyon on head of Pole Creek. The Albert Timm Ranch is about 10km S of Bayonne, Cherry County, NEMiocene (Clarendon)Ash HollowvertebratesSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
ValentineCherryNEin area exposurespetrified wood and bones,
Wade QuarryCherryNEOn Snake River 1km S of mouth of Steer CreekMiocene (Clarendon)Ash HollowvertebratesSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.,
Snake RiverCherry,SiouxNEAbove and below fallsMiocene (Clarendon)Ash HollowvertebratesSee Ash Hollow sites at for more details.